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Philbin explains decisions in Monday press conference; Reggie Bush news; Heath Bell rips Guillen

Highlights from Dolphins coach Joe Philbin’s Monday news conference:

### He said he told his coaching staff Monday that "It’s easy to say Dan Carpenter should have made the kick. [But] we still have the same problems [regardless].”

### On the Dolphins’ play calling late in the fourth quarter and overtime: “I don’t think the calls were bad. There are always calls you want to have back.

“We had first and 10 at the 35. We ran the ball on first and 10. Got a couple yards. Threw it on second down. They played a specific coverage; we took a shot. Would it have been better if we had completed a 7 or 8 yard crossing route? Absolutely. We thought we had a good call. We weren’t able to get a first down and get an easier kick for Dan [Carpenter]."

### Asked if he has over-ruled his coordinators much this season, Philbin said, “Maybe here and there, but not much.” He then mentioned two offensive plays he has over-ruled, but no specifics on when they happened.

### Of Reggie Bush’s injury, Philbin said: “I don’t think it really changed the game a whole lot. I would argue that’s as deep a position” as the Dolphins have.

### Philbin said of Daniel Thomas: “You can’t fumble the ball. Two in three games is too much. You can’t fumble the ball and play running back in this league.” But he said Thomas “did some good things” in pass protection.

### I asked Philbin why he played Thomas ahead of Lamar Miller in the fourth quarter and overtime. “Some of it was protection related. Daniel, pass protection wise, gives us a little more bigger [back].” And Philbin said the Dolphins’ philosophy is “less substitution, more faster pace," as opposed to switching between Thomas and Miller during the same series.

 ### Miller was to blame for miscommunication on a botched play with Tannehill.  "That’s a wasted play," Philbin said. "Every snap is important. I don’t know that will inhibit him from getting more snaps. This is week three – now the next game we don’t want to see him going the wrong way or him and the quarterback not being on the same page. The guy has shown some real positive qualities."

### On the offensive line: "We did well. Pass protection was good. Two quarterback hits. Anytime you have zero sacks, you have to feel good. Some of the run blocking was good – we have room for improvement there."

### Philbin, on what he would like his offense's identity to be: "Protect the football, No. 1. We’re not there right now. That’s the first thing we’re off the boat on. Second thing is we would love to be an explosive offense that can make big plays. We’ve been excellent in the running game, not as good in the passing game. Then the other stuff is have balance, let’s have flexibility, let’s be multiple formation wise. But that’s all kind of fluff."

### Defensively, Philbin said the Dolphins had "too many penalities. Eleven penalties is too much.  The penalty situation was unacceptable."

### Anthony Armstrong got the third-most receiver snaps, behind Brian Hartline and Davone Bess. Asked if he has claimed the No. 3 receiver job, Philbin said, "Some of it is based on weekly performance in practice. We’re not locked and loaded" there.

### Though Cam Wake has no sacks this season, "The kid is playing his tail off," Philbin said. "He's playing fast and hard."

### Bush was injured on a first and 10 from the Dolphins' 20 with 36 seconds left in the first half. Should the Dolphins have taken a knee there?

Philbin said he has "struggled with that a couple times this year." The question, he said, is: "Do you have faith in your players to execute base play in your offense or do you want to take a knee?" He said it could be argued that he has made some mistakes in those decisions.

 ### Also: An MRI showed Reggie Bush's knee had no structural damage. The Dolphins hope he will ready to play Sunday at Arizona. "Received some great news today! Praise the Lord," Bush said on Twitter Monday morning.

### Marlins closer Heath Bell, who lost his closer's job a couple months ago and thought he would get it back, said on his weekly segment with WQAM's Dan Sileo on Monday: "It's hard to respect a guy that doesn't tell you the truth or doesn't tell you face to face.... We need a guy that leads us that everybody respects and looks up to."

Bell confronted Guillen earlier this season, claiming the manager did not have his back. Guillen obivously disagreed.

This offseason, the Marlins will try to trade Bell, who has two years and $18 million left on his contract.