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Philbin, Bush, Tannehill weigh in; Chad Johnson keeps talking

Some quick hits from Wednesday night, while awaiting Dolphins-Jets (and a couple of other notes):

### Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told New York media that he's only "starting to" gain an appreciation for the Dolphins-Jets rivalry. "I’m new to the AFC, new to the AFC East, but walking into the team meeting this morning, some of the guys were a little more lively than maybe they would be on a typical Wednesday morning, knowing that it’s a division rival, it’s a home game, it’s a September game, and it’s the New York Jets."

### Here's what concerns Philbin about the Jets offense: "They have big play potential on the outside. Santonio Holmes has been a consistent playmaker in this league for a long time. Dustin Keller [whose status is in question because of a hamstring injury] is a very, very good tight end. They have a good running game, they’re very physical and Mark Sanchez does a great job managing the game.”

### Sanchez is 2-4 against the Dolphins but has nine touchdown passes and four interceptions in the six games.

### Jets running back Shonn Greene has averaged just 3.3 yards against the Dolphins in his career.

### Philbin was asked by Jets reporters if he worries about Jets and ex-Dolphins WR Clyde Gates divulging information about the offensive scheme to the Jets: "No. I mean we picked up a player from Houston the first week of the season [Troy Nolan] and we lost 30-10, so I don’t know how much that helped us. I don’t sit around and worry about that kind of stuff.” 

Gates has one catch for 10 yards for the Jets through two games. He had two catches for 19 yards his entire rookie season for the Dolphins.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     , ### Reggie Bush, on the difference between the Jets and Dolphins: “It starts with Coach Philbin. With his character, he’s the type of guy that shows up and is all about the business and not so much about talking and more about letting our play doing the talking.”

### Bush, asked by New York reporters about Hard Knocks, laughed and said:                                                                                                                                                                     “I "I don’t think it helped us."

### Ryan Tannehill was asked by New York media if he  thinks about the legacy of Dolphins quarterbacks and what Dan Marino did: “We have two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, great players. So you respect the history, but it’s not something you think about and try to live up to. I’m my own player."

### Chad Johnson, appearing on Showtime's Inside the NFL, picked the Jets to beat the Dolphins on Sunday and said he's taking anger management classes. He desperately wants another NFL chance. "Chad has to work on Chad and figure out where you went wrong," he told James Brown and Cris Collinsworth. "At some point, I drifted off being the best."

He said a team should sign him because "when you get a humbled Chad Johnson that lost everything and has to pick himself back up, that's a big deal."

### The Dolphins, who had an embarrassing 13.5 Dade/Broward TV rating for the Houston opener, posted a 16.8 rating for Sunday's game against Oakland on CBS-4, second worst among all home markets for the home team in Week 2. It ranked ahead of only the 16.6 in New York for Jets/Steelers. That means 16.8 percent of all Dade/Broward homes with TV sets were tuned in.

### UM coach Al Golden said AJ Highsmith remains a starter at safety, despite the return of senior Vaughn Telemaque from injury.


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Chad should retire. Nobody will ever sign the guy.

Luis DeBayle

The dolphins should consider Chad with minumum pay and with incentives. I believe it would be a good deal. The same happened with Ricky Williams everyone said he would be lousy because had smoked dope.He was very productive,he had something to prove.

Chad is Humble and hungry,they can control him however they want .he knows its his last chance.The Dolphins have nothing to loose just gain with this year receivers.


Johnson couldn't learn our offense either. The guy has an undiagnosed learning disability. He only did well when he and Palmer worked on their own stuff outside of the offense. Whenever he has to learn something strictly...he can't do it. He should get a screening for that. He's not getting signed by anyone.


If he stays in shape which is not easy being a WR and stays out of the news for the wrong reasons he will probably get another chance.



Orange Bowl finalizes pairing going forward in playoff era.

ACC champ will play highest ranked among Notre Dame, SEC and Big Ten.
– dennis dodd




All-time highs in national television appearances and games televised, as well as a record-setting number of overall TV appearances, highlight the 2012-13 Atlantic Coast Conference basketball schedule released today

For the first time in league history, member schools will play 18-game ACC schedules with all 108 contests scheduled to be televised live, including 53 on a national basis either on ESPN (50) or CBS (3).
– theacc.com



The ACC champion is locked into one slot and there is wide-spread speculation that either Notre Dame or a representative from the SEC or Big Ten will lock in the other spot.

before the deal is officially signed–which will include minimum number of appearances for SEC, Big Ten and Notre Dame over the length of the contract, the Orange Bowl wants to put in a line in the contract that if a team has a certain BCS ranking–say Top 6–and is available, the OB wants the OPPORTUNITY to select it.

“The Orange Bowl is very happy with the deal that is being proposed,” said one source. “It just wants a little bigger pool to choose from. That’s the only thing that is preventing this deal from being signed.”
-- mark blaudschun


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