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Postgame comments from Dolphins-Jets

Some reaction from Dolphins-Jets Sunday:

### Joe Philbin, on if there's too much pressure on the defense: "It's possible. We didn’t have great continuity on offense and there was a stretch in there where we didn’t move the ball well. We’ve kind of had those, unfortunately, in every single game we’ve played.”

### Philbin, on calling the timeout before the game-winning field goal, thus negating the subsequent block: “I thought it was the right call. I was planning it all along, to call time out right before he kicked the ball. I really had no reaction whatsoever on that. I knew that was the plan, that was the thing to do, and we did it.”

### Philbin, on play calling in overtime: "We called a run on first down, didn’t gain a whole lot. Coverage dictated it. We called a pass that had a number of different options on it. I thought it was a good call. Had no problem with the call. Took a shot there. Gained a couple of yards on third down calls. We can analyze it. We’ll take a look at the tape. I’m sure there’s some calls we could have done a better job with but I didn’t have a problem with any of the calls.”

###  Philbin, on the play of QB Ryan Tannehill: “There was a lot of good. There was some good, some improvement. Obviously the thing that’s a positive is that he put us in a position to tie the game, and send the game in overtime. He made some throws there. It was a nice throw. We took a shot down the sideline with [WR] Brian Hartline. I think he gave us a chance in overtime. I thought he did some good things. Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of things to look at, to correct on tape. It’s tough to win games. I’m not a stat expert, but when you look at games where the defense scores seven points against you, that’s probably not a good way to go.”

### Philbin, on the play of RB Daniel Thomas and RB Lamar Miller:  “Well, we wanted to give Lamar an opportunity. You know, once we thought Reggie [Bush, RB] couldn’t play effectively. We have two guys, we think a lot of the both of them, and we think they’re both capable of playing. Some of it was dictated by situation, but some of it was spreading the carries around.”

 ### Davone Bess said this loss "is going to hang a little longer. We talk about finishing plays, especially in overtime. We know how critical one play can be and we didn’t finish. It was an emotional rollercoaster."

### Kevin Burnett, on dealing with the loss: "You don’t want to allow it to be a complacent thing. We talked about the fact that it may be okay, but we don’t have too many more okays because we all know, once it starts going south, it goes south exponentially. So we’ve got to turn it around. Period. Point blank."

### Dan Carpenter, on his two misses: “They were makeable. I mean, I let the team down. First of all there shouldn’t have been an overtime. We should never have even been there. The team is busting their ass, and I just didn’t come through. It’s something you don’t want to go through, but you know there is nothing I can do about it now. I’ll go back and take a peek, look at it and see if I can see what happened and move on.”

### Carpenter, on whether he has any idea on what happened on his overtime kick: – “Yeah I missed it left.”

### Karlos Dansby said this loss is tougher than most because "of the way that we lost it. It’s tough. Very tough.”

### Ryan Tannehill :"I thought our other guys came in and did a good job for us, running the ball well. But anytime you lose a player like Reggie, it’s tough.”

### After the long completion to Hartline in overtime, Tannehill said the thinking was: "You know we were in field goal range, so we didn’t want to turn the ball over, didn’t want to take any big chances. Take the yards if they were there, but we were confident in Dan and what he could do, so we didn’t want to take any big chances there. Just take what was there and trust your kicker.”

### Tannehill called the day "frustrating. I think we left some plays out there, myself and the rest of the offense included. We had some chance to put points on the board early, score touchdowns early, even at the end of regulation. Brian had a step on the guy the second time and I overthrew him. If you make the throw there, that’s the game, so it wasn’t coming down to the kick or anything like that. So yeah, it’s frustrating.”

### Rex Ryan: "Did we get some breaks? We certainly got some breaks, no question about it. The Dolphins played extremely hard. Obviously it looked rough for us there for a while. (We) feel very fortunate but … we expected to win but, my goodness, it was tough. Obviously, at the end, we got some breaks but we’ll take it. The Dolphins deserve a ton of credit. They are a good football team.”

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