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Postscripts, reaction to K-State's drubbing of Miami; former Canes speak out on Twitter

Postscripts and reaction to UM's 52-13 loss at Kansas State:

### Al Golden, afterward on WQAM: “They beat us in all three phases. Outplayed us, outcoached us. We didn’t get the explosive plays we need on offense. We didn’t get off the field on defense. We never put any pressure on them. They got pressure on a four-man rush. We’ve got to do a good job leaving this here and moving on."

On the state of the program, Golden said: "We are trying to get back to where we want to be and the way you do that is with consistency. I know people want to wave a wand, and I don't know if some people thought after week one we were right where we needed to be.... We didn’t execute as well as we needed to do. That’s on me.”

### Tweets Saturday afternoon from several former Canes standouts: Clinton Portis: "We can't stop the run? This is some BS."... Warren Sapp: "We are getting roasted.".. Calais Campbell: "Man, this is embarrassing!"... Bernie Kosar: "Watching Canes game is real tough!!"... Reggie Wayne: "We need to get it together. #The U."

### You can certainly criticize defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio for his strategy, including soft zone coverage at times and having his cornerbacks play well off receivers at times. That’s very fair. But face it: Nobody is building a formidable defense with this personnel.

"We're going to look at everything tomorrow from a system standpoint and tackling standpoint and get it fixed next week," Golden said.

With Curtis Porter still out from an appendectomy, UM fielded its one of its worst collection of defensive tackles in years. On Saturday – when UM was outgained 498 yards to 262 – Darius Smith and the other tackles were obliterated by Kansas State linemen on several plays. Other times, they simply couldn’t disengage from blockers quickly enough. Smith had only one tackle. Unacceptable.

Olsen Pierre had seven tackles and forced a fumble but was handled on a bunch of other plays. Freshman Earl Moore also got a lot of work at defensive tackle – Golden said he needs to watch the tape to analyze how he did.

Besides Porter, UM also was missing Luther Robinson, who was left home after reportedly arguing with coaches last week. His presence might have made a bit of a difference, but Robinson was listed as a backup on the latest depth chart.

Anthony Chickillo made only one notable play: a sack late in the first half and finished with just two tackles. He obviously must do a lot more. "I saw Chickillo taking a couple plays off," WQAM host and former Canes defensive lineman Dan Sileo said afterward. 

The other veteran defensive ends – Shayon Green and Kelvin Cain – have generated no consistent pass rush. (When Cain got close to to the quarterback once Saturday, he whiffed on the sack.) In Green's defense, he had eight tackles and a 19-yard tackle for loss. Cain had just one tackle all day.

Aside from SOME solid work from Eddie Johnson (who had seven tackles) – and a couple good plays from Denzel Perryman – the work of the linebackers generally ranged from ineffective to embarrassing. Much of the time, they were missing tackles or blowing coverage assignments or being blocked into submission.

During one five-minute stretch, linebacker Jimmy Gaines was beaten for a 59-yard catch-and-run by a K-State tight end, missed a tackle on backup quarterback Daniel Sams, and was blocked into another county on another play. Another linebacker, Tyrone Cornelius, struggled all day long and was annihilated at least a couple of times on blocks. Perryman was rendered helpless by a block on a TD run by Sams.

The cornerbacks didn't offer enough help in run support. Thomas Finnie was beaten for two passes early, though he also knocked away a pass in the end zone. Tracy Howard was beaten for a 23-yard reception. At least Brandon McGee had an interception, but long after the outcome was settled. It was just the second of his disappointing UM career.

The safety play has been mediocre at times, deplorable at others. Vaughn Telemaque, who left briefly with a knee injury, clearly doesn’t have the speed to help much in coverage against fleet receivers. At least Deon Bush forced a fumble, though he was carried by a K-State runner for several yards on another play. 

### K-State's 52 points were the most UM has allowed in 167 games, since Syracuse scored 66 on the Canes in 1998.

### The UM offensive line – so effective against Boston College – was brutal Saturday, with numerous breakdowns in pass coverage and an inability to sustain blocks on running plays. UM ran for 40 yards on 29 carries (1.4 per attempt), compared with 288 yards on 60 attempts for K-State (4.8 yards).

Malcolm Bunche was beaten for at least one sack. Usually reliable Brandon Linder committed two penalties. Ereck Flowers left in the third quarter with an ankle injury. WQAM reported he was cleared to return but coaches instead decided to stick with Seantrel Henderson at right tackle.

### Stephen Morris was solid (19 for 26, 214 yards) but could have thrown the ball away a couple times instead of taking sacks and couldn't get his team in the end zone, though he didn't get much help. He also fumbled once when he was crushed by a K-State player. A Ryan Williams-to-Clive Walford pass accounted for UM's only touchdown.

### Duke Johnson had a 77-yard kickoff return, but otherwise had a forgettable game: two dropped passes (one that could have gone for a long touchdown) and 19 yards on six carries (3.2 per carry). He also caught two passes for 18 yards. Mike James finished with 27 yards on nine carries (3.0). Eduardo Clements had a key fumble early and closed with one yard rushing on four attempts.

### UM lost receiver Allen Hurns in the first half with what was reported as a head injury. Rayshawn Scott (four catches, 39 yards) and Phillip Dorsett (3 for 31) had some good moments. "But Dorsett and Scott need to play bigger," Dan Sileo said. "Who's our big wide receiver playmaker?"

UM's best offensive performer Saturday, aside from Morris, was tight end Clive Walford (three catches, 61 yards, one touchdown).   

### Sileo said: "Either it's talent or talent not being coached right. What I saw against Kansas State was pathetic. Our front seven should be ashamed of themselves."

Check back later for lots of Dolphins and Heat and Marlins chatter in Sunday buzz.



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That about says it all Barry. Oh no...we suck again!


Is Barry the only guy that covers sports in Miami? Appreciate it.

Really wish we would stop with the soft zone coverage. That's not how miami guys play.


Barry, you're right about the D-tackle position. Porter and L. Robinson are experienced upperclassmen who were missed, especially Porter. 1st and 2nd year D-tackles are rarely strong or experienced enough to be really good. This team is a work in progress. The D was bad, but the offense and special teams did nothing to help them.


I question D"Onofrio competency. He has a senior at DL, LB, CB, & Safety. He has a number of 4-5 star players on his defensive squad. Yet the Canes get hammered up & down the field for the 2nd week in a row. It was just a pitiful performance.

Other programs do not have the athletes Miami has access to, yet put out much more competitive defensive units on the field.

I'm still a Golden supporter, but I have not & can not be on board with D'Onofrio. I think Golden is going to have to send his good buddy packing, because this defense is dreadful. The worst I can remember at Miami since the 70's when they were thinking of shutting down the program.




Rome was not built in one day, remember the 1998 Canes got crushed by Syracuse one week and the next week beat the #2 ranked UCLA Bruins which had McNown on the roster.This is what happens when you play youth, they will only get better.


Shannon brought in all of these veteran players. He should be ashamed.


4-8 season coming


No I still say 6-6 KSTAtE are monsters...top 10 team easily


i'm not throwing in the towel YET however, there is no way that anyone can convince me that K State is 50 points better than the Canes...at home or on the road. D'Onofrio is no Jed Fish. Golden better turn his attention to his defense because today's performance was simply unacceptable

TIDEferrari racing,palm beach

Terrable,again! Why still no defence. Up grade 2 coach with [2] RINGS; KEHOE. NO EMOTION BY COACH GOLDEN ON SIDE LINES [JUST LIKE SHANNON!] I LIKE GOLDEN BUT HE NEEDS TO DUMP HIS BUDDY,D.C! Miami Native, UM class 65, still going thru withdraw. Save the MIAMI MARINE Stadium.


I know we're playing a bunch of kids & that the program is re-building. I didn't expect to go to Manhattan & beat this team but this was beyond humiliating! No matter what, this is & always will be THE U & this is totally unacceptible! For the 1st time since he was hired I'm beginning to question Coach Golden. I don't know what can be done but he better figure out a way to fix this freakin' mess! Nobody is expected championships but I'll be damned if this university is ever embarrassed like this again!"

Ba Smith

This is what happens when coaches ride their egos and throw Ray-Ray off the team and let Luther Robinson, the best DT on the team, stay home.

When coaches let their egos keep the 2 best defenders out of the line up, your defense is compromised severely.


Team laid down on the coaching staff....Question is Why?


I think he's a plant from Penn State. They were always jealous of us. Now they've gotten a mole placed at the top of our team. I bet that Nittany Lion was secretly smiling. Grrrrrr!

Dr. Doom

Barry, terrific reporting. Thank you.

Old Warrior

Our team is young...uncommonly young. K-State is much better than they're being given credit for. Texas, OK, and OK State better be ready to strap it up when they face off with these boys this year. Suffice to say, "Patience is going to be a virtue this season."

Man of Steel

With that all said, we have BCC, GT ,and NCST the next 3 weeks. All I'm sayin is their all winable games...

The U??

What an embarrassment !!! One word on how the team played "pathetic!!!"


Complete failure in all phases of the game. d onfirino is in way over his head. I don't expect this defense to be good with our personel or lack there of, but to give up almost 1100 yards in 2 games is inexcusable. He is incompetent and is stealing money from um in my opinion. He better change his scheme and get this defense fixed in a hurry before he is run out of town.

james moore

forget about a national championship.forget about a acc championship.forget about a coastal championship.forget about a bowl game.take the eigth ranked recruiting class in the country and play with passion.stop pointing fingers before this football season is gone.another losing season since 2001 season is unacceptable.

Jim Gallo

Run the whole coaching team out. Golden should have NEVER been hired in the first place. Came to Miami with a losing record 27-34 from Temple....At Virginia his teams were 32-18 overall and 18-14 conference. At Miami 7-7 and 4-5 conference. Then hires a DC with no experience at all at DC...not even as an assitant. (linbacker coach for god sakes) They were not qualified to take over a program like Miami. They are all over their heads here and a #21 ranked team proved it. Plenty of teams in 2010 from 6-7 to 10-3 / 11-2 2011....clemson included and fires the DC because of Orange Bowl blowout.....look to the NFL....Rob Chudzinski, Kyle Shanahan, Rob Ryan and Chuck Pagano are all waitng to hear from Miami....


only thing wrong with this article, miami's o-line was not that good against BC. except for 2 runs, the run game was not there, only short passes.


i like the chudzinski idea, JIM problem is, this program cannot afford to fire goldie, with all the years he has left, but right now if he quit, i dont think many would try to change his mind.

Jim Gallo

Of course.....but someone needs to get fired. There is no risk to fire the DC...its a way to take control of the situation. Tells the world were serious. If Clemson can do it after a 10-3 season and a bowl game...we can do it with a 7-7 current record. Golden takes over both Offense/Defense until replacement. All the assitants step up. See if cream rises to the top.

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