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Steve Ross speaks out about the preseason and what he expects now; UM, Heat, Marlins news


Even though his team finished 0-4 in preseason and traded a key piece (Vontae Davis) for draft picks, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ expectations haven’t changed. Ross makes clear he does not expect a take-your-lumps rebuilding season, even though many of the team’s moves suggest otherwise and even though many observers expect lots of losses.

“At this point, I’m optimistic that we will be competitive and make the playoffs,” Ross told us in the past few days.

But what about the 0-4 preseason?

“We are a very young team with a first-year head coach and new coaching staff with a new philosophy and scheme,” Ross said. “They are developing the players’ fundamentals and technique during this preseason, so it is not surprising they haven’t stressed winning yet. I believe in this head coach and staff and am looking forward to the regular season, where winning will be emphasized.”

Jason Taylor and Dan Marino said this week that the Dolphins are rebuilding, but Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins dispute that. And based on Ross’ newest comments, he doesn’t seem inclined to cheerfully accept another losing season – even though many expect his general manager’s personnel moves will result in one.

Like Ireland, Ross has consistently believed the talent here is better than what many outsiders believe, which is why Tony Sparano was fired. But Ross has a strong conviction about Joe Philbin's ability to get more out of this team than Sparano did. We'll see.

Analysts and Las Vegas odds-makers aren’t nearly as optimistic as Ross. At the MGM Grand and 11 other Nevada casinos, the Dolphins over/under for wins recently dropped from seven to 6 ½. Miami’s odds for winning the Super Bowl have jumped to 50-to-1, better than only Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Arizona, Minnesota and Indianapolis.


### Marino, speaking by phone Tuesday, said the Dolphins face a philosophical “dilemma” because even though “they want to be that wide open West Coast offense,” more “power football” might be the better approach early on because they have a rookie quarterback and “some of the best players on their team are running backs.”….

The Dolphins have told people their roster is too imbalanced (27 offense, 22 defense after David Garrard’s release) and need to correct that.... Though the Dolphins worked out Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney, they have passed on looking at Plaxico Burress and Deion Branch.   

### After placing Artis Hicks on injured reserve Tuesday, the Dolphins reached out to Titans free agent guard Jake Scott's representation to ask his weight. (He's at his usual playing weight of 295 to 300). No offer was made, but he's on a list under consideration. The Dolphins have brought Scott to team headquarters twice in the past six months but have never made an offer. Pro Football Focus ranked him ninth among all guards last season.

### Channing Crowder, cut by Miami 14 months ago, keeps ripping the Dolphins on WQAM-560, claiming Philbin “has got a lot of Cam Cameron in him” and that he is doing “too much micro-managing” by worrying about issues such as trash in the locker-room and players cursing. “They’re worried about rat poop when elephant crap is everywhere,” Crowder said.

### Should the Hurricanes use no-huddle most of the time because they were so successful with it Saturday? Coach Al Golden doesn’t sound inclined, expressing concern Tuesday that it would leave the Canes at a big deficit in time of possession. Boston College had the ball nearly 34 minutes.

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch tells us he discussed the no-huddle with Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman during his visit to Dolphins camp this summer and watched tape of Sherman’s Texas A&M offense. “We’ll have to see how the game goes and see if it’s working,” Fisch said.

### Smart move: UM players sometimes had trouble understanding Stephen Morris in the huddle last season because he did not always project his voice or enunciate clearly. So the staff had all the quarterbacks work with a communications professor this offseason.

### Art Kehoe said right tackle Ereck Flowers is the most polished freshman offensive lineman he has coached in 28-plus years at UM…. Dyron Dye surprisingly beat out Asante Cleveland and Clive Walford for the starting tight end job partly because UM coaches like his physicality and blocking… Will we see more chances for Duke Johnson, who had 13 touches Saturday? “We’ll see what he can handle,” Fisch said. “I’d like to give it to the player with the hot hand.”

### Although Marlins people privately expected far more from manager Ozzie Guillen (in terms of impact on the on-field product), Guillen told 790 The Ticket Tuesday: “I can look in the mirror and say, ‘You did a good job.’ I’ve put guys in the right position.”… Guillen said his instinct is to stick with Steve Cishek as closer the final month but “I hope and wish that Heath Bell is our closer next year.” Bell, who has two years and $18 million left on his contract, was adamant: “I want to close. [But] I stopped asking a long time ago, so I’m not going to ask.” Bell then added that “I took less money to come here.”… Emilio Bonifacio (knee) ruled out playing again this season. He said the team has asked him not to play winter ball so as not to risk any more injuries.

### Dwyane Wade, appearing on The View Tuesday as part of his promotional tour for his new book on fatherhood, said his surgically-repaired knee is “OK” and “ahead of schedule.” He has said he will be ready for the Oct. 30 opener.… Wade told a Houston radio station: “I won’t say the Lakers are the favorite. On paper, they look great. But you can’t discredit what teams have done and the chemistry teams have built.”...

In his interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS tonight (taped early-evening today), Wade talks mostly about fatherhood and said his knee is "good to go." Letterman asked him about Jeremy Lin ("quickest jump to celebrity I've ever seen in my life," Wade said) and the Nets' move to Brooklyn (a question which wasn't interesting when Letterman asked the same thing to LeBron James two months ago). Does Letterman know of no other NBA questions to ask?...

Erik Spoelstra told WQAM's Jorge Sedano on Tuesday that he wants to play at an even faster tempo this season.





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Heath Bell, please shut your inflated & overpaid mouth. I do not think anybody in today's downtrodden economy wants to hear how your bloated rear-end took "less money" @ the tune of 9 MILLION per to "close" here. Insensitive jerk, just shut up!


Steve Ross is kidding himself. Ireland must brainwash him.


FACK you Ross... Fack you Ireland... Fack you Dolphins franchise... You are a facking disgrace to the city of Miami... I'm embarrassed to tell people that I am a Dolphisn fan and I live in DC for gods sake where the Redskins have sucked for years


Ross is just too naive.

Stephen Ross Sucks Moose Cocks

Whatever Stephen Ross is smoking....PLEASE GIVE ME THE NUMBER TO YOUR DEALER!!! That has got to be some funka dunka super sheeeeeit!!


Channing never helped the team & in hindsight Ireland/Parcells should never have resigned Crowder, Carey, & Bell. Too much money for too little on the field production.


Rbleigh, well said.


I cannot believe Heath Bell had the audacity to say that he took "less money" to come here , after he has delivered ZERO performance .

Crowder's another clown who should be quiet , after all , where's HE now . Still playing ball Crowder ?

No , I didn't think so .


Don't forget, it's now 790 AND 104.3 FM The Ticket!

sad fins

Ross same old talk, need to kept quite and just win then talk, Im not buying it, as in tickets.


Music to my ears!! Ross is seriously expecting playoffs? You have to be joking. However, when this team wins 2-3 games then he'll have no choice but to finally get rid of Ireland.


chowder head sounds like he did last year,regurgitating crap because nobody is listening to him. He said same thing about Sparano,he micromanages too much.

Sorry,asking people not to swear as much and not litter is what normal people do. Its not micromanaging


Ryan, absolutely right about Crowder, sour grapes. Notice no one in the NFL has signed you or wants you. You were terrible for the phins, and terrible on the radio.

JL Raleigh

Crowder could not play for most coaches in this league. He is a limited talent with a big mouth and that is a dangerous combination for any coach. It is also similar to Vontae Davis...though he is much more talented...just under-produces..


Perhaps it was a good sign that Philbin blamed both playing AND coaching after the flop in Dallas. There is more room for improvement when everyone takes some responsibility.


Ha.ha.Heath Bell saying .....I tooke less money to come here ....is ...well...basically.........laughable at best.It s totally irrlevant as he would have ripped off any other organization to have to even pay him more for "his body of work"......which by the way.....I d leave off of my current resume if I were him.The guy talks crap and he still stinks.Guillen looks in the mirror and thinks he s done good????Surprised the mirror hasn t cracked by now.He s done a less than adequate job.He needs to wake up to reality because no one else in South Florida thinks he s been a very good Manager.


Crowder is still bitter because the Fins knew he was a waste of good money and cut him. He'd still be in the league if it wasn't for his inability to cover tightends.

Jorge Sedano

Not surprising Big Mouth Crowder is Dan Big Mouth Sileo's favorite guest.


The only thing the fans want to hear from you at this point Mr. Ross is "I've made the decision to let the cancer, I mean Jeff Ireland go".

Neil's GhosT

Followed by Ross saying he is selling the team to the corpse of Joe Robbie and leaving town for good.
And all of Miami rejoiced.....


Ross is a complete CLUELESS A#$ of an owner. He's an OUT OF TOWN owner who has NO IDEA how TERRIBLE his GM and TEAM is.

FANS - PLEASE, PLEASE stay away from the stadium. Hurft this guy's money SO HE WILL SELL or FIRE IRELAND.


I noticed that Ross NEVER mentioned Ireland in any of his comments when addressing the subject of his team's expectations and emphasising that he has a playoff team and not a team that is rebuilding. Writing is on the wall that Ireland is in a "do or die" situation. So why in the hell is Ross willing to sacrifice this season to justify firing Ireland. He should have left with Sporano. I never respected Crowder's game as a LB at Miami, but I whole-heartingly agree with him that Philibin is doing too much micro managing like locker room housekeeping and players cursing instead of worried about getting or keeping talent (Brandon Marshall) on this team. Dam that Philibin! Put a winner on the dam field! Personally, I don't think he is head coach material (ie. Cam Cameron). Hope that I'm wrong.

Goodison Parke

Lordy.............I really to absolve Ross & pin the blame on Parcells/Sporano/Ball-Boy Ireland, but he sure does make idiotic, risible comments.

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