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Yeremiah Bell's return; Sparano gets testy; Philbin wants more Naanee; Marlins; Canes

Some Thursday night quick hits:

### Sean Smith called Yeremiah Bell this week to check up on his friend and former teammate.

But one topic was off limits, Smith said: Sunday’s Dolphins-Jets game.

For some Dolphins players, it’s still difficult to envision Bell in a Jets uniform after eight years in Miami.

“He’s missed, the knowledge you get from him,” Smith said. “He was the ultimate pro.”

The Dolphins cut Bell in March, believing he had lost a step and deciding Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons were ready for larger roles. Jones and Clemons have been solid so far, with the linebackers and cornerbacks mostly responsible for breakdowns in pass coverage.

Bell is starting for the Jets and has allowed four of the five passes thrown against him to be completed, for 80 yards, according to Pro Football Focus.

“It’s going to be fun,” Bell told the Jets' web site. “I’m not putting any extra incentive on it or anything like that. It’s a division game we definitely need to win. I’m still friends with a lot of guys. We’ll have our laughs before the game, but only before. When the game starts, there are no friends.”

Jones and Clemons both said Thursday that Bell taught them “how to be a pro” and they will always be appreciative. Smith said Bell’s departure essentially forced Miami’s young safeties to grow up.

“We’re not dependent on one guy anymore” to make all the calls, Smith said. “We always looked at YB. ‘What are you doing now?’ We depended on him for everything. Reshad and Chris have made a big jump, being more vocal.”

### Bell said the Dolphins “are keeping it simple” for Ryan Tannehill by calling “a lot of quick throws, a lot of easy reads. We are going to throw him some different looks. We have to make it difficult for him. If he wants to throw the ball quickly, we have to make him throw over our defensive linemen.”

### Though the Dolphins haven’t deemed him ready to be activated for a game, coach Joe Philbin insisted Thursday that rookie tight end Michael Egnew, selected in the third round, “definitely has shown improvement.”

### Philbin said he wants to get Legedu Naanee “more involved in the passing game.” Naanee has been thrown only three passes; two were intercepted (including one tipped by a Houston defender) and the other was incomplete.

### Jets offensive coordinator and former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was testy with New York reporters Thursday evening when asked why Tim Tebow wasn’t used in the first half of the loss to Pittsburgh. Sparano pointed out that the Jets averaged 6.2 yards per game in the first half of that game, then said: “That game’s over, OK? If you want to talk about Miami, I’ll talk about Miami. I don’t want to talk about that game. I can’t help you with that. My mind’s in a different place.” Sparano is only made available to reporters on Thursdays.

### Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is still deciding what changes to make. He won't say if Larry Beinfest and Ozzie Guillen will be retained. But when I spoke to him on Thursday, he referred to USA Today's report that Beinfest would be fired as "ridiculous and fabricated" rumor. For more, see our story on the sports home page.

### MLB.com reported Thursday night that in internal discussions about a potential managerial change, former Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell's name has been raised as a possible replacement. The Marlins are still deciding whether to keep Guillen.

### Seantrel Henderson has been pushing Malcolm Bunche hard at left tackle, and the starting job is now a toss-up. Al Golden said Henderson showed the second-most amount of energy among UM offensive linemen last Saturday, behind only Jon Feliciano.... UM is waiting for one of its defensive tackles to distinguish himself from the pack. The player most capable of that, Curtis Porter, remains out after an appedectomy.


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Loria knows what "ridiculous and fabricated" is. Ridiculous and fabricated is the limited financials the Marlins exchanged with Miami in order to get stadium funding.


YB was a class act.


And the Dolphins rewarded YB for being a class act a week after FA started, ensuring he couldnt make as much.

No Class.


cheese 'n' crackers.
got all muddy.

Can we stay healthy... ever?

How long is Porter going to be out? Appendectomy surgery is relatively minor, unless he had some complications. He should have been ready to play within 2-3 wks. What is wrong with that guy? He has been hurt since he stepped on the field his senior yr. How is that possible? Stop wasting a scholarship on that scrub! Give it to somebody who can freaking play!


Can we stay healthy... ever?, come on this is a college kid. Cut your crap out. Besides, since you didn't know it, scholarships are year to year renewable. You can't take a scholarship away from a player NOW. Dumb.


Yeremiah Bell is a class act. But he does have coverage weaknesses. I'm not sure we have the personnel to exploit them? The Jets are a Jekyl/Hide team, they 'can be' pretty good or really bad. Sanchise can get really hot but he can be absolutely putrid too - we need pressure. This game will be a good gauge. Beyond bias I think we should be able to beat them, but we don't have a good enough feel for this team yet to KNOW what they will do on any given Sunday. As far as Sporano...nice guy but he stunk as a game mgr. & played favorites. Ireland should've been fired for the flip-flop he did on Tony (Ireland is so phony). Ross should be humiliated for what he did to Sporano w/Harbaugh ordeal. But Tony was not a good HC. Dolphins 20 - Jets 17


Bunch makes alot of mistakes and gets penaltys.When is an appendectomy patient healed?????????????


is sneaky pete whispering $weet nothing$ in the sports editor's tin ear ...
day after day splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page ...
seriously, if U didn't know better ...
U would erroneously conclude that this good-for-nothing commuter school was on par with the well-established, well-esteemed, well-followed University of Miami ...
U know, the school they love to hate since 1926 ...
swim with the fishies ...
how low do they go to accomodate other small frys like barry, st thomas, florida memorial ... miami-dade
betcha didn't know the county community college enrolls 176,000 students ...
graduated 1.5M alumni ...
where's their beat? blog? propagandist?
(an allusion to the former staffer who worked for florida international before working for florida international)
lest U forget ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...



here's the rub ...
because of guilt, threat or inducement ...
the f_cking faint-hearted herald could lead with f-i-u-don't-matter all day ... everyday
but it won't matter ...
the sophisticated readership skips their articles ...
never amongst the most read or commented ...
all the while alienating the paper's core cUstoMer ...
so, you can lead a horse to water ...
but you can't make it drink ...




UM has had far superior teams, having won many national championships in football and baseball. That means that there is more to write about. Far more fans, moreover, go to Hurricane games. The followers of the Hurricane blog at MiamiHerald.com outnumber those following the Golden Panthers one by about 10-1, sports editor Jorge Rojas says.

There is, in other words, much more readership demand for coverage of the Hurricanes than of the Golden Panthers.
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/1/10

UM does and should get the greater share of sports coverage
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/8/10

this isn’t The Miami Herald’s fault. Until FIU starts to matter in a big way, in a way that UM matters, there will never be that same coverage, at least not in the sports page. ...
-- fiu student media 8/25/10

the enormous University of Miami community should fight fire with fire by boycotting the f_cking faint-hearted herald for acceding to the outrageous demands of the 8th street extortionists ...
readership demand be damned ...




Add Orlando, Fla., to the cities bidding to host the ACC men’s basketball tournament for the first time.

The next three ACC tournaments are set for Greensboro, N.C., home to the conference’s headquarters. Bids for 2016-21 recently closed and will be evaluated at the league’s fall meetings next month in Boston.

The ACC tournament has ventured outside North Carolina 11 times in its 59 years, once to Florida, that the 2007 event in Tampa. Atlanta (six), Landover, Md. (three), and Washington, D.C. (one) also have hosted.

Another potential first-time destination is Pittsburgh. Officials at the University of Pittsburgh, which will join the ACC next year, said last week the city has bid to bring the tournament to the Consol Energy Center, home of the NHL’s Penguins.

Among Pittsburgh, Orlando and usual suspects Greensboro, Charlotte, N.C., Atlanta and D.C., the ACC has plenty of options. The conference does not identify bidding cities, and I’ve been unable to learn whether the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., has submitted.
– david teel


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