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Marlins discuss Ozzie firing

Some snippets from Marlins executive Larry Beinfest's late Tuesday afternoon conference call to discuss Ozzie Guillen's firing:

### Beinfest, not surprisingly, wouldn't give a specific reason for his dismissal: "I don't think it's any one thing. It's all cumulative. We all share in this. This is not a fun day for me. We felt we needed to make a change to move forward. We all felt we had a pretty good ballclub coming out of spring training and we just didn't play well. When you look at the overall record of this team, we need to do some roster stuff, and a lot of that falls on me and our front office. But without our situation downstairs, we feel we can move things forward. We knew we were handicapping Ozzie a little bit in the second half" after trading Hanley Ramirez and other veterans.

### On why the decision wasn't made for three weeks: "Everyone wanted to take a step back and let's make a clear decision. We let him know unfortunately by telephone because he was traveling, about an hour and a half ago. I spoke to Ozzie. The conversation was brief. He was professional, which we expected. He thanked the organization and Jeffrey for the opportunity."

### Beinfest was asked if he didn't know what he was getting with Ozzie: "You never really know somebody until you live with them everyday. Ozzie is Ozzie. That's the way he is."

### Beinfest said the Marlins will immediately start a search for a replacement and haven't yet put together a list and that Jeffrey Loria will be involved in the search.  "We're looking for a winner," Beinfest said. He said previous managerial decision is not a requirement. "We need to be open to it."

### Beinfest said a winning culture needs to be restored: "We need to win period, and that's been missing. Maybe we have gotten away from the Marlins way.... I can't tell you exactly what the Marlins way is today. We still have some guiding philosophies. Maybe we need to rethink things, how we make roster decisions. We need to spend some time redefining ourselves with a new manager."

### Beinfest, on whether the Marlins job is attractive considering the team has had eight managers since 2002: "As bad as things were, we have a lot of things going for us. I would think this would be attractive to a lot of people."

As far as the club's penchant for changing managers, he admitted "some of the instability may have been a little bit of a detriment."