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Monday evening update: Dolphins coordinators address several issues

Highlights from the Monday weekly news conferences of Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman:

### Coyle loved how Nolan Carroll played in his first start of the season at cornerback: "I was very happy for him and proud of him the way he competed throughout the game. He did a lot of things, some that were seen by everybody in stands, but yet there was some things that, as we watched the tape, he really did well."

### Coyle took a moment to acknowledge Randy Starks' exceptional play: “Randy’s having a terrific year. He’s been a force against the run, but when you look at the production at the end of the game, it’s a half sack yesterday, it’s a batted pass, it’s an interception, it’s a couple of tackles, an assisted tackle. He is really solidified that spot in our defense. His productivity has been very, very good for a defensive linemen and keeps on winning the one-on-one battles and we’re real pleased with him.”

### Coyle, on Sean Smith: "He had another consistent game against a very good player. The thing that has impressed me – he was even better in some of the technique things in this game than he was the week before. If he continues to do that, then I really think he can have the kind of season that I know he wants and we need him to have. He’s played very well. He’s put two good games back-to-back."

### That interception by Starks wasn't a coincidence. The Dolphins worked on those types of plays on Friday. Coyle explained it this way:

"I just want to also mention that, kudos to [d-line coach] Kacy Rodgers and Charlie Bullen, his assistant, because, last week, we changed our normal routine on Thursday, on Friday rather. We do a fumble recovery drill. This week, we decided we were going to work on catching the ball because we were dropping the linemen in certain things that we were doing. True story. Each position did a different ball type drill plus, what we sometimes try to (do) is try to change it up, so it doesn’t get monotonous for them, and, sure enough, Charlie was whipping the ball at these d-linemen dropping on Friday. The balls are bouncing everywhere, but we joked about it because, sure enough, in the game, that ball was humming across the middle and Randy picks it off like, he looks like Jerry Rice out there catching it. It was a great job by those two guys.”

### Sherman, on what                                                                                                                                                                            what he sees from Ryan Tannehill: “I think his decision making has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks. Each game we go into and come out of less and less of us being critical of his decisions. He’s made some very good decisions here as of late. The other thing I would say would be, push in the pocket. He had the tendency to leave the pocket with depth. Now he's stepping up in the pocket and finding throws to make. He had a great throw to (Davone) Bess on a scramble in the game. He’s created some plays with his feet by pushing up in the pocket."

 ### Sherman was obviously unhappy with Charles Clay going out of bounds on that third down catch with less that two minutes left: "That could have been disastrous. You end up punting with 1:54 and you should have punted with 1:20. He caught the ball about three yards inside the hask mark, and what he should have done is turn it up. But he made some nice plays, he did some good things and he keeps getting better. Hopefully that will just continue and he will learn from his mistake in the game.”

### What area of the offense has improved most from Week One? “I would have to say our quarterback position is the most dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball," Sherman said. "He just keeps getting better and better. Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. You tell him that you need to do this and he does it. So I think that his maturation throughout the course of the NFL season, going into Week Six, he has taken steps every single week. He will continue to do that throughout the course of the season and the course of his career. So I would think that’s the single biggest jump this season.”

### Sherman said right tackle “Jonathan Martin, for a rookie, is playing above our expectations at this point. He’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he is excellent with his hands, (and) he takes pretty good pass sets for the most part. Those two ends that they were rushing the quarterback the other day were great ends."

### Sherman credited offensive line coach Jim Turner for "being on John Jerry about losing his weight. He's lost about 30-35 pounds since the summer time and I think that’s really added to his game. Both players [Martin and Jerry] aren’t perfect. They still have a ways to go, but I think we’re getting there.”

### Sherman is unhappy with the short yardage offense: "That's certainly been a bone of contention with me and with our offense. We have to be much better there."

### Sherman, on Tannehill's his ability to throw on the run: “It’s something that we practice here. When a play breaks down in practice we don’t stop. We keep working and I think they know, the receivers, when you have a quarterback who you know will extend the play with his feet and his arm, you have a tendency to really work harder and try to get open. That’s been the case a couple of times, and he's a very accurate thrower on the run. Sometimes those throws aren’t the easiest when you’re running away from a 295 pound defensive end chasing you down. To make that accuracy is not the easiest thing. But I thought he did a great job of not only pushing the pocket, escaping the rush, but then finding the receiver and making some big plays. I thought it was his best game.”