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Friday afternoon update: Another local radio change; Heat cuts; Dan Sileo needs to reign it in

Friday's media column is below. First, a quick Friday afternoon update:

1) As expected, Richard Marshall was ruled out for Sunday's Dolphins game. Bart Scott is doubtful for the Jets.

2) Jason Jackson quit his job as a talk-show host on 790 The Ticket on Friday, station general manager Jeff Dinetz tells us. "We're disappointed," Dinetz said. "He decided it was time for him to do something else."

Jackson, who worked the 1 to 3 p.m. shift, declined to comment. According to multiple industry sources, management at The Ticket wanted Jackson to change his approach somewhat, including taking on a co-host who would challenge him on Heat issues.

Dinetz said the station will begin searching for a replacement. Eric Reid and Ethan Skolnick filled in Friday, shortly after Jackson resigned.

3) The Heat cut Rodney Carney and Jarvis Varnado, leaving 16 players. Terrel Harris and Garrett Temple are likely competing for the final roster spot. Erik Spoelstra said the roster will be finalized after Friday night's home exhibition against New Orleans (8 p.m. ESPN2).

4) Jorge Sedano tells us his WQAM talk show, which runs 3 to 7 p.m., will devote the 6 to 7 p.m. hour to Heat talk all NBA season, beginning next week.



It’s rare to see fans knock a local announcer for being too critical when their team loses. But Dan Sileo is the exception, a former UM player who has become a target on Canes message boards this season for over-the-top lambasting of the Hurricanes football program.

Sileo’s passion for his alma mater can be appreciated, but his postgame rants on WQAM often have been too reactionary, too harsh, too extreme.

There was the absurd meltdown following the Kansas State game – if you haven’t heard it, check it out on YouTube --  in which he regrettably called on Canes defensive players to “pull a knife on” offensive players that are running free.

In a serious overstatement, he said: “There’s no respect for our program. We’re like Eastern Michigan” and incorrectly said Kansas State didn’t rise in the polls after beating UM. (The Wildcats went from 21 to 15 in the AP poll.)

After Phillip Dorsett dropped two potential touchdowns in the Notre Dame game, Sileo asserted the Hurricanes “should never throw another pass to Dorsett.” (Are you kidding?)

He belittled the goal of winning the Coastal Division -- “this is what we’re reduced to?” -- overlooking the fact that in this stage of UM’s rebuilding process, advancing to the ACC title game for the first time would be an accomplishment.

He said after the Notre Dame game that Al Golden “has no big game experience. He has never coached in a big game before…. We’ve got a coaching staff with on-the-job training.”

Come on, Dan – Even if you want to discount his five years at Temple, were none of Golden’s first 17 games at Miami “big”?

He also said Urban Meyer “is not a good coach,” which no reasonable person would agree with.

Fortunately, Sileo showed some needed perspective after Saturday’s FSU game, rationally remarking that “we’re just not good enough. We have to get older and better.”

But he still made some odd comments, asserting that UM “should stop throwing to these wide-outs. They’ve got no hands” and that Mike James “should get the ball 28 times a game” (seems a little much).

He called a UM defensive lineman “Pierce” (maybe he meant Olsen Pierre); didn’t correct a caller who referred to strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey as actor Patrick Swayze (neither did co-host Kevin Rogers); and incorrectly suggested Butch Davis could have returned to UM but that North Carolina could give him more money. UM never asked Davis to return.

For some fans, hearing an analyst blast a team after a loss can be cathartic. Say this for Sileo: The guy can stir it up and he isn’t afraid to face people that he criticizes.

But Dan, you need to dial back the bluster and hyperbole and deal with reality. This team lost five players early to the pros and is playing 21 freshmen. Sileo’s somewhat more measured approach after Saturday’s loss suggests he may finally begin to grasp the big picture. Better late than never.


Aside from cogent commentary from Danny Kanell in the Boston College game and Kirk Herbstreit in the FSU game, the TV announcing of UM games has been deficient all season – another reason to listen to Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr. on WQAM. (Zagacki gives all the pertinent information quickly, and unlike the national guys, they have thorough command of the roster.)

Two network announcers (including Sun Sports’ Paul Kennedy) referred to UM punter Dalton Botts as “Bolts”; NBC’s Tom Hammond and Mike Mayock called Gabe TerryTerry Gabriel”, and ABC’s Brent Musburger last week butchered several names (Rashawn Scott, Anthony Chickillo), incorrectly suggested Golden calls the plays (Jedd Fisch does) and several times called UM’s quarterback “Phillip Morris.” 

### Why did WQAM part ways with early-afternoon co-host Steve Goldstein and replace him with Channing Crowder (alongside Adam Kuperstein)?

Goldstein said the station fired him after he accepted a job co-hosting an 11 a.m. Saturday WFOR-CBS show with Jon Weiner, Dan Le Batard’s sidekick on rival 790 The Ticket. WQAM program director Jorge Sedano said Goldstein was not fired but was given a choice of doing the radio or TV show.

“Management decided it didn’t want Goldie doing a show where a direct competitor would be his employer,” Sedano said.

Said Goldstein: “It’s very disappointing. The TV opportunity would raise my profile and it would have helped the radio station by making me more visible.”

### Former Heat coach Stan Van Gundy, who has been critical of NBA Commissioner David Stern, recently said that ABC/ESPN withdrew an offer for him to be a studio analyst and wonders if the NBA told ESPN not to hire him.

I asked Stern on Thursday if he discussed Van Gundy with ESPN or if he or any NBA executive discouraged ESPN from hiring him.

"No," Stern said, adding he is supportive of coaches who want to go into broadcasting. But Stern refrained from saying anything about Stan.

Jalen Rose got the ABC studio job instead, replacing Jon Barry, who was moved to games. Bill Simmons is replacing Chris Broussard, who will go back to reporting. We like Rose, but we’re not sure Rose/Simmons is an upgrade over Barry/Broussard, even though Barry was too critical of the Heat. Simmons is an unabashed Celtics fan, which sometimes seems to undermine his objectivity.


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FAU will embarrass you guys next year. FIU would've done the same, but you're too scared to play them.
Posted by: The Truth (Quijote) | 10/26/2012 at 09:01 AM


So tell me, why should our next 4 star recruit pick us over UCF, USF, Miami, Louisville, or anyone else for that matter? What makes us special? What is our selling point, our advantage over all these other schools? Ir's not facilities, university prestge, history and tradition, fan base, crowd size, opportunity to be seen on TV, or chance to go to the NFL. So what is it?
-- FIU2011?

pick on someone your own size ...



I listened to Dan Sileo when I was working in Tampa. He has a rough bar room style, but I believe he understands the game of football. His harsh comments were more acceptable when he discussed pro sports. I am very uncomfortable hearing harsh statements about young college students. The expectations laid on these kids because of past glory is getting old. I love this current crop of baby canes and believe great days are ahead, though not fast enough for many talking heads. Go canes!


I am a UM grad '83!I have read your column a lot over the years and almost always agree with you. If you'd like to start critiquing announcers start w/ the 2 in the UM booth! Atrocious!!!! The worst announcing tandem in the state!!! A total embarassment! As far as Sileo bashing Dorsett, the kid has fallen apart since the Notre Dame game! Maybe Dan meant take him out! Let's face it he couldnt a cold right now in a room full of sick people!
Somebody in this town needs to be a critic of whats going on at the U , besides rubber stamping everything! The cabinet may have young players but its not totally bare! Keep it up DAN!!! Grow a pair Barry!


Joe Zagacki is a homer. He can't be critical of the Canes because he would lose his job.

Sileo is over the top, but closer to the truth than most want to hear.


First Dan Sileo was in Tampa, not Gainesville. Secondly, he was on the 1986 All American honorable mention team. He did not refer to any Canes players as monkeys, that was directed at a couple of NFL players (not that I condone the comment at all). Finally, I think we all agree he did in fact play for the University of Miami (not a fake cane - MARIOS).

Get your facts straight before you talk. His rant after the K-State games was right on target after what our Defense gave up. I do agree that he needs to tone it down, but that's hard for a guy who HAS done it before. He knows what it takes to play at that level. Keep preaching Dan!


LOL It seems Dan Sileo is also known as Tampa Cane!You also forgot to mention Sileo played for the University of Maryland and got thrown out of school. He played one year at UM and was ruled ineligible before the 1987 season. Thank goodness UM did the right thing and kept him off the team. UM would have had to forfeit all those games of the 87 championship season if that scumbag had played.

Greg Mark replaced Sileo and was a much better player. Greg Mark has more orange and green blood in his pinky toe than Dan Sileo has in his entire steroid infested body.


Jason Jackson could really use some help on being objective. His overly gung-ho excitement about the Heat is embarrassing to watch.


There should be 1 talk station. Not enough talent for 2, 3 or 4.


Dan Sileo got fired in Tampa fl, glad that JERK is gone.


I wonder if WQAM will hire a grammar instructor for KUP sidekick, that guy should be in jail for murdering the English language. I listen Joe Rose in the morning after that WQAM is not visible on my radio or computer. they desperate for talent and trying to duplicate the Ticket which offer better programming.

Kevin Fagan

Dan Sileo is the only one in town (Media) that sees the "Pussification" of our beloved 'Canes. DO NOT EXCEPT who we are now.


Sileo is just playing the loudmouth on the radio like he has done his whole career. He's been fired at about every radio station he has been on. He already has been demoted from the after noon drive to the late morning. Everyone forgets he was kicked of the Canes' football team for testing positive of steroids. I don't understand why the university want anything to do with him. Someone need to tell him Luke Campbell is not a good radio guest. WQAM has made some very bad choices over the last few months with their new hires. They make firing Sid, looks like a major mistake.

Joe Zagacki is not a very good at play by play. Don Bailey Jr plays the homer, he even defend Coker. I saw him at the GT game and he did not look well at all.


I like Sileo...rough around the edges sure, but his act is funny...gets a lot of reactions, so must be doing something right. Glad Sid is out of south florida...PTL


Sileo's rants and opinions are not entertaining to me. I don't call for his firing or that other people boy-cut him that is up to them, I can only make a decision for me and to me it is simple. I am not entertained and I dislike his act - simple, I don't have to listen to it.

But I do have a right to tune the channel to another station that does entertain me.

I do not have to listen to an act geared to get him notoriety at the expense of his team.


Been a Canes fan since 1966. Ive seen it all. Raised in Miami and have lived all over Florida. Orlando, Tampa, Jax. I now reside in Tennessee..I can honestly say, keeping that windbag on the radio representing the U is embarrassing.


Sileo's knee jerk reactions are a great example of what's wrong with so many of my fellow Canes fans: No patience. This is the youngest team of any D1 team in the country. If you look at the top 50 programs in the country, we're by far the youngest. Being this young has depleted our depth and endurance. The FSU game was a perfect example of what has hurt this team this year. We ran out of gas against a more experienced, deeper FSU squad. I think we've added some solid talent the past 2 years and we're making progress. It's not coach Golden's fault that T. Streeter, L Miller, O Vernon, M Fortson and etc. took off for the NFL with last years seniors. How much better would we be if those guys came back? We'll get there Canes fans, because we have a coach who's building this back up the right way......

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