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Tannehill MRI report and status update; Sherman opines on several issues

According to a source, Ryan Tannehill's MRI did not reveal any structural damage but he has a bruised quadriceps and a bone bruise in his left knee and he has experienced considerable discomfort.

His status for Sunday's game at Indianapolis is uncertain. A lot will depend on how quickly he heals this week and how much mobility he shows in practice. Coaches do not know if he will be ready for Sunday's game.

Two players who saw him Monday said he was walking better than he did Sunday, when he was seen limping after the game.

Meanwhile, here's what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had to say at his Monday press briefing:

(On whether he shares Ryan Tannehill’s optimism that he will play on Sunday) – “Well I didn’t see him do anything today. I saw him walking around a bit and I know he’s fairly optimistic, but we just have to wait and see.”

 (On what it was like with Tannehill on the sideline wanting to get back in the game) – “Yeah I wasn’t on the sideline so it was a tough feel for me, but from what I hear he tried to get back out there and wanted to get back out there. It was just so stiff on him that he really couldn’t move. He was prepared to go out if in fact we lost Matt (Moore). He was prepared to go out there and maybe hand the ball off and do limited service, but certainly not the full extent of what a quarterback needs to do. He wasn’t mobile enough to do that.”


(On Matt Moore’s performance) – “Well I think what says a lot about Matt is his preparation. He and coach (Zach) Taylor go out on Fridays and go through the scripts to prepare him for these opportunities if in fact it does come. You know when you’re not expecting something to happen it is hard to have great preparation, but obviously he has. I thought he went in and did extremely well and he was a big part of why we won that football game.”

(On whether he feels the need to get Pat Devlin a couple of snaps this week in practice just in case) – “That would in fact happen if Tannehill doesn’t take any snaps this week. Pat would take some, but not very many.”

(On how much the play calling changes when you put in a backup quarterback) – “Well they both had a ton of experience in OTAs and minicamp working the same offense. I feel very comfortable calling plays with Matt that I would call with Ryan. They both have their strengths and weaknesses but at the same time I thought Matt made some really good decisions. I thought he moved he moved the offense, I thought his deep ball is probably one of his greatest assets. He throws as good a deep ball as anybody, and that was displayed in the game as well. To answer your question, it doesn’t change.”

(On how he would evaluate Jabar Gaffney’s performance) – “He caught a third down conversion on a corner route, which was a great throw by Matt as well and a nice catch by him. He had an opportunity a little later to catch another one that potentially might have been a big play or a touchdown. And then he blocked real well. He put himself in position on the second pass even though he dropped it. I was encouraged that he was in position to make a play, because if he is in position, he has caught a bunch of balls. I’m not worried about him catching it. I was thankful that he was in position to make plays. Both he a Marlon (Moore) I thought played very well for what we asked them to do, and both made some big plays.”

(On having a luxury now with Marlon Moore and Jabar Gaffney making some plays) – “We’ll have to see how it goes, but they did what we asked them to do, and that’s exciting. Maybe we need to ask them to do more.”

(On his assessment of the right side of the offensive line) – “I think they’re coming along. I think Jonathan Martin missed some things in the game, a couple cutoff blocks and whatnot, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the rookie and the progress that he has made. I think he every bit of everything we though he would be, and maybe even more so. And I think John Jerry played a good ball game. I think he did some nice things for us. I think he probably played one of his more consistent games.”

(On whether Mike Pouncey has been his most consistent offensive lineman this year) – “He’s been pretty consistent. Yeah he's been very consistent week in and week out. Very seldom do you have to say much about him in regards to what he has to fix. He's been a pretty consistent lineman and a pretty consistent player offensively.”

(On Anthony Fasano’s footwork on the touchdown catch) – “Well I think that’s impressive because that’s what’s noticeable to people on the outside, but what I think is more impressive to me was his blocking. He was a dominant blocker in the game. (He was) very consistent coming off the ball and capturing the edge on people. So I was very, very impressed with his blocking in the game. He definitely showed some veteran savvy on both plays in that he did his best to get his feet down. And I don’t have to say this, on the one that was ruled in out of bounds, if it had been ruled in bounds I don’t think they would have overturned it. That could have gone either way.”

(On how high the ceiling is for Daniel Thomas) – “I’ve only been with him now for the amount of games that we’ve had. I’ve seen a lot of progress from him throughout the course of the season. I still think that there are a lot of areas that he is going to continue to get better in and improve. So I would say he has a very high ceiling. Although I was very pleased when he had a run, that was called back unfortunately by a penalty, but he looked like he was shot out of a cannon on that one, as was Jorvorskie Lane. They both came off the ball very well. We checked the play from one side to the other side and they both came out of their stances like this was it. They both did a great job, but unfortunately we had to take it back. I think he just needs to stay healthy and stay on the field and that will allow him to have some consistency.”