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Tuesday afternoon Heat-Celtics update; Arison, LeBron, Rivers speak out; Dolphins make roster move

Some notes to get you ready for the Heat' s opener tonight:

Heat owner Micky Arison said in a radio interview Tuesday that as good as the team’s first two championships felt (in 2006 and 2012), “the third and fourth are going to feel even better.”

In his only local interview since June, Arison told WQAM-560’s Joe Rose that “only 10 teams have won multiple championships, and only five have won three or more. That’s a small club we want to be part of…. It will be interesting to see how hungry all these guys are now that they’ve got one ring.”

Arison is heartened by the fact that his team has “veteran guys who have seen what happens to teams when they come back off a championship. They understand the issues and are very motivated to get it done again.”

But Arison added: “This year will be as challenging as ever. It’s the deepest team I can remember. How to dole out minutes will be a challenge.”

Of his team, Arison said: “I can’t recall ever seeing a team with this much three-point shooting. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”

He called summer additions Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis “two terrific guys, two good locker-room guys, two guys that can really shoot. The best of all is Dwyane [Wade] doesn’t have to chase [Allen] around the floor….

“The one thing we saw in the Finals is when we were shooting the three well,… it really opened the floor for Dwyane and LeBron [James].”

Though Arison often attended practice during the playoffs, he said, “I’m not micro-managing the team. I’m not involved day to day like that. If there’s anything I can do to help, I will. More important than anything else is getting out of their way…. You can’t micromanage because all you’re going to do is frustrate people. If you do, you’re not going to get the best people.”

Arison said the Lakers “on paper [are] a great looking team. It does take a while to get the chemistry right, as we saw here a couple years ago. It will be interesting to see whether they’ve stepped ahead of Oklahoma City…. Nobody talks about San Antonio; that’s a hell of a good team.”

He expressed surprise that the Thunder traded James Harden instead of keeping the team together for another season.


Celtics coach Doc Rivers cracked Tuesday morning that while the Heat is receiving its rings before the game, “we are going to watch [Showtime’s] Homeland. We think that’s a very good series.”

But seriously… “We were hoping Oklahoma City would play them on ring night,” Rivers said. “I don’t know why they chose us.” He said for James, tonight "is his payback night, and he deserves it. He’s gone through more scrutiny than any athlete I can ever remember. I’m happy for him.”

### With the Heat having been dismantled by the Bulls on its ring night in 2006, coach Erik Spoelstra said Tuesday morning: “We don’t want to celebrate that and stink up the joint.”

Said James: “I won't take this moment for granted. It’s a special moment. I will live in the moment. But we also have some other business to take care of, as well.”

### James said Tuesday: "I've heard a lot about what my career should be, what it shouldn't be, but I control my own destiny."

### Rivers doesn’t like when people say the Heat "is defending the title." He points out: “It’s a new trophy that’s available. They don’t own it.”

### The Celtics played a tape of Game 7 of the Heat-Celtics Eastern Finals on a continuous loop at its practice facility throughout training camp. “I would have thought they would have watched Game 6,” Wade said. “That’s the game they had us [against the wall].”

### Wade and Udonis Haslem will be the Heat’s captains this season, the team said.

### Is this the best team, on paper, that James has been on? “It’s one of the best, if not the best. But we’re not where we want to be and we shouldn’t be where we want to be in October.”

### Spoelstra, on his rotation: “Sometimes, it will change game to game. I’m not going to play a 12-, 13-man rotation. We easily could. Guys are deserving of that.”



The Dolphins cut receiver Anthony Armstrong, who had fallen to fifth or sixth on the depth chart at the position. He was inactive Sunday and had just three catches all season.


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Great info as usual, Barry. For a smart guy like Arison its common sense to hire great people and then let them do their job. Too bad egotistical micromanaging morons like Jeffrey Loria and Donna Shalala are so busy blaming others that they refuse to recognize their own failed "leadership".

Lt. Lois Einhorn

omaximus, you have any example of Donna Shalala not "micromanaging" but even "managing" any part of the football program?


Looking forward to a great season Heat, stay healthy and win another title.


I agree with Omaximus as to Mr. Loria. Have no idea how this could apply to UM Prez Shalala.


No I have no inside info on Shalala but I think the turmoil and turnover within the athletic department speaks to obvious mismanagement. When you have one AD after another JUMP at the first opportunity to leave that is a signal to me that something is wrong from the top down. When you have terrible decisions made such as ignoring Randy Shannon's warnings about Nevin Shapiro that speaks to mismanagement.

As does the decision to make no attempt to save the Orange Bowl or build a stadium in Miami. What about her decision to reject UM recruits who don't meet her elevated admissions standards even when they meet all minimum NCAA eligibility requirements? So we cut our nose off to spite our face and these athletes end up starring at FSU and UF instead

I do know that Shalala is a micromanager who is involved in just about every aspect of every decision at UM. Hell she even inserts herself into the TV commercials! So knowing her leadership style, the unprecedented turnover within the Athletic Department and the lack of success of UM athletics during her tenure I think its fair to infer she is a failure. Except for Golden (who Shalala only was able to hire after lying/withholding info about the Shapiro situation), I see no evidence that she hires good people and lets them do their job. A fish rots from the head down and UM football has been rotting since soon after she became president.

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