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Wednesday night update: UM player's father rips Golden; Samson responds to angry callers

The father of UM junior defensive linemen Luther Robinson sounded delusional and did his son no favors earlier this week when he called WQAM’s Joe Rose to complain about coach Al Golden.

“Golden comes on the air with a bunch of crap every Monday,” the father said.

The father accused Golden of saying the team’s defensive tackles can’t rush the quarterback, which Golden never specifically said.

“I’m going to tell him he’s a liar,” Robinson said. “This guy is a liar and I don’t like it. I don’t like him insulting my son.”

Rose correctly pointed out that Golden never mentioned Luther Robinson.

The father continued his rant anyway: “I’m sick of this. It’s bull [bleep].”

The father then accused Golden of favoring the players that his staff recruited at the expense of players recruited before Golden was hired.

“Is it something against Randy Shannon players?” the father said. “Luther Robinson needs to be playing defensive tackle more than the other kids. He’s a much better defensive tackle [than the others]. He’s being held back because he’s an upperclassman.”

Earth to Robinson: Your son is playing, in a rotation with Darius Smith, Corey King, Olsen Pierre and Earl Moore at defensive tackle. We’ve seen Robinson take snaps at end, too. If he isn’t playing as much as you would like, deal with it.

The father then lost any remaining shred of credibility when he asserted that Golden doesn’t care about winning games and suggested he’s more concerned with favoring his own recruits.

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In the wake of Ozzie Guillen’s firing, Marlins president David Samson addressed several issues on his 790 The Ticket radio show with Dan Le Batard and Jon Weiner. Among them:

### He said Larry Beinfest’s job is safe as president/baseball operations.

### On the frequent manager turnover: “Freddie Gonzalez was there for 3 ½ seasons. There have different circumstances that led to the instability, and all of them have been valid. There are not too many teams that get it right every time. We’re going to try to do it better.”

### At one point do you say if it’s not just the manager’s fault? “That happened long ago. I don’t think we’ve ever said it’s all the manager’s fault…. If you want to put Jeffrey [Loria] in there, put him in there. We all share in it.”

### On why Guillen was dumped: “It just wasn’t working. We all came to a unanimous conclusion that we had to try something downstairs for lots of reasons. Ozzie is a good guy, good manager. It just didn’t work out for the Marlins the way we thought it would.”

### Samson was asked by a caller why the managers keep getting fired but the president and general manager are not. “I guess it’s not our turn yet.”

### Another caller asked: “When do you look in the mirror and say we need to change?” instead of just firing managers.

Said Samson: “We obviously do look in the mirror. We’re trying. It’s not as easy as you may think to find the right combination of players and manager. We do need to change the roster, and we started that [with Heath Bell]. There are franchises that go decades and decades without winning anything.”

### On the poor performance of first-round draft picks: “We are well below average in the first round and well above average in the late rounds. The 2005 draft killed us – we had five first-round picks and didn’t get anything that was sustainable. That was completely all of our faults.”

### Good line by Samson:  “I wish all of our critics came to games. Then we’d be sold out every night.”


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it sounds to me like Luther Robinson's dad is smoking some fine-ass Jamaican weed...hey due, maybe the reason your boy is not playing more is because he sucks just like most of Randy Shannon's players.

I can't wait until ALL of Randy's players are off the team, good riddance.


maybe it was randy shannon himself on that phone call


This Luther's dad has been complaining about Golden all year only on Monday did he finally come clean to Joe he was Luther's dad...now we finally have the motive for all those weeks of Golden Bashing from this poor kid's father...He's just pissed off because he sees his son's future check(and subsequently, his money) from the NFL shrinking right before his eyes...He claims Luther plays 30 - 40 snaps and that's not enough? Funny, that this kid plays that many snaps and you never hear his name called...maybe he's lucky to even be on the field because of all the fresh and sophs playing on this team....Bad Dad.


As a new coach you are going to get a "honeymoon" period. If I am that new coach unless guys from the previous regime play head and shoulders above my recruits, I am going to concentrate on developing my recruits. I don't believe that Coach Golden would deliberately try not to win games, it becomes harder to try to land top flight recruits.


If Al was "favoring" HIS recruits....Steven Morris would not be playing....Ryan Williams would be....or one of the freshman.


Wait a second... How many 1st round picks have the Fish whiffed on in the last decade again? How good was Loria'spickupthis year (bell)?

These guys are amazing. Not sure how Ozzie is at fault when his players were hurt and severely underperformed. This isn't football or basketball; managers write the lineups and sit down to watch the rest of the game. There are few adjustments and little a manager can do to get his player rolling other than pep talks(which Ozzie is good at).

Always blaming the managers. But if you give them a single season every time,what does that say of the employer?


Loria's pick up this year***


It's not AG fault that his son sucks!


the entire defensive backfield are randy shannon's recruits with the exception of deon bush. Do some home work mister robinson


The biggest loss for the Marlins was the loss of GM, Dave Dombrowski, years ago. He's Detroit's GM. How are they doing? Loria is the problem, plain and simple. Gonzalez should never have been let go.


Hey Mrs. Robinson

Your son will soon be THE GRADUATE and better have is degree or end up like daddy. Poor kid has to deal with that, playing for the Canes is not a bad accomplishment just in itself. Dad should be proud and focus on combine and making good on his playing time instead of embarrassing his son.

Ken and Jerri Grossman

I had a son that played D-1 baseball. After his freshman year there was a coaching change and my son got less playing time. I never complained or confronted the coach or the media. Coaches coach, players play, and parents need to let that happen and keep their mouths shut! It is a dis-service to all involved to act in the classless manner that Luther Robinsons' Dad acted.
After watching Al Golden for 2 years, is there anyone except Mr. Robinson, that thinks Al Golden doesn't want to win?


Robinson will soon get the heave-ho like Cain. Wandy's Wonders need to be gone before sanctions.

emmitt lawson

i still dont understand why davon johnson is not getting the ball best sure hand receiver they got an hes a senior, also last time i checked he ran a faster time in 40 yard dash than all other receivers so ,theres a little truth to what that guys father said ,about goldens recruits


"I wish all our critics came to games. Then we'd be sold out every night."
The tv ratings they're giving you aren't enough, Samson? The free stadium you're playing in, which doubled the value of the team for Loria, isn't enough?
The sooner Loria/Samson sell the team, the better. And I have no dog in the race; I'm a Braves fan. But the Marlins fanbase and the city deserve better than these scumbags.

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