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Former UM coaches await their fate; Fins, Heat, Marlins notes

A few readers have asked about the fate of the former UM assistants implicated in the Nevin Shapiro scandal. Here’s an update:


UM officials and their fans aren’t the only ones nervously awaiting their notice of allegations from the NCAA, which could come at any time.

Former UM employees accused of wrongdoing will get separate notices of allegation at the same time UM does, people involved in the investigation confirmed.  The NCAA also confirmed that timetable. And for parents of UM players, that can't happen soon enough. (More on that later.)

That group likely will include former assistant football coaches Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill, and possibly Joe Pannunzio and Jeff Stoutland, who are both on Nick Saban’s Alabama staff. Ex-basketball assistants Jorge Fernandez and potentially Jake Morton also are expected to receive notices, and now-Missouri coach Frank Haith might, too, depending on the NCAA’s findings. The NCAA has forbidden all from commenting.

Two former UM assistants were forced to resign elsewhere this year --- Hill at Florida, Fernandez at Marshall. Morton was shifted from Western Kentucky’s coaching staff to director of basketball operations, though the school says that’s unrelated to the NCAA investigation. Hill and Fernandez are suffering from the fallout, their careers in limbo.

The allegations against Hurtt are worse than those against Hill, who was accused by Nevin Shapiro only of being present at Shapiro’s home for a recruiting visit by Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Andre DuBose. Hurtt, by contrast, was accused of assorted violations: being at that meeting; taking a $5000 interest-free loan from Shapiro, which he repaid; and twice bringing large groups of recruits to a Miami Beach restaurant, using Shapiro’s credit card.

So why is Hurtt still on Louisville’s Orange Bowl-bound staff? An associate said Louisville told Hurtt it will stand by him, at least for now, as long as he tells the truth. According to a friend, Hurtt expects to be punished for the loan, at the very least.

Yahoo! previously reported that Pannunzio (now Alabama’s director of football operations) set up Matt Patchan’s 2007 recruiting visit to Shapiro’s home. But an associate said Shapiro never implicated him because they were close and Pannunzio introduced Shapiro to a friend who lost a lot of money in Shapiro’s Ponzi scheme. Shapiro’s only known allegation against Stoutland was that he attended the Patchan visit at Shapiro’s home.

Sources said Haith told the NCAA he had no knowledge of any violations by Morton (who is accused of paying money to a DeQuan Jones family member, then returning it) or Fernandez, who was punished for allegedly providing frequent flyer miles for a flight for Reggie Johnson’s mother and reportedly for a transportation violation involving Durand Scott. But we hear the NCAA has continued to search hard for any potential violations by Haith, amid Shapiro’s claims that he paid for dinners and strip club visits they made together.

Besides the Jones allegation – which the NCAA has vigorously tried to corroborate – Fernandez and Morton also were asked to address claims they were with Shapiro when Shapiro paid for entertainment for former AAU coach Moe Hicks.   

For the assistant coaches, the process will be similar to the one UM will undertake. The coaches will have three months to respond to the allegations before going before the infractions committee. Penalties could come two to four months later.

A few of the former UM assistants might face show/cause penalties, which means any penalties imposed on a coach involved in major rules violations will remain in force if he is hired by another school. Those coaches can be hired by another school but most aren’t during the length of their penalty, essentially blackballing them from the industry.

Parents of four former suspended UM players (Olivier Vernon, Jacory Harris, Marcus Forston and Ray-Ray Armstrong) have spoken out that the coaches need to be punished. “In law enforcement, it’s called culpable negligence for their actions,” Vernon’s father, Lascelles, a Miami Beach police officer, said this season. “Aubrey came to my house and said he was taking Olivier out. We didn’t know it was to Nevin Shapiro’s residence.”

“You can’t let these coaches get away with this,” Albert Armstrong said. “It was Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill and those individuals that walked those kids into negative stuff. They should call and apologize to them and they haven’t done that.”

UM continues to hope the former assistants will be held more responsible for their violations than UM is.



### Worrisome with the Patriots visiting: Dolphins linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett allowed all six passes thrown against them to be completed, for 74 yards, against Seattle. That cannot happen again Sunday against tight end Aaron Hernandez and other Patriots tight ends and running backs. But coach Joe Philbin correctly noted they have been generally good in coverage this year – Burnett is ranked third among outside linebackers, Dansby 11th among inside linebackers, according to Pro Football Focus.

### Nolan Carroll and RJ Stanford split time at cornerback opposite Sean Smith last Sunday, but Stanford said Carroll got most of the first-team snaps this week.

### With Charles Barkley saying Dwyane Wade is “starting to lose his talent and has to learn how to play below the basket,” the real issue is his struggling midrange game. He’s shooting 26 percent on three-to-nine footers (he has been 44 to 55 percent every year) and 33 percent on 10 to 15 footers, despite hiring a shooting coach.

### Livan Hernandez, 37, has approached the Marlins about pitching out of their bullpen next year. He was 4-1 with a 6.42 ERA last season. Miami hasn’t ruled it out… The Marlins say they will give Chris Coghlan another chance to compete in center with Justin Ruggiano, Gorkys Hernandez, Bryan Peterson, and he also may get a look at second and third base next spring. The Marlins say they aren't pursuing high priced center fielders such as Michael Bourn or Angel Pagan.


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For all those wondering if and when the UM coaches would be punished, there was never any doubt. Coaches can't exonerate themselves with plea bargains with the NCAA, not entirely for sure. C. Hurt was always going to get pounded and L'ville will drop him like a hot potato. The other coaches will also get nailed, to varying degrees. The NCAA supposedly started punishing individual coaches more harshly than the school they represent. J. Tressel is an example and OSU was not severely penalized. Let's see if the NCAA shows some consistency in this area with UM and its coaches. Somehow I doubt they'll show any consistency and hammer UM as hard as the coaches. That's what their history has been and UM is not a favorite of their's.


Hurtt should not be allowed to keep coaching.


Many thanks to Barry Jackson for being the entire Herald sports section tonight! Seems like the only thing he didn't write about was a croquet match in Lemon City.

As for the NCAA:

Glad that they are about to announce the outcome of their investigation, because this has been hanging over everyones heads for much too long. But shame on them for telling persons that they may not talk and also for trying --- with Haith --- to find a crime that fits the allegations. Neither is remotely American.


The Heat has to put up with Wade because he brought LeBron here. You can't trade him as long as LeBron is here.

Georgia Cane

I'm sick and tired of reading about this. Parents; are you living under a rock? You mean to tell me that when your kids take a visit to other schools that they don't get wine'd and dine'd by other Boosters and Coaches. Wake up and smell the coffee. EVERYONE does it! Get over it! and stop crying. I've said it over and over the school should get fined, not the players.


Haith knew what was going on in his program. Very slippery.


lack of institutional control - repeat offender

lack of institutional control - repeat offender

lack of institutional control - repeat offender


Glad to finally hear the asst. coaches being held responsible. They were the initiators of the situation,they should be severely dealt with. Whats with OHIO State fans giving Tressel a standing o at the last home game,wonder about their thinking. All he did is lie and cheat, cover up,and cost his former team a chance at a possible nat'l championship this yr.


All the coaches from this should go to jail, and hang out with the biggest part of the Urban Liar gayturds. 30 plus turds waiting for some new company. Haith should be there too.


Our kids are forced to give up bowl games while clowns like Haith, Pannuzio, Hurtt, and Stoutland operate as usual. Hurtt and Stoutland will be involved the NC game, Haith is at Missouri as Coach of the Year, and Hurtt's team is in the Orange Bowl. It doesn't seem right. Slimeballs.


Sorry. Meant Pannuzio and Stoutland w NC game. It's late.

NC Cane

What AD Kirby Holcutt?

Herbert Walden

Why hasnt Coach Cokers name come up , he is quilty as the rest and knew what was going on, he didnt do much at Miami except bring program down, chanpionship was left on plate by the other coach. Coker is very much involved, this mess needs to end, NCAA needs to resolve, they and Mark are out of control. Come on big conferences get rid of NCAA, a costly problem.


Has anyone wondered why Randy Shannons name has not come up in this mess yet? It's because he tried to warn people about Shapiro and no one would listen. President Donna S. just stuck her hand out for cash and closed her eyes to everything going on. Her butt should be fired also.

Jo jo

Don t know the extent of any of the UM coaches involvement.However....I know I ve always been interested in finding out what ultimately happens to Hurtt and Haith.Seems those 2 should be pretty concerned.Beyond that....just can t wait till we find out about Miami and then get whatever we get in terms of possible sanctions.Anything to get out of this/rut/hole/mud/dirt/scenario...or whatever you want to call it.Just to be able to BEGIN to MOVE FORWARD again.

Jo jo

Yep....Randy knew about the dirtbag...Shapiro.Did Paul Dee still perform as the AD during Shannon s tenure?I can t remember when he became President of the NCAA sanctions investigative team.I know he went hard after Reggie Bush and said schools like USC need to pay a big price for improper conduct.Talk about Karma and irony.He sadly lived to see the day come when the NCAA returned the favor to his former employer/Miami.

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