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Tuesday update: Defiant Golden defends his defensive coordinator

UM coach Al Golden, in his season ending news conference Tuesday afternoon, sounded defiant when asked about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, whose unit ranked 117th of 120 schools in total defense.

"Look at Mark's record in terms of defense, his track record of player development," Golden said. "Mark should be as mad as anybody because imagine coming to UM and having to use (so many young players). You come and have one corner, Brandon McGee! He is mad. He's going to fight. He's not a quitter."

(Translation: D'Onofrio should be mad with the depleted secondary that Randy Shannon's staff left him with.)

Golden suggested there's nothing D'Onofrio can do when players blow plays. He didn't mention Rayshawn Jenkins by name, but said a "young kid went the wrong way and we give up a 99-yard touchdown" against Duke. Golden added: "I wouldn't trade that kid for anyone. He's going to be a champion."

Susan Miller Degnan will have a lot more from Golden's news conference in a story posted later, and I'll have a few tidbits, too, in the buzz column that I'll post later.

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If you didn't see it in the past 12 hours, here's my post from last night with Golden's comments from Monday WQAM radio interviews with Joe Rose and Jorge Sedano:

### Rose asked if he needs to change the style of play on defense: “It’s a function of many things," Golden responded. "One of them is the offense – controlling time of possession and improving our third down conversions and holding the ball a little better on that side. I made the decision to move to a different tempo and try to outscore people because of our youth….

“On defense, not only do we need to supplement what we have with recruits, but we have to generate a pass rush. We only get one sack against [Duke], a team that throws it as often as they throw it. That’s happened too often. If we don’t get pressure on the quarterback, it’s hard to play more man-to-man.”

### He made clear to Rose he’s firmly behind coordinator Mark D’Onofrio: “I challenge anybody to look at coach D’Onofrio’s record and what he’s built over the years and what we’re going to build here….. He’s going to do a great job with this defense. He was put in an unenviable position having to play a lot of young guys…. It’s about individual player development…. There was no symmetry when we got here.”

### Among freshmen who redshirted, he said he’s excited about receiver Jontavious Carter, linebacker JaWand Blue, cornerback Nate Dortch and guard Danny Isidora

### On his approach: “We’re confronting everything on this team both culturally and systematically. [We’ll] eradicate the problems.”

### On recruiting: “We have eight or nine” orally committed. “We’re looking at six or seven kids in the next two months. We’re looking for the right 15 guys.” He said the portent of NCAA sanctions “is affecting” recruiting.

He said he’s exploring adding junior college players “at a number of positions.”

### He again dismissed any speculation that he would consider overtures from other schools: “The same ones who are asking me what I’m doing are the same ones who predicted us to finish 2-6 in the Coastal.”

### “I know 7-5 isn’t where we want to be, but a lot of people said we were only going to win four games.”

### Channing Crowder, during a segment with Sedano, asked Golden what’s one thing on offense and one thing on defense that needs to change.

“On offense, to be a team that can rush the ball for 200 yards a game, irrespective of what we pass for,” he said. “I would like to be more versatile by creating more pressure on the quarterback. Those things have to occur for us to move forward next year.”

### He said after the Duke win, there was “a little bit of frustration [in the locker-room]. We should be getting ready to play Florida State in Charlotte…. We’ve got one of the hottest quarterbacks in America and we can’t go to the championship game. It’s disappointing.”

### He said “our out of conference schedule was ridiculous. We played three teams that were No. 1 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, FSU).”

### He said he had a “positive conversation” Monday with linebacker Eddie Johnson and “I’m hopeful he will come back and improve” after being left home for UM’s final two road games.

### He loves how Herb Waters came on late. “This guy was fifth [at receiver] a month ago and he kept working. Pleasant, coachable, great work ethic. Great young man.”

### Tight end Clive Walford’s emergence “really changed the dynamic of [our offense]. The fact Clive has to be attended to, now, has made a big difference.”

### He said during Duke Johnson’s recruiting visit, “he pointed to the pictures on the walls and knew exactly what he wanted to be. He wanted to be listed among the best at his position.”



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Jim Gallo

golden is completely delusional.....he has destroyed this year....the defensive stats are a disgrace....his self imposed sanctions reflects complete incompetence....playing fsu again and winning the orange bowl is how you get recruits.....I took goldens challange...dnofrio defense 116 out of 120 ncaa teams...at 5837 yards....golden averages 7 loses per year...that is his history...we go nowhere....TCU has a younger defense than UM...they beat #16 texas and are ranked #16....first time in cane history not 1 player maked division 1st team and loses #1 recruit...golden is in dream land

Man of Steel

Shut up jim!!! Anyways TE and Clive Walford are needed to make this offense unstoppable next year. Ball control and more QB runs are much needed also


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I don't know who you are but its obvious intelligence is not one of your strong suits.


To Jim Gallo...take that mask off and let us know who you are...we already know your agenda...you must have a lot of free time chief.


I'm looking for Al to bring in some Juco D Linemen...big guys who can get after the QB...He'll find them.


Culturally? Why didn't anyone ask him to be more specific?
Frustration? Tell me about it. Jim is correct, winning the ACC and playing in the OB was the right thing to do. I am disgusted golden took the " it's their call " position. Throwing this team under the bus is disgraceful.


To Jim - You are an idiot....PERIOD!!! Go watch peewee football.


Jim Gallo, you're an idiot. cane68, what's the disgrace, it's the administration's call weather the team goes to a bowl or not. The administration is the AD and the college president, with consultation of the coach. But it's not the coach's decision. That's the way athletic administration in college sports works, period. IT IS "THEIR CALL" please be more intelligent.

Jim Gallo

56 yrs old here, retired trader, living in CT....class 75 miami high / class 1979 UM....I think I have been around the block a little more than Golden...I keep statistics on this team was look at results..risk/reward decisions.....this year has been a complete mess....ask why? whats there not to love about living in coral gables making over 2 mil? thats not why he is here....press conferences dont impress me....I can tell you 1 thing.....a defense that is ranked 170/200 @ 6000 yards does not EVER go to the the BCS and golden is staying put with dnofrio....so plan on averaging 4/5 loses a year....that is goldens history......shalala would have never challanged goldens decision to keep going.....he wanted to end it (remember TMZ) and by his own admission it didnt help recruiting......so what was the point....class 2012 got the shaft vs shared sacrific and have 2016/2017 take the hit, this way they still have 3 more years to get there.....sorry, he aint that sharp


Mike, I am saying it is disgraceful, period, regardless who makes the call. Assuming golden actually had input, what do you think his position was?

John Cane4life

Look no one likes losen . But Golden did get us ur 1st coastal division win . this team is moving in most
+ direction sense Davis was r coach . And we all know how that turned out ! so lets give him 4 yrs before we throw him under the bus !

Jim Gallo

the light finally goes on an golden discovers his tight end....ND/FSU have been UM staples.....butch/Jimmy/Dennis didnt have a problem with playing #1's.....

"### On his approach: “We’re confronting everything on this team both culturally and systematically. [We’ll] eradicate the problems.”

there is is...finally....just like the SI article articulated....golden is a catholic school boy in a blazer and tie....jimmy knew what a living room looks like in Libery City and felt comfortable....result, 13 players leave....walkoffs and disciplinary actions and parents calling radio stations....your basic mutiny

Jim Gallo

watch todays press conference.....he will try to button up the year and put a positive spin on it all....its all about optics...he knows he f.....ked up

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Jim Gallo - you know nothing about how college football works, it wasn't Al Golden's decision to impose the bowl ban, it was the university's compliance lawyers along with the AD and president.


Jim Gallo,

No 56 year old would ever write with ellipses and lower case letters to start a sentence. You are probably 30 years old and still living with your parents. Perhaps not coincidentally, you write in the same style as delUsional Cane and CaneKiller. You even used the term "delusional" in your first post.

You seem to have way too much time on your hands and probably need to get a job. Or maybe you already have a job? Is UF paying you to post negative diatribes on message boards to scare recruits from UM? It would not surprise me.


Hay jim gallo if ur so down on the canes why don't u support another team and leave the U alone. with an attitude like urs, u belong in a cage and only let out when there is something negative to say i've not seen u write anything positive about the team and don't say there isn't because there is plenty but all you can see is negative. your an ass so go back to ur cage and wate till next season we'll rattle it and let you out. GO CANES!!!!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

TCU? jim gallo is a Randy Shannon fan?

OK, that's all I need to know...


TCU started 0 freshmen and 4 seniors on defense.

Miami started a number of freshmen and pretty much Brandon McGee as the lone consistent senior starter.


jim gallo like i said belongs in a cage and let out only when negatives need to be said. I just figured it out he's pissed because he can't get any at night so he takes it out on the CANES, maybe nevin from prison can find and pay for a hooker for him and he'll settle down. can only hope! I guess if the CANES went 13&0 this season and went to the national championship and wone it jim would still ahve negatives to say about them!!! GO CANES!!!!

General Zod

Bottom line: the team is better today than it was the afternoon we lost at home to USF in Randy's last game. Not necessarily more talented, but more disciplined and more focused with the right culture. Look at the program like a pyramid that was wrecked by the two prior head coaches. After 2 seasons, Golden has laid down a solid foundation for the new pyramid. That will get us through crippling sanctions that will come some time in 2013. We will have half the number of scholarships that UF and FSU will have at their disposal. And I expect a 3-bowl ban, so expect to sit out another bowl in 2013. But we will persevere.


He is talking about coach d's record at temple and his first season at miami, This yr with so much youth on d it was tough to do what they wanted.
at temple they beat penn state and he had top 20 defenses yr in yr out. So please. As for the ban golden had nothing to do with that , that was all shala and the canes top brass golden wasn't part of that decision. Anyone paying attention knows that.

This team was predicted by many stewert mandel and heather dinich are 2 to finish very poorly and to win maybe 4 games. It was suppose to be a really bad season and they won 7 games , That shows progress in and of itself.


Lol Golden can do no wrong to some of you guys. You're all sheep. Beat your chest for winning possibly the weakest conference in college football with one team having a MAJOR down year in Va. Tech, UNC being sanctioned, still lost to UVA, in a SHOOTOUT with Duke and a GT team who all No'Dio did was follow Randys formula. This staff SUCKS with the exception of Fisch. Golden is a complete fool and shiester.. he says "One of them is the offense – controlling time of possession and improving our third down conversions and holding the ball a little better on that side" when asked what the DEFENSE needed to be. He's helping No'Dio steal paychecks from UM and ruin our football team. This is ATROCIOUS!


I can agree with some of what u say general yes sanctions on scholarships but i can't see another bowl ban,i just don't see it maybe just wishful thinking i can only hope. the ncaa never did like the canes and i guess they will do what they can to attempt to distroy the team and if so I hope the school has enough balls to fight it. these kids have been through enough let them move forward the past is behind them lets move on and build a strong team and show them we can play the game the way the canes always have!!! GO CANES!!!

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