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Tuesday update: Defiant Golden defends his defensive coordinator

UM coach Al Golden, in his season ending news conference Tuesday afternoon, sounded defiant when asked about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, whose unit ranked 117th of 120 schools in total defense.

"Look at Mark's record in terms of defense, his track record of player development," Golden said. "Mark should be as mad as anybody because imagine coming to UM and having to use (so many young players). You come and have one corner, Brandon McGee! He is mad. He's going to fight. He's not a quitter."

(Translation: D'Onofrio should be mad with the depleted secondary that Randy Shannon's staff left him with.)

Golden suggested there's nothing D'Onofrio can do when players blow plays. He didn't mention Rayshawn Jenkins by name, but said a "young kid went the wrong way and we give up a 99-yard touchdown" against Duke. Golden added: "I wouldn't trade that kid for anyone. He's going to be a champion."

Susan Miller Degnan will have a lot more from Golden's news conference in a story posted later, and I'll have a few tidbits, too, in the buzz column that I'll post later.

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If you didn't see it in the past 12 hours, here's my post from last night with Golden's comments from Monday WQAM radio interviews with Joe Rose and Jorge Sedano:

### Rose asked if he needs to change the style of play on defense: “It’s a function of many things," Golden responded. "One of them is the offense – controlling time of possession and improving our third down conversions and holding the ball a little better on that side. I made the decision to move to a different tempo and try to outscore people because of our youth….

“On defense, not only do we need to supplement what we have with recruits, but we have to generate a pass rush. We only get one sack against [Duke], a team that throws it as often as they throw it. That’s happened too often. If we don’t get pressure on the quarterback, it’s hard to play more man-to-man.”

### He made clear to Rose he’s firmly behind coordinator Mark D’Onofrio: “I challenge anybody to look at coach D’Onofrio’s record and what he’s built over the years and what we’re going to build here….. He’s going to do a great job with this defense. He was put in an unenviable position having to play a lot of young guys…. It’s about individual player development…. There was no symmetry when we got here.”

### Among freshmen who redshirted, he said he’s excited about receiver Jontavious Carter, linebacker JaWand Blue, cornerback Nate Dortch and guard Danny Isidora

### On his approach: “We’re confronting everything on this team both culturally and systematically. [We’ll] eradicate the problems.”

### On recruiting: “We have eight or nine” orally committed. “We’re looking at six or seven kids in the next two months. We’re looking for the right 15 guys.” He said the portent of NCAA sanctions “is affecting” recruiting.

He said he’s exploring adding junior college players “at a number of positions.”

### He again dismissed any speculation that he would consider overtures from other schools: “The same ones who are asking me what I’m doing are the same ones who predicted us to finish 2-6 in the Coastal.”

### “I know 7-5 isn’t where we want to be, but a lot of people said we were only going to win four games.”

### Channing Crowder, during a segment with Sedano, asked Golden what’s one thing on offense and one thing on defense that needs to change.

“On offense, to be a team that can rush the ball for 200 yards a game, irrespective of what we pass for,” he said. “I would like to be more versatile by creating more pressure on the quarterback. Those things have to occur for us to move forward next year.”

### He said after the Duke win, there was “a little bit of frustration [in the locker-room]. We should be getting ready to play Florida State in Charlotte…. We’ve got one of the hottest quarterbacks in America and we can’t go to the championship game. It’s disappointing.”

### He said “our out of conference schedule was ridiculous. We played three teams that were No. 1 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, FSU).”

### He said he had a “positive conversation” Monday with linebacker Eddie Johnson and “I’m hopeful he will come back and improve” after being left home for UM’s final two road games.

### He loves how Herb Waters came on late. “This guy was fifth [at receiver] a month ago and he kept working. Pleasant, coachable, great work ethic. Great young man.”

### Tight end Clive Walford’s emergence “really changed the dynamic of [our offense]. The fact Clive has to be attended to, now, has made a big difference.”

### He said during Duke Johnson’s recruiting visit, “he pointed to the pictures on the walls and knew exactly what he wanted to be. He wanted to be listed among the best at his position.”



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Lol at this team being more disciplined. We've had more arrests and suspensions than FSU and UFAG put together this year and last! Not to mention the ALWAYS out of place defense... you call that discipline? Sheep!!! Let the Golden boys be Golden.. we are going to be a 4-5 lost team next year as well. If Golden doesnt change DC's then he's not committed to winning. You won at TEMPLE sir.. this is the big leagues... you're 13-11 here sir... stop the madness!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

CaneRealist - name an arrest. And the ACC is the weakest conference on college football? Idiot.

Herbert Walden

Al Golden is protecting Mark, the scheme and adjustments and We cant afford another coaching just wasnt their period. We cant afford another year of no defense, its not a good effort by Marks staff also line coach plays fat lazy players at tackle, it wont work. Golden doesnt get another year with Marks mistakes, he is always defending him, update your resume Mark. You cant score forty and win if you give up 41 look at Virgina, no excuses Marks scheme was the laugh of ACC.


You know a lot of you so called fans in here kill me. You moaned and groan when you wanted Shannon gone now it sounds like you want Golden gone too. Nobody is going to come in on a white horse right now and deliver us a national championship. We are a young team. I was a Shannon supporter too but beyond ratings, wins and losses, I saw a coach who when his freshman receiver dislocated his leg ( which was gruesome to see on TV.)rushed to console him. Golden wants this you can see it. When Lattimore busted up his knee, Spurrier was nowhere to be found. I didn't think we would have such a good season but for right now and until this NCAA crap is done, I'll take 7-5. Virginia was a hard pill to swallow so we should be 8-4. We are going to be JUCO players and some kids who believe in the program unlike a few of you in here but damn support these kids and watch them grow !


Lets see... Rayshawn Scott, Buchanon, Brown... do I need to go into the suspensions too? You're the idiot... and a sheep. An idiotic sheep who doesnt know football and will buy anything a guy is selling cause he has nice hair and says all the right things. Carfax was made for dummy's like you. Golden is a BELOW AVERAGE coach.. he recruits "well" based off that one class. So far he's Ron Zook of Coral Gables. And yes... the ACC coastal divison is one of the weakest in CFB... check stats dummy!


I'm a CANE fan and will always be. I learned early on when you argue with a fool, you bring yourself down to their level. I always start from the bottom of these posts and when I see CaneKiller ot JimGallo I keep paging. I knew from the first time I read their posts they are FOOLS. I never again read their posts.


Don't waste my precious time with Gallo/Killer or Realist.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Rashawn Scott wasn't arrested, Buchanan was arrested last year for being drunk in the grove, Jeffrey Brown never played for UM and was kicked off the team as soon as he was arrested.

The team is far more disciplined than it was under Shannon.


^ On the field, not off!

Jim Gallo

what compliance lawyers? UM hasnt even been charge yet? what are the charges that these so called lawyers were talking about?.....

tcu #16 defense in the country and beat #16 texas:

de - jr
dt - so
nt - fr
de - fr
cb - jr
s - so
lb - so
lb - sr
s - fr
cb - so

where do you get your info from? idential to UM....UM is 170 / tcu is 16....good try

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Again, you just have no concept of how colleges or college athletics work - the football coach had no say and likely no input on the bowl ban decision.

The new chief compliance director (Rudy Green) sat down with university lawyers, the interim AD, and the president and decided on the bowl ban, based on what they're expecting to see in the Notice of Allegations next week.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

And am I missing something?

Why are you comparing UM to TCU? Is is just because Randy Shannon's their linebackers coach?

Do you honestly believe Randy Shannon is a better head coach than Al Golden?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

BTW - I think Al Golden should have been consulted and his opinion should have been taken into account but based on his statements and the statement from the university it doesn't seem like he was involved in any of those discussions.

Jim Gallo

it dosent matter what their guessing or hedge work was....the issue was not bowl bans but forward recruiting....and by goldens own admission the bowl ban has had no effect...the bowl bans created diminishing returns....the smart/logical thing to do was to play the season out...prove that UM is the place to be.....not coward out because you have no confidence in class 2012...I do not belive that if golden insisted that these so called mystery lawyers and shalala would have opposed.....a report should ask..."did you insist to go forward but was denied".....I'd like to know. let the herald drill down...what was goldens opinion?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

"so called mystery lawyers" - WTF is wrong with you? Of course UM's compliance team was the driving force behind the decision.


Al Golden wanted to play, no question about that. Every time he was asked about it he said he has absolutely nothing to do with that decision.

And answer my question about TCU. Seems pretty clear that you just loved Randy Shannon and are trashing Golden because he replaced your boyfriend.

Jim Gallo

"Interim athletic director Blake James informed the team of the decision Monday morning. University president Donna Shalala and the school's legal counsel were also involved in the decision."

BS....they were involved ONLY...did not make the ultimate decision without goldens approval....he had to have approve it.


by not going to a bowl, the canes miss out on an additional 5 to 6 weeks of practice that 64 other schools are getting.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

You're just flat out wrong.

On self-imposing a bowl ban...
"I’m not in that loop. I have complete confidence in our president, our legal counsel and our Athletic Director Blake James. The way I look at it is this - we have the best president in the country. A president that oversaw a 600 million dollar budget when she was in the cabinet. She was in rooms where they made decisions as to whether they are going to overthrow heads of state, whether we were going to commit troops. I think she can handle this one. I have complete confidence she can handle this one. I’m just happy for the guys. I’m happy for the win today. I’m happy to have the opportunity to go to Durham next week and play for the Coastal."

On his role in the bowl decision-making...
"I’m not part of it, and most of that is to protect me from the legal side of it, to be quite honest. I’m not privy to what the president is privy to. I don’t know what the president knows, or our legal counsel, or what Blake James knows, and I’m not a part of that. I’m sure there will be some discussions tonight and tomorrow and we’ll go from there."

On addressing the bowl eligibility with the team...
"I lamented the fact that I didn’t address it before Virginia. For all the things we didn’t do well in the game, I wish I had said, ‘hey guys, I’m getting so many questions about it, if we are we going to do this or do that, so I know you must be seeing it or hearing it.’ I think the kids did an awesome job this week of just listening to what I was saying and what the staff was saying. Just live in a vision. Go out and play. Enjoy it. Don’t let anyone get you down, talking about what you don’t have, because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Jim Gallo

the stats say at this point yes....randy shannons performance was better......do you want to go stat for stat?.....randy shannon nver had a muntiny on the team....you want to to compare defensive yards shannon first 2 yrs ve golden?.....whatyou are missing is the truth about young players....tcu has younger player and the #16 defense so why is out defense the worst in UM history?....170/200 ncaa teams

please advise

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Please advise?

Sorry chuckles, I'm not interested in explaining reality to someone who won't accept it.

Randy Shannon wasn't UM's defensive coordinator, he was a head coach, and a bad one. That's why he's a position coach now. Let it go, hopefully Shannon comes back to the program at some point but he'll never be a head coach again. He was terrible.

Jim Gallo

exactly...nystery lawyers...the position is effective after 2013.....new position same as mystery lawyers....cant you read?

of course he gonna say that....his image has to be protected in the eyes of the team...what legal side is he talking about...how is he legally responsible?....what punitive or compensatory damages is he exposed to....please advise, this I have to head....the prseident and legal counsel have no input with the ncaa....it dosent work like that....notice of allegations then comes summary judgement or challange....what is he talking about in that statement?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

It takes a special kind of crazy to be able to throw out all facts just so you can stick to your idiotic and wrong positions.

You must be a blast to talk politics with.

Have a nice day gallo.

Jim Gallo

"I’m not part of it, and most of that is to protect me from the legal side of it, to be quite honest. I’m not privy to what the president is privy to. I don’t know what the president knows, or our legal counsel, or what Blake James knows, and I’m not a part of that. I’m sure there will be some discussions tonight and tomorrow and we’ll go from there."

thats because this statement is a lie....there is no legal exposure....criminal would have to be brought from the state....lawsuit is what remains....the only source of the complaint would have to come from the university and that cant happen since they by their own admission was part of the process....so who is bringing this complaint?...the player?, parents? who?......its a staement to defer responsibility and optics....wise up kid

Lt. Lois Einhorn

God you're dumb.


Look, Jim Gallo has his opinion, everyone else has their's. Gallo doesn't think Golden/DC are the right ones to leads us back, I disagree, I think Golden's heading us in the right direction, not sure about the DC. One thing's for sure, defense needs to get better. Golden is absolutely involved in the bowl ban decision but he needs to be seen as on the players side and this allows admin to take the blame for the decision. I happen to think it is the right one, take our lumps now. Golden has recruited well and even if we lose some scholarship positions, I think we'll be in good shape the next few years. There is certainly some talent on this team, if they continue building I see Duke for Heiseman in a few years and going pro early. Golden is vested us getting a National Championship because it get's him to the next level, the pros.

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