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Tuesday update: Defiant Golden defends his defensive coordinator

UM coach Al Golden, in his season ending news conference Tuesday afternoon, sounded defiant when asked about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, whose unit ranked 117th of 120 schools in total defense.

"Look at Mark's record in terms of defense, his track record of player development," Golden said. "Mark should be as mad as anybody because imagine coming to UM and having to use (so many young players). You come and have one corner, Brandon McGee! He is mad. He's going to fight. He's not a quitter."

(Translation: D'Onofrio should be mad with the depleted secondary that Randy Shannon's staff left him with.)

Golden suggested there's nothing D'Onofrio can do when players blow plays. He didn't mention Rayshawn Jenkins by name, but said a "young kid went the wrong way and we give up a 99-yard touchdown" against Duke. Golden added: "I wouldn't trade that kid for anyone. He's going to be a champion."

Susan Miller Degnan will have a lot more from Golden's news conference in a story posted later, and I'll have a few tidbits, too, in the buzz column that I'll post later.

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If you didn't see it in the past 12 hours, here's my post from last night with Golden's comments from Monday WQAM radio interviews with Joe Rose and Jorge Sedano:

### Rose asked if he needs to change the style of play on defense: “It’s a function of many things," Golden responded. "One of them is the offense – controlling time of possession and improving our third down conversions and holding the ball a little better on that side. I made the decision to move to a different tempo and try to outscore people because of our youth….

“On defense, not only do we need to supplement what we have with recruits, but we have to generate a pass rush. We only get one sack against [Duke], a team that throws it as often as they throw it. That’s happened too often. If we don’t get pressure on the quarterback, it’s hard to play more man-to-man.”

### He made clear to Rose he’s firmly behind coordinator Mark D’Onofrio: “I challenge anybody to look at coach D’Onofrio’s record and what he’s built over the years and what we’re going to build here….. He’s going to do a great job with this defense. He was put in an unenviable position having to play a lot of young guys…. It’s about individual player development…. There was no symmetry when we got here.”

### Among freshmen who redshirted, he said he’s excited about receiver Jontavious Carter, linebacker JaWand Blue, cornerback Nate Dortch and guard Danny Isidora

### On his approach: “We’re confronting everything on this team both culturally and systematically. [We’ll] eradicate the problems.”

### On recruiting: “We have eight or nine” orally committed. “We’re looking at six or seven kids in the next two months. We’re looking for the right 15 guys.” He said the portent of NCAA sanctions “is affecting” recruiting.

He said he’s exploring adding junior college players “at a number of positions.”

### He again dismissed any speculation that he would consider overtures from other schools: “The same ones who are asking me what I’m doing are the same ones who predicted us to finish 2-6 in the Coastal.”

### “I know 7-5 isn’t where we want to be, but a lot of people said we were only going to win four games.”

### Channing Crowder, during a segment with Sedano, asked Golden what’s one thing on offense and one thing on defense that needs to change.

“On offense, to be a team that can rush the ball for 200 yards a game, irrespective of what we pass for,” he said. “I would like to be more versatile by creating more pressure on the quarterback. Those things have to occur for us to move forward next year.”

### He said after the Duke win, there was “a little bit of frustration [in the locker-room]. We should be getting ready to play Florida State in Charlotte…. We’ve got one of the hottest quarterbacks in America and we can’t go to the championship game. It’s disappointing.”

### He said “our out of conference schedule was ridiculous. We played three teams that were No. 1 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, FSU).”

### He said he had a “positive conversation” Monday with linebacker Eddie Johnson and “I’m hopeful he will come back and improve” after being left home for UM’s final two road games.

### He loves how Herb Waters came on late. “This guy was fifth [at receiver] a month ago and he kept working. Pleasant, coachable, great work ethic. Great young man.”

### Tight end Clive Walford’s emergence “really changed the dynamic of [our offense]. The fact Clive has to be attended to, now, has made a big difference.”

### He said during Duke Johnson’s recruiting visit, “he pointed to the pictures on the walls and knew exactly what he wanted to be. He wanted to be listed among the best at his position.”



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Jim Gallo

sadcane: ty, thats all I am saying....I dont think golden and company are the right team....all you have to do is compare the stats..its all there.....golden is going down with dnofrio....so where does that leave UM?....mark dnofrio has only 2 years as DC experience....he is not ready for UM....mark stoops is struggling to get fsu to bcs and we are supposed to believe that a 170 ranked defense with almost 6000 yards where even being up 50 points the outcome is not clear until the last 2 minutes is by magic going to be in the top 10 defenses? I bet he already knows keith bryant is going to de-comitt....that was our top defensive recruit.....UM needs to get a defensive genisu in here ASAP....the problem is (stoops/todd bowles typye) will want to be head coach.....they aint gonna take orders from golden....the answer is to clean them both out and go big (3 mil a year)


Think Mr. Chicken only tastes like one (as in Gator). What I'd like to know is how his "$500 Handshake Conference" gets away with murder and we get stuck with a threatening letter from one of his TURD lawyers. Until I hear WHY his conference gets its own way with the NCAA he can just STFU!


what you dont get jim and cane68 is that dnofrio had one of the best defenses in the country with temple when he was the dc with golden as the hc. If he can do that with temple, he can do that with miami. I dont get why ppl rent patient anymore. This isn't the college football world you r used to. No team will be able to get as dominant as the u used to be. But, we will be relevant again. Mark my words next year will be either an 8-4 or 9-3 record, but in 2014 i expect nothing less than 1 loss or better. Look at his record at temple. he improved his first three years and then went 9-3 his fourth year with a temple team that hadn't posted a winning record in a long ass time. Think about it this way, before golden got there they had only won a total of 19 games in the 7 years of the previous coach, and before that coach they went 8-47 and before that coach they went 11-31.


Stats at Temple mean nothing. They qualify D'Onofrio for nothing. The past is the past. The guy at Auburn just got fired after he won the Championship 2 yrs ago. D'Onofrio just plain can't Coach. His body language sucks, he always looks constipated, he's always yelling, his schemes never change, he never makes adjustments, he has made every QB we faced this year look like the second coming of Dan Marino. We have not stopped one, uno, 1 team this year. Even Bethune Cookman moved up and down the field.. Our excuse,,, We're young, we have no depth, blah blah blah.. I like Golden but if D'Onofrio stays, he's got to go...

Jim Gallo

look...at temple he was 27-34 with a 7 average loss per year (weak)

he could have easily been 24-38 at temple....


beats ball state 24-19 (2-10 record)
beats miami (oh) 34-32 (1-11 record)


beats central michigan 13-10 (2-9 record)
beats bowling green 28-27 (2-10 record)

sorry, I dont see it at all.....UM 13-11. 8-8 conference with average loss of 5.5 per year..he is within his margin of statistics.....now add 6000 yard defense.....

maybe you believe in miricles I dont....talk to me there are hard cold stats to add foundation on how good he is....the rest is psycho-babble

Jim Gallo

exactly bill.....teams today are not wasting and time via charlie weis types...look at clemson DC.. OUT after a winning season 2011...the road to the bcs is hard enough.....does anyone think our DC is in the league of the top 10 teams in ncaa?...what is the goal...it is to go to the bcs....that has always been our motto....not 7-5 or 8-4 or 6-6...maybe 9-3....

then to blow away a chance at the championship and an OB invite......what company would allow such incompetence?


So far...Golden has been very average but he talks a good game. Reminds me of B. Davis in that regard. The only players that experienced any real change since Golden came in was Jacory for 10 games and Morris. Of course, Jacory morphed back into the turnover machine against BC lasy year. So, besides QB play, nothing else has really improved. In fact, the offensive line is not as good as it was either. Plus, the team got hammered against good teams and barely beat the average ones when they did win. That being said, last year there were a ton of suspensions and then an important group of underclassmen left that affected depth this year. So some understanding of the circumstances is needed, but that defense is horrid and no one seems to be held accountable for it. "We're young" Is the only response. But I digress.....In the end, Golden has 2 more years then he is out if he just follows up with 7-5 or 6-6 again. That being said, he will get some slack when scholarship reductions hit, but that will affect the 2014 & 2015 classess depending on when the sanctions come down. Just not that impressed yet but there is still time for him to prove he is a major college head coach.

Jim Gallo

think about it.....golden is going all in with dnofrio...he is not hedging his career at UM one bit....that is the sign of a fool....to put everything on the line like that.....he must really think his job is solid.....even from a selfish perspective you wouldnt want to expose your success/failures like that....

I question his decision making process...self sanction, dnofrio, scholarship with camp only, cane mutiny...he is still young....he is not wise enought yet


The GREAT Coaches are not X&O guys. They surround themselves with great Asst's (ie: Jimmy Johnson). He had Wannstadt, Davis, Campo, Lubbock ,etc, but their true talent was evaluating talent.. Johnson had Steve Walsh as his QB at Miami and he was great.. When it was time to draft a QB at Dallas, he chose Aikman over Walsh, and we all know how that turned out..All of Johnson's Asst's eventually became Head Coaches. With the exceptopn of Davis they all sucked-- Davis was a good college Coach, but apparently cheated and got caught..My point is Golden, IMO, picked a good OC (he's got balls) and the offense got better.. Bringing Kehoe back was inspired and showed Golden took risks.. As far as the Defense is concerned, except for Barrow, I don't even know the names of the Coaches because D'Onofrio's incompetence sucks all the air out of any discussion about them.. Golden should know by now the Defense was just as bad by the 12th game as it was the 1st, ergo "they are young" excuse no longer flies.. Sack the entire Defensive staff, including Barrow.. Al Groh, for one, is out there and he was was Golden's mentor at one time, or get a young guy with a successful program and bring him in.. Do something!!!


Jim Gallo,
You are not a Canes fan as you always point out negatives and ignore positives. Are you that way with your wife? One can always find things wrong. But it is a classic mistake to not consider the good things. If you continue this way, I assure you that you will have many wives, few friends and be poor the rest of your life. You will also be a major bore to be around......

Jim Gallo

the negative are so blarring it overcomes the positives....the old canes understood that their job is to put on a show for us....and they did that with winning and their antics....its was the best entertainment around....as a spectator i am not being entertained....I cant throw cabbage and tomatos at the golden stage...jimmy had no problem with the fatigues....dennis didnt go wold in the locker room when at half time miami was penalized 210 yards at the texas game.....im just an old man wanting yesteryear, lol......this is just not cutting it or enjoyable to watch when 52 points means nothing and you still can lose......


Hey Gallo - "make no whine before it's time".
This year we overachieved versus the expectations. We got great experience, our whole team is coming back and at least 5 freshmen who are potential 1st rounders in a couple of years. This team reminds me of the 99 canes with Butch, 2 years later we had the greatest college football team of all time, mostly made up of local studs like this one. True "U" Caners are happy with Golden and our direction, I only worry that he stays to reap the profits which will definitely come.

Jo jo

Offense was better this year.Defense was not.D Onofrio can t coach but the Offensive Coaches of the Canes seemed to do much better.Look at the stats.Offensive stats decent.Defensive stats....HORRIFIC.Golden looking for JUCO players is smart and I ve even mentioned that in the past on my posts.Golden said youth and inexperience would not have him making excuses.After this season......that s exactly what he s now doing.Sad truth is .......most everyone in South Florida knows.....except Golden.....that the Hurricanes are in desperate need of a NEW defensive coordinator.

Jim Gallo

but you are leaving one thing out...butch was 17-6 and 12-1 conference vs golden at 13-11 and 8-8 conference......the difference is performance

some wines just end up being vinegar no matter what the label says of how good the cork smells.....we will see

Jim Gallo

speaking of butch....what they are trying to do at tampa bay aint gonna work.....its like having a 2 qb system.....lets give him a call and invite him back for 2.5 million option for 5 years....contract will be worth 12.5.....give him a bail out option with full pay after year 3.....or hire him for the AD position

Jim Gallo

thats one way to even up the score at ncaa, lol.....but hire him in secret and announce after the sanctions....if ncaa knew ahead of time they would go crazy.....

Gallo is a troll....

Jim Gallo....you said Golden was going to Tennessee? What happaned with that....wrong correct? You were pretty adament about it as well....didn't you say you would stop posting here if you were worng? Bye Bye!!

Jim Gallo

you read that....a defiant press conference by golden with dnofrio....we are doomed...man this aint gonna work..the whole town is gonna rise up against him....golden has no idea how it is here......good luck sweet pea, you are gonna need it

Jim Gallo

i did not say that....i said he will resign....I still think its at least 50/50....lets see what the sanctions are.....the problem for him is these vacancys are not going to wait for him....

yes i will stop posting here if he dosent resign.....i say dnofrio forces his hand with sanctions.....they are a package deal

My Take

Did I miss something..when was FSU #1?


I just want to remind many of you that if we win two games that we should have won vs NC and Virginia we are talking about a 9-3 team. We are NOT that far off from returning to respectability if not challenging for another championship. Just relax everybody. We know that the shelves were empty when this crowd took over. Golden is in the process of rebuilding this program at every position.


Just want to remind you that even if we won those games the record would be better but the stats would still stink.. You can't be playing for Championships if you win games but the other team is scoring 35+

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