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ACC establishes policy on potential UM bowl ban; UM-Virginia Tech fallout

Some have asked if UM can play in the ACC title game and accept the invitation to the Orange Bowl if it wins, but self-impose a bowl ban if it loses the ACC title game.

The ACC said that would not be allowed.

Why? The ACC says its championship game is considered a postseason game. So if a team self-imposes a bowl ban, it must do so before the game.

UM said Friday it has not made a decision whether to self-impose.

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Postscripts from UM’s 30-12 victory over Virginia Tech on Thursday night at Sun Life Stadium:

### Finally, the big win this program so desperately needed. And now UM stands just two wins away (Virginia, at Duke) from its first-ever appearance in the ACC championship game, and a potential rematch with FSU.

### Al Golden, on WQAM: "This is a big win. Don't let anybody kid you. The way we did it, by being tough, by being resilient, by being physical, it's good. It wasn't perfect. Last three games, we've played better on defense. We're making some plays now. We had three takeaways, a blocked punt. We've lost the 'young' moniker.

"I know there aren't a lot of people out there that have patience. But we're going to enjoy the journey. I know what the expectations are at Miami. I live it everyday. We're going to grow together and we're going to build it."

### For as abysmal as this defense has been much of the year, it deserves an enormous amount of credit for Thursday’s effort. The pass rush was better than usual (which isn’t saying much), with Olsen Pierre recording a sack and Luther Robinson, Anthony Chickillo, Shayon Green and Tyriq McCord among those applying pressure.

The cornerbacks and safeties were very good in pass coverage, with Brandon McGee, Ladarius Gunter, AJ Highsmith and Kacy Rodgers all making nifty plays. Rodgers rebounded splendidly after his poor effort against FSU. Linebacker Jimmy Gaines had an interception late on a tipped pass. Gunter also had an interception. Freshman cornerback Tracy Howard looked good.

And Curtis Porter, appearing in his first game of the season after an appendectomy, played far more than expected and stabilized the defensive line. The Porter/Olsen Pierre tandem was solid, and that looks like Miami’s best defensive tackle tandem heading down the stretch.

"I'm very pleased to be back," Porter told WQAM. "I'm overwhelmed. Everybody did their job. We didn't have that many mistakes. I'm not at my best [conditioning-wise], but I'm getting there."

The linebackers were active. Eddie Johnson had 11 tackles, Gionni Paul 8. And Gaines played well despite being beaten for two early completions, including a 35-yarder. "Gionni played a lot more than we thought because Denzel went down," Golden said.

And UM did it despite losing two of its best defensive players - Denzel Perryman (whose ankle continues to give him problems) and Deon Bush (who missed the second half with a stinger). "Bush has cat-like closing speed," Golden said.

Of course, Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas helped by fumbling near the goal line late in the third quarter. "I was in conflict whether to run base goalline or the sneak - we went with the sneak call," defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said. "Curtis Porter got a tremendous push on that."

Robinson recovered the fumble for UM.

The only huge breakdown was on Logan Thomas’ 73-yard run, when Robinson and Anthony Chickillo were obliterated by blocks, and the defensive backs couldn't catch him. "We had no vision on the quarterback from the underneath coverage," D'Onofrio said. "It was the perfect storm. You take that play out, and the run defense showed up. Then you're talking about 3 1/2 yards a carry."

UM also jumped offside three times at inopportune times, including once by Pierre and twice by DeQuan Ivery.

"Job well done," D'Onofrio said of his unit's best effort of the season. "We played 27 guys. I'm really proud of what we did. We're still making mistakes at some critical times, but we're obviously improving."

### UM’s first six offensive series of the second half produced eight – 8! – yards, with each series lasting three plays. But then everything turned with one play – Stephen Morris’ 26 yard completion to Rashawn Scott. Miami had been 0 for 9 on third downs until that point.

And credit Jedd Fisch for a nifty play call on that drive: Morris threw behind the line of scrimmage to Phillip Dorsett, who found Morris for a completion that got Miami closer, setting up Duke Johnson’s 7-yard TD run.

### Johnson closed with 217 all-purpose yards --- including an 81-yard kickoff return and 64-yard run. Malcolm Bunche had a terrific block on his long run. He had 100 yards rushing on 11 carries - the second time he has reached the 100-yard mark on the ground.

"He benefitted from the bye week," Golden said. "He had ankle and toe [injuries] and just wasn't the same. We moved him to the right side on kickoff returns and he made us look good."

### Morris played an efficient first half (9 for 15, 140 yards), then opened the second half 1 for 10 before making the big throw to Scott. ESPN's Jesse Palmer noted that at least three times, Morris did not see open receivers, opting instead to throw elsewhere with poor results.

Morris can exasperate, overthrowing Dorsett twice on deep balls when he had one-on-one coverage. But his 16-yard TD pass to Allen Hurns was an exceptional throw.

### Morris, who closed 13 for 28 for 178 yards and two touchdowns, told WQAM afterward: "It feels great, knowing they're the reigning champions of the ACC, and we did our job. We had a complete game, almost. The defense really picked us up. We've been pushing Duke to play his best game. We cannot [usually] win a big game with third-down conversions the way it was today."

Mike James had 15 carries for 50 yards.

### Scott closed with three receptions for 50 yards. Dorsett had 2 for 27 and Hurns 2 for 21.

### Terry blocked a punt. "Mike Barrow designed that pretty well, and Gabe executed it," Golden said. "We had everybody in the right gap."

### Tight end Clive Walford, who entered with 15 catches for 178 yards, had back-to-back catches of 30 and 26 yards in the first half. "I told him, 'You had a great week of practice.' I'm so happy he went up and got the ball on the first one. We've been stressing that so much with him," Morris said.

### With Eduardo Clements out for the season, Dallas Crawford made a rare appearance on offense, appearing on a Wildcat-type play in which he regrettably tried to force a throw to Dyron Dye (it was incomplete) instead of delivering a short pass to Johnson, who was open.

### ESPN announcers made note of the poor crowd, which can't help with recruiting. "There is not a home field advantage if you're Miami," Palmer said.


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How can Morris look so good one minute and so bad the next?


They can't draw flies at that stadium!

Displaced Cane

Give Morris more credit. He didn't see open receivers because his tackles weren't holding their blocks. By the 4th quarter, Morris was fleeing the pocket before pressure came because he was used to having pressure from the edges.

Morris has grown by leaps and bounds this year. His accuracy has improved tremendously, he keeps his eyes downfield, and he goes through his progressions. Impressive kid.


Secondary looks like it could be good next few years.


win the last 3 games, and honestly, Miami should easily win all 3. Maybe Duke may present a small challenge, but win these 3 games, win the coastal, play for the conference championship, and honestly win or lose, it will help with recruiting. However, if Miami lose the conference championship game, and would assume they will self-impose another bowl ban which will dramatically help mitigate future penalties looming from the NCAA.

Harry Potter

Yeah, really dont think that the stadium is the problem with attendance. It the poor fan support and fair weather fans in south florida. But as soon as the Canes have a little success then everyone will be a "Canes Fan. " Definitely makes it a tough sell for Golden on the recruiting trail. "Hey come to the university of miami where you can play in front of empty home stadiums all year long."

Lt. Lois Einhorn

The fact that Canes fans love to ignore, UM drew less than 40,000 all the time at the Orange Bowl.

The stadium and location don't make any difference, the terrible Miami fans who only go to games when you're undefeated do.


Yawn! Miami doesn't draw like everybody else. SO old, so unoriginal. Always looking for what is negative. The U spanked VT thats all that counts! And we've recruited and won NC's under these circumstances for 20 years. So if you just noticed that Miami doesn't draw and you think you discovered some deep dark secret....you haven't get cable!!

Go Canes!!

valdis moseley

By the way, Miami didn't draw huge crowds in 2002, when they hadn't lost a game in two years. As for recruiting, The University of Miami's draw is that a kids NFL'$ prospects will be better served here than almost any other college, not the size of the crowd. After the Draft is over, NFL teams try out almost every player from miami, if for no other reason, just to sift through them with the hope of finding a diamond in the rough.


I see EVERYONE is in pretty much agreement about the crowds. WHO CARES!!!! Recruits dont' care about that Jesse, they care about being on TV, which MOST of Miami's games are on, and also going to the NFL, where we're a pipeline.


Jesse is a Gator, do not forget that tidbit.

I do agreee that Miami needs a stadium closer to campus and would benefit from that. Maybe next AD will contact NFL Alums and Trump to build the future Trump Canes Stadium closer to campus.

Ken roberts

Schelly wanted to build a 35000-40000 seat stadium on campus and move the FSU and UF games to a bigger site as necessary. Didn,t happen, and it,s a issue if it could ever happen given the politics, eyc.

How about a joint facility with FIU out west???


Finally some people on this blog that make sense and know what they are talking about! Have been a Canes fan since 1957, now 63 yrs old and the attendance has always been this way. I remember when they used to give tickets away at Burger King and such, give me a break Jesse!

Me thinks Jesse needs to go do a visit and tour of the Alachua County Detention Center since so many of his fellow Gators keep up residence there! This should be a part of the official recruiting visit when a recruit and his parents come to Gaineville, especially since this is where they can bond with their future teammates!

Nothing like a Gator commenting on the U. Jessie never missed an open receiver at U of Floriduh, did you now Jesse, especially with the defense in your face!

For all of Mr Morris's detractors beggin for J12, what? really? Have seen this on other boards that he should be benched! In favor of who? Give me a break, what did he do when Dorsett made his bonehead decision to field the punt at the goal line? He drove his team to a score, threw no picks and led his team to a win. He is most likely still not at 100% and neither is Duke for that matter, the U won with some defense starters not on the field and most importantly won the 4th quarter, something Golden has been stressing and building for since he arrived.

The physical conditioning and nutrition implemented is working, along with the defense showing improvement over the last few games.

It feels good, real good this morning to know that all weekend long on the feed at the bottom of ESPN programming that I will see Miami 30 Va. Tech 12!!!!!!!!!!

Go Canes and Golden and staff, players, the real fans believe things are getting better. Actually in the face of the three game losing streak I think someone said, "things will get better," LOL


Spin. Straight spin. D'Onofrio needs to improve his schemes. D was better but the 73 yard QB run? Unacceptable! inexcusable!


Good Morning CanesFans Faithful, First off...

-Good win.

-I'm ashamed of the Miami crowd that showed up. Pathetic. Even the student section was poor. I understand that it's a school night and there's classes tomorrow but this again shows that Joe Robbie stadium is too far even for the students to attend all the games. The OB was better on every level in comparison to Joe Robbie except in regards to the bathrooms. Ya, they were pretty bad back at the OB but no one really cared because everyone was going nuts in the stands anyways. The OB was our 12th Man.

-DLine stepped up in a major way last night especially with the reemergence of Curtis Porter. Can't wait for him to be in full condition. He has been sorely missed. But my complaint with the defense lies with the DBs. Once again Coach No D has not taken any heed to what the NFL SCOUTS REPORT said in regards to playing more aggressive man to man coverage. Miami had 15 1stDowns while VT had 24. The majority of those came from WRs that were completely WIDE OPEN since our defensive schemes are setup in such a way as to play no less than 8-9yds off all opposing WRs. It equates to almost 2 pass plays, on average, to make a 1stDown. "Here's your sign."

-Morris needs to work on his touch big time. He has all the power in the world but continues to either put too much or far to little on his short passes. There was one play where Duke Johnson ran left to the flat for a pass and Morris practically threw the ball at his feet and couldn't get it. Had the ball been a foot higher it would have equaled a Long TD for Duke with nothing but air in front of him. I honestly would like to see Golden re-open the QB competition this upcoming spring going into next season. I think it would be very interesting.

-I really would appreciate, for the Love of God, that Fisch will stop running the sideline to sideline run plays to the short side of the field. "Can you do that for us, Fisch, can U???"

Other than that, alot of players stepped up and really contributed and held containment on Logan, (minus one long run for VT's only TD).

My Canes should be proud of themselves holding VT to only one TD and containing VT's only real threat on offense. WAY TO GO CANES!!!!

GO U!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Magic_Marc, the only reason you don't care and you don't realize how embarrassing last night was for UM and for the city of Miami is that you're one of the terrible Miami fans that didn't go to the game because UM isn't undefeated.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

And the posters above who say it's always been this way are 100% right.

Look at past attendance, no one went to the Orange Bowl either. In fact more people go to Joe Robbie than went to the OB.


Moving teams to the "county line" has been a huge mistake for all the teams that have done so. Canes, Phins, Panthers have all gone championshipless since moving up there. Keep Miami teams in Miami, thats how you create loyal fans. Let broward get its own sports teams.


As a 58 year fan I can tell you the Canes have never had over 22,000 loyal fans. I can also tell the recruits, fans may not show up but the Pro scouts do. You will get noticed at The U. Proud to be a Cane Fan.


By the way, Miami didn't draw huge crowds in 2002, when they hadn't lost a game in two years.

Posted by: valdis moseley | 11/02/2012 at 10:30 AM


in 2002, U averaged 70,000



Moving teams to the "county line" has been a huge mistake for all the teams that have done so. Canes, Phins, Panthers

Posted by: KeepitinMiami | 11/02/2012 at 12:47 PM

private U must rely on greater miami ...



The OB was better on every level in comparison to Joe Robbie except in regards to the bathrooms.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | 11/02/2012 at 11:31 AM

neglect left U no choice ...
dig our current digs more than a decrepit orange bowl ...
how soon they forget ...



Moving teams to the "county line" has been a huge mistake for all the teams that have done so. Canes, Phins, Panthers have all gone championshipless since moving up there. Keep Miami teams in Miami, thats how you create loyal fans. Let broward get its own sports teams.

Posted by: KeepitinMiami


Couldn't agree more!!! Well said.


I do agreee that Miami needs a stadium closer to campus

Posted by: Terry | 11/02/2012 at 10:52 AM

not enough land, access or students to justify the prohibitive cost of an on campus eyesore ...



Let broward get its own sports teams.

Posted by: KeepitinMiami | 11/02/2012 at 12:47 PM


interest in the University of Miami cuts across city limits ...


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