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UM/NCAA investigation news; Dolphins, Heat, Marlins chatter


Some UM and NCAA investigation tidbits:

### Before UM put itself in good position to win the Coastal Division title, most everyone around the program was comfortable with the idea of self-imposing another bowl ban. But there is now sentiment among several high-level UM people, under president Donna Shalala, to eschew another bowl ban and play in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game if UM makes it, according to three of them, and Shalala must decide whether she agrees with them.

All three said playing in the ACC championship - if Miami qualifies - makes the most sense, but cautioned it's Shalala's call and there are variables that could change that: if UM receives its notice of allegations from the NCAA this month, and the findings are very damaging; or if key outside attorney Mike Glazier is given information this month that makes him believe a bowl ban would greatly help ease the punishment.

Shalala, asked a week ago in a Board of Trustees meeting about the likelihood of a self-imposed ban, told the trustees she’s waiting for guidance from the attorneys. The ACC says if UM plays in the title game, it cannot self-impose a bowl ban after that.

UM could clinch the Coastal title as early as Nov. 17 if Miami wins at Virginia next Saturday and Duke loses at Georgia Tech on Nov. 17. Miami plays at Duke on Nov. 24.

“Self-imposition goes a long way with the NCAA,” said one high-level UM official. “But if we make the ACC championship, it's best for us to play. The ACC would want us to play, and we have to consider their wishes. It’s best for the league. It’s the right thing to do.

“It’s Donna’s decision, but I don’t see how she can feel any other way. She has to listen to the coaches. Even if we get future bowl ban, playing in the ACC championship still gives us a foundation.”

Said another high-level UM official: “You have to let the kids play in that game if you make it. Morale would be better.”  

That official said it wouldn't be right to yank that prize away from the team after Al Golden dangled it as a goal all season. Golden, by the way, told us UM has given him no indication whether it will self-impose.

If UM self-imposes, the ACC could be stuck with a .500 or sub-.500 Duke or Virginia Tech team in the title game, which would make the league unhappy.

### The NCAA, in the final stages of its investigation, is now doing an internal review of its findings. UM expects to be mailed its allegations by late November or December, barring an unforeseen delay.

One former UM basketball coach recently was asked to provide additional bank records. Considerable time has been spent on Nevin Shapiro's allegation of a $10,000 payment to a DeQuan Jones family member, with bank records obtained from multiple people.

The NCAA says punishment typically comes five to seven months after a school receives its notice of allegations – meaning UM could get sanctions late next spring or summer.

According to a school official, UM’s mindset likely will be to take the allowed time (up to three months) to respond to the allegations in front of the infractions commitee. Keep in mind that North Carolina didn't get its penalty this year until four months after it went before the infraction committee.

### One UM official said the school is worried NCAA president Mark Emmert “will try to make an example of us.”

### The hope around UM is Golden’s strong relationship with his players – and the fact UM is playing a lot of young players – will discourage players from transferring after sanctions are handed down.

Keep this in mind: According to the NCAA, if NCAA sanctions against a school include a one-year bowl ban, seniors-to-be can transfer to another FBS school and play immediately. If the sanctions include a two-year bowl ban, seniors-to-be and juniors-to-be can transfer and play immediately.

But if the sanctions include no bowl ban (beyond previous self-imposed bowl bans), a player who wants to transfer to another FSB school and play immediately would need to petition the NCAA for permission, which might be granted but isn’t automatic.

Players like how Golden sends them encouraging personal text messages. Typical Golden: He sent a congratulatory text to Dolphins rookie Olivier Vernon, who left UM after his junior season last year, after his big game against the Rams last month. That sort of interaction with their coach has to mean something when players consider whether to stick it out at UM.

### We hear testimony of some former UM recruits and transfers has been damaging, but the NCAA has received several different versions of what happened with the recruiting of the Sanford Seminole players -- Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Andre Debose -- and has had to sort through inconsistencies.

### Some of the damaging details given to the NCAA were known by only one former player (Kyle Wright). Those details involved benefits given to Wright by the Shapiro/Michael Huyghue sports agency and weren't given by Huyghue in his deposition to Shapiro's attorney. That has led to suspicions among some that Wright spoke to the NCAA, which he he wasn't required to do.

Wright – through his father – declined to respond when I asked whether he spoke to the NCAA. A UM person said Wright was unhappy when he left UM because of what he perceived as harsh fan treatment.

### Shapiro, from prison, has told associates that another UM booster also committed violations and has given his name to the NCAA.

According to multiple sources, that booster is Dave Leshner, who one UM person described as “a blowhard wanna-be big shot, an overzealous fan who yelled at refs and wanted to be involved in the basketball program. He disappeared around the time Nevin did.” Leshner allegedly introduced Shapiro to then-UM coach Frank Haith.

Whether Leshner committed violations is not known, but a source said he has refused to talk to the NCAA, and a man answering the phone at his California home hung up when we called.


### Impending free agent Anthony Fasano said the Dolphins haven’t approached him about a new contract. But Miami is interested. “He’s having a hell of a year – exceeded my expectations,” offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. Fasano puts it succinctly: “I will never be that flashy guy, but I’m reliable and solid.”

Two people in touch with the Dolphins said Jeff Ireland seems in no rush to address the contracts of his several key impending free agents. One of them said it’s difficult from a morale standpoint, during a season, to start serious talks with a couple but not the others.

### This Dolphins coaching staff strongly believes Daniel Thomas can be an impact back -- one reason he’s playing ahead of Lamar Miller -- and his decisive three-yard run on third and goal against the Jets was encouraging. But here’s what’s troubling: He has converted a dismal 6 of 21 career short-yardage runs, meaning third or fourth down with one or two yards to go. Miami is 8 for 16 overall on runs in those situations this season.

And Thomas' overall 3.0 yard average is sixth-worst in the NFL among qualifying backs.

### The Dolphins have sold hundreds of prorated season tickets since the season started and have managed to eclipse last year’s season-ticket sales count (42,584), which was its lowest since 1983. The Dolphins were disappointed by their renewal rate, but those who didn't renew were offered an interesting deal late last week (through Al My Sons Moving and Storage Company): If you buy a season-ticket to the final five games, you get the Titans game free.

### The Marlins, who say third base and left field will be their priorities, appear inclined to use Emilio Bonifacio in center field, move Logan Morrison to first to replace Carlos Lee, and go to spring with Donovan Solano as their second baseman.

Marco Scutaro, Kevin Youkilis and Jeff Keppinger are among free agent third basemen they have considered. But if they can't upgrade significantly, they could have journeymen compete at the position, including Kevin Kouzmanoff, who signed a minor-league contract with the Marlins on Saturday, with an invitation to spring training. He was out of the majors last season after batting .235 with seven homers and 33 RBI for Oakland and Colorado in 2011. Kouzmanoff, 31, hit .247 with 16 homers and 71 RBI for Oakland in 2010.

They will consider trading a high-priced pitcher (Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco or Mark Buehrle) for a quality hitter if they get a tempting offer.

### Dwyane Wade said he hired a shooting coach, whom he declined to identity, and it’s paying dividends. “It’s like Tiger Woods always had a swing coach, even though he’s one of the greatest. It’s someone to help you look at things a different way," he said.

“I’ve been feeling a lot better with my shot, and even when you miss, he can tell you why you missed. The biggest thing for me is finding out when to release the ball. A lot of times I hold onto it and may be releasing it on the way down.” The coach, with whom Wade said he had no prior working relationship, has helped him get comfortable "releasing it at a center point." Wade is shooting 50 percent (22 for 44) through three games.



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That's petty on Wright's end, but I some what understand.


What's the point of self-imposing again when we don't even know what UM will be charged with?

Dr dan

I say Play in the acc title game because they are the best in the coastal.

Mr. B

We're F'd! (The U)

LOL @ D-Wade

Tell the shooting coach to teach your old *** how to stop crying to refs when you flop and get back on defense for once.

Also Wade, you are about as old as Kobe but just know decided to get a shooting coach for that terrible shot of yours..... lol wow you really are a Diva.

The U

Sounds like the NCAA doesn't have any evidence that proves Miami's "crimes" were worse then OSUs, UNC, and UCF.

So tell the NCAA kick rocks.... We Skate!!


“Self-imposition goes a long way with the NCAA,” said one high-level UM official.

Ahh nothing like pure speculation from "high level"
UM employees


You shouldn't self-impose because of what might happen next year. Nobody has any idea if UM would get back to the ACC title game in 2013, with North Carolina eligible and Va. Tech getting Miami at home.


The NCAA has dragged this on far too long. Why does it take 19 months to do an investigation?


Because they are desperate plain and simple.


kyle wright sucked


Very premature to talk about the ACC championship. UVA beat NC State easily, and Duke looks good this year. What if Miami lose to both UVA and Duke?

Georgia Cane

The fact that the NCAA has taken this long to do this investigation tells me that they don't have that much concrete evidence. I say if we win the Coastal, play the Confrence Championsip game, go to the bowl and worry about the sanctions next year.

Jo jo

Regarding Kyle Wright as Miami s old QB.HE was overrated and sucked.Mentally he was weak quite obviously.Never delivered/could not become a leader.Good riddance were my final thoughts as he finished his sorry career at the U.Secondly........Daniel Thomas makes 1 play for 3 yards against the Jets and NOW HE S BECOME GREAT????He s an average back who fumbles WAY TOO MUCH.Not high on that guy at all.I d rather like to see the developement of Lamar Miller over him.Lastly.....does that stinking Charles Clay still play on the team??????????Now THAT GUY IS A REAL "STINKER".Clay drops "EVERY" BALL THROWN TO HIM......whether it s the first pass of the game......in mid-game or during the final series of the game."CUT THAT LOSER".There s 20 players out there now wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than that scrub.

blow hard

Dave Leshner? went to school with that guy-he is a loser-but very loyal to miami-doubt he would talk if he did anything

Georgia Cane

In the future I would like to see The NCAA punish the school that breaks the rules instead of punishing the players that had nothing to do with infractions. Hit the school with a fine, like they did to Penn State. Cut scholarships but let the kids play in the post season.


this is ridiculous..happens at every school-just hand it down already and lets move on-

Miami knights

Nevin Shapiro always wanted to be perceived as the top alum with all the connections & was jealous of anybody else who was buddies with football players etc. One booster who went to the U & was friends with a lot of the football team was Dave Leshner. Dave is a great guy who's very fortunate as his step dad hit it big after selling his aero space company. As a result Dave was a rich kid who Nevin was jealous of since he didn't like not being the only rich kid that had football buddies. Nevin & Dave always hated each other & were fake to each other when they saw each other because they were supposed to be out for the same cause the Canes.

Miami knights

Their suites were next to each other at the football game & there was always a sort of a silent competition so to speak to see who had more ballers in their suite & more of a bash in their suite with a window they shared that allowed them to see into each other's suite.

Miami knights

The thing is that Nevin couldn't really compete with David's family money because Nevin didn't have close to their cash & was always jealous of them.

Miami knights

Dave Leshner is a die hard canes basketball fan, & one of a small handful that really cares enough to go to all games & donate to the team. Lesh yelled at refs all the time at games & gave them hell as he was a big time cane hoop guy. The famous picture everybody sees of Donna shalala taking the check from Nevin was from Lucky strike bowling alley where Dave put together a fund raiser for the basketball team. Coincedentally, Lucky strike was also Nevin's weekend hang out on miami beach as he would watch all games there for his gambling & good friends with the owners. When Nevin got word about Dave's basketball fundraiser he showed up to try to befriend the basketball guys & jumped up during a speech Shalala was giving & handed her a 50K check. Shalala then looks like a bad person for taking his check, but she was as shocked as anybody when Nevin pulled the check move as nobody donated like that to the basketball team. That move was really done by Shapiro to upstage Leshner at his own event which he accomplished. Oh by the way he never paid the 50K as he was already in deep debt at that point.

Fast forward to today. Nevin is rotting in jail & the only way he's been able to stay relevant is by throwing anybody he didn't like under the bus that was related to the U. Most recently it was Sean pee wee Allen his former manager that more than a year before Nevin got busted they fell out & hated each other. Nevin basically ruined Pee wee's life as the media image you've read about the kid is mostly inaccurate. He was a freaking ball boy for the football team that loved the U & Nevin was able to ruin his life by telling his side of the story from jail. Pee wee as a result has lost his job with the school & will go down as a pariah at the U instead of a guy who really loved the kids. I witnessed pee wee mentoring kids like Thearon collier his freshman year & making sure he knew of consequences of not following team rules/ or failed drug tests.


Hopefully Kouzmanoff can be another Jorge Cantu. But I doubt it.


SELF IMPOSE, GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. Specially since next year's team should be able to compete at a higher level against quality competition.

DC CaneMan

The fact that they're still investigating tells me that they have numerous conflicting allegations by people with an ax to grind. What do you think Shapiro's motives are? Not to mention former transfers and recruits who are playing for competing programs. If you don't think that Muschamp is telling Dubose to fabricate his story, then you're mentally challenged. The ncaa is struggling, because the only people talking are those who want to see this program go down, especially now with them building something again.What does it say about the programs where former recruits of miami claim that they violated recruiting rules? What did the Alabama's, Florida's, LSU's, FSU's do to change their minds if Miami was throwing all this cash and benefits their way?


DC.....good point! about FSWho, Floriduh, Alagamble, and L ots of ca S h at our U!

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