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Monday afternoon update: Philbin expects more from Tannehill, defends not playing Wake, Odrick much late

Notable remarks from Joe Philbin’s Monday afternoon news conference:

### He refused to comment on Jake Long’s injury, which is feared to be a torn triceps.

### Asked to assess Ryan Tannehill’s play, he made very clear he expects more: “It’s difficult to win games in this league when you’re averaging 19 points a game. He’s making a lot of progress. [But] overall, offensively we’re not scoring enough points to win games consistently in this league.”

 On the two potential touchdowns to Brian Hartine that Tannehill didn’t throw well enough, Philbin said: “You’ve got to make those plays. We talked about making the plays that were there.”

He said he has given no iota of thought to inserting Matt Moore in a game this season, aside from the Jets game when Moore filled in for an injured Tannehill.

### Philbin said he does not think Tannehill’s knee brace is affecting him. “There are times we have to do better offensively as a whole in our passing game. Sometimes it’s the location of ball. Sometimes it’s the depth of the route. All of those things at times aren’t clean enough. Sometimes he doesn’t get the protection to set his feet.”

On Tannehill’s touchdown run, when he stretched the ball over the goal line, Philbin said: “I would like a little better ball security.”

### Philbin asked if he believes he has the players on the roster needed for this offense to thrive. “Absolutely,” he said. “We had some plays out there yesterday we didn’t make. We have to do a better job. It’s hard to win a lot of games scoring 19 points per game.”

### He said he has no regrets about not playing Cam Wake or Jared Odrick on the first eight plays of the Patriots’ game-clinching fourth quarter drive: “When you play the Patriots, it’s important to have guys that are fresh and ready to roll and guys ready to play hard every single snap….

“We believe in guys we put in the game. We don’t put them in the game if we don’t have confidence in them.”

### Why did the Patriots run successfully on that fourth-quarter drive? “At times, we didn’t get off blocks fast enough. At times, we didn’t tackle well enough.”

### On Jonathan Martin moving to the left side to fill in for Long: “He did a good job. He played well. He made a good adjustment.”

### On the performance of his defense: “We got good pressure on Brady. To sack an opposing quarterback four times is a good afternoon’s work. Didn’t play well enough in the fourth quarter.”

### On Marcus Thigpen: “He’s got that elusiveness. It’s hard to coach. If you can make a guy miss, that gives you a chance to get out in space.”