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Monday update: Philbin, Sherman address issues; Sean Smith update; Marlins sign veteran

Some Dolphins news from Monday afternoon, including snippets from the coaches' press conferences:

### Joe Philbin sounded bullish on the franchise’s forecast: “We’re building a foundation that is going to deliver excellent football teams in the future. I like the foundation we have in place. I like the way they guys have competed virtually all season. I’m 51 years old. Hopefully, I’ll be a better coach next year.”

### An MRI showed Sean Smith suffered only a bruise and not any structural damage to his knee, which was injured during Sunday's win against Buffalo. There’s a chance he plays Sunday, depending on his recovery. “I’m BACK!!!,” Smith tweeted. “Other than my son being born, this is the happiest day of my life. GOD is GOOD.”

### Philbin, on Lamar Miller: “He’s got some natural instincts that enable him to find the open running lane. And he’s got some speed. He can move, he can scoot.”

### Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman: “Lamar is a very smooth back and he’s more powerful than you think.”

### Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who was claimed off waivers last week, played every snap. “He did a really nice job," Philbin said. "He looks like he’s a bright guy. He looked good in practice. There are some things to work on and fine tune.”

### Sherman said Nate Garner has exceeded his expectations. Said Philbin: “You have to take your hat off to Nate Garner, the contributions he made. [Garner and Jonathan Martin] are not perfect. There’s a lot of room for improvement. There’s not any perfect players out there. Jon Martin has done well. He’s a serious, professional individual.”

### Philbin was asked if they should have used the read-option with Ryan Tannehill – and using Reggie Bush as a receiver – more earlier in the season. “This isn’t the time to evaluate that,” he said.

But Sherman did answer the question, saying: “Ryan already had a lot on his plate, and it takes its toll…. As soon as he gets hit and hurt, there will be a different thought about it. It doesn't do us any good to have our quarterback injured in his first season. So I kind of held back on that. But towards the end of the season, I thought it would be a good addition.”

### And Sherman gave a thoughtful answer about his philosophy of using players in different ways as a season evolves: "There is no question Reggie and Lamar are talented young men, but... as you go through the journey of a season, you put more and more on their plate and they are able to handle it and you can end up doing more with them... Part of it is our willingness to adapt to what guys do best. You would have liked to do some things earlier, but maybe we weren't quite ready for that. As we go into this game and next season, we have a better feel and understanding where we are at."

### Tight end Michael Egnew played eight snaps Sunday -– his first playing time of the season. “Thought Egnew did a good job in what we asked him to do,” Philbin said.

### Sherman said receiver Armon Binns is doing a "phenomenal" job. Looks like Miami might want to keep him around.

### Difficult motivational week? “I would hope not,” Philbin said.

### For an update on new NFL game times for Sunday - and Miami's 2013 schedule - please see our last post.


The Marlins signed veteran right-handed pitcher John Maine to a minor-league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Maine has a 41-36 record and 4.35 ERA in parts of seven seasons, including five with the Mets and two with Baltimore.

He last pitched in the majors in 2010, going 1-3 with a 6.13 ERA for the Mets. He had a 4.97 ERA in 79 2/3 innings for the Yankees' Triple A affiliate in 2012. He's a darkhorse candidate for the fifth rotation spot or a long relief job. 


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Great to hear Lamar miller doing good

scott alderson

hey barry. you are easily the best sports writer/info gatherer in the sofla sports scape so thank you for your work. but please pass on to the chiefs that its sucks to not be able to read the rest of the sports team anymore without paying. i dont read the sfss anymore either and that also sucks. i guess it must be a net win formula or the 2 papers wouldnt be charging to look at it online as they do now. but ti sucks. but i am so happy that at least for now YOUR buzz column is still accessible. thanks and cheers!


Joey Porter arrested and in jail in Cali for writing bad checks. Another great from the N. Felony League.


2009 Seahawks 5-11 2009 Dolphins 7-9

2012 Seahawks 10-5 2012 Dolphins 7-8

Seahawks have won games against the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears, and have put up scores like 58-0, 50-17, and 42-13. Dolphins have lost to teams like the Titans, Bills, and Cardinals.

Seahawks drafted their starting QB in the third round in 2012, Dolphins drafted theirs with the eighth pick. Currently Wilson sits #7 in passer rating with a 98.0 and has thrown 25 TDs to 10 Ints. Tannehill sits 28th with a 76.9 and has thrown 12 TDs to 12 Ints. Dolphins traded away their most valuable weapon in the offseason and currently that player, Brandon Marshall is second in the NFL with 113 catches, 2nd in yards with 1,466, and second in TDs with 11.

Seahawks show how it's done right, Dolphins shows how it's done wrong. It's time to fire Jeff Ireland. We are a joke. The laughingstock year after year. 12 years now and no playoff wins. 5th longest drought in the NFL. Everything Shula built has been torn down in the last decade. It's time to break the bank and hire the best.


Matt, and Marshall has done what for the Bears. They've won 1 more game than last year, with a 6 game losing streak. With Marshall telling the Chicago press that all jobs are up for grabs including coaches. He seems to be multitasking, GM/WR. He didn't want to play here, and wanted to be traded to the Bears to be with his pal Cutler. Cutler is probably the only QB he can play with.


Matt, did you see Shula's last 3 drafts, not very good. And what the heck are you doing talking about Shula. His last year here was 1995, that's 17 years ago. They broke the back hiring Saban, They broke the bank hiring Parcells, They even broke the bank hiring Camron, Let's have some continuity.


I agree with Matt. i want a GM who knows what he's doing!! obviously ireland is a better scout than he is a gm. you have Bill Polian out there who has built 3 teams from the ground up and we have someone who is guessing on free agency? c'mon man get serious about your front office!! not crazy about Regis Philbin and his staff but i'm willing to give it another year but not if the same mistakes are made by ireland again! how much longer do we have to put up with his terrible drafts & free agents??


Bill Polian, did you see Polian's draft history, without Manning it was less than successful.


And guess what, the Dolphins beat the Seahawks


Well said James. Haven't been many comments since you posted!!! Mmmm, interesting.

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