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UM football starter decides to turn pro, but UM will reach out to him again

An update on our earlier post:

UM announced earlier today that starting linebacker Ramon Buchanan has not sought a sixth year medical redshirt and has decided to pursue an NFL career.

But UM said this evening that it will reach out to Buchanan again to make sure he knows that he has a good chance to get a sixth year at UM, from an NCAA compliance standpoint, if he chooses. 

UM doesn't expect him to change his mind, but will make him aware of this in case he does change his mind.

Buchanan suffered a season-ending knee injury in the second game of the season. Because he missed most of the 2011 season with an injury to the same knee, there had been hope that the NCAA would grant him a sixth season if he wanted one.

UM still feels like it's in good shape at linebacker, with Denzel Perryman, Eddie Johnson and several others.

Check back in a few hours for a lot more UM news, plus Dolphins and Heat, in the Wednesday buzz column.


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The financial gap between college football’s haves and have-nots is about to grow even larger.

During the 12-year contract for college football’s new playoff format, the nation’s five power conferences (SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC) will earn an average of nearly $75 million more per year than the smaller leagues known as the “group of five.”

From 2014 to 2025, the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC will earn an average of at least $91 million annually, sources told ESPN Tuesday. By comparison, the average for the group of five — Big East, Mountain West, Mid-American, Conference USA and Sun Belt — during that 12-year period will be about $17.25 million annually.

The ACC also will earn at least an additional $27.5 million annually for its ESPN contract bowl deal with the Orange. The ACC's opponent will be either Notre Dame or a team from the SEC or Big Ten.
– brett mcmurphy



Ramon, best of luck in the future.

And yes, Denzel and Eddie are good enough and getting better each year. Denzel hits like a ton of bricks!

IF the D line can be shored up, the defense should improve immensely.


According to WCTV in Tallahassee, Fla., as of Monday, Florida State had only sold about 4,000 of its 17,500 OB ticket allotment despite cutting ticket prices in half. Meanwhile, Northern Illinois had distributed 5,500 tickets, partially boosted by giving students free tickets to the game.
– ACC Football News



No offense against NIU, but seriously, their schedule does not warrant being in a BCS bowl game. Yes, I know they could possibly upset FSU, but it's pathetic that FSU couldn't play a more deserving opponent in a major bowl game. But as a Canes fan, I will be rooting for the Noles to lose, which would be fun.


Good choice for Ramon, too bad he got injured again hope he makes it though it's doubtful. I hope that means we have an extra scholarship available next year.
We have good young LBs, what we need are big D-line men and better game plan or new defensive coordinator.
I am very optimistic about the young talent in this team, including a few future stars, we should win more games as these guys mature. I look for us to break the top 25 next year at least if we can stop the run a little.


I suppose its a shot trying out for the pros. However, with the history of injuries, I'd think that a year playing injury free(not a guarantee, I know) would greatly enhance my value to the NFL. Right now its probably shakey.


with the fsu rb coach saying he is leaving and wisconsin looking for a coach what are the chances collins will recommit to um for immediate time with duke johnson.also anymore recruiting updates?


Hope all goes well for him. Just remember that Frank Gore was injured more than once at UM but battled back.


Good luck Cookie. We're gonna miss you. Thanks for all of the sacrifices you made for The U. When you were on your game, you were flat out sick and I bet you can do it again. Show everyone what you're made of.


GO U!!!!!


Cookie all the best buddy. Smart decision not to come back. You already had 2 injuries. You have given the school 5 years already. You need to get out there and get your professional career started. All TRUE 'Canes fans like myself will be rooting for you.


What he said!


Good look Ramon, wish you the best.


Ramon - best luck to you. Keep your head up. We'll be watching you on Sundays!


It's kinda bummer that Ross, fans, Philbin and players expect playoffs. The only odd man out who is constantly rebuilding is the GM.


Another Randy Shannon Recruit leaves. Soon there will be none.

No Pressue Golden. Just Win Baby!

Or like Jimmy would say.. Just Win Big!

Go Canes!


Thank you Ramon.
Good luck.


will be drafted for special teams duty in the NFL.

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