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UM shuffles, sets non-conference football schedule

Quick Wednesday night news note:

We hear the University of Miami has set its 2013 non-conference football schedule, and unlike recent years, all four games will be completed in the first month of the season.

UM will play host to Florida Atlantic in the opening week of the season (tentatively set for Aug. 31), in the first of a three-game series between the teams. The Gators will visit Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 7 to complete a two-game home-and-home series.

UM either will play an ACC road game or have a bye on Sept. 14 before playing host to Savannah State on Sept. 21. Savannah State, which plays in the Football Championship Subdivision, lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State and 55-0 to Florida State this season.

The Hurricanes then will play at South Florida on Sept. 28 to complete a five-game series between the schools. The schools played in mid-to-late November in past years.

UM felt strongly about not playing a non-conference schedule as difficult as this past season's, which included Notre Dame and Kansas State.

UM confirmed the aforementioned non-conference opponents and dates, but the ACC schedule has not been set. The Hurricanes don't like how they draw for Thursday night home games or noon Saturday home games, but they have no say in when ACC games are scheduled, unfortunately.



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I would guess Thurs night games draw better than Noon kickoffs.


is it possible to get an update on recruits visting before signing day and who else we might be trying to get?basically some recruiting new please!!!!!thanks.


Hopefully we are getting game ready defensive tackles to clog up the middle, not some high school greenpee who is thinking he's big shot recruit. The returning players next year got the speed and are physical except in the middle. Our offense is good too, our special teams will have another year to improve. Top 25 at least and a coveted bowl game. In Golden I trust, we are on our way back baby. All those other fools here talking 5h1t just tune out. All we would wish for after we're back is to turn Marlins stadium into multipurpose facility and bring back the Canes to the hallowed ground. I saw plenty of sellouts noon saturdays at the OB, heck that was our prime hunting hours.


Whatever happened to the days of UM would play anyone, at anytime, anywhere?


Those days are long gone, as evidenced by UM scheduling FAU instead of FIU.

UM plays scared.


We ALWAYS play a ridiculously tough OCC and pay the price for it. EVERYONE else plays a few cupcakes, so until we're actually BACK, then we should too.


Hahaha, right, Miami is afraid of playing FIU.

Nothing to do with the fact that some sixth rate south Florida talent with an inferiority complex body slammed our holder on an extra point because the UM player who scored bowed to the crowd, starting a bench clearing brawl that reflected poorly nationally on the only school anyone had heard of.


Golden is pissed because the second arrest of Finnie brought to light the fact that he did not suspend him when he was 'arrested for possession' less than two months before the season began (Herald: Finnie started the first 6 games).

Golden has now been coorupted by the UM culture and this is just another clear cut example of lack of institutinoal control. Even with the DP hanging over their heads they can't sit a kid when he's been arrested....it appears that they just can't help themselves, the culture is too deeply engrained.


What a waste of a team. Now they have resorted to playing a cupcake schedule. This is all having to do with crowds. They want to have a winning record at the beginning of the year so the crowds will come. The smart ones will know what is going on.
This is a joke. Now they are running scared from the real teams. What has this program come to? Running away from opponents instead of hunting them down. Once again the joke of College Football.


The Canes are just doing what every SEC team does year in and year out. Most SEC teams schedule 3 cupcakes and an annual rivalry game. Look at Georgia's schedule this year. They only good teams they played during the regular season were South Carolina (who crushed them) and Florida (who gave the game away).


Don't need a bye before Savannah State. Need it more at the end of Oct.

Big Picture

SEC teams don't have to schedule difficult OOC games because our conference games are tough enough! The reason why Cryami schedules tough games is to get respect nationally because of how WEAK the ACC is. But, in hindsight, that proved to be and epic failure. They got their arses handed to them and they don't want that to happen again, so instead they scheduled 3 cupcakes this time around. The Gators will for sure beat them to a pulp like K-State and ND did this year. Then they'll opt for a 4th cupcake in 2014.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Hilarious to see all the trolls pretending to be UM fans.

Can't even spell "canesFan".

Too funny.


Big Picture - what do you mean "our?"

Have you looked at Georgia's schedule from this year? Or Alabama's for that matter? The SEC schedule can be difficult, but there are several garbage teams in the conference and due to scheduling rotations many teams have easy schedules.


Yeah, Kentucky, lol, lost to Western Ky. don't hear much about that, Miss St. who good did they beat and Auburn proved they couldn't sustain the flow of money and didn't recruit well because of it. The SEC fans dumping on the Canes for who they are gonna play and year after year Floriduh almost gets beat by one of their gimme games opponents. LMAO

Alabama playing Western Carolina, Floriduh vs. La Layfayette/Directional, had to block a last second punt to keep from going overtime against them, lmao at all the Gator trolls dumping on the U, tough SEC schedule, lets see Floriduh played Kentucky, how did they do? Tennessee, how'd they do? Yeah you had some tough games, too bad about Georgia, just can't seem to get by them lately, lol. Missouri, how did they do? Jacksonville State? really, Bowling Green, yeah another tough one I see.

At least half of your schedule was creampuff, and that's the facts!


Golden is leaving.....

Big Picture


UF played 5 top 12 teams and went 4-1... what was the p-U's record against top 12 teams? 0-3? LMAO....... UF had the toughest strength of schedule compared to anyone else. Georgia was the only one that had the easy way in the SEC.

But don't worry, UF added another cream puff called the University of Miami to next year's schedule. Chalk that up in the win column.

There will always be bottom dwellers in every conference... except of course the ACC... only FSU is a good team. Everyone else in that filth called ACC is really bad.

5 teams from the SEC are currently in the top 10.... how many are from the ACC? How many are ranked from the ACC? Go do your research.... lol.

What was Miami's ranking? How are they doing in recruiting????

Hope they're picking up D-Linemen because that defense looked like melted butter against those vaunted ACC offenses. I won't even mention ND and KState... we all saw that debacle. LOL.....

Big Picture


Not every game is going to be a tough opponent. UGA did have it easy in the SEC. The only tough opponents that they played were South Carolina and UF but escaped LSU, Texas A&M, and Bama in the west until the SEC title game. There will always be bottom dwellers such as Kentucky, Auburn, etc. Just depends on the year.

LSU played Texas A&M, Bama, and UF. That's three teams in the top ten.

Bama had Texas A&M and LSU then UGA at the end.

What I'm saying is.. had Miami not scheduled ND and KState this year, their schedule would've been soft(er). How often is KState any good? We all found out what a fraud they were by getting pummeled by Baylor. Even ND for that matter? They've been irrelevant since Holtz left!

Miami got unlucky with those teams being good this year but they don't play teams like that year in and year out.

In the SEC, you have 2 or 3 marquee games every year... hell UF had 5 marquee games this year... UGA, LSU, SCarolina, Texas A&M, and FSU(not in SEC, but you knew that)! Even w/o FSU it's still a tough sched.

Every school has directional cream puffs in their schedule.. everyone does it... so to read assinine comments of other fans criticizing the SEC for not scheduling tougher out of conference games, why should they if the best competition is in the SEC? There are 5 teams from the SEC in the top 10. Even Vandy had 8 wins!

In the end, for 6 straight years, the SEC has shown how much more competitive and how much better it is than the best team from any other conference can offer.

I don't see any teams out there with tougher shedules than the top notch teams in the SEC.

When you have 5 SEC teams in the top 10, there isn't a need to schedule tougher OOC opponents.

Look what happened when the SEC played the ACC in the last regular season weekend? SEC went 4-0! 4-0 in OOC play!


Those days are long gone, as evidenced by UM scheduling FAU instead of FIU.

UM plays scared.

Posted by: Reader (Quijote) | 12/13/2012 at 09:03 AM

a cowardly, oxyMORONic f-i-u-don't-matter fan assumes various aliases to conceal obsession ...



Those days are long gone, as evidenced by UM scheduling FAU instead of FIU.

UM plays scared.

Posted by: Reader (Quijote) | 12/13/2012 at 09:03 AM


So tell me, why should our next 4 star recruit pick us over UCF, USF, Miami, Louisville, or anyone else for that matter? What makes us special? What is our selling point, our advantage over all these other schools? Ir's not facilities, university prestge, history and tradition, fan base, crowd size, opportunity to be seen on TV, or chance to go to the NFL. So what is it?
-- FIU2011?

pick on someone your own size ...



The presidents of the Big East's seven Catholic, non-Football Bowl Subdivision schools -- DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John's, Seton Hall and Villanova -- are expected to decide on their future in the Big East in the coming days, and it "would be an upset" if they remained in the league, sources told ESPN.

The potential split of the seven Catholic schools should allow Notre Dame and Louisville to join Syracuse and Pitt in the ACC next season, one year ahead of schedule
-- espn.com




UM either will play an ACC road game or have a bye on Sept. 14 before playing host to Savannah State on Sept. 21. Savannah State, which plays in the Football Championship Subdivision, lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State and 55-0 to Florida State this season.
-- barry jackson

sophisticated south florida thumbs its nose at no-name foes ...


Lt. Lois Einhorn

Big Picture, right. Notre Dame is irrelevant.


Big Picture

Lt. Lois Einhorn... I didn't know you had problems reading.... I used passed tense. I said 'they were' irrelevant.

If you want me to write ebonics I can if that would help you. Moron.


Golden is leaving.....

Posted by: SB | 12/13/2012 at 02:28 PM

Nice prediction there... good job.

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