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Fisch leaving UM; big recruiting weekend for UM; Kobe credits Heat "psychopath"

Saturday morning update: UM confirmed that offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is leaving to become offensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fisch and new Jaguars coach Gus Bradley previously worked together on the Seattle Seahawks staff.

It's a big loss for UM ---- only 12 college play callers have guided offenses that averaged at least 6 yards per play each of the past two years. Fisch was among them.

The Herald will have a full story posted soon.


Some Friday night UM and Heat items:

### It’s a huge recruiting weekend for UM, which is welcoming four of its top targets for official visits, as well as six of its oral commitments.

Uncommitted players scheduled to visit include defensive tackles Jaynard Bostwick and Keith Bryant, running back Alex Collins and offensive tackle Denver Kirkland.

Rivals.com ranks Bryant as the nation’s No. 17 d-tackle prospect, and Bostwick 27th. UM badly needs at least one of those two, considering it doesn’t have any commitments from any defensive tackles, its biggest area of need.

Bostwick, from West Centennial High in Port St. Lucie, is considering Miami, Alabama and UF and could commit if the visit goes well.

Bryant, a former UM oral commitment, can’t seem to make up his mind. He nearly canceled this weekend’s visit, and there was some doubt even late this week whether he would show up.

Bryant, from Delray Beach Atlantic, said he loved his visit to FSU and also is planning trips to Tennessee and South Carolina.

Collins, also a former UM oral commitment and the nation’s No. 9 running back prospect, remains a high priority for the Hurricanes, who envision him sharing carries with Duke Johnson. Florida State and Arkansas (where he will visit later this month) remain among other strong contenders for the South Plantation High standout.

Kirkland, rated the nation’s No. 9 offensive tackle, continues to be pursued by FSU, Arkansas, Auburn, USC and many others. UM hoped he would visit with his Booker T. Washington teammate, elite linebacker prospect Matthew Thomas, but Thomas opted to visit USC this weekend and will visit UM later this month.

Meanwhile, Miramar linebacker Jermaine Grace will announce his choice Tuesday among UM, Louisville, Tennessee and Florida. He has said he is leaning toward Miami.

Also visiting this weekend are a half dozen UM oral commitments: quarterback Kevin Olsen, offensive lineman Alex Gall, tight end Standish Dobard, cornerback Artie Burns, safety Jamal Carter and running back/defensive back Ray Lewis III.

National Signing Day is Feb. 6.

### In the wake of the Heat’s win against the Lakers on Thursday, Kobe Bryant credited someone who wasn’t even on the floor or the sideline – team president Pat Riley.

Asked about the Heat’s defense, Bryant said: "They're very smart. You guys know Riley. You know what a psychopath he is with numbers and statistics. He plays percentages really well.  

“He knows the high percentage of Steve (Nash) coming off of pick-and-roll and picking teams apart. He knows the high percentage of leaving me on the backside. So, he says, 'We're going to stay home and take our chances with everybody else.'"

Actually, Erik Spoelstra very likely determined that. Or maybe Riley discussed it with Spoelstra – they talk a lot, and Riley was with the team during the California swing of this road trip.

### This can’t continue: Chris Bosh averaged just 4.6 rebounds on the six-game road trip.

### Nor can this: Shane Battier shot 0 for 10 on the road trip (he played in only three games due to an earlier injury) and is now 0 for his last 15, 1 for his last 21 and 4 for his last 33.



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COME ON CANES. WE NEED ALL OF THEM PLUS MATT THOMAS. Whats up with the Imokalee CB? Alexander? edgerrin james school. He is rated a top 4 player..... man if we can land these big time kids along with what golden has, we are on the way back......COME ON

Battier believes in law of averages, remember last season.. he will b ok.... . cb, 4.6 boards? geesh. However, hes out on the P too much so thats prob why..


So Riley Went With The Team!! When They Started Winning!!

Nobody Respects!! Spo'!!

Can We Please Fire The Clown!! I Don't Care How Much Of Riley's Puppet!! He Is!!


bosh seems out of it. dont know what's wrong with him.


No such Dame...LMA0..

Georgia Cane

D-line is a huge area of concern for UM. I don't like the fact that we are only entertaining 2 propects. Golden should have 4 or 5. Getting local talent is always welcome, however; we are deep at most positions. On the "Heat" since when is Battier become a shooter. (0 for 10 shooting)who cares! we brought him in for "D". The concern is for the real shooters Allen and Lewis. They are not meeting expectations. The Heat lives off Defense and running. If three's fall they become unbeatable. I hope they can get back on track.


I don't get why some of these d line prospects don't committ to UM.

The defense with them would get better and they would get automatic playing time. It's the U, not like they would be committing to Miami Dade community college. They live in beautiful south Florida, have a chance to win the ACC or at least contend, and their chances to go to the nfl aren't limited at all. What's not to like?

ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Get a clue Georgie. The only reason you get any of these kids is when their Momma wants them to stay home. Compared to the other big time programs you are pathetic. You have no on campus stadium and poor facilities. Your fan base is terrible, you play in an empty stadium most of the time. Your coaches are clueless, and you have been stuck in mediocrity for decades. Who in their right mind would want these things?

The U is the U!

yeah, Canes have stunk for DECADES!

Just ignore the FACT we've won championships in the 80's, 90's, and 00's...Decades...

Not our rival

Haha, poor facilities?

Just broke ground on a new athletic center bigger and more expensive than the one Alabama's building.

Ours will be done first.

You need to get a life bro, stop reading every blurb and article that comes out about the University of Miami's football team.

If you're an FIU fan, we don't play you. If you're a UF fan, we only play you once every five years.

Meanwhile here you are. Every day. Reading up on UM football.

ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Get a clue cane clowns. You lost Fisch, is Collins going to come now? Probably not. Duke can't handle the grind by himself, he'll get injured. He needs help and you aint got no one else.
Fisch was the best coach you had, sucks for you.
So your athletic center will be better than Bama's, lots of good that will do you.
Yes you have stunk for about a decade.

Not our rival

Get a clue now, we've played five times in the past quarter century.

You've read and posted on every article that's been written about University of Miami football for four years since we last played.


The failure and turmoil on Donna Shalala's watch continues unabated. The number of coaches and Athletic Directors that have come and gone under her watch is unfathomable. She has no positive results in over a decade of mismanagement.

Leadership is a bottom-line result oriented job and under Shalala'a "leadership" our once-dominant football program has basically been destroyed. The results on the field have been a failure. She has failed to allocate the necessary $$ to hire and retain elite coordinators and ADs. She cozied up to Shapiro and failed to maintain an compliant program. She failed to effectively market the program to retain interest within the community. She failed to even fight for a rennovated Orange Bowl OR a local stadium. Instead she was the main cheerleader for the failed move to Joe Robbie stadium.

From day 1 her actions have been hostile to the football program. To her it seems only to be a venue to get her face on the jumbotron and into TV commercials. An organization fails from the top down. When will she be held accountable for the failures under her leadership?


Omaximus, deal with facts, the OB was not going to be saved period. There was no support from any of the political leader in Dade Country for a renovation. The City of Coral Gables will not approve zoning needed to enable the U to build an on campus facility. They think the congestion caused by a stadium will reduce the charm of the city. In any event there is no room on campus for a stadium so the point is moot. As far as budget for coaches, that is a problematic issue. Being a private institution there are only a finite amount of funds for the assistant coach's budget. This has been the fact since Henry King Stanford was president of the university. As a private institution there is a balancing act between athletics and saving the Jackson Health System, research, salaries for professors, and educational improvements. This isn't an NFL team with unlimited funds. Historically where have U coaches come from; Washington State, Oklahoma State, coaches on staff, and unemployed NFL coaches.

Jo jo

If I was a DL I d go to other places where Miami s current DC is not at.THAT is why Golden can t get decent DT recruits.IT s Golden s fault too because of his man-crush/loyalty to his buddy from Temple.Miami needed 4 or 5 DT types and good ones at that.They ll be lucky this season if they get 1 of the 2 they found who mysteriously are semi interested for some reason.Based on the lousy D line the past 2 years and the incompetence and inability to teach (of the DC)......this will likely be the 3rd horrible year in a row with a horrible D line again.Be prepared as this season NSD will close unspectacularly I am afraid.THIS NSD will sadly display that the U still has a very,very long way to go much,much farther than when Golden first arrived and gave the community temporary hope.

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