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UM critic loses job; UM recruiting news; Heat; Media column: year in review

A quick Friday night update:

### UM has been pursuing several players who are announcing their college choice at one of three all-star games this weekend (two played on Friday, one on Saturday).

Fort Lauderdale University School defensive tackle Maquedius Bain, who would have helped the Canes at a position of need, orally committed to LSU on Friday, choosing the Tigers over UM, Oklahoma and Louisville. He said the legacy of LSU defensive linemen helped steer him toward the Tigers. Regrettably, he's too young to remember the legacy of great UM defensive linemen.

But UM remains alive for New Jersey-based Al Quadin Muhammad, ranked as the nation's fourth-best defensive end. Rivals.com recruiting guru Mike Farrell predicts Muhammed will pick Miami on Saturday ahead of Alabama, Notre Dame and Rutgers. [UPDATE: Muhammed committed to UM on Saturday. See our most recent post for details.]

Running back David Williams, who recently eliminated UM from consideration, picked South Carolina.

Also, South Plantation running back Alex Collins announced he will take his final two visits to Miami and Arkansas and select a school among six finalists later this month.

### Oakland Park Northeast's Stacy Coley, UM's top receiver target, is considering UM, UF, FSU, North Carolina and Mississippi but is waiting to see who the Hurricanes hire as receivers coach.

### Gionni Paul's departure from UM -- which was a mutual decision in the wake of Paul's two suspensions this past season --- leaves the Hurricanes with more questions at linebacker. Denzel Perryman and Eddie Johnson should start at two spots, presuming Johnson doesn't have any more off-field issues. If Perryman stays outside, Jimmy Gaines has a decent shot to win the middle linebacker job.

But Raphael Kirby will press for a starting job, with Tyrone Cornelius, Gabe Terry and Thurston Armbrister also competing for time. Paul started seven games this past season.

### Five rebounds for Chris Bosh in 38 minutes on Friday, and three for Udonis Haslem in 20? Not nearly good enough --- on a night when their counterparts, Yoakim Noah and Carlos Boozer had 12 boards apiece - and a big reason why the Bulls pummeled the Heat, 48-28, on the boards in Chicago's win.

"We're not going to get bigger overnight," Dwyane Wade said of the rebounding deficiency. "We've got to find a way to fix it or we're going to keep losing those games."

### Oddly, the Heat was outscored by 18 points with LeBron James on the court, even though James scored 30. That was the worst plus/minus on the Heat. Yet Miami outscored the Bulls by 10 with Bosh in the game. Go figure.

### The other big issue, besides rebounding: Miami shot 5 for 20 on threes. And the Big Three's supporting cast shot 10 for 28.



Dan Sileo, whose tirades against the University of Miami football program angered school officials as well as some fans, will need to wait a couple days after games next season before unleashing any on-air rants.

Sileo, a former UM defensive lineman, will keep his weekday WQAM talk show but is being removed from his role as the station’s postgame analyst on Canes games. So if the Canes anger him on Saturdays, he will need to wait until Mondays to voice his displeasure, unless he decides to call listeners by telephone after games, or stand on a street corner, ranting.

“It’s in our best interests he doesn’t do the postgame because he’s so passionate and emotional about the team,” WQAM program director Jorge Sedano said, acknowledging UM complained about him. “We’re better to find someone who can compartmentalize that emotion.”

Sedano hasn't chosen a replacement.

During the season, Sileo said, among other things, that Philip Dorsett should never be thrown another pass after he dropped two potential touchdowns against Notre Dame and that UM’s defense – pushed around against Kansas State – should “gouge [opponents] in the eyes, kick them in the balls.”

He implored UM players: “You play for UM! Not for fricking FIU.”

Though some fans appreciated Sileo’s candor and passion, several of his rants were clearly over the top, including one after the K-State game that made the rounds on YouTube. Sileo, so infuriated with UM’s play in that game, seemingly came close to cursing on air and expressed concern he might have an aneurysm.

### Ray Lewis – who’s retiring after the playoffs - will join ESPN as a studio analyst, with a role likely on Monday Night Countdown. Lewis wants to spend his Saturdays at UM games; his son, running back/defensive back, Ray Lewis III, will be a UM freshman next season.


We offered up our national media awards last week. Here's the South Florida version, as we wrap up our look back at 2012:

### Most regrettable Tweet: Sileo, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, tweeting a picture of himself making a tackle against the Nittany Lions, with the words: “This is how you molest a Penn State player.”

### Biggest media stories: 1) The Dolphins and Marlins agreeing to be featured on national network reality shows. 2) Lincoln Financial acquiring 104.3-FM to simulcast most of 790 The Ticket’s programming. 3) WQAM-560 dumping Sid Rosenberg after a DUI arrest.  4) WQAM parting ways with Michael Irvin after he refused to move here from Dallas.

### Best play-by-play: Three-way tie on TV (Heat’s Eric Reid, Marlins’ Rich Waltz and Panthers’ Steve Goldstein). On radio, Joe Zagacki, who excels at quick and detailed dissemination of information on UM football.

### Best analysis: Tommy Hutton on Marlins TV, Joe Rose on Dolphins radio.

### Most tiresome: Mike Inglis’ incessant whining about the officiating and the Heat (when Miami is playing poorly) on 790 broadcasts.

### Best hires: 1) The Ticket adding outspoken, quick-witted Stan Van Gundy to join Dan Le Batard on Wednesdays; 2) WQAM hiring Jorge Sedano. Upgraded the station’s afternoon drive-time slot and made generally sensible decisions as program director. 3) WMEN-640 hiring Rosenberg. Yes, he talks entirely too much about himself, but his name value, quality guest list, and distinct style have made the station more competitive in mornings in Broward and Palm Beach.

4) The Ticket promoting Marc Hochman and Jonathan Zaslow to do mornings. A more sensible move than hiring out-of-market hosts who don’t know the teams or their audience as well as Hochman and Zaslow. 5) WQAM giving Channing Crowder a full-time gig, alongside Adam Kuperstein. Goldstein (now working mornings at WINZ-940) shouldn’t have been forced to choose between WQAM and doing a TV show with 790’s Jon Weiner. But Crowder – affable, engaging and whimsical – was ready for a larger role. 6) Dolphins adding candid former receiver O.J. McDuffie to their weekday show on WINZ.

### Most revealing use of social media: Giancarlo Stanton, after the Marlins' salary dumping deal with Toronto, tweeting: "Alright, I'm pissed off! Plain and simple." Who can blame him?

### Most regrettable comments by interview subjects: 1) UM defensive lineman Luther Robinson’s father calling Rose’s show to blast Al Golden. Hardly a way to help your son! 2) Then-Marlins pitcher Heath Bell telling Sileo, of Ozzie Guillen: “It’s hard to respect a guy that doesn’t tell you the truth or doesn’t tell you face to face.”

### Most unusual moment: While sitting in the clubhouse in Atlanta, Marlins players – trying to embarrass Bell -- turned up the volume of Le Batard’s live interview of Guillen, who said: “I don’t respect [Bell] as a person.”

### Stand in the corner award: Joe Philbin privately chastising Dolphins beat writers for reporting how many first-team snaps Ryan Tannehill took the week after his October injury.

### Best media rants: Guillen, Guillen and more Guillen, including this on the day he quit Twitter: "Everybody following me can [expletive] his pants. Don't follow me any more. Get a real job, get a life. I don't make money out of that. So many nasty people that don't have nothing better to do. I'm not Kim Kardashian!"

### Most absurd press conference: Chad Johnson's profanity-laced August media briefing - a couple weeks before he was released - in which he spoke of smoking weed and pursuing a porn career.

### Worst mistakes in judgment: 1) Rosenberg’s April drunk-driving incident that left him curled up in the middle of the road and cost him his WQAM job. 2) Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria refusing to explain the team’s payroll slashing to reporters. Great way to further alienate your fan base, Jeffrey!

3) Troy Stradford giving WMEN reason to fire him by complaining, on air, about Rosenberg often continuing his show past 10 a.m., cutting into Stradford’s hours. Even though his anger was justified, Stradford should have shown more self-control because he had been warned not to whine about Sid.

### Most thorough TV sportscasts: Tie between NBC 6 (Joe Rose gives the most coverage to UM and high schools) and WSVN-7 (Steve Shapiro gets the most time for weeknight sports in the market and strikes a good balance between local and national news).

### Most viewer-friendly moves: 1) The Dolphins buying tickets to seven home games to ensure no local TV blackouts. 2) Sun Sports carrying Heat postgame shows after playoff games that aired on other networks. 3) Sun/FSN bolstering Heat and Marlins postgame studio shows.

### Worst programming moves: 1) CBS-4 dropping its Sunday night sports program during the middle of football season. 2) WPLG-10 inexplicably giving very little time to Dolphins highlights or reaction in the first segment of its Sunday night show.



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Miami's defensive tackle situations really worries me.



our former athletic director -- may he rest in peace -- saddled us with this rank amateur ...
and I do mean rank ...
you suck zagacki ...
"uh, um, well"




when every other utterance is uh, um or well ...
you don't belong on the radio ...
let alone the prestigious UM broadcast ...




to whom it may concern ...
next item on the agenda ...
improve our broadcast by ejecting joe sucky zagacki ...
whose halting, mechanical, shrill delivery ...
makes U want to throw your radio out the window ...



To all the Floridud Gators

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Overnight ratings rose for the Sugar Bowl, but remained among the lowest ever for a Bowl Championship Series game.

The Louisville/Florida Sugar Bowl drew a 6.4 overnight rating on ESPN Wednesday night

The 6.4 overnight is the fourth-lowest ever for a Bowl Championship Series game

Locally, the Sugar Bowl drew a 28.4 rating in Louisville — a record for a bowl game on ESPN in the market. For some perspective, Kentucky’s win in the NCAA Tournament national title game drew a 51.1 in the market, and last year’s Kentucky Derby scored a 31.7. Both events aired on broadcast television.
-- smw




Raycom Sports today announced the 2013 debut of the Emmy Award-nominated ACC Network syndicated series, ACC Basketball: Kings of the Court. Each half-hour show goes beyond the game to tell the unique story of a player or coach, and how they made a name for themselves in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

For complete information on the ACC Basketball: Kings of the Court, including airdates and times, station affiliates and platforms, visit theACC.com/kings.

(WFOR CBS Saturday 1/19 at 12n, Saturday 2/16 at 12n)

Raycom is the current syndicated television rightsholder of ACC men’s basketball and football telecasts through 2023.

In a partnership with the ACC, Raycom operates the ACC Network, which distributes ACC content through live television broadcasting, original programming via digital technologies, historical archives, mobile applications, social media, ACC Championship events and the official ACC website.
-- theacc.com




Al Golden appeared on ESPN's "College Football Live" today to talk Hurricane Football and provide analysis of the BCS National Championship game.

Watch the video
- hurricanesports




Al-Quadin Muhammed ... I have no idea who you are... But AWESOME! #TheU
-- MrBill11



Whoever this green guy with his genious irrelevant comments is, please go away. YOU HAVE SOME TYE OF AGENDA OR SOMETHING.
Props to Barry Jackson, main reason why I go online to MH, straight to his column for wanted and breaking info, trhanks BJ, you the man.

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