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Greg Oden to meet with Heat; Dolphins, Canes

Center Greg Oden, who hasn't played in an NBA game since December of 2009 because of knee injuries, is expected to travel to Miami to meet with Heat president Pat Riley in the next week or so, his agent Mike Conley said today.

Conley told me Heat president Pat Riley indicated he is "very interested" in Oden, who doesn't plan to resume his career until the start of next season. He might undergo medical tests during the visit to Miami but won't do any on-court work, Conley said.

The visit is not yet booked but will happen very soon, the agent confirmed. "It will involve talking to Pat and the medical staff to see where Greg is," Conley said.

Conley said the Heat hadn't called him to express interest in Oden until the past couple of weeks. He said the 7-foot Oden is considering four teams and has said several times in the past year that Oden would love to play for the Heat. CBSSports.com reported earlier Tuesday that the Heat and Cleveland are front-runners.

Oden, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2007 draft, has played in only 82 games, producing averages of 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks. He has had multiple knee surgeries, including a microfracture procedure last February.

"Greg can run, shoot, dunk, but we're not allowing him to do certain things," Conley said. "He's taking it slower than in the past. The biggest challenge is not doing too much too soon. In past rehabs, it was a little sore. Now he feels he can do anything. We're telling him not to [do too much]."

Oden is splitting time between Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio, while doing his rehab. "The goal is to start next season" on an NBA roster, Conley said.


A few Monday night quick hits:

### The Reggie Bush camp has found it curious that Miami never conveyed any interest in re-signing him during the final two months of the season or in the couple weeks afterward. After all, Miami approached Brian Hartline and Jake Long during the season and Randy Starks immediately after, though not with the type of offers they’re seeking.

So it’s no surprise CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported today that Bush is “highly unlikely” to return to the Dolphins, though it’s not a certainty.

Bush always intended to test free agency in March, barring the Dolphins making a surprisingly attractive offer. It’s not out of the question Bush could return if nobody offers him a deal similar to the $4.5 million he made this season. From all indications, the Dolphins haven’t ruled it out.

Remember, the Dolphins waited months after the season before making an effort to re-sign Ronnie Brown a few years ago.

But the Dolphins would be fine moving on without Bush and making Lamar Miller their lead running back, with Daniel Thomas and a cheap addition rounding out their stable. Former Notre Dame tailback Jonas Gray, recovered from a knee injury, also will get a look.

### Packers receiver Greg Jennings, a potential Dolphins target (along with Mike Wallace), put his Green Bay house up for sale, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Jennings' sister previously tweeted that he needs to take his talents to South Beach and get paid. But he's 30 and missed eight games this season. In a chat about free agent receivers, Steve Ross reminded that a prominent one was injured last year. (And that would be Jennings.)

### With South Plantation running back Alex Collins not planning to announce his choice until signing day Feb. 6 (among UM, UF, FSU, Arkansas, Wisconsin), the Hurricanes are exploring other options, too.

Canesport.com reported that Staten Island-based running back Augustus Edwards received in-home visits from UM’s Al Golden and FSU’s Jimbo Fisher today, and he will choose one of those schools.

He said FSU is in the lead after his visit to Tallahassee, but UM has a chance to catch up when he visits next weekend. Rivals.com rates the 6-1, 222-pound Edwards as the nation’s No. 1 fullback, but UM is recruiting him as a tailback.

### CBS will regionally televise UM-N.C. State at 4 p.m. Saturday, with part of the country getting Georgetown-St. John’s instead. Miami is 14th, NC State 19th in the new AP poll released today.

This will be UM’s first CBS appearance since the 2008 NCAA Tournament…. Coach Jim Larranaga said on a conference call today that Shane Larkin “is having an all-conference caliber year. He’s good at everything.”

Fox Sports Florida airs Wednesday's UM-Virginia Tech game at 9 p.m., opposite the 8 p.m. Heat-Nets game on ESPN and Sun Sports.

### President Obama, a big basketball fan, was well-prepared for the Heat’s visit to the White House, noting LeBron James “learned some post moves from Hakeem Olajuwon,” that Shane Battier “always has played impeccable defense,” and that Mike Miller “could barely walk” during last year’s Finals. “Mike, you look better now,” Obama said. “You looked like an old man” during the playoffs.

Obama called Dwyane Wade “the heart and soul of this team.”

### Players had a blast on Twitter during and after the visit. Battier tweeted a Presidential-type picture of himself behind a podium, making a Bill Clintonesque hand gesture. James tweeted a picture of himself and Wade standing next to a portrait of Clinton.

James tweeted: “A kid with a dream from Akron, Ohio. Now chopping it up with the Prez. Life is good.” James tweeted a picture of himself and Miller in a spirited conversation: “Me and Mike Miller going over a Master plan in the library at the White House.”

Pat Riley didn’t make the trip because the Heat said he was suffering from the flu.


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I don't know how these college coaches can get the right kids to join their team with so many of these kids waiting till the last possible minute to commit. It's the nature of the beast. The media has glorified these high school kids so much it's no wonder they all think they are god like. I guess they might as well enjoy it because the party is really over when they arrive on campus and find out they are just freshman fighting for their football lives. Take a # guys and move to the back of the line.

Reality Bites

You are right cane fan however by this late date most schools have nailed down their classes and are just looking to add some gravy on top of what they alresdy have. Except for your Miami canes. They barely have 3 or 4 good recruits in the fold and are desperate to land a few more to save their season. It's down to the wire, it's do or die for the Miami canes. How exciting!


Daniel Thomas is awful.


Your reality probably does bite...Sad to live a life so miserable,just go ahead and kill yourself already.53 year old virgin much...

G Money

Miami has a nice class, with a last minute push it can become an outstanding class. I wish they didn't have to wait until signing day for some of these guys, however this system has just evolved to this type of behavior.


Lamar Miller + Daniel Thomas = worst running game in the league, lowest yards per game in the league, lowest yard per carry in the league.

Two very pedestrian backs. Absolutely nothing special with either of them. I cannot for the life of me understand what the Fins are thinking here. If they think there is enough talent in between those 2 players, they'll be very disappointed... as will we.


sflafan, really why would you say that. How do you know that, what reason would you give. Ahhhhh, you're just guessing. Let's see Miller 5'11" 220, with sub 4.4 speed and a 4.9 yard/carry. Lowest yard/carry in the league huh. I see you know what you're talking about. Thomas his first 2 games as a Dolphin were for 200 yards. Granted injured much of his 1st 2 years, but when healthy 6'1" 233 with speed, he's not bad as well. You're a typical SoFla fan, a know nothing.


you writers are funny sometimes in your use of words....using the word "stable" to describe the Fins running back roster. Please! "Stable" conjures up the image of thoroughbreds, athletic, imposing beasts, chomping at the opportunity to break out and run over everybody. Just saying "roster" would have been harmless enough but if we have to color things up? I think a more accurate one would have been "dog pound". There's no back on this roster, thanks to head dog-pound operator Jeff Ireland, that makes AFC defensive coordinators squirm. In fact, a quick mental run down of the club's roster, on both sides of the ball, there's no one that puts fear in an opponent and worse, hope for us fans. So, in the future, let's call it what it is, or better yet just dumb it down. It's embarrasing.

Jo jo

Yes the Canes will need a strong finish to close with a few real good recruits.Hopefully they get Coley but Alex is a toss-up as is that highly touted LB also looking at FSU.The others seem to hold Miami in high regard except Bryant.I absolutely do not see Bryant wanting to become a Cane.Looks like he doesn t want/like the pressure to excell.At least that s my take on his quietness with the U.Coley is a big need/get if it happens.Canes can live do fine with any others but Coley is just the No 1 target to me.GO CANES.

sad times

Your reality is reading every article and blog post written on a team your team has played once every five years for the past quarter century.



Hey Barry, have you heard about this? Any truth to it? I saw colleague Joseph goodman post on twitter. Baseball is a mess, no wonder nobody is getting voted into HOF. Thanks.


Carrermia I'm sure you didn't know this when you listed but the Fins D 7th in the NFL in scoring defense with an average of 19.8 point/game scored against them so I bet one or 2 D coordinators were up at night worried about how they were going to score. They were also 7th in sack so a QB or 2 might have been worried about being sacked. Again just because YOU haven't heard of the RB's doesn't mean they aren't good. The 2 RB's available would do as well or better than this year. They both have more power than Reggie Bush, and Miller has more speed. But YOU wouldn't know that would you. Another know nothing showing his ignorance.


Would love to Bush back but we ok without him with LM and DT, plus Thigpen can play back up or slot. Not worried about running game so much. We need speed on the outside and at TE more urgently. I would not mind patient approach and draft 2 WR guys and top TE prospect in top 3 rounds instead of FA. Ain't going to Sb next year so let's solidify our roster for years to come you never know we may get a DWade type youngster who is difference maker as rook, but FAs are an expensive crapshoot.

Reality Bites

Miami is the only school that has to wait until the very end to find out if their recruiting is a success or not. The kids they need are looking at other schools that already have impressive classes under their belts.
Better close some of these last minute undecided kids, too bad you don't have someone to help you seal the deal like in the good old days.


Is Reality Bites kidding?? We don't have anyone to seal the deal??? What a hater must be a Gator. Our class this year is good and may be great come NSD.
Golden, Coley, and Mario can seal the deal for real my friend. Stay tuned as the cards fall in place one by one hater.



I’ve long said that if all of the conferences could negotiate their TV deals at the same time today, the ACC would be #3 behind the SEC and Big Ten. The ACC is behind the Pac-12 and Big 12 in terms of TV money solely because of timing, where the ACC signed its deal before the current sports TV rights boom while the Pac-12 and Big 12 simply lucked into getting to go to the open market at a later date.
– frank the tank

“We will renegotiate our television contract with ESPN and we’ve already begun those discussions,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said. “Obviously beforehand we had already done some analysis as far as what impact that Notre Dame’s involvement with our league would have on that agreement and we exepct that to be a positive one.”

As for that timeline?

“I’m not sure negotiations on television ever happen as quickly as you think they will,” Swofford said, “but I would not anticipate that would be a long, drawn-out affair.”
– chicago tribune




The ACC and Big 12 both make about the same amount per year in TV revenue — $19.8 million for the Big 12, $19.5 million for the ACC. (That is strictly TV revenue and does not include other payouts.)
– dennis dodd

It was rumored that the ACC deal was increased when Notre Dame agreed to join and play 5 football games, and the rumored amount was $19 million/year per team. So this is consistent.
– Hokie Mark



ACC Winter Meetings tomorrow in Ft Lauderdale!

The usual will be done, finalizing schedules, talking about integrating ND, Louisville, SU,and Pitt into the league, here are a couple of things that are supposedly coming up

Most important: Maryland’s Exit fee
1. Notre Dame is supposed to give decision on whether it is coming in 2013 or 2014 for bball this week to the ACC.
2. A discussion for a ND 6th game. (Would mean play Pitt & BC annually, no stoppage)
3. A discussion of realigning divisions, Virginia not happy with rival being Louisville.
4. Big 12 Alliance
5. ACC Network
6. Realignment, see if everyones committed, listen to suggestions.
– westmc9th




Miami Hurricanes’ new football locker room inside Schwartz Center is nearing completion.
-- hurricanesports



Oden should get Ray Lewis' number to get info about the effects of deer antler.

Reality Bites

Marios, the closer we be talking about was Uncle Luke and Lil Luke after him, if you know what I mean.
Your class this year has only 5 players of any value:
Muhammad and Olson
And Olson is suspect judged by his recent Under Armour fiasco.
5 players when everyone else has double digits is not good.
You desperately need several of the undecideds to stay home just to try and keep up.
No wonder you need so many "recruiters" like
Mario, Coley Golden Boy and company. Too bad all they could get was 5 players, there is still time to get a few more. But you will still be far behind all your rivals.

Jo jo

Reality Bites is getting scared.The U is on the rise again and he and everyone knows it.We ll get 2 or 3 good picks yet.Next year....watch out because Canes will be very popular again.Once the NCAA is through ...it s back to getting top players again for years and years.Keep hoping and hating but U can t stop Miami.THAT is REALITY.Too funny.


The Dolphins will release the right runner and sign the wrong receiver. The Heat will somehow make an 'never-ran' an 'in-the-running'. Alex Collins needs a 'slap-upside-the-head visit from Ray Lewis - he should be ashamed of himself. Canes B-Ball is always impressive until everyone pays attention. Panthers are up to their old tricks and, as usual, are nowhere to be found on the local news landscape. BOYCOT THE MARLINS!


Hey Green... That locker room is a joke. You should see UF's, heck even FIU and FAU have a pimper locker room. Oh wait, that's because all of those locker rooms are housed in on campus stadiums.


Get a life Quijote

Hey Quijote, that athletic center costs more than the brand new one Alabama's building and will be done first.

FIU changes in the men's room of a Burger King down the road.

Miserable troll.

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