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Good news for Panthers fans; Reaction to latest Heat loss; UM's proposed capacity reduction

### Good news for Panthers fans: Fox told us Tuesday that the network and Panthers have decided to air all 48 regular-season games in this lockout shortened season. Forty-two will air on FS-Florida, the other six on Sun Sports.

NBC and NBC Sports Network did not include their Panthers in their TV schedule released Monday. The Panthers open Saturday against visiting Carolina.

### How odd was it to see Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the bench down the stretch of the Heat's 104-97 loss at Utah on Monday?

Erik Spoelstra stuck with the lineup that helped Miami rally from a big deficit: LeBron James, Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Joel Anthony and Rashard Lewis, who was taken out of mothballs.

Bosh didn't play in the fourth quarter until the final minute. Wade didn't play at all in the fourth, a quarter when Miami outscored the Jazz, 32-20.

Did Wade, who closed with 11 points in 29 minutes, expect to go back in the game? "I don't know," he said. "I always stay ready.... Coach makes the calls. I'm just a player."

And Bosh? "I was ready for it, but the call didn't come."

Of his decision not to re-insert Wade or Bosh late, Spoelstra admitted: "I'll probably be thinking about that on the flight" to Oakland for Wednesday's game against Golden State.

Bosh had 16 points but just one rebound in 27 minutes -- unacceptable on a night Miami was again pounded on the  boards (40-23). 

Bosh had a curious take after the game: "Sometimes I have to compete with my guy for a rebound," he said. "Sometimes I have to beat my own teammate to it."

Then he added: "Sometimes I just get beat. I'm human."

James, who scored 32 points in 45 minutes, blamed the loss on "low energy to start the game and low energy to the start the third quarter."

Spoelstra is starting to sound like a broken record after these road losses, the latest of which dropped the Heat to 8-9 away from home. "Everyone - staff, players - has to give more," he said. "They got so many easy baskets, jumpers with no one near them."


For an overview of the Dolphins' stadium proposal, see our story on the home page. Here are some other developments to emerge from a meeting that stadium, UM and Dolphins officials had with Herald writers and editors:

### The University of Miami plans to reduce capacity for many of its football games at Sun Life Stadium if proposed stadium “modernization” goes forward, athletic director Blake James said Monday.

Under the proposal, capacity for UM games would be 72,000 for marquee games, but 52,000 for other games, James said. That reduction can be achieved by closing off upper end zone seats with tarps, according to Dolphins chief executive officer Mike Dee.

James and UM officials are enthusiastic about the proposed changes, which could go into effect for the 2015 season, because there will be 3700 additional lower bowl seats between the goal lines, and some sideline seats will be moved closer to the field.

Sun Life Stadium has never matched the intimacy of the Orange Bowl, but UM believes the changes will help.

They “get fans closer,” James said. “It’s great for our program. It will create a winning environment.”

The announced average attendance for UM’s six home games last season was 54,252 – a number driven up by an excellent crowd for the Florida State game (73,328) and a good turnout for the North Carolina game (58,954).

Each of the four other games had announced crowds between 37,219 (for the Thursday night Virginia Tech game) and 39,435 (for Bethune-Cookman).

### Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was asked how the Dolphins’ plea for public money will differ from the Marlins’ when they were pursuing a new ballpark.

Ross pointed out that he would contribute more than half of the $400 million cost, whereas the Marlins paid for $160 million of their $515 million ballpark.

The Dolphins also will need funding from a hotel tax and a state sales tax rebate, both of which would need government approval.

He also said the Dolphins would hire mostly local workers for construction. But the Marlins also did that; 61 percent of the workers on the project were from Miami-Dade.

And unlike the Marlins, Ross said he would be willing to make available his team’s financial records. “You can look at them,” he said. “We believe in transparency. When you open it up, you get a lot more accomplished in life…. I told the NFL they should have opened their books.”

Ross said the Dolphins are modestly profitable.

### Asked how anger about the Marlins’ payroll-purging could hurt the Dolphins’ efforts, Ross said: “I don’t know what they’re doing… I’m creating a winning football franchise.”

Dee cracked: “I’m not going to use the name of the ballpark to the south” – referring to Marlins Park. He added, of the Marlins: “We’re aware of the angst that exists. We have to let our actions speak louder than words.”

### If the stadium modernization goes forward, the Dolphins will add a general admission bar on the south side, using empty office space that was previously used by the Marlins.

### Ross said he’s waiting to see if this project will go forward before deciding whether to proceed with longstanding plans for a water park across from Sun Life Stadium. “We’ll look into the water park [regardless], but it’s best to do it together,” he said.

### As predictable as the sun rising: Norman Braman is against the Dolphins getting public money. "If he's looking out for the community, he should embrace it," Ross said. Of Braman's history of opposing use of public money on stadiums, Ross said: "I don't know if it's sour grapes."

### Among Ross’ messages to The Herald editorial board: “Not to have a first-class stadium would be crazy. We have to act like a first-class city.”


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bosh is so soft great shooter
please bvench haslem his prodution not worthy of all these minutes
anybody could have coached the heat last year
d wade not as explosive anymore
heat need to shake up roster soon


No way! No public funds for that proposed monstrosity. Let me get this straight. The Dolphins' brain (mis) trust wants taxpayer money to build an ugly soccer stadium? Yes, that's what it looks like. No chance. I'll hit the picket lines with Norman to fight this. These guys are clueless. These proposed updates still don't fix the problem: it's a horrible franchise playing in a multipurpose stadium that may be good for soccer only.


Hey, anything that lessens the amount of people disguised as empty seats will improve the overall look by producing a more filled stadium. Especially good is bringing seats closer to the playing field. This will create more of a home field advqntage


They're proposing moving the seats 18 feet closer to the sidelines. That's a drop in the bucket. You'd have to move the stands 20 yards closer for it to look anything like a real football stadium. 18 feet is an example of how clueless these people are.

Miami Penguin

I don't know what to think of public financing, but certainly am glad to hear that Ross will open his books. Still am angry that the Marlins got their money without full disclosure.

Also, Mr. Braman: please run for office, if you want to control what's happening around here. You have too much money to claim that you are just Joe Citizen.


I have one thing to say about these stadium deals with the Marlins and now the Dolphins. If they get public money to run their business, then the county needs to get a SHARE OF THE PROFITS. Everybody wins!!!


I Agree the seats can be moved a lot closer than 18 feet..


the heat's in trouble


spos post game bs we heave to give more we have to won it bs bs just get some brothers that want to grab a damn rebound the difference in second chance points is killing the heat
ud your done dont u c that spo u need to bench this scrub
hey joel practice on grabbing the rebound and not fumbling it away but at least u give it your all unlike christina and diva wade
lebron your on your own some nights u are the best but no way u can get a ring with these players make a trade pat or else lbj is gone soon


No way public funds should be used. We, the public, were lied to by the sick fish and the city. The Orange Bowl should have been upgraded, the sick fish should have built their stadium by the cruise port, and the dumbfins should have upgraded their stadium long ago. Spending public funds on another stadium is out of the question, especially when our teachers, police and fire personel are underpaid, and we have veterans living on the streets. And as a Cane, no matter what they do to that dump in north dade it will never compare to the OB and it will never be our "home", we will always play second fiddle to the dumbfins. Just say NO to using public funds to help a multi millionaire upgrade his dump of a stadium.

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team



Dade County needs first class schools & I don't see Ross helping on that issue! Worst case scenario the Dolphins move! WHO CARES!!!!!


Agree with Andy's post. Diva Wade! Temper tantrums at officials, doesn't shoot enough .......Trade this over rated , over the hill former superstar.

Mr. B

I'm a sports fan and I'm also a member of the community that sees the amount of jobs the stadium provides, benefited from the financial boosts the large events provide, as well as reveled in the excitement of the lage events. The financing the government provides is not coming directly from my pocket. I'm all for it. Let's get it done. It's not as if this is something that is out of the ordinary, it's something that a part of the landscape of major cities and metropolitan areas, in this country and around the world.


I love when you people say "no public funds" for the renovation of the stadium...first of all, the hotel taxes that would cover what Ross needs (he's already pledged to pay, on his own, for more than half of the cost).

So, you say "NO PUBLIC FUNDS" - OK, hotel taxes are public funds...do ANY OF YOU have any idea what so ever how many hundreds of millions of $$$$'s a SUPER BOWL brings to Miami in one week (Super Bowl week)?

You say "no public funds" as if you KNOW WHERE THE HOTEL TAXES ARE GOING if not for the stadium.

Some of you people really make me laugh.

We've had a FREE STADIUM (Joe Robbie built this stadium without any help from the public) for over 30 years now.

Also, YOU MIAMI SPORTS FANS want a FREE STADIUM, and don't want to pay to help keep it renovated....you ONLY FOLLOW YOUR TEAMS when they're winning or in the playoffs, for the most part.

So, look at what that says about South Florida's lame fans....."I WANT A STADIUM THAT I DON'T HAVE TO PAY A DIME FOR" and "I'LL ONLY GO TO THAT STADIUM IF OUR TEAMS ARE WINNING" - you F**KING MORONS, all of you who are bandwagon, fair weather fans....ONE would think that being fair weather fans, you would welcome the renovation, being that the roof will keep you FAIR WEATHER AS*ES from the rain and sun!

I support Ross and what he's trying to do...I hope he gets his hotel tax $$$ so we can continue to host Super Bowls, continue to have a nice stadium to go to see our teams in (unlike how the Orange Bowl, may it rest in peace, was ALLOWED TO DETERIORATE so badly over the years). I BACK ROSS and THE DOLPHINS and CANES 100%....fix up the stadium, and let's move on.

The rest of you cheat bast*rds who don't want the hotel tax to go toward this - tell me, do you know where the hotel taxes go to ON A WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or YEARLY BASIS anyway? Chances are, NO....so, shut the F**K UP!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Better to stay quiet and let people think you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Of course anyone with a brain can find out what the hotel tax is and where it goes (6% collected by Miami-Dade - 3% to Convention development, 1% to Professional Sports Facility, 2% to Tourist Development (of which 60% goes to the convention center and visitors bureau, 20% goes to the department of cultural affairs, and 20% goes to the City of Miami general fund).

The "hotel tax' isn't some mysterious entity, and what the Dolphins are proposing is another tax ON TOP of what already exists above.

Hotel owners obviously don't want it, it's bad for business. I think it has a chance of passing but only a slight chance.

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team

Yes, Gary, Cause The Coach Doesn't Make The Decisions!!

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team

Phil Jackson Is Available!!

Heck, Ask Pat Riley!! To Come Back To The Court!!

Hire A Van Gundy!! Hire BOTH!!


LT. LOIS: 60% to the CONVENTION CENTER (which convention center would that be?)....20% to the Dept. OF CULTURAL AFFAIRS (sounds really good...is that to teach foreigners to speak ENGLISH for free?)...now, DRUM ROLL......20% to the City of Miami "GENERAL FUND" - exactly which crooked politician's pocket is that GENERAL FUND found?!!

I'd rather see Miami move forward with a state of the art stadium that will host so many events that will SPILL MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO THE ECONOMY (especially with the Super Bowl), then to think to myself the NUMBERS THAT YOU'VE SUPPLIED US WITH...the CONVENTION CENTER...THE DEPT. OF CULTURAL AFFAIRS (is that to build more Spanish-only billboards up and down the Palmetto Expressway) and the BIG ONE: The City of Miami, South America "GENERAL FUND" - thanks for confirming what I was trying to say about people knowing what REALLY HAPPENS to TOURIST TAX/HOTEL TAX monies...........Now, I REALLY want the stadium fixed, at least when it's all said and done, we'll have a "like new" stadium....problem is, MIAMI'S MESSED UP RESIDENTS, most who couldn't "cut it" back in their countries, try to act as though they know what's best for things here in Miami........which has slowly turned into so South American slum city due to crooked politicians, police departments, and misuse of monies (going down deep pockets)

THANK YOU AGAIN for CONFIRMING the FACT that I will support the renovations to the stadium which none of us had to pay a penny for to have built.

People want things, but want them for free....gee, that's nice in a MAKE BELIEVE WORLD....not here!


Lt. Lois Einhorn

Which convention center? Have you ever been to Miami?

"Teach foreigners to speak ENGLISH"?

F*ck off you racist prick.

Canada Mike

They “get fans closer,” James said. “It’s great for our program. It will create a winning environment.”.... eeeehhh... WINNING creates a winning environment.


Truth is, Wade can be undisciplined at times and Bosh is not a physical player. Wade can overcome this because he is supremely talented, but he should know better than to take a shot he NORMALLY MISSES when his team is down and trying for a comeback. Bosh needs to get in the weight room - plain and simple. A team with this many dynamic finishers should not be taking 10 free throws in a game. Drive the lane, make them foul you. Even if you miss BOTH free throws, it typically puts the other team's bigs in trouble and they have to be subbed out. Would rebounding against 2nd and 3rd teamers be easier? Why not give it a shot and find out!

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