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WQAM suspends Sileo; Heat parts ways with player; Marlins add another 3B; UM

A quick Saturday update:

WQAM-560 has suspended host Dan Sileo for two days in the wake of a series of sexist insults delivered, via Twitter, to Fox broadcaster Erin Andrews.

Sileo's shots at Andrews began Thursday evening when he was commenting about media coverage of the Manti Te'o story: "Media's funny on how the Te'o story was so NOT covered right by the media. Well, when bimbos like Erin Andrews."

Andrews responded, via Twitter: "So funny, because I never worked a Notre Dame game. Not sure how I could have covered it. Blame it on someone else."

Sileo then told Andrews, among other things, to "make me dinner, bake me a cake" and "go cover a cat show." He also tweeted: "I have no respect for her. Worst sports reporter chick in sports." 

Sileo, who already had angered WQAM management with the initial tweets, made the situation even worse by then tweeting on Thursday evening: "Love Erin Andrews either naked or in a porn. Not at a sports desk."

In March 2010, Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison for filming Andrews through peepholes at hotels in Nashville, Tenn., and Milwaukee. One of those videos, showing Andrews naked, was posted on the Internet and went viral.

Sileo on Saturday tweeted: "Wanted to apologize [for] the peephole and porn stuff. Whatever I think of ur work... not cool. I have a daughter."

WQAM declined to comment on the suspension, which was justified. He will miss his 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. show on Monday and Tuesday.

### The Heat and center Josh Harrellson have decided to part ways after the expiration of his 10-day contract today. "It's best for both sides that Josh look at other options," agent Merle Scott said. "The Heat believes it needs something different than what Josh can offer. The door hasn't been closed on a return down the road."

Harrellson was released earlier this month so the Heat could avoid guaranteeing his contract for the remainder of the season. He was re-signed to a 10-day contract last week. The Heat could have signed him to another 10-day contract, but not a third, before deciding whether to sign him for the rest of the season.

Jarvis Varnado's first 10-day contract with the Heat also is expiring.

### The Marlins signed former Astros third baseman Matt Downs to a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Downs, who can play all four infield spots and also has logged time in the outfield, will compete for a backup infield job.

Downs hit .230 in four seasons for Houston, including .202 with 8 homers and 16 RBI in 91 games last season. But he did hit .276 with 10 homers and 41 RBI in 2011.

### For an update on Jedd Fisch's departure and a big recruiting weekend for UM, please see our last post.



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H Gui

sileo is mostly right , though he did go overboard, im tried of these chick reporters who dont really knw much like andrews but get the job over a man who knows sports because we want more women in media positions. Enough is enough.

Lt. Lois Einhorn


Don't even care about what he said, he's an idiot, not entertaining, and no one likes him.


Sileo is the definition of an assclown


definition #3 ^^^^


He's a horrible sports talk show host. I listen to WQAM all day, except for 10 - 1. I'm sure WQAM can easily find another former Cane player who would be a LOT better. Heck, give Crowder that slot - he's doing a great job in the 1- 3 slot.


barry you seem to have a problem with Dan Sileo who I happen to like you wrote the story about him over the holidays leaving out a few facts he went over when he came back that Monday. He doesn't need me to defend him but he adds more than WQAM has and he speaks the truth without sugar coating it. something the soflo sports fan just can't handle.

To the poster who mentioned Crowder you have got to be kidding and I am a huge Dolphan since 71..... Kup makes that show go.

Barry Jackson

Chevysales: Sileo is passionate as a host, but he has a bad habit of speaking before he thinks -- like in this case, where calling Andrews a 'bimbo' and sending some of the follow-up tweets was mean-spirited, demeaning and the epitome of poor judgment. And when he makes comments such as Miami should never throw the ball to Phillip Dorsett again, that's simply foolish.

Not sure what facts I left out about him not being on the UM postgame show any more. WQAM said he was informed he would not be on the UM postgame show anymore. WQAM said after being informed, he received permission to do a weekend show on a Boston station. That's the extent of the facts in that story. It's pretty simple.


SILEO: I'd like to pat myself on the back a bit! I'd like to think that I, and perhaps a few other South Florida residents and Cane alumni had something to do with the Sileo suspension. And I urge others who are just as worn out and embarrassed by him, to be vocal about it. He must be policed! After his tweets this past week, I wrote Jorge Sedano and mentioned that Sileo is an embarrassment to WQAM, to the University of Miami, to all Miami alumni (like myself), and to the "U". Just because you played football at the U, does NOT make you a "Cane". And his misogynistic comments about Andrews were uncalled for and out of the blue. I pleaded with Sedano to suspend him. I told Sedano that it didn't matter how long, but that he be suspended, and that it be made public that he was being suspended for his comments towards Andrews. KUDOS TO YOU JORGE SEDANO AND WQAM for doing the right thing. If I am going to critique one of your hosts, I will also publicly applaud you when you do the right thing. And my last comment was that I believe that this is STRIKE 2 on Sileo. He has embarrassed the station and the "U" (which unfortunately he is tied to) on a national level, on 2 occassions. In my not so humble opinion, ONE MORE STRIKE AND HE SHOLD BE FIRED! I have NO love for the Sileo's of the world and his ilk. Mean spirited bullies. If I am a very, very miniscule yet active participant in an attempt to "reign him in" a bit, then I'll be happy. If that leads to his ultimate demise as a radio host in South Florida, my conscience will be clear, as I know he will have brought it upon himself.


One LAST comment on the Sileo matter. I "respect" any opinion Mr. Sileo, and another other person may have about Erin Andrews abilities, talents and qualifications as a sports reporter. What I don't respect is when a negative opinion is expressed in a boorish, abusive and/or demeaning manner to any person whose actions do not warrant such disrespect. I don't know of any other local host right now who behaves in this manner. Let's face it, the days of Hank Goldberg are over.


Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Sileo. He has a history of this kind of rhetoric. He really is a pig. UM or not. He is nauseating. Was glad to see him removed from the Orlando market and was sorry to see him end up in Miami a few years later. It's only a matter of time


No, I'm not kidding about Crowder. My point is that he would be way better than Sileo. Pair Crowder with Steve White or Curtis and the show will be very good. And Kup can work with anyone and that show would still be very entertaining because I agree that Kup is a great talent. I'm glad Sileo was taken off of the Canes' post game show. Now he should be taken off of WQAM for good. Next up - get rid of Lou Holtz from ESPN's college football show!


Sileo sucks


Get rid of this wannabe football star.He thinks he's in the class with the REAL UM legends,he's nothing but a classless,rude and totally unprepared horse' behind!


Fire Sileo!


Silly-o has energy Im not sure whats "good" about it though. QAM should fire him and move on

John Renshaw

Put John Renshaw on instead.

Brandon Guzio's grandma

Put Brandon Guzio on instead.


Only 2 days? For being a pig, mean, and embarassing the station again? Does he have Sid's agent?
He's a moron. I'm a huge Cane fan dating back to the 80's but never remember him making any significant plays. He talks like he was one of the great ones and like he actually had respectable pro career.


Well Said Marios


Give the slot to NoSuch Dame's AD Swarbuck, he can spin a tall Te'o, and show emotion over a fake girlfriend who has died and left poor Mant'i a laughing stock and the butt of thousands of jokes!


sflafan, Sileo needs to work on his craft more than Erin Andrews ever needs to. Every story Sileo comments about he get part or all the fact wrong. Whether it be Manti Te'o, or the money to renovate Sun Life Stadium he gets the facts WRONG. And aren't small details, but very important facts that paint the story. I'm amazed that he would call into question anyone's ability to report a story when he can't. As for being a U alum, that's a bunch of BS. Sileo was born in Stamford CT, and attended the U of Maryland his freshman season, he lost his scholarship there when he tossed a student out of a window in a rage. After that he transferred to the U and played one (1) season. His NFL career was limited to one season with the Tampa Bay Bucs. He's not as good as he thinks he is. Oh right, he was invite to preseason camp with the Cowboys and the Lions, but did not make either squad. In 1992 Sileo was vote the worst draft pick in the history of the Tampa Bay Bucs by Bucnation.com. So there you have it, a no talent never was.


Marios, good post, but his pro career consisted all of one season and I think 5 or 6 games.

Diamond Joe

Meanwhile, in Philly, a sports radio host also trashed Erin Andrews on the air yesterday. If Sileo is sidelined for a couple of days, I wonder what fate awaits Eskin - both he and Andrews are Fox employees (he's the sports anchor for the Fox O&O in Philly).


Andrews is terrible. Nothing to do with the video. She just flat out sucks and continues to be employed because she's tall, blonde and has big boobs. While I don't condone the manner in which these guys have stated that, they aren't incorrect in saying she's awful and that video helped her career.

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