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WQAM suspends Sileo; Heat parts ways with player; Marlins add another 3B; UM

A quick Saturday update:

WQAM-560 has suspended host Dan Sileo for two days in the wake of a series of sexist insults delivered, via Twitter, to Fox broadcaster Erin Andrews.

Sileo's shots at Andrews began Thursday evening when he was commenting about media coverage of the Manti Te'o story: "Media's funny on how the Te'o story was so NOT covered right by the media. Well, when bimbos like Erin Andrews."

Andrews responded, via Twitter: "So funny, because I never worked a Notre Dame game. Not sure how I could have covered it. Blame it on someone else."

Sileo then told Andrews, among other things, to "make me dinner, bake me a cake" and "go cover a cat show." He also tweeted: "I have no respect for her. Worst sports reporter chick in sports." 

Sileo, who already had angered WQAM management with the initial tweets, made the situation even worse by then tweeting on Thursday evening: "Love Erin Andrews either naked or in a porn. Not at a sports desk."

In March 2010, Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison for filming Andrews through peepholes at hotels in Nashville, Tenn., and Milwaukee. One of those videos, showing Andrews naked, was posted on the Internet and went viral.

Sileo on Saturday tweeted: "Wanted to apologize [for] the peephole and porn stuff. Whatever I think of ur work... not cool. I have a daughter."

WQAM declined to comment on the suspension, which was justified. He will miss his 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. show on Monday and Tuesday.

### The Heat and center Josh Harrellson have decided to part ways after the expiration of his 10-day contract today. "It's best for both sides that Josh look at other options," agent Merle Scott said. "The Heat believes it needs something different than what Josh can offer. The door hasn't been closed on a return down the road."

Harrellson was released earlier this month so the Heat could avoid guaranteeing his contract for the remainder of the season. He was re-signed to a 10-day contract last week. The Heat could have signed him to another 10-day contract, but not a third, before deciding whether to sign him for the rest of the season.

Jarvis Varnado's first 10-day contract with the Heat also is expiring.

### The Marlins signed former Astros third baseman Matt Downs to a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Downs, who can play all four infield spots and also has logged time in the outfield, will compete for a backup infield job.

Downs hit .230 in four seasons for Houston, including .202 with 8 homers and 16 RBI in 91 games last season. But he did hit .276 with 10 homers and 41 RBI in 2011.

### For an update on Jedd Fisch's departure and a big recruiting weekend for UM, please see our last post.



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Sileo's idiot antics, sadly, are not only normal in the cesspool of sports-talk radio, but as you can see in this comment thread, his ilk cultivates a following who believe that spewing untreated sewage = "speaking the unvarnished truth."

The entire sports world keeps getting dragged down by the endless desire for talking heads to chew up hours of air time, saying nothing but saying it as loudly as possible. WQAM in the end is responsible -- they hired Sileo, put up with everything up to that point, and now slap him on the wrist in a press release designed to get them a future ratings bump.

For the love of God, stop the cycle.


Great now I can listen to WQAM on those 2 days without listening to that jerk. I don't know how good she is, but, this was a typical Sileo rant to attract attention on himself. I listen to WQAM for most shows but I turn to another channel when he comes on. Even IF Andrews is terrible, and I say IF, she could never be as bad as Sileo.


Erin Andrews is ATROCIOUS! One of the worst hosts ever. Way in over her head. To the person that is "sflafan" your welcome to your opininion. My opinion is you take this stuff way too seriously , it's entertainment! Hank Goldberg used to say some of the nastiest things also. Maybe you dont remember. Sileo is entertaining and not boring like Steve Goldstein, Joe Zagacki, etc. I'm a UM grad , but not a UM shill. I love that he speaks up. Everyone on QAM is afraid to.

Jo jo

As a player I liked Sileo at UM.At Tampa I was surprised when he was fired.Listening to him a few times in the past few months was ok.He s passionate.Sometimes get crude.Now,,,though....as an Alum of Miami...he doesn t act like an educated person and has been embarrassing as a public supporter of the Hurricanes.Erin Andrews is ok as a sports TV personality.Doesn t offend me and it s a man and woman world now folks.Sileo went way too far and has acted with no class....borderline scumbag.Very surprising and I don t respect people who disrespect others in so offensive a manner.I m a married guy with 2 kids and he s a family guy too supposedly.HE doesn t respect women and leads a poor example as a real man to me.Doubt I ll listen in to him much longer.


Sileo is an obnoxious radio bully. I used to listen to him in Tampa until I couldn't take his nonsense anymore. The guy is a clown. His replacements are so much better. Glad he's gone. This latest incident doesn't surprise me at all.


Sileo rules you guys are too sensitive

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