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2 p.m. update: Mixed UM recruiting news; Big name rebuffed trying to buy Marlins; Heat, Fins

The Wednesday buzz is below, with some surprising Marlins news and more. First, a quick Wednesday morning UM recruiting update: Staten Island-based running back Augustus Edwards picked UM over FSU, lessening the blow of Alex Collins choosing Arkansas.... But Port St. Lucie defensive tackle Jaynard Bostwick chose UF over UM. That's a setback in the wake of junior college defensive tackle Terrell Brooks choosing Baylor over UM Tuesday night.... Another UM disappointment came at 9:15 Wednesday morning, when linebacker Matthew Thomas chose FSU.... Minutes later, Thomas' Booker T. Washington teammate, offensive tackle Denver Kirkland, chose Arkansas over FSU and UM.... But UM got good news when Oakland Park Northeast receiver Stacy Coley announced at 11:07 a.m. that he will be attending UM.... More good news came three hours later, when Miramar linebacker Jermaine Grace committed to Miami... But Keith Bryant's family said he will pick FSU, leaving UM without any of the defensive tackles it targeted the past couple weeks.



Owner Jeffrey Loria, in recent months, has rejected overtures from a half dozen people who expressed interest in buying the Marlins, including one of South Florida’s most famous residents: Former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

According to a source, Bush made a “large offer” to buy the team this offseason, but Loria told him he’s not selling. A second source said Bush had put together a group of wealthy investors, with Venezuelan media mogul Gustavo Cisneros among possibilities mentioned. Cisneros declined to discuss the Marlins in an e-mail.

Bush -- who was governor from 1999 to 2007 and now runs an education advocacy group, consults and gives speeches – refused to discuss the matter or confirm whether he would have been Marlins CEO and managing partner if Loria had agreed to sell. Managing partner was the title his brother, George W. Bush, held when he co-owned the Texas Rangers before he was elected President.

MLB rules would have allowed Jeb Bush to become Marlins managing partner even if he owned only a small percentage.

Loria, 72, theoretically would have more incentive to sell after 2014, when he no longer would need to share profits with Miami-Dade County. But a friend of Loria insists that barring a health problem or change of heart, he does not want to sell because he loves owning a team.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has explored buying a baseball team, e-mailed that he hasn’t inquired about the Marlins and doesn’t plan to.

A longtime official in MLB’s offices said MLB always has hoped the Marlins would someday have an owner with deeper pockets than Loria.


### The good news on Chris Bosh: Nobody in the NBA (minimum 10 attempts) has shot nearly as well in the last five minutes of close games, with Bosh now an incredible 18 for 21 from the field. The bad news: Bosh already has 14 games with four or fewer rebounds, and just 15 in the last four. His rebound average has sunk to a career-low 7.1.

Bosh has a theory: “Guys I’m defending are a lot bigger than me and I’m putting myself in position to take them off the boards. And you aren’t in position to get the ball a lot when you’re doing that.”

### Puzzling: Players that Udonis Haslem is guarding are shooting 49.2 percent, which synergysports.com calls “poor” and far worse than throughout his career, including 35.6 last year. For perspective, this season opponents shoot 43.1 against Bosh, 36 against Joel Anthony and 35.1 against Shane Battier.

### Offensive tackle Denver Kirkland said UM coach Al Golden called to apologize for revoking his scholarship offer before reinstating it two days later and that he’s again considering UM, FSU and others, a Booker T. Washington official who spoke to him said Tuesday. He announces at 9:20 a.m. Wednesday.  

### Though UM hopes to add a few local stars on National Signing Day, UM entered Wednesday with as many players from Nigeria as Miami-Dade (Artie Burns, Jamal Carter).

“Miami could have used [University School defensive tackle and LSU commit] Maquedius Bain [and South Plantation running back and Arkansas-bound Alex Collins], but there was a big drop-off in local talent this year,” recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein said. “They got the two best defensive backs in Dade. And there’s a great local class in 2014” – led by Plantation American Heritage running back Sony Michel, who averaged 9.7 yards per carry.

### The most popular selling-apparel at AllCanes across from the UM campus? A green and orange shirt that says: National Communist Athletic Association… Overstepping their bounds and prosecuting the innocent since 1906.” The store has sold a couple hundred since November. UM is still awaiting an update from the NCAA.

### For more Tuesday night news from the UM/NCAA investigation, please see our last post.


Besides the Dolphins’ glaring needs on offense – more speed, more talent at receiver, better play from Ryan Tannehill – a postseason study of Miami’s analytics reveals other more specific areas that must improve, and the Dolphins know it. Among them:

### Short-yardage offense. The Dolphins were 15 for 30 on third and one, much worse than two years ago, when Lousaka Polite routinely converted. Daniel Thomas gained six yards on seven carries on 3rd and 1 or 2.

### Besides craving a receiver with the speed to beat defenses deep, Miami will target players that also have the elusiveness to create more yards after catch on intermediate routes. Anthony Fasano’s 2.2 YAC average was worst among starting tight ends, 60th of 62 overall. Brian Hartline is a keeper, but his 3.4 YAC average was better than only four receivers that played even nearly as much.

Incidentally, the Colts’ T.Y. Hilton, whom Miami passed up to take Michael Egnew, had a 7.7 YAC average – fifth in the league – mostly from the long TD passes that were missing from Miami’s offense.

### The Dolphins don’t break enough tackles. Reggie Bush’s 2.1 yards after contact was fifth-worst among starting backs, and Thomas (2.3) wasn’t much better. Lamar Miller averaged a decent 2.7 after contact, and the Dolphins expect big things from him in 2013.

“Lamar shoots out of the cannon when he hits the hole,” Jeff Ireland told WINZ-940 this week, adding Miller can be a three-down back because he was “very good in pass protection.”



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"Very good in pass protection"? I thought that was the exact reason Miller didn't play as much as he should: his pass blocking was suspect.


Man, Dolphins should of drafted FIU's T.Y. Hilton. At least he went to team that made the playoffs.

Barry, where are you hearing FIU's Cyprien is going? I'm hearing first or second round. Good for him.

305 to 216


Great insight as usual, my friend. But a depressing article. Loria won't sell and lots of folks want to buy. Arrrg. This is killing me as a Marlins fan. He is such a cheap, selfish, petty person who's killing this franchise for his own amusement. I wish Selig had the backbone to step in and do something. But, of course, he won't. Dammit.


Selig and Loria drink from the same toilet,and it is killing baseball in So.Fla. What a pathetic human being Loria is, and is totally intent on making the Marlins a joke again this year and years to come. Sad


Hey Barry, enjoy your work. I know in the past Mickey Arison has been reluctant to bring NBA All Star Weekend to Miami, saying that local fans end up being left out. What are the chances he reconsiders, especially in this Big 3 era and Miami applies for the 2015 or 2016 ASG? Thanks.

Jo jo

DT Brooks signing with Baylor seems to have been a big miss.His size and experience seemingly could have helped the Canes although no one really knew how big a talent he could become.

Barry Jackson

FIUJM: Cyprien should go by third or fourth. Second a possibility.

Barry Jackson

Alexander: Thanks. There's no indication the Heat has changed its philosophy regarding All-Star games, but I will ask.


Wow. Golden eats crow and apologizes to Kirkland and the kid slams him and chooses Arkansas. Ryan Braun PED story breaking all over the national media.

Looks like the canes are going to have the #65 recruiting class in the country. LOL! Keep up the PR.





Jo jo

Miami will be explosive offensively THIS season.Defensively........is anyone s guess.Miami s weak DC is a HUGE,HUGE problem....and he is the main reason for this terrible D line that Miami has had under him.Miami has a surplus of DT s.None have amounted to much.Big,fat,slow,weak and with little talent.Why??????Because they cannot/have not been developed.Golden s achilles heel is that he has sadly stuck with his very inept DC and pal.It is VERY doubtful Miami s DC can show that his D line has improved.THIS DC has shown "NOTHING" ......so far in his tenure at Miami.No DT recruits want to play for the guy....as it has now been shown.(Like no one did not already know that).Golden needs to wake up and demote/transfer his buddy to assist the Punter or something.

Vontae's Grandma

Actually, I heard that Ireland tried to trade for TY Hilton during the trade talks for Vontae Davis before the start of the season.

But Colts didn't want to let him go.


It's a shame about Loria not selling. This is team is a mess, and needs new leadership.

Change colors back to teal, and not have the same colors as a rival team in the same division (METS).


SELL THE TEAM LORIA! LET MR. BUSH BUY THE TEAM! I may not like Bush (and I think he would be a decent owner for some reason) but I hate Loria. LEAVE MIAMI! GRAB YOUR PITCH FORKS EVERYONE!


One more thing, who the hell cares if Loria likes owning a team? He is destroying baseball down here in Miami. He needs to be ousted like Frank McCourt. Look at the Dodgers now with some decent ownership.

If MLB looks at that and can't see what is happening in Miami they sure are dumber than they look.

Ronnie B

Whatever we do....please get rid of Daniel Thomas and replace TE. Love Fasano but not as starting TE. The NFL has changed from that old type of TE. Also, please take a deep threat like Mike Wallace.

Barry Jackson

That is correct on Miami asking for Hilton in the Vontae trade. We have reported that previously.


Ronnie B, could you explain why you want Thomas gone.


This is beyond insane- the most needed position on your team, with an opportunity for immediate play- and all DT recruits pass. There is something drastically wrong with this picture. It has nothing to do with the NCAA garbage, because too much talent was brought in at other positions. Coach D'onofro really needs to find away to get his existing players to perform better.

Reality Bites

DT recruit: Who's your DC?

Al Golden: My pal Donofrio

DT recruit: OK see ya later!

#117 ranked defense is going to get better how?
Maybe those 2 TE could be switched to DT

Deer antlers anyone?

We're going to have to outscore people. The good thing is that we have the offense to do so. We may avg 40/gm, but we're going to have to hold the other teams to 39... LoL

All kidding aside, do not sleep on next yrs team (2013). We will compete for the ACC championship and a BCS game. I say 9-4, maybe 10-3.

I do not fear FSU at all. We gave them a game and we were playing with our QB on 1 leg. A much better and healthy Morris handing off to Duke, throwing to the TE's and Dorsett, Scott, Waters, et al. It could be fun.

Deer antlers anyone?

Let us not forget that we have Gunter, Howard and Bush in the backfield. We also have Perrymand and Johnson at LB. Porter could be a solid DT if healthy, along with Pierre and then Chick and McCord on the outside.

Our D will not be great, but it will be much beter.

Hit that gym boys. I predict upsets over FL and FSU. Book it!!

Miami Penguin

Always appreciate how I can go to Buzz for a complete fix on the South Florida teams that matter! Kudos and thanks to Jackson.

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