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Monday night quick hits: UM hoops, Heat, football

Some Heat and football quick hits, and feedback on UM being rated No. 3 in the AP poll – its highest men's basketball ranking ever – behind only Indiana and Duke:

### Dick Vitale said UM actually should be No. 2, behind only Indiana, considering it thrashed Duke. ESPN analyst and former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl said a strong case could be made for Miami to be No. 1. Jay Bilas says simply: “Miami is damn good.”

### Center Reggie Johnson: “I never really thought Miami could be a top 10 program. I didn’t think we’d be here in February. It does feel strange Duke is still ahead of our team. I feel if the polls were really legit, we should be ranked in front of them.”

Forward Julian Gamble said: “The target on our back is bigger than it was” now. “Being No. 3 is kind of surreal.”

Said forward Kenny Kadji: “It’s kind of mind-boggling we’re No. 3 in the nation. It’s not Miami football. It’s Miami basketball! It’s something people will talk about years and year after this.”

### Jim Larranaga said it “was heartwarming to me” when Heat fans cheered him when he was shown on the overhead scoreboard during a timeout in the Heat-Lakers game. “I was surprised how many people came up to me. But I went to Publix and nobody knew me.”

 ### UM is recruiting a bunch of players to fill five remaining roster openings for next season, and when Larranaga texted them with news of Miami’s CBS.com ranking (fourth), “I heard back from all our recruits by 9 a.m."

UM is a finalist for Brandon (Fla.) based four-star recruit Demetrius Henry, rated the nation's No. 14 center. South Carolina and USF are the other finalists.

### Despite the 11-game winning streak, “I’m going to be on them very hard today,” Larranaga said before Monday’s practice. “There are a number of areas that need attention, areas that need to improve dramatically. We’re 280th in offensive rebounding efficiency. That needs to be improved dramatically.”

### The Dolphins are expected to pursue Pittsburgh free agent receiver Mike Wallace, among others, if he hits the market as expected, and CBS’ Jason LaCanfora reported Monday that “many” in the Steelers organization believe he might sign with the Browns.

### Dennis Erickson, who won two national titles at UM, joined the University of Utah on Monday as co offensive-coordinator. Erickson, 65, has been out of coaching since Arizona State fired him in 2011.

### Nobody was more effusive about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade after the Lakers game than Kobe Bryant, who seemed almost relieved to answer questions about LeBron instead of talking more about Dwight Howard.

"LeBron has figured out his game – what he wants it to be, how he can use his size and post up,” Bryant said. “He’s a little more focused than when he was younger. At this stage, he starts to value each year. He’s a fantastic passer.

“At his size, he can look over the defense like Magic Johnson could. The thing he’s added is the ability to square up and shoot. They have two very special players – two of the best we’ve seen.”

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said: “LeBron has no weakness. He is about as good as you can get.”

### Encouraging to see how Mario Chalmers outplayed Chris Paul on Friday and narrowly outplayed Steve Nash on Sunday. But even beyond the 18 and 13 points in those games, this is significant: Chalmers has 24 assists, just three turnovers, in his past seven games. And Shane Battier has shaken out of a prolonged shooting slump, hitting 19 of his past 35 shots from the field.



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Thanks for the FIU coverage.


nobody cares about fiu, you moron.

Georgia Cane

Make some noise ! This success has to be good news for recruiting for Coach "L" and tha Canes. Barry do we have any blue chippers in the works?



Barry Jackson

Georgia Cane: Yes. Miami is a finalist (with USF and South Carolina) for Faith Baptist Christian (Brandon, Fla.) 6-9 four-star recruit Demetrius Henry, the No. 14 center, according to rivals.com. I just added that to this post.


I'm an FIU grad but please spare us. It's all about the "U".
Great to be #3 but awesome Coach L isn't content, e ca be #1 but we lose in the 1st round of the tournament and it's all for nothing.
Keep em grounded and always imroving coach, way to go. If he stays we ca build a dynasty, SoFla hoops has been improving for a while. I witnessed the U rise in football, lot's of similarities.
Coach L is our Schnelemberger. Get him a pipe.

[]_[] Ain't Done Nothin Yet..

Come back to Earth Cane Clucks. Teams like UNC that get ZERO votes to be ranked in the Top-25 (or top 40)in any poll are neither "good" nor "very good". And doesn't equate to a quality Home Win. Keep the horse in front of Ur once empty and now overcrowded wagon. Try not to blow things outta proportion like all typical bandwagon Cane fans popping off about being ranked highly in EARLY February in the SORRY ACC that has only TWO Ranked teams.

And to all U crying about being ranked behind Duke. Shut up. It's accumulative. Don't lose to St. Leo, Florida Gulf Coast, Indiana St. and get Ur doors blown off by Arizona compared to Duke losing close to a ranked NCST. and an off game on the road to U. I would say act like U've been there, but U never have, so enjoy Ur anomaly George Mason Season while U can... Because Ur building nothing. Ur entire front court and 5 outta 6 top players are gone in next year with NOTHING prestently behind them and a #100 plus ranked recruiting class with no 3-4-5's coming in and ALL the Top players have already committed and Signed with real Top Programs. But U can always go after some more 22-24 year old JUCO Dunces and sneak'em into school.

Ur "Dream Season" ends soon, never to be seen again U George Mason once in a lifetime clones.
who of U will be the first to chime in and argue that St. Leo was an exhibition game and doesn't count ?

Dashi The Douche

Life Must Really Suck For The Clown Above!!

3AM! Just Talking Hate!

Shut Up You FOOL!!

Get A Life!!


Anyone that takes times at 3am to write a post that long and negative doesn't need to be paid attention to.

It should be interesting to see how recruits respond now with Miami doing so well. However, I wouldn't put too much stock into it as coach L has already said the non-elite prospects stay for 3 or 4 years while the top players are done after a year or two. Gamble, Kadji, Johnson are all solid players, but Gamble and Johnson in particular have gotten better because they have more experience and physically they are men playing against kids barely our of high school. Kadji has been really good for the U from day one so he's been a really great surprise for the program, but he is 25 and he knows how to physically exploit his opponents.

This UM team has what is likely the most physically imposing front court in the country. Johnson is a menace with his back to the basket, Gamble is the physical specimen getting all the boards and put backs, and Kadji is capable of scoring in an array of different ways. Really awesome to watch those guys dominate their opponents every game.

Sunny Dee

Wow. A three a.m. negative diatribe about Canes basketball. This obsession with the Canes has now reached clinical levels. Someone needs to seek treatment ASAP. If the Canes football team has a similar turnaround season a suicide watch will be in order.


You say the U isn't relevant but you are here, roflmao!

Hey Gators time for baloney and water lunch, today in the court yard of the Alachua County Detention center, how nice for you!

Noles time for your English class, today's topic the ABCs.

FIU now that is the meaning of "irrelevant." Is that what the I in FIU stands for?


Where's Galloser with his valuable observations?



S/o to my dude @kadji35 just got his last tweet on sportscenter!
– ‏@lilmarm98




Miami is the 16th team to win its first 10 ACC games. Of the previous 15, eight won the ACC tournament, eight reached the Final Four and two won the national championship.
– david teel




*IF* we continue to sell Virginia tickets at the same rate as today, we will be SOLD OUT on Saturday.
– hurricanesports




Power of #TheU! RT @GMLane: 466,408 views in 48 hours… RT @theACCDN: Check out the #1 trending video on YouTube
– CanesHoops



@CanesHoops PG Shane Larkin on @TheTicketMiami with @EReed790 and @EthanJSkolnick “I’ll be back next year. I love Miami.”
– BrianTheBeastLondon




New Raising Canes: Go inside the recruiting “War Room” with a behind-the-scenes look at National Signing Day
– hurricanesports



Brett McMurphy and Andy Katz of ESPN.com have reported that NBC has verbally offered the remnants of the Big East between $20 million and $23 million per year for six years for the conference’s TV rights for all sports (including both football and basketball). That would be approximately $2 million per year for each school in the league. By way of comparison, each individual school in the Big Ten, SEC, Pac-12 and Big 12 (and depending upon who you talk to, soon the ACC) will make about as much TV money on its own annually than the entire Big East conference. This is the latest news in the stunning decimation of the Big East since the league rejected an offer from ESPN two years ago worth an average of $130 million per year.
– Frank the Tank




“Georgia Tech acting athletic director addresses ACC network possibility”



My source…told me over the weekend that they are looking at the ACC tournament every other year at MSG.
– TexanMark

Makes sense to me. Do a one for one rotation between MSG and Greensboro. Gives the best balance between North and South, exposure vs tradition.
– WakeForestRanger




Top story on the main page of ESPN.com . Oh yeah.
– hurricanesports

The Perfect Storm

Miami isn’t just blowing through the ACC. An entire nation is tracking the Hurricanes.
– espn.com front page headline



FIU?? FU....:-)~


Lebron really plays great especially these days. I wonder if the Miami heat can still keep the Big Three.

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