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Tuesday night UM/NCAA update with UM statement

A few notes on the UM/NCAA story, amid confirmed news that UM has received its notice of allegations:

Here's the UM statement from Donna Shalala:
“The University of Miami deeply regrets and takes full responsibility for those NCAA violations that are based on fact and are corroborated by multiple individuals and/or documentation.  We have already self-imposed a bowl ban for an unprecedented two-year period, forfeited the opportunity to participate in an ACC championship game, and withheld student-athletes from competition.

"Over the two and a half years since the University of Miami first contacted the NCAA enforcement staff about allegations of rules violations, the NCAA interviewed dozens of witnesses, including current and former Miami employees and student-athletes, and received thousands of requested documents and emails from the University.  Yet despite our efforts to aid the investigation, the NCAA acknowledged on February 18, 2013 that it violated its own policies and procedures in an attempt to validate the allegations made by a convicted felon.  Many of the allegations included in the Notice of Allegations remain unsubstantiated. 

"Now that the Notice of Allegations has been issued, let me provide some context to the investigation itself:

"Many of the charges brought forth are based on the word of a man who made a fortune by lying. The NCAA enforcement staff acknowledged to the University that if Nevin Shapiro, a convicted con man, said something more than once, it considered the allegation “corroborated”—an argument which is both ludicrous and counter to legal practice.  ·        

"Most of the sensationalized media accounts of Shapiro’s claims are found nowhere in the Notice of Allegations.  Despite their efforts over two and a half years, the NCAA enforcement staff could not find evidence of prostitution, expensive cars for players, expensive dinners paid for by boosters, player bounty payments, rampant alcohol and drug use, or the alleged hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts given to student-athletes, as reported in the media.  The fabricated story played well—the facts did not.   ·        

"The NCAA enforcement staff failed, even after repeated requests, to interview many essential witnesses of great integrity who could have provided first-hand testimony, including, unbelievably, Paul Dee, who has since passed away, but who served as Miami Athletic Director during many of the years that violations were alleged to have occurred.  How could a supposedly thorough and fair investigation not even include the Director of Athletics?   ·        

"Finally, we believe the NCAA was responsible for damaging leaks of unsubstantiated allegations over the course of the investigation.    Let me be clear again: for any rule violation—substantiated and proven with facts—that the University, its employees, or student-athletes committed, we have been and should be held accountable.  We have worked hard to improve our compliance oversight, and we have already self-imposed harsh sanctions.  

"We deeply regret any violations, but we have suffered enough. 
The University and counsel will work diligently to prepare our official response to the Notice of Allegations and submit it to the Committee on Infractions within the required 90-day time period. 
We trust that the Committee on Infractions will provide the fairness and integrity missing during the investigative process.”

 ### One source familiar with the NCAA’s initial draft of UM’s notice of allegations --- which became the basis of the final version --- said the charges “could have been worse but they’re still pretty bad. It’s more than a slap on the wrist. It will be upsetting. But there’s nothing shocking in there.”

### A UM official said before Shalala's statement that the NCAA “has given Shapiro far too much credence and run with a lot of what he said.”

### In recent weeks, the NCAA told UM that it likely would be accused of lack of institutional control, and it is believed that was included in the final notice of allegations.

### There has been a lot of haggling in recent weeks between UM and the NCAA about what should and should not be included in the allegations, and how they're framed.

### Former UM coaches were told to expect their allegations Tuesday night or Wednesday. Clint Hurtt, Aubrey Hill and at least one former basketball assistant were told a couple weeks ago that they likely would be charged with unethical conduct under the NCAA's 10/1 law.

### The NCAA used multiple people to corroborate some of Shapiro’s claims, including several former UM players who were compelled to speak to the NCAA and others that were not.

### Also corroborating some of the allegations were some people who were granted immunity -- players recruited by UM but did not attend UM, and players who transferred from UM.  

### Shapiro gave the NCAA four boxes of evidence, including credit card receipts and bank statements.

### According to an NCAA source, UM has asked the NCAA for permission to appear before the 18-person infractions committee during a scheduled infractions committee meeting on Saturday. The NCAA has expressed reluctance to allow UM on the calendar on such short notice.

UM wanted to meet with the committee on Saturday to deal with preliminary issues.

UM then would have a formal meeting with the infractions committee in April or June. After that full hearing in front of the infractions committee, UM would expect to receive its punishment within two to four months.

### One UM source believed UM would likely appeal penalties that extend beyond a slap on the wrist, such as another postseason bowl ban.


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no more bowl games. wtf... believe and trust in a man whom stole hundreds of millions of people. we paid dearly the last 2 yrs. bs with the ncaa


Corruption runs rampant at UM. They deserve the death penalty

Deer antlers anyone?

Screw the ncaa. Lets make a run in the tourney with our middle finger in the air! The ncaa is one of the dirtiest associations on the planet

Dick Hurtz

The U is dirty as hell. Take the punishment Shala and shut the hell up. She should be fired for taking donations from Nevin, allowing him to have free access to the players, and for not knowing what the hell he was up to.


UM wanted to meet withe 18 person infraction committee on Saturday but they are reluctant because of short notice.

Listen you bunch of Aholes...you took nearly two years and a fraudulent investigation to come up with your BS allegations and now your reluctant to give UM a meeting because of short notice. EAT S--t and DIE you losers!!


What a joke... how does Emmert look in the mirror ?

Steve B

The haters are aroused .I love how they embarrass themselves in a public forum. Keep it coming guys its hilarious.


The NCAA is bull. I trust that Donna and her staff will fight this and win. The NCAA has lost credibility and Shapiro has none which we all know. Go Canes!

Miami Penguin

Shalala needs to be careful about accusing the NCAA of leaks. How could anyone distinguish between Nevin Shapiro's vitriolic bloviating to yahoo, from something leaked by an NCAA official?

Al Golden Shower

sources close to the investigation leaked that UM will get the death penalty...BOOM goes the dynamite and the canes program is dead as we all know it.

Have fun living in Hialeah for the rest of your lives, suckers!

Thug U

Sad day for the Cane Nation. What will become of all those lowlife thugs who represent Da U. Expect a sharp increase in petty crimes all over Miami-Dade county.


Not a Miami fan but how does bama get away with all the crap in tuscaloosa


It appears that the Gators have two that's right 2 WBB Teams. The one that choked against Mizzu last night and the other one with the tough women. The rest of the story will be told on September 07, 2013. The best the Gatorgirls and Seminholes can hope for is the death penalty for TheU, if not, your little short lived resurgences in Football are over. IN fact The U is poised to win National Championships in 3 sports now. Big Al is building a wall around the State of South Florida like none before him. He is already compiling a roster phat with talent and speed. This death penalty talk is a joke and there will be a congressional investigation into the actions of the NCAA, when that happens Emmert goes. Even if there are more penalties, it's behind us and we know what we are dealing with; They will all come , they will all win and they will all play on Sunday's.....GO CANES



sorry canes, your program is done for ever. Goodnight sweet prince.

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