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UM players disappointed by Collins; Canes recruiting update; Heat

With Alex Collins announcing Monday night that he's committing to Arkansas, UM badly needs Staten Island-based running back Augustus Edwards to choose the Hurricanes over FSU.

A few Canes reacted on Twitter to Collins choosing the Razorbacks over UM, UF and Wisconsin:

"Wow, man, really thought he was coming here - it could of been something special with him and Duke [Johnson]," Anthony Chickillo tweeted.

"That sucks - oh well," Deon Bush said. "No worries: We got Duke."

Then there was this amusing reaction from running back Dallas Crawford, who has a chance to play more than he did if Collins signed here: "So in other news, LeBron went 13 for 14 tonight."

With Wednesday's National Signing Day looming, here's an update on the status and announcement plans of several recruits in the mix for UM:

### Defensive tackle Jaynard Bostwick (announcing 8 a.m. Wednesday). His coach calls it a tossup among UM, UF and Alabama. His coaches say he's close with UF's defensive coaches, but he also liked his visit here.

### Offensive tackle Denver Kirkland (9 a.m. Wednesday, ESPNU). No, this is not a joke. Booker T. Washington coach Tim Harris told us that he believes Miami is back in the mix for Kirkland, as this soap opera continues. He’ll choose among UM, FSU and Arkansas.

### Linebacker Matthew Thomas (9 a.m. Wednesday, ESPNU). FSU has always been confident, but UM, Alabama, Georgia and Southern Cal remain in the mix, according to ESPN.

### Receiver Stacy Coley (11 a.m. Wednesday, ESPNU). FSU has pulled even with the Canes, according to Canesport.com. USF and Mississippi are behind them. This is the one receiver Miami really wants.

### Defensive tackle Keith Bryant (1 p.m. Wednesday, ESPNU). His coach said FSU has pulled ahead of South Carolina and UM, but there’s no final decision. FAU told him to go home during his visit a couple days ago because the coaches thought he wasn’t treating it seriously.

### Linebacker Jermaine Grace (2 p.m. Wednesday, ESPNU). Down to UM and Louisville. Grace once heavily favored the Hurricanes, but the Cardinals have made a strong late push.

### Running back Augustus Edwards (undetermined time Wednesday). He liked his Miami visit, and it’s considered a tossup between UM and FSU.

### Defensive tackle Terrell Brooks. The junior college All-American will choose among UM, Baylor and Kansas State sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours. He has been very complimentary of UM publicly.

### Also, ESPNU lists UM, Stanford and Vanderbilt as finalists for University School receiver Jordan Cunningham, who will announce at 10 a.m. Wednesday on ESPN.com. But his coach said UM hasn’t pursued him much recently.


Couple historical footnotes on LeBron James' 13 for 14 shooting performance Monday:

### It's the best shooting game, percentage-wise, in James' career (topping a 9 for 11 game in March 2012 against New Jersey) and ties Alonzo Mourning for the second-best in Heat history (minimum 10 attempts), behind only Shaq's 15 for 16 against Seattle in 2006.

### James attempted only one shot outside the paint and didn't attempt a shot longer than 15 feet for the first time in his career.

### James said he was fouled on the one shot he missed, but it wasn't called. "I felt good all game," he said. "I didn't feel tired or jet lagged. I just had it going from the start."

### He's shooting a career-best 55.5 percent for the season.


In sorting through the differences between individual Heat players’ performance at home and on the road, here’s one factoid that stands out:

Four Heat players are shooting significantly worse on the road than at AmericanAirlines Arena: Ray Allen, Udonis Haslem, Dwyane Wade and Mike Miller.

Allen’s disparity is particularly eye-opening: He is shooting 53.8 percent and averaging 13.0 points in Miami, compared with 39.5 percent and 9.0 outside South Florida.

Allen shot moderately better at home in each of his five seasons in Boston, but the difference was never this dramatic, and he always shot between 44 and 48 percent in road games those years.

After shooting better on the road the previous three seasons, Wade is shooting 55 percent at home, 46.4 on the road. And he’s scoring 22.4 at home, compared with 18.7 on the road.

Udonis Haslem (54.4 percent to 44.5) and Mike Miller (45.3 to 36.1) also are shooting much worse on the road. LeBron James is averaging more points on the road (27.1 to 26.1) but shooting better at home (56 to 53.9 percent).

And though Chris Bosh has played better offensively away from Miami, he rebounds worse on the road (6.9 to 7.5 boards per game).

The Heat entered Monday 18-3 at home, but just 12-11 away.


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The U Boy

Kirk back in?


Kirkland---We want U big fella..........

Reality Bites

Poor little canes have to sweat it out til the very end. Why is it that the local kids don't commit to their hometown program in advance?
Why is that?
DK again in the mix? Why so much drama and despair at the U?
Sometimes I have to ask myself.............


Typo on the Wade points per game Barry. But no biggie, you are the one source I look for when I need SoFla sports info. You do an amazing job and PLEASE keep it up.

Whatever happens with these recruits, the Canes are an up and coming young team and Golden is the best coach we've had here in a while.


That Bryant kid seems like a headache the Canes don't need, as much as they need a DT, no thanks. I think Kirkland was a Cane lock but he wanted to play the suspense game, in a way this is a lesson for him and these guys enjoying the attention, but on the other hand we forget they are just kids who are being treated like stars. People need to know schools sometimes need a yes or no in private so they know which way to go, specially when there are a limited amount of scholarships. I'm glad things got patched up, if it's for the better may the Canes sign him up.

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Marios! I fixed it. Had written shooting percentage inadvertently, but changed it to points per game.




Last years class was an A+. You can't hit a home run every year. I'd be satisfied with a triple. If they can land at least 2 of these high profile kids, they'll be good. If the 2 names are Collins and Thomas, I'll be thrilled. Anything else would be gravy. I'm confident this will end up being a great class because it's going to bring us our next starting QB. I think the Canes hand the ball to Olsen next year as a redshirt freshman (or sophomore if he backs up Morris this year), and he'll be the the QB we've been waiting for since Dorsey.

Jo jo

Reality bites is such a loser trolling on a Miami Hurricane blog.Einstein doesn t have the sense to comprehend that Miami s sanctions are because of the NCAA coming in soon and it will only be a TEMPORARY hold.Once they re gone.....recruiting will improve significantly.Intellectually challenged trolls like yourself need to find life somewhere else.

Jo jo

Too bad Alex Collins just committed to Arkansas.He WOULD HAVE made quite a tandem with Duke Johnson.Was a nice recruit whoever got him.Good DT S are staying away from Miami it seems because they are not totally sold on Golden s pal...the DC.Miami clearly has not and won t do as well as they dis last year in recruiting.Golden s has a rough tenure in his short time at the U regarding recruitment.It seems he would have done very well but what reasonable kid wants to face that when they have so many other great locations and history-rich football schools.After the sanctions......Golden will find things easier but he s still got lots of work to do,

Georgia Cane

Oh well Collins, smart move going to Arkansas. When your career goes down hill you can always land a job at Walmart.


Georgia Cane, you are really a jerk. The kid can go where he wants, not where you wish.


In the End its the kid decision where he wants to attend college people not yours, we forget as fans that one day if you have kids or already have, its their decision to attend whichever college they choose to. Im happy that all these kids will have a chance to get a DEGREE from these colleges and also continue the sport they so dearly love. Congrats to all the kids thats signing tomorrow and to the ones who are continuing to work to earn a scholarship just continue working its coming. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. #CaneFan


It's the economy stupid, remember that saying?
How about, "It's the sanctions stupid" not to any Canes but to outsiders.


Arky must still be fuming over that 57-0 beatdown years ago and are trying to get even/ o yeah, they were numero uno then

Reality Bites

GeorgiaCane typical sour grapes loser badmouthing kids that chose to go elsewhere. There will be plenty more like Collins tomorrow loser.
JoJo get your excUses sorted out, first you say it's the NCAA's fault that the local kids bolt. Next post you say it's the coaches fault like "No D Ofrio" why no one wants to come here. Then you say that there are so many other great locations with history filled schools.
It's a combo of all your excUses, most other programs are so much better and most other coaches are so much better that without an Uncle Luke or a Shapiro kickback you ain't got a chance.


Collins was coming here prior to Duke's arrival. After he saw what he was up against he sought other options.
Simply because he doesn't want to be even a 3 year player, his motive is "what's the shortest route to the league".
I personally was not impressed by his youtube highlights, and don't see what the big fuss is all about. We have at least another year or two to get another star runner if there's not one gracing the roster now, a la Damian Berry.
I and he know that he would have been waiting for Duke to finish doing his 'thang' anyway.


I love the bloggers like reality bites. From appearances the reality that bites is being No life. Constantly ragging on UM , its fans etc. I have never read your "school" or team. These kids put themselves in the position to be judged. They strut around like they are something when most have only basic skills for high school, let alone college. Lets take away scholarships for all schools pay them hourly and charge them for their education. Most UM fans know it's a rough road back when you are under the gun RE probation. It's a lot tougher to back your team during these times than it is to not have a team and trash talk others.

Jo jo

For those trolls who love to read what Cane fans write let me make it clear to you that we certainly do understand and admit that recruiting has been made more difficult the past couple years because we know Canes have made transgressions and sanctions of some sort are forthcoming.I also stated that I personally do not like that Golden has stuck with the same DC......his pal.THAT said......it is OBVIOUS that any program will suffer in getting the top recruits as a result.My only point is that this is all TEMPORARY.....until after the NCAA is finished and gone.Truthfully.....it hasn t been fun and common sense just dictates that any fan at any program can t wait until they can once again recruit at a HIGH LEVEL on an even playing field.GO CANES.


UM in the last two to three years has Johnson, Howard, Bush, Lewis, Dorsett, Walford, Flowers, Waters, Hurns, Lockhardt, Hope, Thompson, Armbrister, Perryman and others from their own backyard, get over it trolls and get a life, that is if you aren't "serving life," somewhere at Raiford!

The sky isn't falling,lol!


Idiot Sileo is on talking crap about Canes because Collins chose Arky, saying the Canes are ignoring SoFla recruits. He must have CTE, look at the list from Anonymous Cane to see what a moron Sileo is. Did he miss the memo on Artie Burns and Jamal Carter, the best 2 players in the 305 just as good as MT? Please get that pig off the air ASAP Sedano, he's not a real cane, never did anything when he played here or in the NFL and does nothing but insult others. Canes are sitting good even with just the guys we have already on board, I'm not sweating any of these guys still undecided.



UM will be just fine...go ask which ever team it is that you follow, who I'm sure at some point in time, UM beat the H*LL OUT OF, thus your hate for "THE U"!

You're a fairy........POOF! Now you're gone!


SILEO is a whack job who I'm personally ashamed to call a CANE!

He's b*tching and crying about how UM needs to get out of the ACC because it's only a basketball conference.....hey, SILEO......let me see, UM was in the BIG EAST and won two national championships there....so, what do you have to say about that? Is the BIG EAST a football power - NO! Was it a football power when UM was in it, NO! Sileo....you're a disgrace to "THE U" - you're nothing but a loud-mouth, whining little school girl...get outta town, will you! You're an embarrassment to everything that "THE U" stands for!


Sileo: Go F...................K Yourself!!


Does anyone have an update on Malcolm Lewis? He will be a hell of a receiver next year if healthy.

Reality Bites

Why so angry cane fan? Now you're all mad at Sileo. Are you so delUsional you keep blaming the NCAA for your lack of recruiting? ClUeless maybe?
You have stunk up the recruting and the on the field results for more than a decade now. The NCAA has been onyour dirty tail for the past 2 seasons only. Come up with another excUse fools.
Could it be institutional incompetence? Similar to lack of institutional control. But more like lack og institutional brain cells.
Change the players, you lose.
Change the coaches, you still lose.
Change the AD, lose again.

Can't recruit, can't win, just can't.

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