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UM loses coach; postscripts from Canes recruiting, Heat

Quick Thursday afternoon update: Running backs coach Terry Richardson officially has left UM to take the same job with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It will be interesting to see if UM speaks to Don Soldinger or Oakland Park Northeast's Donnell Bennett, the former Canes back. Soldinger would love to return.


A dozen Hurricanes and Heat notes:

### The final rating for UM’s class varied widely, depending on who was doing the ranking.

UM’s class was rated 17th by 247Sports; 21st by ESPN; and 44th by Rivals.com.

Despite missing out on linebacker Matthew Thomas and three defensive tackles, “It’s a class that’s done a nice job of addressing many needs at many positions,” ESPN’s Tom Luginbill said.

By the way, Alex Collins told NBC 6's Joe Rose tonight: "I'm staying with Arkansas" even though his mother wants him to go to UM and took his letter of intent without signing it.

### Puzzling quote of the day --- Keith Bryant, in picking FSU, said: “It’s important for me to stay home because I have a one-year-old daughter.” Earth to Keith: Coral Gables is a lot closer to Delray Beach than Tallahassee. Somebody buy the young man a map.

### UM self-imposed five to six scholarships to help mitigate NCAA sanctions.

### Though UM would have liked to get Denver Kirkland, a source said he seemed disinterested and aloof during his initial visit, which left UM with the impression he was never all that serious about going there.

UM lost no sleep over not getting Kirkland. What disappointed them was not snagging Thomas (who said he rated both FSU and USC ahead of Miami) and a d-tackle among Jaynard Bostwick, Bryant and Terrell Brooks. Curtis Porter better stay healthy next season.

### Though running backs coach Terry Richardson told me earlier today he’s not sure if he will stay at UM or take the same job with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jaguars and UM people expect him to take the job and reunite with Jaguars and former Canes offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch.

Don Soldinger would love to work at UM again and would be a good choice. But Al Golden didn't pursue him the first time around.

### Five of UM’s 16 signings already are enrolled: tight ends Beau Sandland and Standish Dobard, linebacker Alex Figueroa and offensive linemen Hunter Knighton and Sunny Odogwu.

Micheal Barrow said Figueroa, who also was targeted by Virginia Tech and Virginia after not playing last season due to injury, “is the type of linebacker Miami was built on – under the radar, not a four-star guy. The common denominator is they have speed and toughness. [Defensive backs coach] Paul Williams did a good job identifying him.”

### Several readers have asked whether UM’s academic standards have cost the Canes any recruits. Golden gave an unequivocal no when I asked him that today.

### Golden, on his decision to hire Mario Cristobal last month: “He’s got a poise about him, a wisdom to see things like a head coach.”

### UM set its spring game for April 13 at Sun Life Stadium.

### Odd to see Ray Allen in such a shooting slump: 1 for 8 Wednesday, 3 for his last 22. Even odder to see Allen not play in the last couple minutes of a close game. He had played in nearly every “clutch minute” before Wednesday.

In Wednesday's win against Houston, the Heat was outscored by 11 in Allen’s 21 minutes, Miami's worst plus/minus of the night.

### Udonis Haslem (season-high 13 rebounds) and Mario Chalmers each drew key charges in the final 46 seconds, both with the Heat nursing a three-point lead.

Haslem was on the floor late because Chris Bosh missed the game with flu-like symptoms. How unusual has it been this season for Haslem to play with the game on the line?

Consider: The Heat has played 116 “clutch” minutes as defined by the NBA – a margin of five or less in the final five minutes.

Haslem had played only 8 of those, Chalmers 41 before Wednesday. Both justified being on the floor during crunch time tonight.

### Wade (31 points) “took it upon myself to be more aggressive” with Bosh out. As for James (32 points), he has now shot an absurd 53 for 83 in his last six games, including 8 for 15 on threes.



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Bring back soldinger if richardson leaves!!!


Someone but Bryant a geography lesson. But then again, there's a reason these animals play football. I don't see NASA or MIT banging down their doors.


I have a child in Miami so i took a job in Alaska to be closer to him.


Bryants a good fit for FSU! Geography major! Childish behavior at FAU! What a disrespectful kid. I wont say young man because having a child doesnt make you an adult!


either you are for the u or against the, the players that sign with the u are the type of players that will return the u back to its glory days, ed reed 3* warren sapp 3* russell marland nr, kortez kennedy 3* tranlation nfl al pros hof, thanks ice harris, since golden taken over for your dayyy shannon, not one player from bt have sign with the u, stop holding gruges we all know mt and dk sign with other schools, they were never going to sign with the u from the very beginning,by the way you are north of fifty and still holding on to ice like on to fact you not retain by the current staff, should i say gruges by s&i, u swag


BTW breaks Florida High School rules by recruiting athletes to play football, Harris and staff are cheaters! End of story.

Why would anyone expect any other behavior and comments out of that staff that is low on character and high on putting their hand out?


bigboy, actually wrong about the stars, Reed was a 2 star, Sapp was a tight end. Kennedy a JC no star.

Jo jo

Absolutely if Coach Richardson leaves....Don Soldinger would be a great RB Coach.Believe he was around coaching Clinton Portis and other great RB s back then.He loves the U and he d be great.Hope Golden re-considers him.He s
familiar with all the HS Coaches knows the araea inside/out and CAN TEACH quite well.

Jimbo Gallo

apparently KB didn't study the DL depth charts at the schools either..c'est la vie


"there's a reason these animals play football" -Rob

Animals? Really? This is disturbing to say the least.

As a U alum it's absolutely disgraceful to hear a U fan speak about a high school kid, someone's child in those terms.



FSU already had 4 LB committs b4 Thomas. Its just 1 of those things. but Al came right back and landed the Def Player of the year Grace another ESPN 150 LB and all american.. We are adding great pieces to the puzzle...And next yr no looming sanctions Three years probation on recruting and goldent still has had top 20 classes...


UM will make some progress on defense next year, but they won't be anything special. It'll be up to the offense to carry the team again. Coley may be a great recruiter, but he has a lot to prove as an OC. J. Fisch had UM's offense functioning about as well as a UM offense has functioned in a long time.


Big Boy

How was Cortez Kennedy and Warren Sapp 3* players? there wasn't even a rating system back then



CBS earned a 1.2 overnight for Saturday’s Miami/North Carolina State men’s college basketball game (split broadcast), up a tick from regional action in an earlier timeslot both last year and in 2011 (1.1)
– smw




Here’s an absolute can’t miss video: The exclusive behind-the-scenes recap from the @CanesHoops win over Duke

The video is a full 30-minute documentary, but trust us, it is well worth your time. #goosebumps
– hurricanesports




Ever want to the see the pregame speech from your favorite Miami Hurricanes coach live in advance of a big game?

The team behind HurricaneSports.com will be the first in college athletics to offer you that opportunity this Saturday when the Canes and North Carolina Tar Heels meet in front of a sold-out crowd at the BankUnited Center.

U TV Live will debut exclusively on HurricaneSports.com with a live video feed on Coach Larranaga, in the team locker room and on the court beginning 60 minutes before tipoff at 1 p.m. ET. Fans will be able to see and hear the final words of preparation from Coach Larranaga minutes before the Canes hit the court for the final time before the game.

At 2 p.m., fans can switch over to ESPN on their TV sets or ESPN3 online to watch the showdown.

Immediately following the game, U TV Live will be broadcasting again with Coach L’s postgame speech and exclusive live coverage of the Coach Roy Williams and the Canes in the postgame press conference
– hurricanesports


Barry Jackson

Green, e-mail me with a phone number and we'll chat. Got some news for you.


It is important to act as Fans that are loyal but not denegrate each other, as these high school kids choose their teams.

Miami had a 1/2 Class this year.

CAG said they spoke to 27 players not the usual 42 that they would have liked.
The sanctions issue is the Elephant in the room..as soon as the NCAA issue is resolved, that will be like accelerating a Ferrari on a track instead of stop and go around town...CAG can open it up...

I am convinced that some of those players who did NOT choose the U were very subtle in their way of declining our offers...In 2 years we will have 5 stars begging to look at their plays and join the U..
No if ands or buts..The Canes will be back on the scene Locally and Nationally, and we in turn will be turning them away and not the other way around.
Time is a good indicator, and we are ready for 2013-2014
Go 'Canes


Collins daddy signs the LOI where has he been all this time? Probably a good payday for the man. I have read that Collins momma has hired an attorney to look into this matter, is this true? Could be a sticky wicket if so!

Also heard that Randy Shannon spoke with a player from BTW on Tuesday, if true it is a violation of NCAA rules, not that it matters if he wasn't doing it for Miami, lol! Why isn't that investigated by Herald reporters?

Stoudland to the Eagles, guess he won't need to show cause in the NFL, lol!

Know for a fact that Stoudland gave a hs kid $$$ to come to Bama for official visit.

This kind of stuff goes on all the time and the NCAA looks the other way when it is the SEC Cam Newton anyone? End of story.

Sunny Dee

Anonymous Cane - why don't you provide any evidence you have to the NCAA or the media? I'm sure the Herald will run a story if you give them the evidence. You know Deadspin, Bleecher Report or Yahoo will run it.


I agree with Anonymous Cane,

I know that money was being passed around and the NCAA just looks the other way, and they know it. Look how quick the NCAA investigated. That is probably why Alex's Mom is so upset. This will eventually come out. Alex's Father just had a big payday.


I meant to say look how fast the NCAA investigated Auburn. Talk about pay-offs?


It is impossible to investigate, they keep their mouths shut tight. But is it definitely going on because I personally know a recruit who was offered money.


Trevor Harris Miami Edison coach tells it like it is, everyone needs to listen to his radio segment with the Idiot Sileo. Not what Sileo expected, lmao!!!!!


To think that admissions and compliance isn't holding back the coaches from recruiting the best kids from this area is naive. Even the best students from public high school would have difficulties with the curriculum at the University of Miami. Typically, a great student and great athlete aren't the same person.
SEC schools can offer a scholarship to ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who can even spell their name correctly when signing the letter of intent. Lax standards and small town authorities that sweep everything "under the rug" for the benefit of the programs make the SEC the place to be.
Gainesville, FL 125,000population 52,000students
Athens, GA 115,000population 35,000students
Oxford ,MS 19,000pop. 18,000students
Starkville, MS 24,000pop. 21,000students
Fayetteville, AR 75,000pop. 25,000students
Tuscaloosa, AL 90,000pop. 34,000students
Southerners, by and large, believe the NCAA is run by "yankee elites" and therefore have little respect for the NCAA's rules and Regulations. Couple that with the undeniable economic impact that a winning team affords these relatively small, cash-strapped, mostly rural college towns and anyone can see why COLLEGE FOOTBALL has become the economic engine of these SOUTHEASTERN schools.

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