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Thursday update: Fins sign player; Heat, UM quick hits; More unethical behavior in UM/NCAA case

Our Wednesday evening story on the NCAA's latest unethical behavior in the UM case is below, for those who may have not seen it yet.

But first, a six pack of Thursday quick hits:

### The Dolphins view defensive lineman Vaughn Martin, who agreed to terms with Miami on Thursday, as an upgrade over Tony McDaniel in their d-line rotation. Martin, who can play end or tackle, started 12 games for the Chargers as a 3-4 end last season, and Pro Football Focus ranked him just 33rd of 34 qualifying 3-4 ends, including 30th against the run. He had one sack.

Martin started 15 games for the Chargers in 2011. He has three sacks in four NFL seasons.

But several teams reportedly were interested in him. He could play some end in Miami's 4-3 if needed, but his primary role likely will be as a member of the tackle rotation with Paul Soliai and Randy Starks.

### Some reaction to the Heat streak ending --- Kobe Bryant: "The Lakers winning 33 in a row was phenomenal, but the Heat's [streak of 27] was just as impressive." Jerry West, a member of the 1971-72 Lakers team that won 33 straight, told ESPN last night: "I really thought they were going to do it. This was great for basketball. People will talk about this forever.... I think [the Heat] is looking for bigger fish to fry." As in another championship.

### The Dolphins never made an offer to longtime Jets starting guard Brandon Moore, deciding that Lance Louis was better. Louis, signed Thursday, is the favorite to beat out John Jerry at right guard. The Bears considered Louis their best offensive lineman last year before his November knee injury. Pro Football Focus, which analyzes every snap, ranked Louis only barely ahead of Jerry; Louis was 47th, Jerry 49th, among 81 guards. Louis allowed two sacks and seven QB hurries. Jerry allowed two and 15.

### UM's Jim Larranaga said Miami's regional semifinal opponent tonight, Marquette, "plays harder than maybe any team we've played. That's a tremendous offensive rebounding team." Kenny Kadji, Julian Gamble and UM's perimeter players must be especially alert on the defensive boards.

### Al Golden said today that converted defensive end Jake O'Donnell has been a "surprise" at tight end and that tight end Asante Cleveland is "having as good a spring as anyone."

### Golden said Gray Crow is "on the heels" of Ryan Williams for the No.2 quarterback job. "The real competition is Gray and Ryan," Golden said, noting Williams is ahead in his ability to recognize defenses.


Here's that UM story:

### The NCAA investigator who took over the University of Miami case last May attempted, as her fired predecessor did, to use Nevin Shapiro’s attorney to help build a case against Miami – a detail curiously omitted from the NCAA-commissioned report detailing the NCAA’s improper handling of the case, according to an email exchange between the parties that was relayed to me by two people.

Meanwhile, UM also will allege that NCAA investigators lied to interview subjects by claiming that other people interviewed made comments they never made, in order to trick the subjects into revealing incriminating information they otherwise might not have, according to multiple officials familiar with the NCAA’s case against UM and former coaches. UM believes such behavior is unethical, and it clearly is.

Both of these details will be included in UM’s motion to dismiss the case that will be submitted to the NCAA on Friday.

UM also will claim that significant charges made against UM in the NCAA’s notice of allegations are uncorroborated by anyone besides Shapiro, and that tainted evidence has not been fully purged from the case.

The NCAA already has informed UM that the infractions committee does not have the authority to dismiss the case before a full hearing in mid-June, but UM is disputing that contention.

Among the new details in the case: Stephanie Hannah, an NCAA director of enforcement who took over the UM case late last May from fired Ameen Najjar, continued Najjar’s policy of working with Shapiro’s attorney, Maria Elena Perez, to try to build a case against UM.

The Cadwalader law firm, asked by the NCAA to investigate its handling of the case, indicated that Najjar ignored the NCAA legal counsel’s instructions and accepted Perez’s proposal to use bankruptcy subpoenas to compel depositions from witnesses who had refused to cooperate with the NCAA. In exchange, Perez would be paid; Perez claimed it would be for her time and expenses, Najjar claimed it would be only for expenses.

“The Perez proposal was unquestionably a bad idea for the NCAA,” the report said.

After taking over for Najjar, Hannah attempted to work with Perez on obtaining information from Shapiro’s bodyguard, Mario Sanchez, who was subpoenaed to appear in a bankruptcy hearing. The deposition with Sanchez never materialized, and the bankruptcy trustee told us today that it wouldn't have been of interest to the bankruptcy trustee, anyway.

In an e-mail exchange with Perez last July, Hannah wrote: “Regarding the enforcement staff’s interest in questioning [name redacted], attached is a document that outlines questions/topics to discuss with him.”

The name redacted was Sanchez, according to multiple sources.

Hannah’s e-mail came to light because Perez included it in her response to the Florida Bar complaint filed against her by Sean Allen, the former UM assistant equipment manager who was subpoenaed by Perez for a bankruptcy court deposition in December 2011.

The NCAA tossed the Allen deposition from evidence because it was obtained improperly, and the matter ultimately led to the firing of NCAA vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach.

Ken Wainstein, from the Cadwalader law firm, e-mailed on Wednesday that he was busy on a personal matter and could not immediately explain why Hannah’s behavior was omitted from his report.

This evening, Wainstein e-mailed again after our story hit the wire. He did not offer a specific reason for not including it in his report but said that "after Mr. Najjar left the NCAA, Ms. Hannah became responsible for the U. Miami investigation.  As we explained in evaluating Ms. Hannah’s conduct, Ms. Hannah had not been involved in the initial arrangements with Ms. Perez and believed that there was nothing amiss and that it had been blessed prior to her involvement. 

"We understand that she provided questions and areas of interest for Ms. Perez to use in preparing to interview Mr. Sanchez in July 2012, similar to how Mr. Najjar had provided questions in advance of Mr. Allen’s deposition.  Mr. Sanchez was never deposed, however, for a variety of reasons including logistics regarding service of a subpoena."

The NCAA declined to comment.

“It’s troubling because it places Hannah’s culpability on the same level of Najjar’s,” said one official, on the UM/former coach side of the NCAA case, who asked not to be identified. “She should know better than to do this, having been there 20 years. Why did they cover that up?”

Wainstein’s report assigned no accountability to Hannah, saying: “Ms. Hannah assumed there was nothing amiss about the arrangement [with Perez] and that it had been completely blessed prior to her involvement in the case. In light of those circumstances, it is understandable that she raised no alarms about the Perez arrangement.”

The NCAA ended its working relationship with Perez shortly after NCAA associate general counsel Naima Stevensen reiterated last September what she had told Najjar a year earlier – that this arrangement was a bad idea and didn’t have the legal department’s blessing.

Hannah’s e-mail with Perez was the second significant matter not included in the Wainstein report. The other: Najjar wrote a letter to Shapiro’s judge shortly before his sentencing for operating a Ponzi scheme saying the NCAA might someday hire him as a consultant.

Wainstein said he didn’t mention the letter because the report “was not intended… to describe all aspects of Mr. Shapiro’s relationship with the enforcement staff.”

In an ESPN interview this week, NCAA President Mark Emmert insisted that once the NCAA found part of the UM case had been mishandled, “I’m confident we did exactly the right thing. We did it the right way…

"For those saying, ‘Fire Emmert!’it’s like saying if the assistant coach did something wrong, fire the [university] president.”

Please see the last post, from late Tuesday night, for Heat, Dolphins, Canes.


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Georgia Cane

Sounds like to me, that the NCAA will being cleaning house after the UM case. Heads will roll, Emmert and Hannah will be the first. UM will have the last laugh.


Smells like the NCAA is suffering from a lack of institutional control if you ask me.


Emmert is scum and as the CEO of any other organization that has shown such ineptitude and incompetence and corruption he would have been fired and pushed out the door with no parachute to soften the crash landing!

The problem of investigating your self is evident and the money they paid for this was a total waste and intended as a cover-up to protect Emmert's kingdom of glass houses and house of cards.

This case has not stopped giving (the NCAA giving to the U) and will not as long as Perez feels thrown under the bus by the NCAA. She is a woman scorned and you know what they say about that.....LOL!


Is Hanna just that stupid or was/is there an agenda that is surfacing beyond a reasonable doubt? The NCAA must hire lawyers who scored in the bottom 10% on the Bar Exam!


HUH!?!?! What!?! How can this type of actions not only happen twice in the same case, but then not be revealed in the NCAA's self investigation of itself? How can the NCAA then hand over a letter of infractions to Miami apparently knowing these were allegations that were still tainted by the same resources?! Mr. Emertt, is a complete idiot! How can the NCAA not reign in a 2nd investigator? Stephanie Hannah is either very ignorant or was told by the NCAA to make the case "stick"? NCAA has so horribly "thrown up" all over itself, they have no way out but to just say"time served"! If they don't the NCAA will only face far more scrutiny as Miami and Donna Shalala go on the attack as they should. We all now can see the NCAA for what they are. A self serving group that rules the collegiate sports money machine, that is making BILLIONS on the backs of teenage athletes. Yes these athletes get an "education" wink, wink for the TV $$$ generating sports and schools. NCAA has an obvious vendetta for the"U", well I guess this is now obvious to everyone. "F" the NCAA. As a former college athlete, I am glad to see this happen to the "Ivory White Tower"!!

jw reed

The NCAA is nothing short of a joke and a bad one at that. Regardless of Miami's situation, this is an embarrassment of incredible proportions for the organization. The NCAA should be abolished or completely re-organized.

The University of Miami has suffered enough and paid a substantial price to be on trail by an bunch of Hippocrates! Even the Canes deserve better than this.


The bottom line is Mark Emert has the pants of the SEC down and he is on his knees. The SEC is dirty. Can anyone tell me why anyone would want to play football in Mississippi? But somehow they are landing the top recruit in 2013 class along with other stud players. Not to mention that Ole Miss admitted to cheating when they offered Cam Newton money to play for them when they accused Auburn for cheating because Auburn was actually able to convince Cam Newton to play for them. You talk about boosters going awol that is in SEC country. At the end of the day it is the U. Mark Emert and the rest of the NCAA hate the U.


The NCAA is a joke... Emmert is an incompetent joke... The member schools should be ashamed they are being represented by these idiots.


The main thing that I would like to know is why is the NCAA so hellbent on getting Miami and paying little if any attention to North Carolina. Miami has self imposed two post season football bans.UNC has had ongoing academic fraud for 20 years among its athletes and the NCAA has not touched this issue.Selective enforcement will be the ultimate downfall of the NCAA.
Miami should sue the NCAA over this. Other schools such as Penn State, Georgia Tech and UConn should join in as well.UNC has without a doubt the most dirty and dishonest athletic program in the country.


cue the hammer


This will soon be over...Striving for Championships in 3 sports.

Not a Fan of Ethics for Sale

So... I'm just wondering... what kind of ethics and values are we demonstrating if we are complaining that we were tricked into admitting our infractions, so we should be given leniency for committing them in the first place?

"...by claiming that other people interviewed made comments they never made, in order to trick the subjects into revealing incriminating information they otherwise might not have,..."

Where I was raised, if we lied about something we did, or hid the truth, rather than stepping up to admit responsibility, we were punished more severely. And told we needed to start accepting our responsibilities like a grown up. Maybe that is the telling factor here, they (Miami) is not willing to step-up and accept responsibilities... or they just have questionable morals & non existent Ethics, or more accurately, an ethical principle based on deceit.



From one Cane alum to the next, I must thank you for the excellent journalism you provide. A cut above the field, indeed.

Regarding the new reports of unethical behavior, it seems as though the Florida Bar is leaning on Perez and making her come clean about the extent of her involvement with the NCAA.

She's in real trouble here, especially with her having been reprimanded by the Florida Bar in '09. Moreover, if she was a court appointed attorney, she could've potentially "double dipped" as she was paid by the NCAA, in addition to any federal government money she might've received as part of her counsel in the bankruptcy proceeding.

This, of course, is In addition to her potential wrongdoing with the seemingly obvious conflict of interest.

Perez will have to come totally clean if she has any thoughts of practicing law in the near future. She's in a real squeeze.


The NCAA will do ANYTHING to get rid of Miami and its football and basketball teams. Somewhere at the bottom of all this, money is, of course, involved: $EC MONEY! They are trying to railroad UM over one crooked booster. Every $EC program has DOZENS of these boosters, but nothing is ever done about this glaringly obvious fact!


Time for the NCAA to dismiss the allegations against UM before they find themselves in a multi billion dollar lawsuit with the wrong people.

jo jo

Don t know much about Lance Louis.With such a serious injury and surgery just 3 months ago it seems strange the Dolphins would sign even for 1 year such an uncertain/risky player able to start this upcoming season for Miami.Seems he d be possibly able to help halfway theough the season....."maybe".A very,very strange signing to me for a player who may not even ever see the field.??????????????Oh well.Whatever.Regarding the evil NCAA(heh heh heh),those idiots wanted to hammer Miami so bad that they were more than sloppy.Miami has now gone so far and the NCAA will go even farther AGAINST Miami to save face.THAT absolutely now in my humble opinion will only progress to a LAWSUIT.I don t see any way,shape or form that Miami will not proceed full steam ahead now with very formidable and strong LEGAL ACTIONS of their own against the NCAA.The NCAA is attempting to maintain their status quo and hope that their sacred "all conclusive power" will be enough to scare/intimidate Miami s legal council.Bad news for the NCAA is Miami has plenty of astute and well-placed legal experts throughout the Country to pull/garner legal strategies from.The NCAA could not be more deserving of their soon bleak fate.Keep watching folks.......it s going to become much more interesting.



Cane fan

Enough is enough, when can a antitrust lawsuit be filed?


If you really want to get the NCAA, the first thing is to attack its non-profit status, and the benefits that go along with it. The exemptions that they are able to hide behind-legal, and financial, clearly breeds corruption.


BUENOS DIAS CANESFANS!!!!! Sorry haven't been around for awhile but I'm never gone. Nice to wake up to a beautiful sunny day (wish I was on my boat) not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze, and more positive information coming out of this witch-hunt of an investigation against THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI.

It's funny to me that so much garbage that has been thrown at THE U has been the garbage the the ncdoublaholes created themselves. They simply don't want to step in their own 5hit so they throw it like monkeys at THE U. Only problem is that the trail of 5hit leads right back to them. I fully expect THE U to sue the ncdoubleaholes (and win) and have this case thrown out on top of it. The longer this plays out the better THE U looks.

If the ncdoubleaholes want to hold coaches liable for what other coaches beneath them had committed then the same rule applies to them. Mark Emmert is in that position. He should be put up against the board and questioned for the actions of those that are beneath him. He constantly is preaching "under MY watch". If this is true then a lot of negative things have happened under your watch Mr.Emmert and you have yet to take any form of responsibility for any of it.

It just keeps getting better for us down here in sunny Miami, Florida. The ncdoubleaholes and Mark Mayes are some of the biggest douches around along with that reporter from the prestigious YahooSports, Charles Robinson. All classless POS. All they have done is discredit themselves. Man, I can't wait to read what the Herald will put in the paper tomorrow!!!! LMFAO!!!

2013 is gonna be goooooooood!





Fins decided to sign another injured OL? Didn't they learn from the other injured OL fiascos?
Hope it works out but..... oh well.

Crossing my fingers for the sweet 16 today.

Jon Roudels

I think at Penn State, they fired a lot of people for what an assistant coach did.. Mr Emmert. and by the way, a lot of programs have been severely penalized for the actions of their assiant coaches.


jeebus.. this thing gets uglier everyday. so the new chick did the same shady stuff that got the other guy fired? she wasn't aware of what he did to get axed?!! then they hire a law firm to "find the truth" but then it doesn't include the whole truth?! they were desperate and went way overboard fishing for a smoking gun when there was none. how could they possibly punish UM now?!!!!

not donna

um is dirty as any program in the country and it is well known by all.

Just becasue the inept ncaa clowns screwed it up does not change the fact that um is a rouge program lead by a clueless leader.



There are 2 rock-solid, definitive statements I can make. There will be no hedging, no flip-flopping, no back-tracking. There is nothing that can fall through and no last minute shocking developments that will change things. Per my source, these 2 realignment moves have been fully negotiated and they are DONE. They have not only been blessed by the networks, they are the products of the networks, particularly Fox & CBS.

#1 When the 2014 college football season kicks off, UNC will be a member of the SEC.

#2 When the 2014 college football season kicks off, Miami will be a member of the Big 12.

Regarding #1.......I know you want to know who will join with UNC to be team #16 in the SEC. Per my source, this has not been decided.

Regarding #2.......The Big 12's preferred scenario is to only add 2 teams, FSU and Miami, and to stop at 12. Miami is a done deal. FSU is not. I was not told why. I was not told percentages of FSU joining the Big 12. I was not told if FSU is trying to join another conference or if FSU wants to stay in the ACC. I was told that if FSU refuses to join the Big 12, the next most lucrative option proposed by the networks will be carried out. The Big 12 will go to 14 with a 3-team Florida block of Miami, UCF, USF and a 4th team from the current ACC. I was not told the name of the 4th team.

Why are these things happening? This isn't about what fans, ADs or board members want. I was told this is what the networks want.
-- Tuxedo Yoda


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