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Heat playoff chatter; Allen helps UM on NCAA case; Dolphins check out prospects

Some Monday night Heat/Dolphins/UM radio notes:

### Even after a 23-point win in Game 1, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Monday chose to show his team essentially nothing but it shortcomings. And his team understood.

“It’s needed,” Dwyane Wade said. “All the film was on what we did wrong. I don’t think we watched one play where we did something good. We can play better, more efficient. You can’t win getting [19] turnovers.” (Well, against Milwaukee, you can, apparently.)

### Chris Bosh had no complicated theory on Monday for why his three-point shooting becomes so much better in postseason. “The playoffs make you focus a lot more. As situations get more tense, I have more confidence in myself.”

Last season, he shot 10 for 35 on threes during the season, then 7 for 13 in the playoffs.

This season, he was 21 for 74 on threes during the season, before hitting 3 of 4 in Game 1 Sunday.

“It’s huge,” Wade said. “He’s locked and loaded. If he gets it, it’s going up. We love it. He’s really locked into the shot. It has opened up his pie chart.”

Said Bosh: “The corner three is an effective shot. I had to extend my range a little bit. Part of being a better player is taking on new challenges and being uncomfortable as much as possible…. It’s the best way to help this team out – a few minutes extending the floor.”

Bosh said some people “see a big [guy] and want to put you in a box [and] put your back to the basket even though a guy might outweigh me by 50, 60 pounds. If the team doesn’t need me to do that, I’m not going to waste my time and try to bang [with] dudes and shoot hook shots all night.”

### A week after summoning Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden to team headquarters, the Dolphins were one of 10 teams to attend his private on-campus workout today. The Dolphins really like Hayden, as well as Alabama’s Dee Milliner, Boise State’s Jamar Taylor and a few other corners.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said Hayden is the best cornerback in the draft and worthy of the 12th pick. Mel Kiper says he’s more of a borderline first-rounder; he also puts Taylor in that category.

### The Dolphins have summoned a few small school players to team headquarters, including Chadron State offensive tackle Garrett Gilkey, who intrigues them as a guard prospect who can play some tackle…. Miami has called about or spent time with several of the draft’s top fullbacks, such as Harvard’s Kyle Juszczyk and Richmond's Kendall Gaskins. The Dolphins like incumbent Jorvorskie Lane, but he will probably get competition in camp.

### UM appreciates that former UM assistant equipment manager Sean Allen, who was manipulated and mistreated by the NCAA during the UM investigation, has done all he could to help UM’s case in recent weeks. It speaks well of Allen that he has gone out of his way to assist.

Allen, who filed a Florida bar complaint against Nevin Shapiro’s attorney several weeks ago, has given UM some key evidence – including then-NCAA investigator Ameen Najjar’s letter on behalf of Shapiro to Shapiro's sentencing judge, and e-mail exchanges that showed Najjar’s successor (Stephanie Hannah) was doing what Najjar did -- collaborating with Shapiro’s attorney to try to use depositions to obtain more information to incriminate UM, even though the NCAA now acknowledges it had no business doing that.

“Allen felt obligated to inform the university when he came across documentation that he believed should have been included in the Cadwalader Report,” UM said in its motion to dismiss the case. “Allen stated that while the enforcement staff consistently acted in what he believed to be an underhanded and manipulative manner, the university acted above aboard.”

### UM’s top basketball recruit target, Brandon (Fla.) power forward Demetrius Henry, will announce on Wednesday whether he will attend UM or South Carolina, according to his coach. Henry is conflicted between the two schools. “I’ve never been so indecisive to make a decision,” he said. If he picks UM, he would slide into Kenny Kadji’s role. Rivals.com ranks him the 100th best prospect in the country.

### WMEN-640 dropped former Dolphins offensive lineman Keith Sims as its late-morning host. 




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any chance we sell some picks to get to oakland and eric fisher?


watch ireland take a guard at no 12


Hey idiot, nothing wrong in taking a guard if he is the best player available at a position of need..


Espn draft "gurus" are overrated.. Mike mayock is the best in the business! Dude really does his HW on every prospect. He knows what he talking about. Best part of watching the draft on nfl network


George Ireland IS SMARTER than you. Do you ven know what the Phins biggest need is; a Left Tackle or a right guard. So Ireland should take the teams's biggest needs, and needs that make the offense go. Moron/.

Chris H

If Jonathan Cooper is there at #12, and the Dolphins DON'T take him, I'll probably have a stroke.

Cooper if he is there, Eifert if he is not. And Ansah, Milliner and even Hayden would be fine consolation prizes. And I'm hoping they stay at 12 and don't spend a #2 pick to trade up.

The U is back....

Funny how Miami is now the ones collecting evidence...haha.

Reality Bites

Lots of love for Ireland here, his track record does not warrant it.
This is the year for him to prove his worth.
No more excuses, which reminds me of.....

Funny how deluded and blind all the UM homers are.
The U is guilty, no matter what the NCAA did with the investigation, it doesn't change that simple fact.


Reality Bites..they have done the time for their crime, in spades, for minor infractions alleged by a man who lied to far smarter and more successful and affluent people with a lot more to lose and at stake than the NCAA and UM. Idiot!

And if anyone, anyone at all has seen tape of NC's Cooper, in my opinion, he may be the best football player coming out this year.

And when a team has a dominant O-Line, all of a sudden their fans become enamored and completely giddy about it.
From The Hogs & 9ers of the 80s, Cowboys & Broncos of the 90s, Dolphins and Steelers of the 70s. The game becomes that much easier with dominant line play.

If Cooper is there (which he won't be), they must take him. PERIODS....................


I agree if Cooper is there OK, but Eifert would be ideal, specially since John Jerry seems in shape with our offense he can compete at tackle with Solder and another tackle in 2nd or 3rd for now or future. But trading up with our 2nd pick to get Ogletree would be a great move. Despite some issues, Ogletree is a future all pro as OLB and can stay with the Pats tight ends much better than anyone we've had.



There is much left to reveal over the next several months. One that I believe will be interesting is to see a possible reorganization of the ACC football divisions--as posted yesterday this was one of the negotiation points to get FSU to sign the GOR--another is what "look and feel" the ACC Network will have.....and whether it will be competitive to or in part partner with the SEC Network in some way down the road. Remember ESPN is involved in both.
And third, what of the Big 12 and its GOR that will end prior to the ACC's GOR ending. Does this open up possibilities of a Texas move to the ACC in next several years.....(this is being thought about due to the recent prognostications of Oklahoma to B1G......
-- arbitragegls



home ACC opponents for 2013-14: Duke, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, FSU, NC State, Wake Forest, Boston College & Virginia Tech
-- @CanesHoops



Charlotte's city council voted unanimously Monday night to approve an agreement to provide $87.5 million for upgrades to the Carolina Panthers' 17-year-old stadium in exchange for a commitment to stay in North Carolina's largest city for at least another six years.
-- AP



"College Football Playoff" new name for 4-team playoff, sources told @espn.
-- brett mcmurphy


Reality Bites

Wow little green pea so excited about the ACC network. Or is it about FSU not bolting and leaving you wannabes in the dust. College football playoff the new 4 team playoff system which will not include any ACC teams for the near future.

Duke, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, FSU, NC State, Wake Forest, Boston College & Virginia Tech
Most of these are good basketball programs, not so much NC State, Va Tech or ND, FSU is so so. But all will be better than U next season.
On the other hand look at your football schedule, outside of UF and FSU it is pathetic.


still curious as to why no report as to Fins interest in Clabo at OT, if Albert asking price too high; anyone know?

Barry Jackson

Gocanes 1: Clabo let the Dolphins know he would have interest, but they haven't pursued him as of a few days ago.


Dolphins willing to meet Branden Albert's demands

If the financial end is taken care of, only compensation between the teams is left to be worked out. The Chiefs want a second-round pick. The Dolphins own two (at No. 42 and No. 54).

If the Chiefs are willing to take the later pick, we should have ourselves a deal.


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