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Tuesday update: Fins bringing in three more tackles; NBA announces Heat date; Canes

Quick Tuesday update before we post a full buzz column later this evening:

### The NBA announced that the Heat will begin its next series next Monday, regardless of whether the Brooklyn-Chicago series ends Thursday in Game 6 or Saturday in a potential Game 7.

The Dolphins will continue their parade of free agent tackles on Wednesday when they bring in free agent tackles Tyson Clabo, Eric Winston and Winston Justice for visits.

Clabo was cut by the Falcons this offseason, and Winston by the Chiefs. Justice started 12 games for the Colts last season.

Winston visited the Dolphins in March, but the Dolphins at that time were unwilling to give him a deal any better than one year at low money.

Bryant McKinnie visited the Dolphins on Monday, then flew to San Diego to visit the Chargers.

The Dolphins had shown zero interest in McKinnie or Clabo until this week.

The Dolphins plan to add a veteran tackle as soon as they decide who's the best fit - both in terms of ability and financially.


Some Monday notes:

### Veteran offensive tackle and former UM star Bryant McKinnie completed a one-day visit with the Dolphins this afternoon, and dialogue between the sides will continue in the coming days.

The Dolphins, San Diego and Baltimore are all possibilities for McKinnie, and there's a good chance he will visit San Diego in the next couple of days. The Ravens have discussed the possibility of re-signing him.

McKinnie met with Jeff Ireland and Dolphins coaches during his visit. 

McKinnie, 33, said two weeks ago he would welcome overtures from the Dolphins. Miami didn't contact him in the weeks before the draft but decided to consider him after failing to acquire a tackle during the draft and after declining to give the Chiefs a second-round pick this past weekend in exchange for Branden Albert.

McKinnie came to camp with a back injury last July - suffered when he fell down stairs at his South Florida home - and didn't start a game in the regular season. But he started at left tackle throughout Baltimore's run to the Super Bowl, when the Ravens offense was rolling.

He started every game for Baltimore at left tackle in 2011, and Pro Football Focus ranked him 42nd among 66 tackles that season.

### Jeff Ireland feels very good about his collection of cornerbacks: Brent Grimes, Dimitri Patterson, Richard Marshall, Nolan Carroll, a couple of young holdovers (including DeAndre Presley) and draft picks Jamar Taylor, Will Davis and Don Jones.

“I think there is a lot of competition,” Ireland said. “You’ve got some real good veterans that have played very good football in their career. Obviously, we had some guys that didn’t finish the season  but have shown a lot of productivity in their careers. Then, you have some young guys we’ve drafted.

“We’ve got some core special teams players and guys that have had some highlights in their careers as well. I feel good about the position. I think we’ve got a lot of talent over there. We’ve got to get these guys healthy, which, I think, a majority of them they are, and I look forward to seeing how that position plays out. But I think there’s a good mix of vets and young players that can fill out the roster from the cornerback position.”

### Ireland’s final assessment on the third day of the Dolphins draft: “I feel really good about it. Jelani Jenkins is very quick, very athletic, very versatile. He’s a great kid, very educated, smart. He’s going to be a core special teams player for us. He’s going to compete for obviously an outside linebacker position. I think he’s pretty versatile. I think he can back up inside and outside, but I think the guy’s got a chance to be a starter in the future.

“[Michigan State tight end] Dion Sims is a very intriguing prospect. He’s physical. He’s got very good hands. He’s a former basketball player. Very intriguing. He played at probably a little heavier weight in college than what we saw here in the last spring and that’s what really intrigued us about him is he lost some weight, showed us some discipline in that regard and moved around very well in the spring."

More Ireland: “I really like Mike Gillislee. He’s got a very good skillset for the running back position. He can pass protect. Kind of paid his dues there at Florida. He was a one-year starter. He catches the ball well and he pass protects. He runs it very well as well. He’s tough.”

Ireland said rookie Caleb Sturgis and veteran Dan Carpenter “are going to be in pretty good competition in camp and we look forward to that.”

Ireland, on the team’s final draft pick, Arkansas State’s Jones: “This kid really jumped out on the screen for us with his speed and physicality. He played kind of a nickel back for Arkansas State, kind of a hybrid safety position. We brought him here on a visit and got to know the kid. He was a non-combine workout guy and really kind of liked the kid. We’re going to try him at corner and see if we can put him over there. He’s played corner and safety in his career, so looking forward to that transition as well.”

### Gators coach Will Muschamp spoke to Dolphins writers today about the three Gators picked by the Dolphins. Among the highlights:

Muschamp said: “They got three great people, three great guys in the locker. Jelani Jenkins is an every down linebacker. The guy can really run and play in space. He has improved his physicality. He can play every down. In a spread league, you have to have guys who can play in a box and play every down. He can do that.”

He said Caleb Sturgis “is the best kicker I’ve ever been around. Accurate, strong leg. No issues. The confidence level I’ve had in him, I’ve never had in a kicker.”

He had three kicks blocked last season, but Muschamp said: “One was a snap issue, one was a protection issue. And the one blocked in the Missouri game wasn’t his fault because he had an ankle injury.”

On running back Mike Gillislee: “He was nowhere on the radar at this time last year. Good lateral quickness, can get vertical in a hole quickly. Can play every down, because he can protect. He’s got really good lower body flexibility and good punch and power on all blocks. Tough, hard nosed runner. Gets stronger as the game goes.”

### Among undrafted Canes players, Epicagents.com said two of its clients will join teams this week: linebacker Ramon Buchanan signed with Seattle and offensive lineman (and former defensive lineman) Jeremy Lewis will attend Tampa's rookie minicamp.

Receiver Kendal Thompkins will attend Chiefs’ rookie minicamp, and punter Dalton Botts was invited to the Saints’ rookie minicamp.

### The Heat is now 12-2 this year without Dwyane Wade and 29-7 without Wade since LeBron James joined the franchise.

### With Shane Larkin leaving, what will the UM backcourt look like?

“Ask me in November, because right now we don’t know the answer to that,” coach Jim Larranaga said. “We’re not finished recruiting. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle we have to figure out.”

Rion Brown assuredly will start, and incoming DeAndre Burnett likely will play a lot. Garrius Adams can play small forward or shooting guard.


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Coral Gables'81

I believe Miami has added some good solid pieces, we will have to wait and see how everything develops though.

Reality Bites

Fins did well on draft day. The 3 Gators they got are all good players and will be an asset.

The Heat can afford to rest Wade. This years team is so much better than last years, and we all know what happened last year.

What will the UM backcourt look like?
Seriously? It will look green, underwhelming and underperforming. To the tune of half the number of victories and no ACC titles and 2nd round NIT exit.
Back to normal for cane basketball.


Hey Barry - How about doing an expose on the UM baseball Program? You don't seem to have a problem telling it like it is and this story must be told by someone. Morris has had a great career at UM , but every coach reaches a point where he must step down. This Program has truly lost its way and can't be aloud to fall any deeper into a hole. I don't know what the UM AD has in mind, but Morris has to be held accountable. This team has an excellent chance to have a losing ACC record and may be the worst hitting UM team in at least 30 years. It's become embarrassing for a proud Program.


The Heat may lose 1 game in the Knicks series and that will be about it. GO HEAT!!!

Reality Bites

When someone called for an expose on the cane baseball program I thought they would be calling for an investigation of players being fed PEDs by the tainted trainer and customer of the Biogenics Coral Gables clinic and the tie in to the several ex canes MLB players that have been suspended for taking PEDs.
But this fellow was just talking about losing ways and more losing. No expose needed, just a cane thing. The losing, that is.

Go Heat!


Rare optimism in Fins camp in the off season. The brass finally grew some and are MAKIN' it happen! I'm diggin' it... but it don't mean a thang until the lights come on. GO FINS! GO HEAT! GO PANT...? BOYCOT THE MARLINS!


Angel Rodriquez and DeAndre Burnett will be a lethal combination-

If it happens I predict they will be Miami's best backsourt in their history-

Better that what they had this year with Shane and Durrand Scott-Angel's point guard skills can match Shane's and Burnett will be better than Scott as a scoring guard.Frankly speaking he may be one of the better scrong guards in the nation-he's extremely explosive!


Reality Bites is still making himself out to be what all know already.He is an idiot troll.Loves thinking/dreaming/talking about the Canes.It s really too funny.Anyway...I d agree that Morris has the baseball program going backwards for about the last 3 or 4 years.....at least.



ESPN is going all-in on college baseball tournament tonnage. Its coverage of the first round – the Regionals – could include as many as 112 games over four days.

depending on play, ESPN could end up with 153 games – meaning every game in the tournament.

For the college baseball tournament, ESPN will debut a Bases Loaded channel, not just for when the bases are loaded but signaling any situation where action is bound to be exciting: a possible no-hitter, a player going for the cycle, an umpire's call leading to a manager going beserk.

And in a good example of how digital platforms can be integrated with TV channels, ESPN will put most of its expanded CWS coverage on its ESPN3 digital channel, which ESPN says is in about 85 million households. The new Bases Loaded channel will air continuously on ESPN3 – for about 37 hours during the four-day first round – and will show up often on ESPN channels as handy filler during rainouts or between games.
-- usatoday




And the winner of the @CFBplayoff logo contest is… the GOLD BALL!
-- brett mcmurphy



Bottom line is that in the draft Miami focused on relatively underexperienced superior athletes with technical and experience weaknesses who will improve with time and coaching (not unlike Tannehill)

Got 3 likely starters in Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor and Caleb Sturgis

Got several ST/situational/backup players with athletic ability to eventually become starters in Dallas Thomas, Jelani Jenkins, Dion Sims, and Don Jones. Gillislee will likely be a changeup runner unless Miller really performs poorly.

Good draft for this year, better draft for future years as inexperienced players improve.

Go Phins!!!


John Swofford on Tim Brando this morning:

Got a couple of nuggets from the 3+ minute segment I heard

-UL will take Maryland's schedule slot....That's what we thought would happen, but it may add to it that they are not switching the divisions around or swapping permanent rivals up.

-Confirmed the ACC Network is close.......not sure we had heard that from him yet since last weeks GoR ( grant of media rights) announcement.
-- dgrace4cards

Every state in the ACC’s footprint has to considered a potential location for the ACC Network.

The conference has over 100 Million people living in it’s footprint.

As with any conference network the issue is really not content, but about distributions and carriage. Already with the SEC Network and Lonhhorn Network is it not impossible to think ESPN could bundle all three for maximum distribution? The Pitt fan in Pennsylvania that wants the ACC network has to pay for the LHN and SEC Network. The Arkansas fan to get the SEC Network will have to get the LHN and ACC Network. On my cable system I have the Big 10 Network, because I wanted ESPNU and haven’t watched 5 minutes of it in 3 years, but I’m paying for it. Of course this is only speculative on my part, but I don’t think it’s out of the question.
-- Jfann


John In Springs

There is a high school baseball coach in Northern California by the name of Mike Luna that would be the perfect replacement baseball coach for the Canes, he reminds me a lot of how coach Ron Fraser ran his program.

He constantly has competitive teams even when lacking outstanding talent, year in and year out. He is a consummate teacher of the game and all of his players are better athletes and young men when they matriculate through his program.

He is by far one of the best coaches I have ever witnessed run a program.



"Fla. Senate Passes Sun Life Renovation Stadium Plan 35-4"


It was cutsie years ago

Green, do you ever have anything to say or express in your own words, or do you always quip others opinions, articles and words constantly ?

Reality Bites

Leave little green pea alone, he takes pleasure in the most trivial of things, so be it.
Go Heat

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