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May 01, 2013

Thursday Tebow/McKinnie update; Heat update; Ireland speaks out; UM adds European player

Some Dolphins and Canes quick hits:

### Contrary to Internet speculation today, Tim Tebow did not visit the Dolphins and there are no plans for him to do so. The team has not expressed interest in him, and the Dolphins are happy with their quarterback situation as it stands.

So where did all the Tebow talk come from? Part of it was a hoax. Part of it resulted from a couple of national media outlets suggesting that the Dolphins' refusal to state on-the-record that they're not interested in Tebow suggested that they might be. But saying something like that on the record is not the Dolphins' way of doing business. And even though they haven't said it, they have not pursued Tebow and aren't expected to.

### Bryant McKinnie re-signed with Ravens, spurning offers from the Dolphins and Chargers. The Dolphins' offer didn't measure up to San Diego's. Miami also has been considering the three right tackles it worked out yesterday - Tyson Clabo, Eric Winston and Winston Justice.

### The NBA announced that the Heat's first two games of the next round will be at 7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday at AA Arena. The rest of the schedule - against the Bulls or Nets - hasn't been announced.

### Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, appearing Wednesday on the team-owned radio show on WINZ 940, suggested that one indication that the team is deeper and better is the fact he can’t come up with a final roster, or anything close to it, in his mind.

“I try to cut the team two days after the draft,” he said of a mental exercise he likes performing this time of year. “It’s great that I can’t. In years past, I can cut it down to 57, 58 players. It will be a lot deeper team. There will be position battles.”

### Asked if he felt obligated to fill needs in the draft, Ireland said: “I really didn’t. I never go into a draft thinking I have to address needs. The board has to fall the right way to address needs. I don’t want to pass up good football players to draft a need. You make mistakes if you do that.”

### He said he asks him scouts “to create a vision for the player. What are they going to do on third down? And if they’re a young developing player, what are they going to do on fourth down?”

 ### Asked if there was one player he really wanted but couldn’t get, he said: “This year, I went into this draft saying I’m not going to let that happen. And I got him. Dion Jordan. Dion Jordan was the player I didn’t want to pass up.”

When reminded that many TV pundits thought he was trading up for Lane Johnson, he said: “Lane Johnson is going to be a fine player, a tremendous athlete. But the pass rushers, the versatility of Dion’s skill set is unique. I wasn’t going to pass that up.”

### Ireland said linebacker Jelani Jenkins “will probably back up at multiple positions and has a chance to start in the future.”

### Ireland said Dion Sims “played [last season] at a much heavier weight than I would suggest he came in at.” But since the season ended, he dropped from 280 to 260, which leaves Ireland encouraged about his commitment.

### Asked if Miami might go back to using more 3-4 defense instead of last year’s 4-3 approach, he said: “There are some pieces you can look at it. We came from a 3-4 a year ago. We joked as a scouting staff we changed a year too late. Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle will put together a creative defense. I’m excited about this defense because we can come at you from multiple different places.”


### We mentioned two weeks ago that UM was expecting to add a European point guard. That guard is Emmanuel LeComte, a 17-year-old who plays in the Ethias League in Belgium. UM confirmed that he has signed with the program.

"Manu LeComte is a true point guard," UM coach Jim Larranaga told our Michelle Kaufman. "He is quick and fast and can shoot. He will have to learn the American college game. But with the loss of Shane Larkin and Angel Rodriguez having to sit a year, it is nice to have a point guard who can play right away."

The Belgian Youth Basketball Blog described him as "very, very talented" with a "ton of experience for his age" and "can take over a game."

LeComte, 5-11, told stateoftheu.com: "I'm quick. I can shoot from everywhere. I will need to improve my body, get more in the weight room."

### David Thompson, who is attempting to play both baseball and football at UM, has a difficult decision ahead: determining whether to play in a summer baseball league or begin honing his skills and body for the football season. Thompson, a quarterback, has a chance to be a holder on field goals this season.

“I know he’s a good player, can be a better player,” baseball coach Jim Morris told several media outlets today. “He just needs to work more on baseball right now.” Morris stopped short of saying a decision had been made about his baseball involvement this summer.

Thompson, who leads UM with 28 RBI but has been slumping recently, told Canesport.com: “Pretty much when baseball is over, I’ll be walking across the outfield and going right to football. Hope to compete for the No. 2 spot.”

### The transfer guard that UM is hoping to lure from Texas – Sheldon McClellan – averaged a team-high 13.5 points last season but also drew the ire of coach Rick Barnes because of lack of intensity and effort at times. Others – including Illinois, Marquette and Oregon – are also in the mix.