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Heat finishes 2nd in award; Analysts speak out on Heat; Heat, Fins, UM/NCAA notes

Quick Wednesday morning update: Erik Spoelstra finished second in Coach of the Year, announced minutes ago, behind Denver's George Karl. Karl had 404 points, Spoelstra 190. Karl had 62 first-place votes, Spoelstra 24. New York's Mike Woodson was third.



Mostly Heat chatter -- entering Game 2 Wednesday -- and a couple football notes:

### So was Monday night’s loss a blip (as most assume), or could the Bulls actually win this series? Network analysts opted for the blip theory.

ABC’s Jeff Van Gundy said off the air Tuesday he cannot see any realistic scenario in which the Bulls win the series, despite having the utmost respect for Chicago. “I don’t think there is a concern,” he said. “It’s a bump in the road. It breaks a rhythm to have that much time off as Miami did. They missed makeable shots.”

Former NBA coach and NBA TV analyst Sam Mitchell said by phone: “Miami was stagnant, no ball movement, too much one-on-one and they can’t get beat by 14 on the boards again. But I would still be shocked if Chicago won this series. It would be one of the greatest upsets in NBA history. But if Miami can’t beat them one game in Chicago, they don’t deserve to move on. And if they lose Wednesday, then Oh my God, it’s going to be interesting.”

Since the playoffs were expanded to 16 teams in 1983, a road team that won Game 1 went on to win 56.1 percent of those series. But when the home team won Game 2 after losing Game 1, it won 85.5 percent of those series.

So is there any concern Chicago could actually win this series?

“I don’t think it’s going to happen, but it better be a concern,” TNT’s Steve Kerr, who’s calling the first two games with Marv Albert, said off air Tuesday. “I was shocked [by Game 1]. Miami has the greatest player on Earth. They’ve been here before. They’ll be fine.”

### Kerr noted the Bulls are better equipped than most to defend the Heat’s small lineup because Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson are versatile enough to guard multiple positions. “And Gibson guarded Ray Allen most of the fourth quarter,” Kerr said.

In fact, the Heat’s “smaller” lineup was outscored by 16 in the second half Monday.

### Noah essentially said earlier this year that if Heat wants to play small against them, good luck with that.

“I was young and immature when I said those comments,” Noah cracked Tuesday. But “we’re more than capable of guarding it.”

### Wade not only settled for an ill-advised pull up three-pointer with the Heat down two and 1:08 left, but consider this: Monday was the first game all season he did not attempt a free throw.

“It’s one of the tougher matchups for Wade because of their length,” Kerr said. “The Bulls are all long-armed, rangy guys and create all this traffic in the lane. Their whole defensive game plan is to keep you out of the paint and run you off the three-point line in the corners.”

### That the Bulls outscored the Heat, 20-10, during clutch time (final five minutes with a margin of five or less) was stunning considering this: In 176 “clutch” minutes, this season, the Heat outscored opponents by 131 points, easily the NBA’s best.

### And there’s this: The lineup that the Heat used during the last five minutes of Game 1: The Big Three, with Allen and Mario Chalmers, outscored teams by an absurd 36.9 points per 48 minutes this season (second best in the league) and shot 57 percent.

### Still, a case could have been made to use Norris Cole instead of Chalmers to close the game, because Nate Robinson was giving Chalmers fits. Opposing players shot 41.1 percent against Chalmers this season, 36.6 against Cole, according to synergysports.com. And that doesn’t even take into account blow-bys.

“When Cole came in, the Bulls could barely get it across halfcourt,” Kerr said.

And Van Gundy said: “I would suspect we’ll see LeBron James on Robinson.” James said that wouldn’t surprise him, either.

### Noah, on Robinson: “You tell me a player under six foot ever better than him! Nate Robinson is the best.”

When a writer suggested Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy, Noah said, “I don’t know who that is.”

### Troubling: Shane Battier's shooting accuracy has sunk to 24 postseason in postseason (7 for 29).

“There’s nothing like the morning after a playoff loss,” he said. "When I retire from this game, I'll never forget this feeling. It's not a fun feeling. It's not a fun feeling for anybody, for my dogs, for my kids, for my wife, for my teammates, for the coaches."

Battier cracked that losing Game 1 makes him act like “an [expletive] hole.”

What was “most upsetting” about Game 1, Battier said, “were so many mental mistakes and breakdowns in defensive principles. Lack of communication… on rotations.”

### Noah, asked about the talent difference between the two teams, responded: “People underestimate chemistry a lot.”

And Gibson cited this underrated key to Chicago’s success: “We hide our weak points well on both sides of the ball.”

### In Heat-Bulls matchups this season, Noah is now averaging 10.4 rebounds, Chris Bosh 5.6.

Bosh closed his interview session Tuesday with this: “I’m tired of talking about Joakim.”

### Noah predicted James will be more aggressive offensively early on. James disputed that, saying his mindset would not change.

### We've heard positive feedback on tight end Dion Sims during rookie minicamp, and it would be surprising if he doesn’t emerge as the Dolphins’ No. 2 tight end right away.

“I don’t want to pigeon-hole Dion as a blocking tight end because he’s got a different skill set,” general manager Jeff Ireland said. “He can catch, can run. He’s got very good hands, big hands.”

### Jake Long and Bryant McKinnie weren’t the only offensive tackles the Dolphins tried to land and couldn’t. We hear Miami made a serious run, early in the free agency, to try to sign Gosder Cherilus, but he opted for a five-year, $34 million contract with Indianapolis. He canceled a visit here when Detroit made the big offer.

### Besides excluding testimony of Kyle Wright, the NCAA informed UM that it will toss the testimony of Brodie Waters, the No. 2 official at Nevin Shapiro’s former sports agency, because part of it may have resulted from Sean Allen’s excluded testimony. Waters’ interview wasn’t believed to be horribly damaging.

### Please see the last post for a Marlins development.... And I'm on Twitter now: @flasportsbuzz


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Bulls are going to take this series. Heat can't rebound, cant stop Robinson. Don't have as much heart as Chicago.


Please keep the jokes coming, MikeM


lol so after loss, they don't have enough "heart".


Mike M = Idiot


The Heat lost Game 1 to the Bulls in the conference finals two years ago and came back to win 4 in a row. The 2011 Bulls team was just as hungry then as the 2013 Bulls team is now, and they had a healthy roster and most importantly, a healthy Derrick Rose. Plus, the 2011 Heat weren't as great as the 2013 Heat are. I don't see the Heat losing this series barring any major injuries to the Big Three. The Bulls stole Game One and that's a testament to their heart and toughness, but at the end of the day, heart and toughness alone don't win you the series, talent does.


Not that the Miami baseball team needed any extra pressure in the final two weeks of the regular season, but it gained a new distinction over the weekend.

With Johns Hopkins powerhouse lacrosse team missing the NCAA tournament for the first time in 41 years, the Hurricane baseball streak became the longest in college sports. UM has been to 40 straight NCAA regionals, but has been inconsistent this spring.

The good news? Despite a 32-18 record and some of the lowest hitting numbers in memory, the Hurricanes have a strong standing in the Ratings Percentage Index. UM was No. 18 in this week's official NCAA RPI ratings and are well inside projected fields for the tournament.
-- michael casagrande



Since Mr. Swofford flunked third-grade geography, we'll give him some help. The ACC footprint does NOT include the Chicago market. People in Chicago couldn't care less about the ACC.

Notre Dame is in the South Bend, Indiana TV market, not the Chicago TV market. There are a lot of Notre Dame football fans in Chicago, like in every big city, but you may have noticed that Notre Dame is an independent football team. Outside of football, Notre Dame sports are invisible in Chicago.

Posted by: Bob from Chicago | 05/07/2013 at 04:37 PM


Remember that the state of Indiana is a bit different in the same way as Kentucky and North Carolina - it is unambiguously a basketball state and, in that respect, the Hoosiers are clearly the most popular team. Notre Dame seems to have a similar relationship with Indiana natives as Duke has with North Carolina natives - it's not really a "local" team. ND is a bigger draw across state lines in the Chicago area.
-- frank the tank



A few more details were emerging about the a la carte bill in the works from veteran cable price critic Sen. John McCain

The bill would give cable and satellite operators the option of offering a la carte service or losing the the blanket license that allows them to carry broadcast programming without having to negotiate individually for rights to carry the programming.

It would also do away with the FCC's sports blackout rule, according to multiple sources. That rule prevents cable or satellite providers from carrying an NFL game when the over-the-air broadcast is blacked out due to lack of attendance at the game.
-- multichannel.com



Now let's talk about why an SEC Network could be worth billions for BOTH the SEC and ESPN.

[]_[] were saying ? []_[] Dolt.

Posted by: SEC Green With $ | 05/04/2013 at 12:47 AM


ESPN's Kristi Dosh on this morning Tim Brando Show on the ACC Network...

1. The ACC Digital Network has more subscibers then any other conference. Yes more then the B1G, SEC, Big XII & Pac 12.

2. The ACC with the fact that ESPN already has most of the ACC content doesn't have to buy back all the 3rd Tier Rights that they had to do with the SEC. That was one of the major hurdles that ESPN had with the SEC Network...buying back the Tier 3 Rights from other Networks/Schools in the SEC.

Expect the ACC Network to be sooner rather then later.
-- Maize


johnny b fit

No heart, I will point out what I pointed out to the person on facebook who unfriended me. The Heat has been to the finals the last two years and won it all the year before. You don't get to that level with no heart. Speaking of heart, will Derek Rose show up this seris considering he was cleared to play two months ago?

david in los angeles

wonder what little mikey M thinks now?? D bag haters.. all of them. like roaches, they scatter as soon as the light hits them..

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