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Fins to sign Clabo; Golden quantifies NCAA damage; Shapiro explains K. Wright move; Fins, Heat, Marlins

The Sunday buzz column is below. First, some breaking Dolphins news:

The Dolphins addressed their void at offensive tackle on Sunday by agreeing to terms with veteran Tyson Clabo on a one-year deal.

Clabo, 31, has started every game at right tackle for the Atlanta Falcons over the past five seasons and was a Pro Bowl selection in 2010.

His signing means Jonathan Martin will shift to left tackle to replace Jake Long, who signed with St. Louis.

Clabo signed a five year, $25 million deal in 2011, but the Falcons released him last month in a move designed to give them additional salary cap space to sign their draft picks. “Tyson was a valuable contributor to our team,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said at the time.

Clabo, who auditioned for the Dolphins on Wednesday, graded out well the past two seasons, according to Pro Football Focus, which analyzes every play in every game. His 2012 performance ranked 14th among 80 tackles, and fifth-best among right tackles, behind Andre Smith, Gosder Cherilus, Anthony Davis and Sebastian Vollmer.

Clabo was ranked 23rd in pass protection (he allowed five sacks) and 21st in run blocking.
In 2011, Pro Football Focus rated him second overall among all tackles.

By contrast, PFF ranked Martin 76th among 80 tackles last season.

Undrafted out of Wake Forest, Clabo began his career in Denver and spent the past seven seasons with the Falcons.

The Dolphins tried to sign left tackle Bryant McKinnie earlier this week, but he opted for a slightly better deal with Baltimore. The Dolphins also explored trading for Kansas City’s Branden Albert, but did not offer the second-round pick that the Chiefs were seeking.

The Dolphins signed Clabo instead of two other right tackleswho auditioned: Eric Winston and Winston Justice.

Martin played left tackle at Stanford but began his Dolphins career as a right tackle before shifting to the left side when Long was injured in the 12th game last season.

Martin played well against Jacksonville and Buffalo but struggled against San Francisco and New England.

He said previously that he is more comfortable at left tackle than right tackle and has gained 20 pounds this offseason while increasing his strength.

Clabo reached out to the Dolphins shortly after being released, but the Dolphins never called his representation until last week, when they booked a workout with him.



As we reported in our last post, the NCAA this past week essentially ruled out UM’s hopes of the case against it being dismissed before a full hearing in front of the infractions committee in mid-June.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Al Golden is quantifying – with numbers -- the impact this case has had on recruiting.

“If you just take the number of kids that flipped on us in the last two years, that’s a big number,” Golden told us. “But I’m talking about kids [that say]: ‘I really like Miami, but I don’t know what’s going to happen’ [with the NCAA]. That number is well over 40. Easily over 40.

    “The further they get along in the decision-making process, the attacks on us grow exponentially once we’re identified as one of the players in their picks.”

Golden said he doesn’t believe the investigation has hurt the perception of the program but “the toxicity is the problem, whether it’s through the media or things the kids are exposed to. There hasn’t been a time where we haven’t had negative recruiting. It’s been difficult.”

UM basketball coaches say the NCAA mess has hurt them, too -- it’s one of the first questions that recruits keep asking about.

UM discussed modest scholarship reductions during settlement talks in February before the NCAA abruptly ended those talks. Now, president Donna Shalala says publicly UM deserves no additional punishment.

If UM is given another bowl ban, an appeal would not be surprising. The problem is that the appeals process can take a long time – seven months in Central Florida’s just-completed case --- which would carry UM through National Signing Day next February. (UCF won its appeal of a bowl ban, which is unusal.)

“It’s really important for us when we go to camp that that’s all in the rearview mirror,” Golden said.

But even if UM doesn’t appeal, it might not know its punishment before the season starts. North Carolina waited four months after its hearing before receiving its penalty. UM’s hearing is June 14-16, with a verdict expected between July and October.

Of course, this should have been over by May or June. The NCAA now admits its investigation “was virtually complete” last September, but the process was delayed for four months while the NCAA realized it obtained evidence improperly and began sorting through it.

UM athletic director Blake James said at a  Hurricanes Club luncheon: “We’re all tired of dealing with it. There’s no one who has had to deal with it more than Al Golden.”

And ACC Commissioner John Swofford told ESPN on Thursday: “It’s dragged on long enough. That’s a sanction it itself, which something of this nature drags on literally for years without being brought to a conclusion. So hopefully, we’re near the end of it.

“I think Miami has handled its part of this in a quality way and a very appropriate way and has addressed it head-up with self-imposed sanctions.”

### The NCAA confirmed to UM last week that it’s throwing out all of Kyle Wright’s incriminating claims against the Hurricanes because they may have resulted from Sean Allen’s improperly-obtained testimony. But if Nevin Shapiro had his way, Wright never would become embroiled in this.

Shapiro never implicated Wright to the NCAA –  though he allegedly accepting trips from Shapiro’s sports agency (to the Bahamas, a concert in Detroit). Why?

“Kyle got [expletive] by UM and Randy Shannon specifically,” Shapiro said, explaining why Wright was the only player he excluded. “UM really did that kid bad. He came from California and gave up a lot to do so and they [expletive] all over him. They left him to defend for himself against a clown like Randy Shannon.

Kirby Freeman ahead of him in the quarterback competition? Get the [bleep] out of here. Kirby couldn’t beat me out and I’m 44,” claiming he out-threw Freeman in a competition on UM’s practice field. OK then.

Wright declined to comment, through his father. The NCAA claimed Wright called the NCAA to report UM; Wright told UM it was the other way around.

### Turns out, most of the basketball violations were revealed to the NCAA (involving use of airlines miles for Durand Scott, his AAU coach and Reggie Johnson’s mother and sister), because UM gave the NCAA e-mails “from Jorge Fernandez’s institutional account” when asked by the NCAA.

### For more on why the NCAA has punted on UM’s motion to dismiss, please see our last post.


### UM remains firmly behind baseball coach Jim Morris and his job is safe barring a surprising change of heart. Morris, who has said it irritates him when anyone asks about the topic, is trying to lead UM to its 41st consecutive postseason appearance.

UM knows it’s not playing on a level field with the state schools (UF, FSU, etc.) because of its high cost of tuition. With teams permitted to split 11.7 scholarships among 30 players, some players simply cannot afford to pay a lot to attend UM. Miami has been left with a roster bereft of power; its eight homers entering the weekend were tied for fewest in a major conference.

### Several Dolphins players privately have voiced displeasure about the team cutting Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, but Joe Philbin on Friday explained the overhaul and decision to add faster linebackers Dannell Ellerbe, Philip Wheeler and Jelani Jenkins.

“This is a passing league at this point,” Philbin said. And Miami wants “to have linebackers with that ability to do more than just play the run, and be multidimensional. Play man, zone, blitz effectively. The more skills you have as an athlete, the better you’ll be.”

### The Dolphins have $10 million in cap space and will have another $10 million after June 1, but need about $8 million of that to sign draft pick. Miami can carry over some of that space to next year, when they likely will need to address right tackle and re-sign Reshad Jones, Paul Soliai and/or Randy Starks, among other moves.

### Former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent, living in Vero Beach, said watching the Mets-at-Marlins series last week “was so sad. I could almost count the people in the stands. It’s tragic – so few people in that ballpark, no buzz. Both teams are pathetic.”

But he said he doesn’t believe there’s anything commissioner Bud Selig can do, and the players union hasn’t tried to pressure MLB to intervene. “It’s not Bud’s job to tell owners how to run their business, but other owners aren’t happy with a weak franchise,” Vincent said.

### Though Udonis Haslem’s percentage on all shots beyond two feet has dropped from 43 to 36.7 percent over the past four years, nobody was surprised to see him nail four jumpers in a row to help close out Milwaukee. “When it’s most stressful, he’s at his best,” assistant coach David Fizdale said.

Haslem admits his shot has been affected the past couple years partly because his role changed on pick-and-rolls: “I wasn’t able to get that rhythm. Fans need to understand I might get only one shot. I’m not in the same role. I’m not the same player. My job is to set screens, go to basket” rebound, etc.  

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Golden deserves a lot of credit for getting good classes with ncaa hanging over his head.


I agree that Golden has done an excellent job recruiting and leading Miami at the most difficult time in their franchise except when Butch Davis was in the same capacity.Canes made mistakes have paid somewhat though some more scholarship penalties are likely.Don t think Miami is special at all in that regard but all schools have similar problems.It s the nature of today s young athlete...wanting to go to a good University and/or having an opportunity to also play in the NFL.Just a fact of life in America.


Hey Calvin....how do you explain this? I always thought Kirby Freeman was a good QB but not for our system. What's up with ya boy Shannon here? Clown?

"They left him to defend for himself against a clown like Randy Shannon"

Not going to lie....Shaprio pretty convincing on this point....two point for Slytherin.


Canes will go 10-2 this year....play for ACC...not sure if they win it though....Taj Boyd pretty good.

johnny b fit

I really don't care what con-man\thief nevin shapiro has to say. The ncaa has been every bit as dirty and under handed as shapiro. Now thanks to Al Golden we know just what the cost has been to the football program and there have been many indications that it's intensional on the ncaa's part. If the ncaa doesn't dismiss the lawsuit by october they UM should consider suing them. Afterall, this is business and the ncaa has done everything to undermine UM's success.

B Jaxson


Keep cashing those UM checks, they'll run out once the hammer drops.


like the Clabo signing. dont know if martin can play left though.


Morris has coached for several years like Bobby Bowden did in his last few years. He's basically stealing from UM by taking a check and putting little effort into his job. I realize the problems expensive private schools have in recruiting, however, a good young coach could energize the Program by soliciting $$ for endowments in the way Vanderbilt(extremely expensive)does. They are ranked near No. 1. It takes hard work on the part of the coach, something Morris is unable or unwilling to do. It's a cop out to say UM can't compete because it's an expensive private school. It just takes a lot of effort. There have to be many rising young coaches out there that would love to have a chance to make this effort at UM. It's ridiculous that UM could still be firmly behind Morris. They won't be when attendance at games is non-existent.


Now let's talk about why an SEC Network could be worth billions for BOTH the SEC and ESPN.

[]_[] were saying ? []_[] Dolt.

Posted by: SEC Green With $ | 05/04/2013 at 12:47 AM


the results of commissioner Swofford’s negotiations with ESPN had become clearer. It appeared likely that ACC schools would receive an average of more than $20 million per year in television revenue.
-- charlotte observer

The idea of a possible television (channel) with the ACC, that it would be $5 million more a year
-- f$u trustee andy haggard

if this is correct with an ACC Network each ACC School is looking @ a minimum of $25-26 Million per year and I am being conservative...Damn...
-- Maize



Great read from Canesport in regards to Miami "declining" LSU'S invitation to play in 2014. After reading this it made perfect sense of what the Turds did during their 06 & 08 title run...as well as many teams in the SEC. I GET IT NOW....I ACTUALLY don't blame them for cancelling against us....they were simply following the best path to the National Championship game. It's funny....we implement the same thing this year and The Turds are quick to call us out....when were simply doing what they and everyone else has been doing.....here is an excerpt:

For all this talk about Miami, future out of conference schedules set, in rebuild mode and having ducked no one in recent years – Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State, Kansas State, Notre Dame – how come there’s no outrage regarding the Urban Meyer school of late-season candy-ass scheduling?

Playing patsies early in the season seems to be the modus operandi for major powers, but what about this new November trend of taking on a weak out of conference foe, or two, in order to stay in the hunt, bettering your odds and hoping that others fall in conference play?

Florida started this tradition in 2006. After opening with non-conference games against Southern Miss and Central Florida, the Gators got into the meat of their SEC schedule, but on November 18th welcomed Western Carolina to The Swamp.

An extra bonus for Florida, Meyer sat defensive end Jarvis Moss for this game, instead of a showdown with South Carolina the previous week, which ended 17-16, with Moss blocking a potential game-winning field goal.

The trend worked for Florida and it’s something that’s been continued ever year since. Check out some of the Gators’ late-season foes as of late: Florida Atlantic (11/17/07), Citadel (11/22/08), Florida International (11/21/09), Appalachian State (11/20/10), Furman (11/19/11) and a double-whammy in 2012 with Louisiana-Lafayette (11/10) and Jacksonville State (11/17) back-to-back.

This November, Florida will take on Georgia Southern on November 23rd, while Miami’s would-be opponent LSU has Furman coming to Baton Rouge on October 26th.

Even the defending champs are following suit as Alabama gets a tune-up against Chattanooga on November 23rd, a week before their annual showdown with rival Auburn.

While no one would question the powerhouse that Alabama – or the SEC – currently is, scheduling tactics remain suspect.

After opening with No. 8 Michigan last season, two of the next three games were played against Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic and again, another late-season patsy when Western Carolina visited Tuscaloosa on November 17th.

In previous years it was Georgia Southern (11/19/11), Georgia State (11/18/10), Chattanooga (11/21/09), Louisiana-Monroe (11/17/07) and Florida International (10/28/06).

In a twelve-game season, 25-percent of Alabama’s 2012 foes were glorified high schools and while the SEC is bar-none the best conference, on any given week a top power can go down, which happened last season when the Crimson Tide were upset by Texas A&M on November 10th.

The SEC isn’t the only one following this calculated, odds betterment pattern. Florida State has gotten on board, as well. After opening the season against new ACC foe Pittsburgh, Nevada and Bethune-Cookman come to Tallahassee back-to-back weeks, and on November 23rd the Noles take on Idaho, a week before their annual showdown with Florida.

Last year FSU faced Maryland, on the road, the week before taking on UF. The year before, Miami and Virginia back-to-back weeks and then a road trip to Gainesville.



So when a SEC school tries to schedule a non FBS school...that school says no thanks...so where do they turn, a school that will say "yes" and take the money...but they get criticized for it.
Gators schedule in 06 & 08 was consider the strongest in the nation and they still won the title. Both years beating the # 1 ranked team in the nation and not on their 'Home Field' .
Canes baseball , we need a 'level playing field'....what a joke, now that they can't cheat because the NCAA is hanging around, they are going down hill.
Just some of the rumors from the day...Stealing signs from center field, mics in the 3rd base dugout, paying players with camp money, performing enhancing drugs. Can't play 50 of 60 games at home anymore...High cost of tuition, sure blame that...I guess this wasn't an issue back when they did win.

Putney Swope

More 5 star reporting by Barry Jackson!

"Of course, this should have been over by May or June. The NCAA now admits its investigation “was virtually complete” last September, but the process was delayed for four months while the NCAA realized it obtained evidence improperly and began sorting through it."


The above information should be enough to stop the NCAA's torture of the Miami Hurricanes.

It's important to remember that Randy Shannon was terminated from UM because most all believed the program had not only not improved since he replaced Coach Coker, but had deteriorated even further.

With the above in mind, Coach Golden inherited a program in a downward, if not death spiral and just as he was having his UM business cards printed he was blindsided by an NCAA investigation that contained accusations that a Hollywood writer of science fiction would conclude to be too Bizarre for anyone to believe.

Yet, due to Coach Golden's leadership people are actually talking about the Canes winning the 2013 ACC Championship versus what should be predictions of one or two wins next year based on the incredible challenges the program was and is still facing.

Putney Swope


The Florida Gators have steadfastly refused to play an out of conference, out of state football game since being annihilated by Syracuse some 23 years ago.

Many other SEC teams such as Alabama, LSU and others all regularly play out of conference, out of state games.

For almost 30 years the Gators have also steadfastly refused to renew the Miami/Florida annual football series they quit when the Canes became competitive by authoring seemingly hundreds of excuses that even some 'honest' Gator fans admit that they are not true and are embarrassing.

Your Gator administration has blamed your retreat from the Miami series on the SEC, revenue, Global Warming, the Titanic sinking, George Bush, Chinese food, Michael Jackson moon walking, the closure of the Twinkie factory, Lee Harvey Oswald, Paris Hilton, a bad thigh rash and Ernest T. Bass...just to name a few of the cockeyed reasons for quitting the series pulled from the infamous book of Gator excuses.


Is cow tipping legal in Gainesville?

Georgia Cane

That one columnist who didn't vote for Lebron should have his head examined. Are you kidding me?

[]_[] r []_[]

“If you just take the number of kids that flipped on us in the last two years, that’s a big number,” Golden told us. “But I’m talking about kids [that say]: ‘I really like Miami, but I don’t know what’s going to happen’ [with the NCAA]. That number is well over 40. Easily over 40.


Al, U are a sandwich maker in a Coached League of Sirloin Steak Chefs...


The Jim Morris piece is hogwash! With your logic then FAU & FIU should be be powerhouses! Which they are not!I graduated from UM! Tuition has always been higher b/c it's a private school. Didn't hear this excuse from Morris earlier when he was on a roll . Face it, there is a shelf life to everything & everyone in the coaching profession. JM's expiration date is past due.Let's move on before this part of the athletic program goes south as well.


Great post by Putney Swope!!! Tell it like it is!!!!


Didnt hear that excuse from Morris NOR Fraser back in the 80s,90s and 2001. Um has always been more expensive than UF and FSU- difference is that now, Morris has become lazy and complacent in recruiting- furthermore, he was lazy at coaching beginning in around 2005 and then the bad recruiting caught up to him. Same thing happened to Coker. yet Coker was given 5 years. Morris is going on his 12th year without a ship.

UM baseball has always been one of the prides of this city. How is it that Morris has gotten a pass for this long? For UM to lose 2 games at home to the bottom dweller of the ACC (which incidentally has won 2 games!)is pathetic and Morris is 100% to blame!

Its unbelievable that Golden has been so loyal to the U through this NCAA garbage. Thank you Al- and despite that he has put together some great recruiting

Barry- great piece- but can we please to giving air time to that low life, little 5 foot nothing runt ponzi scheming felon? On top of that he is a back stabbing rat.
Shapiro- who gives a rats a55 what you said or think now- you are a loser.


Swope....you forgot to list the biggest excuse the Gators have used for not playing the Canes.

That being the Alachua County Detention Center won't allow week-end passes to so many inmates, which they would have to do in order for the Gators to field a travel team!


Baseball is hurt because of the rule in 2008 where now you have to give partial scholarships, before you could give full rides. our last CWS appearance was before this rule, also our assistant coaches sucks and also bonuses are bigger for kids coming out of HS, we would have had the #1 recruiting classes several years if not for defections to MLB.


Now let's talk about why an SEC Network could be worth billions for BOTH the SEC and ESPN.

[]_[] were saying ? []_[] Dolt.

Posted by: SEC Green With $ | 05/04/2013 at 12:47 AM


ACC officials are turning their attention to launching their own league-branded network, joining the ranks of the Big Ten, Pac-12 and, now, SEC as conferences that own channels.

“We’ve got the strongest collegiate TV market in the country,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said. “We’re now in a position to accelerate talks with ESPN, which were already ongoing, about a network.”

The conference’s recent additions — Notre Dame, Louisville, Pittsburgh and Syracuse — plus the grant of media rights “enhance those discussions,” Swofford added. Those moves caused ESPN to sweeten its rights offer for an all-in media deal that will average $260 million a year through 2026-27. There are other contractual elements, sources said, that could push the value higher, especially if the conference starts its own network.
-- sportsbusiness journal


championships is all that matters

Well I do believe one thing that Shapiro says and that is that he could outthrow Kirby Freeman and Wright was f-cked over in some ways. And really c-mon, Wright was no Testaverde, Erickson, Dorsey or Walsh but look at things objectively. Wright never had the same offensive Coordinator each year and all he ever had to throw to were Lance Legget, Ryan Moore and Same Shields and never had a TE that was any good. To be honest with Ya, his talent was wasted the entire time the kid was here.

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