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Heat-Bulls Game 3 postscripts

Postscripts from the Heat’s 104-94 Game 3 playoff win against Chicago: 

### Chris Bosh was terrific with 20 points and 19 rebounds. "It was important," Erik Spoelstra said. "He knows he has to anchor the paint for us and do it in a lot of different ways."

Bosh said: "When I got here, my biggest problem was I was trying to force everything. After a while, I feel I have to start making some strides and being a lot better. I can't talk about it. I have to show up in these games and do my job."

### Splendid finish by LeBron James, who shook off a tough shooting night to score 12 of his 25 in the fourth. He closed only 6 of 17 from the field but 11 for 11 from the line. "I wasn't shooting like I did all year," he said. "To have seven assists to one turnover shows I'm playing good basketball."

LeBron probably relied a bit too much on his jumper early, “but he certainly bailed us out with the big time three” late, as Spoelstra noted.

LeBron said Bosh "and Norris Cole were the reason we won the game."

### Smart move by Spoelstra to play Cole and not Mario Chalmers in crunch time. Cole had 18 points for the second consecutive game, meaning in the past two games, he has topped his scoring output for the entire postseason last year (36 to 34). And he’s 8 for 8 on three-pointers in this series.

Cole says his shooting has improved because of “the constant reps.” He said he takes shots with his shooting coach late at night. “Being balanced and shooting the same shot over and over” has been the key.

### Odd plus/minus number of the night: The Heat outscored the Bulls by a game-high 17 when Ray Allen was on the floor, even though Allen shot 0 for 5 on threes and finished with just four points. Allen, who usually plays every minute of crunch time, was replaced for a short time by Shane Battier late before Battier fouled out.

### The Heat’s bench outscored Chicago’s 36-8. That was huge. And Chicago lost some of its depth when Nazr Mohammed was ejected for pushing James.  Spoelstra called Mohammed’s ejection “inconsequential.” 

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said: "I saw a guy basically flop. I don't think it warranted an ejection." LeBron chose not to challenge Thibodeau's comment.

At least one Bulls player also suggested LeBron flopped.

"You can see LeBron in a lot of commercials," Nate Robinson said. "He's a good actor."

Mohammed's reaction? "You can't push a guy down. I was wrong. But to get kicked out, I don't get that."

### James said the series "has not been dirty." James said would never put himself at risk of being ejected because of his value to the team. "I'm too cool, my mind is in another place [to get kicked out]. If I get kicked out and Nzar Mohammed gets kicked out, they win. I ain't even going there."

### Bosh averaged fewer than six rebounds in his first six games against the Bulls this season before grabbing 19 tonight.

Spoelstra: “He has to be big for us and be a presence at the rim. He committed to do that tonight.”

Bosh also had two blocks and a steal. "We knew being at home they were going to be more aggressive, passionate and intense," he said.

"We did a good job of focusing on the game. The refs will call the game the way they see it. You can't win a championship playing pretty and shiny. You have to get on the floor. Just because we have moved to a more free-flowing offense doesn't mean we're a run and gun team. We can't worry about the perception of the team."

### Dwyane Wade attempted just one shot in the first half, but Spoelstra wisely called for him to get the ball in the post several times in the third quarter. He shot only seven times, making five on a 10-point night.

### The Heat outrebounded Chicago for a second consecutive game, this time by a 39-37 margin.

### Spoelstra: “Nothing is going to be easy in this series. We didn't play particularly well. We have to commit to play better. We’re going to need to play better.”

Of the physicality in the series, Spoelstra said: “I don’t think it’s over the top. It’s just physical basketball.”

### Carlos Boozer: “I don’t know if we were worn down. We have to close out quarters better.”