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Heat players keep adding weapons; UM/NCAA, Dolphins, Marlins chatter


There is so much to appreciate with this Heat team: the individual excellence of the stars, the sacrifices many of the players have made, the crisp ball movement.

Here’s another that is sometimes easier to overlook: How the players have worked tirelessly to expand their skill set during the Big Three era, adding or improving elements to their repertoire that were deficient, non-existent, or in Ray Allen’s case, kept in storage in recent years.

“It’s a credit to [Erik Spoelstra],” said David Fizdale, one of the credit-worthy assistant coaches. “Instead of being random skill development, it’s focused development based on how they fit into our system. Spo is always forcing these guys, no matter what age they are, to grow. Don’t be happy where you are. We try not to put a limit on any of these guys at any age. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But I beg to differ.

“I mean, Juwan Howard has developed to where he can make a three-point shot. He’s 40 years old!”

Howard’s long-range shooting assuredly won’t be needed, but here’s a look at where key Heat players have added pieces to their game:

### Dwyane Wade: “He’s probably modified or evolved his game more than any of them, beginning with his post up game,” Fizdale said. “He’s as efficient as it gets. When I got here, he was a go-to-the-rim, hit bodies with everybody, go-to-the-floor guy. That was his reputation. They made commercials about it.

“I said, ‘Look: At some point, you’re going to get tired of it. You’ve got to develop something where you’re not getting beat up every play to score a basket or get a free throw.’ So we went to work on his floater, touch shots, using the glass, using different hands around the basket.”

Not only did Wade shoot a career-high 52.1 percent this season, but look how his game has diversified, despite having the ball a lot less: In the season before the Big Three, Wade had 48 field goals on cuts to the basket. This year? He had 100 (in eight fewer games), on 73 percent shooting.

His post-up baskets jumped from 44 that season to 57 this one, his runners from 13 to 52. He had two nifty runners/floaters to help close out the Bulls in Game 5.

### LeBron James: “When we first got LeBron, we tried to plug him into a system that we had in place already instead of evolving the system around him,” Fizdale said. That has changed.

The most obvious: the growth of his post game. Consider: He had 79 baskets on post-ups this season, compared with 53 his last season in Cleveland. “And we’re giving him a lot of space down there to work,” Fizdale said.

And there's this: He shot 40.6 percent on threes this season, well above his 33.7 career average. “He went back to the lab this summer, developed his three-point shot, which now makes people come out a little further on him, and that opens up his attack game more,” Fizdale said. When LeBron missed three-point shots alone in the gym last summer, he punished himself by running laps. 

And “we’ve made him a roller instead of always that guy that’s handling on the pick and roll. That’s an evolution of his game.”

### Chris Bosh: “Two things really took his game up a notch,” Fizdale said. “[Developing] the corner three, which forces a [center] to make a tougher decision. Most [centers] want to stay in the paint. We don’t beat Boston in the playoffs last year if Chris Bosh can’t make corner threes.

“The other thing we’ve tried to develop: When the ball swings to him, he catches it and goes right away, instead of catching and holding. When he was in Toronto, he got the ball so many times, it was always catch/hold, let me see what’s going on and then go. His advantage is always going to be speed over the power [centers].”

### Mario Chalmers: His on-the-ball defense has improved "quite a bit," Spoelstra said -- a byproduct of diligent film study and better footwork. Chalmers said losing six pounds this season also helped.

“We’ve always known he’s a playmaker defensively with long arms and instincts," Spoelstra said. "Now he’s reining it in with more discipline.”

### Norris Cole: Developing his three-point shot has been huge; he has made 29 of his past 50. And his decision-making has developed. “What [assistant Dan Craig] is doing with him now,” Fizdale said, “is taking his ability to make plays for himself into drawing the defense and making plays for others.”

### Ray Allen: Allen said “one of the things I enjoyed most about coming here” was doing more offensively than he did in Boston.

“His piece chart is awesome – he’s not just a stand still shooter,” Fizdale said. “What you’re seeing now is if he has a matchup [advantage] we’ll post him. We’re letting him run pick and rolls in transition. If guys are closing at him hard, he can put it on the floor quickly and we’ve given him the space to do that. We’ve really opened up his game. He’s not just pigeon-holed into one thing.

“We’re putting him in more playmaking situations. Not a knock on [Boston’s] system. We’re just doing different things. It’s getting him back to his Seattle days where, ‘I can do anything.’”

### Udonis Haslem and Shane Battier: “U.D. can put the ball down now and take it to the rim," Fizdale said. "He’s now understanding how to make plays instead of being a robot that catches it and always tries to score and gets his shot blocked or whatever.

“Now he’s got it to where he can score or make someone better. Same with Shane. If a guy closes out on Shane in the corner, he can do his little move and get by people.”


Though neither is accused of wrongdoing in the Notice of Allegations, Al Golden and Jim Larranaga --- eager to defend and represent their programs – will join UM’s contingent at the June 13-15 Indianapolis hearings before the NCAA's infractions committee. UM’s response to the NCAA’s allegations are due Monday. So are the responses of the implicated former Hurricanes coaches. 

### At a Board of Trustees meeting Friday, UM president Donna Shalala expressed optimism that UM would not receive significant additional penalties. But modest scholarship reductions would not be surprising.

### One former UM coach accused of wrongdoings complained privately that what the ex-UM coaches allegedly did paled in comparison to unreported violations committed in the SEC.

### Nevin Shapiro, serving a 20-year sentence for a Ponzi scheme, is being transferred from Louisiana and expects to end up in a Butner, N.C. prison where the nation's most famous Ponzi schemer, Bernie Madoff, is serving time.

### Dolphins tight end Michael Egnew has been training in mixed martial arts three days a week: “Doing that, You learn how to compete. “I expect to play this year. I’ve gotten stronger. I’m absolutely ready.” But Dion Sims is the better blocker to complement starter Dustin Keller. Egnew has more stretch-the-field skills than Sims but has a long way to go.

### A few undrafted rookies who have impressed, according to a Dolphins official: Arizona State running back Cameron Marshall, Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs and Mount Union receiver Jasper Collins.

### The Dolphins are optimistic Brent Grimes will be an upgrade over cornerback Sean Smith, who signed with Kansas City. 

Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons used the same word to describe Grimes: “explosive.” Tackle Tyson Clabo, his Dolphins and former Falcons teammate, said: “He’s the most athletic person I’ve ever seen in my life. He can do amazing things – leaping ability, bouncing off one leg.”

### Incidentally, Jones, a 2014 unrestricted free agent, said he’s hoping for a contract extension but Miami hasn’t discussed it.

### The Marlins would not even listen to names of players that teams might be willing to offer for Giancarlo Stanton before his injury. And though he would have considerable trade value when healthy, “he wasn’t helping himself with his lackadaisical play before his injury,” one National League scout said. “He looked like he wants to play there like I want to be at a dentist having a root canal.”

Even before his injury, Stanton did not intend to ask for a trade during the season. The Marlins still haven't put a timetable on his return from his hamstring problem; it could be sometime in June.


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UM president Donna Shalala expressed ... []_[]r FIRST and foremost problem is her

modest h[]_[]h ?

[]_[]r abo[]_[]t to get b[]_[]ried with Scholly Sanctions that will cripple []_[] the next 8 years...

Not for what []_[]'ve done recently, b[]_[]t beca[]_[]se []_[] were and still are the hibitch[]_[]al offenders that []_[]'ve contin[]_[]ed to be since the mid-80's...

pay back


Hey asswipe, how little do you know...the U has already done enough, two bowl bans and an ACCCG, you must be a Lizard...go back to your trailer.


they're going to need wade in this series. he better not have any more of these 6 point games.

Miami Penguin

The healthiest mind is always ready to learn more. Good for the Heat!


If I_I believe the NCAA is going to bite the tigers tail and take a chance of getting sued in Court, I_I are dumber then a box of rocks. Back to mommy's basement for I_I and your ridiculous post.

Georgia Cane

Yeah, the Heat has had a great regular season no doubt. However; it's Playoff time, although they beat the Bucks in 4, they didn't dominate a 8th seed. Bucks were in the game 3 out 4 games losing it in the final minutes. Battier, Allen are in a shooting slump, again didn't dominate a depleted Bulls team. Still haven't seen them dominate thus far, maybe they don't have to ?


The NCAA has been compromised in the UM investigation and will talk tough until the very end. At that point it will hit UM with some scholarship limitations and nothing else of significance. You can't go for a knockout with one hand tied behind your back.


Posted by: UM president Donna Shalala expressed ... []_[]r FIRST and foremost problem is her | 05/19/2013 at 02:30 AM

[]_[] put a lot of work into that post my man.


Former UM coach has info. on SEC schools...I call BS...let him come forward, SEC schools would love to turn in their fellow schools to get the upper hand and put them on probation.
The thought of SEC schools protecting each other is also......BS.
All the info. on SEC schools that have been in trouble has come from fellow schools, not outsiders.
Sounds like another attempt to distract from the real issue..."but officer everybody was speeding, why pick on me"


Not far off the truth....I know of two SEC schools that handed out money to a 2013 recruit out of Jacksonville and another to an Ole Miss recruit and that a scout paid a Seminole to help in a Jacksonville camp. Can I prove it no but I have first hand knowledge of it happening.

So if Stoutland or Hill (speculation and jmo) express it I believe it.


SEC is full of toothless fools..


Good to see Fiz getting some ink. Just hope the Heat can hold onto him and/or Fiz chooses the *best* situation to succeed if/when he gets his own gig. And by best, I don't mean the most or biggest 'stars' (e.g., Nets, Nix). The Grizz hired Hollins when no one was talking about them. But you knew ex-Heat exec Chris Wallace could take them to the next level following the initial rebuild by Jerry West. That's what Fiz should hold out for. A team with *strong* **competent** management in place that values smarts + selflessness + mental toughness; a team that does NOT follow the Laker/Knicks/Nets blueprint of throwing money at boxscores. Of course, that's where the Heat really lucked out. Riley got the boxscores AND the intangibles in 4 of the smartest superstars plus a handful of the smartest role players in the league. There's only 1 Heat. But if, for example, the Warriors don't commit the kneejerk mistake of re-upping Mark Jackson in the afterglow of their feel-good underachievement (I'd argue the Warriors are just as talented as the Grizz and should've beaten the Spurs w/smarter coaching), Golden State finally seems to have the structure in place where a solid coach could take them to the next level.


Great! Send Send Nevin to Bernie for more training. Maybe next time he can take Billions instead of a paltry 930 Mil.


florida and florda state cheat a lot more than the U. they just havent got caught yet. miami needs to turn them in to the ncaa, asap! I'm tired of the U getting in trouble all the time.


Egnew????????Is that guy still on the team??????Doubt he even makes the team this year.He ll likely be a better UCF fighter than a football player because last year he proved zilch,nada,nothing.Talent seems less than minimal and why keep a project when there s too many other already talented and experienced players around to help more than he has.(which as stated...he did nothing or even proved that he was an NFL caliber football player.)Hopefully the Phins keep another player,ANY OTHER player over him.He doesn t deserve a roster spot.Period.

[]_[] Are []_[]... Deja v[]_[]   []_[]

### One former UM coach accused of wrongdoings complained privately that what the ex-UM coaches allegedly did paled in comparison to unreported violations committed in the SEC


Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

We be to st[]_[]pid in the All-Cup-Cake Conference to not get ca[]_[]ght.


Sunny Dee

AnonymousCane - If you have "first hand knowledge" why can't you prove it? Why don't you at least alert the NCAA? I doubt you know anything.

[]_[] Are []_[]... Deja v[]_[]   []_[]

If I_I believe the NCAA is going to bite the tigers tail and take a chance of getting sued in Court.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | 05/19/2013 at 11:04 AM


S[]_[]e them for what ? []_[] are playing in the NCAA's sandbox []_[] beyond d[]_[]mb cl[]_[]ck and are bo[]_[]nd by their r[]_[]les. []_[] broke them and the NCAA is NOT obligated to prove anything beyond ANY reasonable do[]_[]bt. What do []_[] not get abo[]_[]t that? []_[] have ZERO gro[]_[]nds for litigation !

And after the NCAA nails []_[] with m[]_[]ltiple schollys over m[]_[]tiple years, I hope to God Shalalala p[]_[]ffs []_[]p her troll chest and files a Clintonian style s[]_[]it... That's all the NCAA will need to load []_[]p briefcases f[]_[]ll of hundreds of subpoenas of all the former th[]_[]g []_[] ch[]_[]mps putting them on the stand under oath to get ALL the tr[]_[]ff[]_[]l answers proving []_[] to be the habit[]_[]al offenders over years and years that []_[] are... All those "I know n[]_[]ffin" ch[]_[]mps would soon find out what the Fiff Amendment be.

The NCAA and their BILLIONS would break []_[] in half in a co[]_[]rt of law.


Pssssssstttttt ... I have hundreds and hundreds of hours, over years n years of Security tape on disc that I've yet to make public...

Reality Bites

No doubt the Heat is a first class organization top to bottom and the coaches can mold and teach the players where if they were on any other team they would not be open to such.
Egnew better bring it on this season or he should be let go. This has been one of the better off seasons for the Fins in recent memory.
So now he have former UM coaches whining and crying about the big bad NCAA is out to get them when everyone else cheats too. Cry baby. Whiner. Typical cane thing. Pathetic.
And then Shalala saying the criminal has served enough time according to the criminal. Not so fast my stupid grin, check holding, clueless executive.
Just punishment will be doled out for you and your serial offender institution.
The new cane motto:
I cheat yet I still can't win
The SEC cheats too, leave us alone


Posted by: []_[] Are []_[]... Deja v[]_[] []_[] | 05/20/2013 at 10:06 AM

Dear Moron,

I_I just proved how clueless you are with your last post. Either that or you are a fry cook super sizing my fries. If you don't believe Miami has no case in court, then you need to go back to taking knitting courses. The NCAA committed "crimes" with their investigation. In the end, the NCAA will agree with Miami that they have self punished enough. Miami is back and you will look like the fool you really are. Enjoy hater, the short bus is beeping its horn for I_I outside mommy's house.

Chuck "The Rifleman" Person

Ray Allen went 1 for 14 in Game Seven of the NBA Finals against the Lakers in 2010. If he hit just two more of those shots the Celtics would have won their second title in three years. The longer the season goes on the more tired he gets, his legs start to go, and he misses everything in sight. Lebron, Wade and Bosh are going to have to do all the heavy lifting, as Allen is just riding on their coattails. There was a reason he didn't get to do more in Boston, it was because he was always injured and when they needed him in the playoffs to make big shots the last three years he missed the majority of them. Allen figures let the Big Three on the Heat do the work, I'll get my ring, and then retire.

Go Pacers!!!

Michael B.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | 05/20/2013 at 10:59 AM

What crimes ? Hurt feelings ? Maybe some unethical investigating that they retracted but certainly nothing criminal. You obviously are totally emotionally compromised as a see all be all Cane fan and have no idea about the Law. If the Canes sued they would lose and never even sniff the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The University of Miami joined the NCAA and when they did, they agreed to abide by their rules. It's a club with rules that they, and they only enforce. Just like any private club. Miami has been multiple offenders, multiple times within a small window of time. That's what they are being sanctioned for. Not the severity of their "minor infractions." Miami is on their 4th. Strike all withing 5 years of another. ie- Habitual Repeat Offenders.

As to the point if Miami did decide to sue. It is absolutely true that the NCAA could and certainly would subpoena hundreds of former players. They would put any former Cane athletes on the stand under oath and drill them for answers to prove of any wrong doings that could be far more damaging overall for the program. It would be a disaster for Miami if they really want to "just put this all behind us." (Gee, what guilty criminals don't say that?) Miami and their trustees are only blowing smoke and surely know taking the on the NCAA and their Billions would be like putting their own heads into a Guillotine.

Take off your orange n green glasses BobbyD and brushup on the Law son... You're making it far to easy for those that know to laugh at Cane homers like you and countless others flapping your gums with nonsense.



Mel Kiper Jr. 2014 NFL QB Prospects: 1. Teddy Bridgewater (committed to U once upon a midnight dreary), 2. Tajh Boyd, 3. Johnny Manziel, 4. Marcus Mariota, 5. AJ McCarron
-- brett mcmurphy




Don’t expect an ACC-branded TV channel to be launched any time soon.

The biggest problem so far is a rights issue. ESPN needs to control the conference’s syndicated rights to launch a channel. But those rights are tied up until 2027 through deals with Raycom and Fox Sports Net.

The games that stay with Raycom make up the ACC’s long-running syndicated package that is distributed to more than 50 million households on over-the-air networks (locally CBS4/MY33), and reaches 25 of the top 50 U.S. TV markets.

Those deals extend through 2027.
-- sportsbusiness journal


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