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Postscripts on Heat's Game 4 loss;UM players lash out at NCAA;UM QB faces decision;Dolphins





As UM approaches its mid-June hearing before the NCAA's infractions committee, several players are alleging that intimidation tactics were used in interviews conducted with them by former NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier, who twice has been accused of unethical behavior in court filings involving other NCAA cases.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, Canes defensive end Dyron Dye interviewed for a third time with the NCAA on Tuesday, trying to ward off a potential unethical conduct charge, but he was not told when the NCAA will rule on his eligibility for his senior season.

A synopsis of the latest NCAA twist:

According to sources, Dye and former UM players Olivier Vernon, Eric Moncur, Randy Phillips and Jacory Harris signed affidavits on behalf of former UM assistant coach Aubrey Hill, who faces NCAA charges. (The father of former UM safety Ray-Ray Armstrong said his son declined to sign the letter because he wants to move on.)

Like Dye and Harris, Vernon is taking issue with the NCAA’s interview tactics.

“The NCAA treated us like criminals,” Vernon said Tuesday at a Dolphins charity event, adding that he signed Hill's affidavit on the suggestion of Phillips, who was close with Nevin Shapiro and also has a good relationship with Hill.

"When [Johanningmeier] asked the question, he made it seem like he wanted you to answer it as to where you did something wrong," Vernon said. "He flipped it on us… Sometimes you blurt out something that you were pressured into saying. He pressured us a lot more.”

In his affidavit for Hill that was obtained by The Associated Press and The Miami Herald, Dye said Johanningmeier "continually threatened me if I did [not] comply with him.. I felt intimidated by Mr. Johanningmeier and I was also concerned regarding the possibility of losing my scholarship and athletic eligibility....

"I felt compelled to testify in a manner that would be consistent with the manner in which Mr. Johanningmeier was directing me in order to keep my eligibility…. I feel it is unfair the NCAA has twisted my testimony to use it negatively against coach Hill.”

He added that “I have learned that Mr. Johanningmeier has employed similar intimidating tactics during interviews with student-athletes.”

Harris echoed those sentiments.

Citing pressure from Jonhanningmeier, Dye changed parts of his story in his second 2011 interview. The NCAA scheduled Tuesday's interview to explore what it perceived as discrepancies between Dye's affadavit and his second NCAA interview.

Dye said contrary to claims in UM's Notice of Allegations, he did not stay at Hill's home, was not provided meals by Hill including joining him for a meal at Grazie Italian Cuisine; did not get transportation from him "halfway between Orlando and Miami during an unofficial visit."

He also said "to my the best of my knowledge," Hill "did not arrange for Shapiro to pay for bowling, beverages and meals at Lucky Strikes" on Miami Beach --- another charge against UM and Hill in the Notice of Allegations.

It's notable that Johanningmeier, who retired in May 2012, and the NCAA previously were sued for defamation by two former Alabama coaches; a $30 million judgment for one coach was tossed by a court on technical grounds.

And he is also targeted in an ongoing lawsuit by former Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill, a suit in which Johanningmeier is accused of knowingly making false claims and using information from a biased Mississippi booster.

The interview with Dye was conducted by the NCAA’s Brynna Barnhart, notable because UM previously asked that she be removed from the case on grounds she “repeatedly misled the university.” The NCAA denied that request, calling it “insulting and incredulous” that UM would “attack her.”

According to UM, Barnhart told UM that she was told Kyle Wright called the NCAA to incriminate UM; Wright has vehemently denied that, asserting the NCAA called him.

UM also has accused Barnhart of lying to former basketball assistant coach Jake Morton, telling him Frank Haith said something that Haith never said, in an unsuccessful attempt to get him to turn on Haith.

Dye’s attorney, Darren Heitner,said of the interview Tuesday: “Based on all the information provided, our hope is the NCAA acts in a way that is just and proper.” Heitner declined to comment further.


The father of UM quarterback/baseball standout David Thompson said Tuesday that his son “is struggling greatly with the decision” about whether to play both sports or focus only on baseball.

David Thompson said he continues to experience pain “now and then” in his right (throwing) shoulder after labrum surgery last June. He said he will have an MRI after baseball season and won’t decide his longterm plans until after that. Ed Thompson, David’s father, said the issue appears to be tendinitis and the solution is “rest and therapy.”

Ed Thompson said David “will be talking with the coaches and trying to make the best decision. In his heart, he wants to do both. He loves [Al Golden]…. He’s much more of a proven commodity in baseball than football and people say, ‘What will he be able to accomplish if he just focuses on one sport?’ But he loves football. It’s going to be a difficult decision.”

Thompson hit .285 with six homers and 43 RBI this season. UM opens NCAA Tournament play against Oklahoma State on Friday.

### Delvon Simmons, rated the nation’s fifth-best defensive tackle in the 2011 class, received his release from Texas Tech and is strongly considering enrolling at UM, one of his former assistant high school coaches said Tuesday. McKeesport (Pa.) High’s Todd Blackwell said UM and USC are the top contenders for Simmons, who visited UM over the past few days. “He liked the campus,” Blackwell said. “He has all the tools to be an NFL player - real quick off the ball.”

Simmons – who had 27 tackles and two sacks as a starter last season – would be required to sit out next season but would have two years of eligibility left.

### UM also is pursuing basketball transfers, and Sheldon McClellan, who is leaving the University of Texas, is visiting UM Thursday. UM is cautiously optimistic; Miami is his only scheduled visit for now, though Oregon and Marquette are in the mix. McClellan, ranked the No. 15 shooting guard by rivals.com in the 2011 class, averaged 13.5 points but shot just 38.2 percent. He also would be required to sit out next season.

### Who has surprised and emerged in Dolphins offseason practices? Receiver “Armon Binns,” tight end Dustin Keller said. “He’s getting open” a lot…. The Dolphins got a modest, but not a big, spike in ticket sales from their offseason moves. They’re on pace to top last year’s 41,000 season ticket count.

### While Marcell Ozuna impresses, the Marlins’ other top outfield prospects --- who one day could flank Ozuna if Giancarlo Stanton is inevitably traded - have slumped recently: Christian Yelich (.270) and Jake Marisnick (.245) entered Tuesday in 0-for-16 and 1-for-16 slumps at Double A.

### Again, please check out the last post for postgame chatter from the Heat's Game 4 loss tonight.



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More disgusting criminal actions by the NCAA. Threatening and pressuring people is against the Law. Top it off their main witness is AA admitted perjurer. NCAA is digging itself a grave.

Miami Penguin

The NCAA has behaved badly. But so has UM. UM failed to protect its current students during the investigation and let its alum feel threatened with the loss of normal privileges and access if they failed to cooperate with the NCAA.

Never mind how much UM benefits from its athletes. Never mind how young and vulnerable college students are.

Never mind how it feels, at any age, to be pressured into testifying. Never mind how expensive it is to hire an attorney.

The NCAA is not going to behave better unless there are consequences from its member schools. If UM had objected to the strong-arm tactics early on, perhaps other schools would have joined in. Now, UM's objections sound self-serving, and a teachable moment has been lost.

The NCAA still thinks that it can throw its weight around as it pleases, and UM students and alum have to think twice about the benefits of being a Cane.

Dear UM: Next time, speak up about something when it's happening, not just when you can use the fact of the misconduct to your advantage. That way, you'll have a chance to make a difference, with the NCAA, and with the athletes who keep your sports programs afloat.


Armon Binns....?

How great would that be? Hopefully this Kid gets good enough, quickly enough to push Hartline and Gibson.

23 years old and in the 6'-3" - 210 range. Lots of room to grow and develop. That's the kind of Kids we need to get this thing rolling.


"The NCAA is not going to behave better unless there are consequences......."

"Dear UM: Next time, speak up about something when it's happening, not just when you can use the fact of the misconduct to your advantage."

Posted by: Miami Penguin | 05/28/2013 at 08:51 PM

Excellent Points!!!!

These things seem so obvious to us, yet they continue to happen, over and over. A little common sense could go a LONG way in this instance.


BTW - Nice work Barry!

Count me in as a BIG Fan Bro!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Sorry for Dyron Dye that he still has to deal with this.

Mid-June hearing is when UM addresses anything in the NOA they disagree with? Any idea what the timeline is for a penalty after that meeting?

Thanks for the update on Delvon Simmons BTW, they could use the help on the DL!


Binns had a Great Senior Season. He tore it up.

He went undrafted to Jacksonville and then landed with the Bungles. He battled his way from a Back Up/Special Teams player to a Starter pretty quickly.

Then a Sophomore Slump apparently. The Bungles waived him with full intentions of re-signing him as soon as he cleared. Jeffy stopped all that.

So Binn's seems to be back on track. It shouldn't surprise. Like most good Personnel Guys say, look back over their entire body of work. Look back at their production. Binn's has produced in all categories. He was a red zone nightmare in college.

I can't figure out the knock on Binn's. Why did he go undrafted....?

Barry Jackson

Lt. Lois: NCAA usually takes 6 weeks to 4 months to make decision. So we're talking anywhere between late July and October for a decision. North Carolina case took a full four months.

sssshhhh  nada tu si 'er


As UM approaches its mid-June hearing before the NCAA's infractions committee, several players are alleging that intimidation tactics were used in interviews conducted with them by former NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier, who twice has been accused of unethical behavior in court filings involving other NCAA cases.


Call one of Obama's boys, complain and get in line...

NCAA is about too drop 2 dimes on []_[]

C'est la vie []_[] silly, silly d[]_[]mb cl[]_[]cks

;UM players lash out at NCAA;UM QB faces decision;

Octavio de Armas

The NCAA is an outdated and corrupt organization that needs to be changed. They operate under a dictatorship mentality. While making Billions from student athletes and their programs they pretend they are still ruling in the 1950's. They would have to shut down every major program in College Football in order for fairness and true justice prevails

Reality Bites

The NCAA is evil, blah, blah, blah
poor Um has been wrongly prosecuted by NCAA bullies, blah, blah, blah
the NCAA should be disbanded, blah, blah blah
Pot keeps calling Kettle black
The criminal wants to set his own punishment
Only in Miami, banana republic
meanwhile the drama can last well into October

Fins looking good. This Binns dude is under the radar he would be a nice surprise if he can produce


What a freak'n mess. It's been going on for 20 years and more. The program has always been dirty, please for the love of all that is good, put it down.


Fire Spo!

Says The Habitual 3rd. Strike Criminal

I've done my time... Leave me alone... Set me FREE !

[]_[] ARE 'Bitchezz ...


: one convicted of a crime who has a certain number of prior convictions for offenses within a period of time of a character specified by statute and is thereby under statutes are subject to an increased penalty...

[]_[] 've Been Caught M[]_[]ltiple Times In M[]_[]ltiple Sports Within 5 Years of Each Infraction The Last 30 Years...

A habitual offender is a person who is convicted of a new crime, who was previously convicted of a crime(s).[1] Various state and jurisdictions may have laws targeting habitual offenders, and specifically providing for enhanced or exemplary punishments or other sanctions.

In the United States, several state governments have passed laws which require the state courts to hand down a mandatory and extended sentences to habitual offenders (for example, making the repeated commission of the same misdemeanor a felony). Three strikes laws specifically target those who have been convicted of a serious criminal offense on three or more separate occasions.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

You are obsessed with a team your team never plays...

I can't imagine myself ever caring enough about the Florida freaking Gators to read an article on their team, nevermind stalk their blogs trolling people all day every day.



LARKIN UPDATE: The Knicks are interested in point guard Shane Larkin with their 24th pick in the June 27 draft, but they likely won't get to meet the University of Miami point guard beforehand. That's because Larkin is slated to get selected higher than No. 24.

"We are not working out for [the Knicks] at this time," his agent, Happy Walters, said. "He will not work out for anyone past No. 19 as of now."
-- espn.com



Recruiting never ends and it takes a lot to close the book on a class. In this case, four-star prospect Wannah Bail is keeping the 2013 class alive.

Bail, a 6-7, 210-pound forward from Rosenberg (Texas) Lamar Consolidated, originally signed with Texas Tech as a 2012 recruit but was ruled academically ineligible.

He recently was ruled eligible, however, and received his release from the Red Raiders.

Tomorrow he will officially visit UCLA and then immediately afterwards officially visit USC.

Miami will then host him on an official visit on June 7.
-- 247sports



Overnights: TNT's Heat-Pacers Game 4 pulled a 6.5 overnight rating, including a 26.2 in Miami and a 21.7 in Indianapolis.
-- John Ourand

Down 18% from MIA/BOS Gm. 4 last year and down 10% from CHI/MIA Gm. 4 in '11.
-- Paulsen



The NCAA is nothing more than broken,unethical thug organization that needs to be "sanctioned" themselves. How they can keep getting away utilizing the intimadating tactics that they do is appalling. Congress needs to step in and shut these bananas down.


aww the annual 'season ticket sales are ahead of last year" statement from the fins. Gotta love it! yet every year the stadium looks more and more empty while local tv ratings continue to tumble.

2 watt

anis,is that u?


To all UM haters,it is time to go back to your cell to be counted before dinnner, enjoy the baloney and water boys!

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