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Fallout from Shapiro's lie under oath; Shapiro lashes out;Heat, Dolphins, UM chatter

The Sunday buzz column is below. First, a quick Sunday 5 p.m. update: If you haven't seen it, please read colleague Jay Weaver's accompanying story on The Herald home site in which Shapiro is discovered to have lied under oath in a matter unrelated to UM.

How will this impact the UM case? UM isn't sure. UM was unaware he lied under oath and thus did not include it in its response to the NCAA that was due last Monday.

UM is expected to bring it up when it presents its case before the NCAA's infractions committee on June 13-15 in Indianapolis. But UM believes it already has done as good a job as it could undermining his credibility --- heck, the guy is in jail for running a Ponzi scheme.

UM wants the eight infractions committee members who are hearing the case to disregard 20 allegations against UM that were uncorroborated by anyone besides Shapiro.

The NCAA's enforcement staff - different from the infractions commitee - included those 20 allegations among many in UM's Notice of Allegations.

What's unclear to UM is whether questions about Shapiro's credbility will weigh heavily in the decisions of the eight people hearing the case. UM has no way of knowing that.

Former Georgia Tech basketball coach Bobby Cremins is the only one of the 18 infractions committee members who has publicly expressed skepticism about Shapiro's credibility. And he wasn't assigned to the UM case. 

### For those who read the column earlier, see the last paragraph for a Sunday noon update on UM hoops.



Nevin Shapiro and the University of Miami now share something in common: They’re both angry about how the NCAA has handled the investigation into the Hurricanes athletics program. But Shapiro also is upping the trash-talk against UM president Donna Shalala.

Shapiro, who went to the NCAA in March 2011 to allege rampant rules violations by UM – which prompted the NCAA investigation - lashed out at the NCAA and UM in e-mails and calls to The Miami Herald, his first public comments on the matter since early 2012.

“I gave them the body, the weapon and the evidence, and the NCAA still managed to screw this thing up somehow,” he said.

Shapiro, serving a 20-year prison sentence for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme, added: “I am extremely disappointed with the NCAA’s approach to this investigation… and even more disappointed in the way that they tried to insinuate any improprieties towards my attorney, who acted only at the direction of individuals… in significant authority at the NCAA.

“The NCAA hadn’t yet seen something like this and was incapable to pull this investigation off properly with what they had within their means to do so…

“Who can really take the NCAA serious at this point? Or should? This investigation could have changed the landscape of policing collegiate sports, not… becoming a colossal joke as it has become…. If I had to do this all over again, I would have just kept to myself and allowed the NCAA to sink in their own stew for how ever many more years.”

He said the NCAA “should have requested a federal investigation” that would have entailed “subpoena powers and consequences for those who were untruthful in the process.” But the NCAA has no authority to do that.

“The NCAA is just not equipped to police member institutions when they can’t even police their own institution,” he said. “This was just too big for the compliance office of the NCAA. Period.”

Shapiro added: “Had I not run into my own personal issues with regards to my case, the NCAA could have never stopped the dealings between me and the University of Miami players, staff and administrators…

“The thing that really makes me laugh to myself is this: Everyone screams for national reform [in college sports] and the first real chance the NCAA has to make a strong stand, everyone wants to end the investigation because I’m in prison, or I’m this, and I’m that?”

Shapiro, who previously said he was angry with UM players for turning their back on him when he went to prison, cited three factors that he says validate his claims: UM self-imposing two bowl bans “without even all of the facts in hand yet”; UM paying the bankruptcy trustee $83,000 to ensure that no former UM players would be deposed; and the fact none of the players he named in the Yahoo! story have sued Yahoo! for defamation.

“If a reasonable person can get beyond those three questions and still question whether or not this story is true, they aren’t being honest with themselves and are in just plain denial,” he said.

UM has conceded some of Shapiro’s claims are true but disputes many of them, including some uncorroborated beyond Shapiro.

Meanwhile, Shapiro delivered this message to the UM president: Shalala wants to scream: ‘We have suffered enough.’ OK, make this investigation transparent. Show all of the facts, not just the ones that you want to show because you think you have a legal loophole. I dare you….

“President Shalala – you want a war with me? I got one for you. I’m going to shake that city to its core and the nation will collectively say, ‘Holy [Bleep]!”

Shapiro keeps threatening to unleash more bombshells – “a Tsunami 5” – against Miami, but UM is highly skeptical. The NCAA investigated his gambling claims regarding the UM football program and found no evidence.

UM believes he already has given the NCAA everything he has to say, and that everything has been investigated, and there's no more harm he can cause the program beyond the mess already created.

“I don’t care if the NCAA smashes UM or doesn’t smash UM. That isn’t my concern,” Shapiro said, though his anger toward UM suggests otherwise. “My one and only concern has been to maintain my credibility as it relates to this story.

"I told the truth then and still to this day now and if President Shalala says that she is going to take this to the wall if Miami suffers any further sanctions, then I really hope that is the case because I’ve been standing at the wall for two years waiting for them to get here already.

“They won’t win this argument under any pretenses…. I can assure you that this will not be the last of this story from my end.”

Shapiro told Yahoo! in 2011 that he spent “millions of dollars” on UM athletes, coaches and recruits. In its notice of allegations, the NCAA alleged Shapiro provided $170,000 in benefits.

Shapiro gave the NCAA 114 names. In UM's Notice of Allegations, the NCAA, according to the Associated Press, cited 72 then-players, three recruits and 12 “friends and family members” of UM players or recruits. UM’s case will be heard by the infractions committee in mid-June.

Shapiro was transferred last week from Louisiana to Butner in North Carolina - a prison where Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is serving time.


### Troubling: Dwyane Wade has now gone eight games in a row without scoring 20 points –- his longest streak since two nine-game streaks as a rookie. He’s averaging 12.5 points and shooting 45.9 percent in this stretch.

With his knee injury, "he’s a little limited on his first step," Pacers guard Lance Stephenson said. Miami has been outscored by 10 points with Wade on the floor in this series – worst on the Heat.

### The Heat’s smaller lineups that worked so well in last year’s series were outscored by five in Game 2, and Pacers coach Frank Vogel tells us he is "less concerned about" those lineups now than previously because "we’ve become very good at guarding small lineups – might be the best in the NBA."

### Game 2 marked only the second time in LeBron James’ 891 career games that he committed two turnovers in the final minute of a game. (Detroit in 2008 was the other.) The good news: He’s 7 for 16 in his career on go-ahead or game-tying shots in the final 24 seconds of playoff games – the NBA’s best percentage since 2004.

### Despite the limited body of work, there is a quiet confidence around Dolphins camp that Lamar Miller is ready to break out. “He’s just so smooth,” Matt Moore said. “He’s different from Reggie Bush but can get similar results. His nature is go north and south, Reggie’s [style] was more to dance. And he has grabbed the leadership [reins].”    

### Power forward Donnavan Kirk, who transferred from UM to DePaul after the 2010-11 season, told us he likely will enroll at either UM or Colorado State for graduate school and will be eligible to play this coming season.

Kirk, 6-9, averaged 6.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks for DePaul last season and would bolster a UM frontline badly in need of another big man. He said the two schools are “even” and he will make a decision soon after visiting Colorado State this week. He doesn’t need to visit UM because he already has been enrolled here. 

"I like Coach [Jim] Larranaga's honesty and his way of doing things, and they need a four-man," he said. But he also likes Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy.

UM has three scholarships left and has been eyeing several transfer and junior college players. CBS Sports Network reported that guard Sheldon McClellan, who is transferring from Texas, will visit UM on Thursday. Oregon and Marquette also in the mix. He averaged 13.5 points last season and has two years of eligibility left. A native of Houston, McClellan reportedly frustrated Texas coach Rick Barnes at times for effort/intensity issues.

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Shapiro is a sociopath. He should be institutionalized.


He should be put in solitary confinement.

lil Luke

Just wait til I release the thousands and thousands of hours of crystal clear Security HD video with sound of hundreds of recruits, present players at the time and former players entertaining said recruits and players with cash, drugs n ho's.

It's just the begining.


Why is the Miami Herald still even listen to this guy. He is a scumbag the not worth crap that comes out of his mouth. He has zero creditability, yet people allow him to have a forum where he can continue to speak his poison. He lied to hundreds of people who invested in his scam, yet all of a sudden he is telling the truth because it the University of Miami. UM took the bowl ban and made the players pay the money back because it was the right thing to do, UM was being advised that if they took the punishment now it will go much easier for them later. At no point has the University of Miami said they where not guilty of any wrong doing but they also know that the money that was spent on the player and what this criminal claims was way off the mark. His story and purpose was to sell his book and make the University of Miami pay for turning their back on him when he needed them the most. The proof of that is in the stories that have quoted him saying that he was going to sink the University of Miami Football Program etc. Once a lier always a lier so stop providing this criminal with an avenue to continue his 15 minutes of fame. It's time to let him rot in his cell.


Shapiro is a measly, lieing little punk. Why anyone would report anything this crook has to is beyond me. This crud is in prison for lieing, stealing and completely ruining many peoples lives. A convicted Ponzi schemer. Please, turn the lights out on this punk. It's extremely insulting to the victims to be giving him any forum to communicate. Why don't you interview and report on the victims that this creep stole from? At least balance the reporting if you are going to continue with this.

Julienne Ford-Hammond

Of course he's lashing-out...every swinging dick in the Prison is banging him in the rear!




Shapiro, roflmao Credibility? Thinking he has any shows he is a candidate for psychotropic meds due to hallucinations and being given to grandiose statements and being out of touch with reality.

Which by the way would qualify him to be the President of the USA!

Credibility? With who Yahoo, NCAA, IRS? lmao!!!!!

Flush this turd

Haha, "because I'm this or I'm that".

Because you're a liar. People don't believe you because you're in jail for lying.


nevin shapiro has as much credibility as jodi arias. the
media should shorten the amount of space/time allowed
these two boreasses


He comes off as such a nutcase that nobody would believe him. When he speaks now, it probably helps Miami.


Shapiro needs to worry about HIS BACK when he gets out of prison, IF someone doesn't turn his face to much IN PRISON.
By his ranting and raving, I'd say that UM as a good chance at an appeal of any further sanctions.

Sh*T- piro vowed "to take Miami down along with me" and now, he's angry that his lies and his convict ways have been "messed up" by the NCAA, another CONVICT in this country who rapes schools and gets away with it YEARLY!

It's time for Miami to shut the NCAA UP, along with this parasite in prison.



ACC with 3rd highest Payout (average of $16.9 million a school) for 2011-12 fiscal year. The upcoming rights deals change things a bit but interesting that the ACC is starting from a higher payout than the B12 and PAC12.
-- SyracuseMiami



#Canes find out postseason destination Sunday, will be 41st straight trip
-- Chris Yandle ‏@ChrisYandle




The U Reloaded Doc HUGE OFFICIAL Trailer RELEASE TUESDAY MAY 28 2pm.
-- TheUReloaded ‏@TheUReloaded



“My one and only concern has been to maintain my credibility as it relates to this story.

Laughable, laughable from someone who cheated investors out of millions. He is delusional and yelling about the U only hides his reality, that is, facing just about a lifetime of prison. Wait until another year of so sinks in to his reality then we'll see the real person.


Shapiro is the big loser in all of this. He is where he belongs. He needs to be the center of attention but no one cares about him. Enjoy your surroundings, loser.


Nevie, needs to get a life, oh, but, you say, he has one. Yup, sure nuff does, 20 years with 18 to go and he'll be in the same place as his mentor, bernie baby and when he gets out he'll have another one, but, then he'll be called felon and according to what has come out of his own mouth, he's earned it.


Credibility?? Haha...there is an article on the front page of the Herald RIGHT NOW where he admits that he lied on the witness stand in another case involving his company?????



Shapiro....you will NEVER SEE CHINA TOWN LITTLE MAN.........



Where is Reality Bites and the other Cane Haters?? Let me tell you where, hiding in their rooms crying because they know this is over. Shapiro admits to lying in front of a Federal Jury and committing perjury. He has ZERO Credibility. This entire case is resting on a perjurer. Bye bye investigation

Steve B

The thing about Shapiro is he has been able to lie in such detail and with such spontaneity that people just tend to believe him. Its been his gift and his curse
Attaching credibilty to this guy is irrational and the NCAA hitched its wagon to the wrong horse.


This blog should have been renamed, a long time ago, The UM Propaganda blog.

UM knows they did all these thnigs and are trying to bring other unrelated matters in to escape their punishment.

No one's saying they didn't do any of this, only 'hey', look at this, look at that. It's called the ol' razzle dazzle.



sorry for the slow response, but S&^%piro IS INSTITUTIONALIZED.. it is called FEDERAL PRISON and that is an institution. He can be as crazy as he is, I do not feel any need for a waste of my tax dollars being spent to try and "rehabilitate" or "cure" him.

In the real world, of real courts, with real prosecutors it is not uncommon to see them drop cases where an even tangentially associated cop or main witness has been exposed as a liar. The NCAA, in flagrant opposition to reality is just pressing on and on. I hope that some reason prevails, the self-imposed sanctions and some small scholarship reduction will be imposed/accepted and the []_[] does not have to seek judicial resolution because the delay involved in a court case in and of itself would visit further harm upon the []_[] and its return to a much more relevant position in the world of college football.

enough already


How about a link to the main story, Barry? Internet 101.

- Bebo

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