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NFL encouraged by UM's talent; Dolphins, Heat, Marlins chatter


ESPN’s Trey Wingo cracked during the third round of the NFL draft that “two of the last three picks have been from Connecticut and we’re still waiting for one pick from the University of Michigan or Miami. Things are changing.”

The fact Miami had only two draft picks (Rams fifth-rounder Brandon McGee, Buccaneers sixth-rounder Mike James) was primarily a result of its small senior class and the previous year’s early departures. Still, UM now has gone five years in a row without a first-rounder after having one every year from 1995 to 2008.

And though the Hurricanes might not have one next year, evaluators see encouraging signs. “Things are changing with the talent level there, especially offensively,” said one NFL scout who studies UM a lot. “They can have at least five kids drafted next year.”

CBS’ Rob Rang lists defensive end Anthony Chickillo as the 45th-best overall prospect in next year’s draft (should he turn pro early) and Seantrel Henderson 49th.

CBS also lists Henderson the No. 5 senior tackle, Stephen Morris the No. 10 quarterback, Allen Hurns the No. 11 receiver, Asante Cleveland the No. 12 tight end and Brandon Linder the No. 16 guard. An NFC scout said he’s intrigued by tight end Clive Walford – “very talented” – and that Henderson can be a first-rounder if he plays to his potential.

Though he’s not there yet, the NFC scout said Morris could make himself a second-rounder if he keeps improving: “He will have the strongest arm in the draft next year.” And “he can move,” another scout said of his mobility. “He wins games.”

Morris will be part of a deep quarterback class, headlined by Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Alabama’s A.J. McCarron, Georgia’s Aaron Murray and Clemson’s Tajh Boyd. UM’s most electrifying player, running back Duke Johnson, will not be eligible for next year’s draft.


So have the Dolphins done enough to legitimately challenge the Patriots? “Absolutely,” ESPN’s Ron Jaworski said. “Jeff Ireland did a heck of a job building this team.” But Mel Kiper cautioned: “To say they’re going to challenge New England, it’s two years away…. Mike Wallace was underrated at Ole Miss. He’s overrated now.”

### Among the undrafted players added by the Dolphins, National Football Post’s Russ Lande said keep an eye on Michigan’s Jordan Kovacs (“tough, instinctive, good chance to make it as third safety”), BYU linebacker Brandon Ogletree (“could be special teams ace, Larry Izzo type”); Arizona State running back Cameron Marshall (4.7 career per-carry average; “physical runner; can become a productive No. 2”); and Arkansas linebacker Alonzo Highsmith, son of the UM great…. Duquesne defensive back Zach Richert, Dan Marino’s nephew, will audition for the Dolphins this weekend but is a major long shot.

### Chris Andersen said one of the great things about his Heat experience has been “they let me be me. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” He said Pat Riley told him “we want you to be you, [but also] somewhere along the lines of, ‘Don’t grow out your beard, don’t grow out your hair, don’t grow out that awesome mustache you had.'”

Owner Micky Arison told 790 The Ticket this week “there was a lot of concern about his past.” But the Heat researched him more than it has any player in recent years. At his Heat audition, “it took less than five minutes for me to be totally comfortable with the guy,” Arison said. “Genuinely nice person.”

### Arison, by the way, was asked by 790 about the prospect of keeping together the Big Three in 2014, when all three can become free agents and the luxury tax becomes more punitive. “It is do-able. Next question,” he said. “… Why worry 15 months ahead of time?” Regarding the impact of the tax in general, he said his front office “is going to have to be very creative.”

### What did Arison think of Riley telling Boston’s Danny Ainge “to shut the [expletive] up” after Ainge criticized LeBron James for voicing displeasure about hard fouls against him? “I thought it was terrific – couldn’t have said it better myself.”

### When James MVP award is announced – possibly Sunday – he will join Bill Russell as the second player to win it four times in five years.

### The Marlins hope either Zack Cox or Derek Dietrich becomes their eventual third baseman, and both are flourishing at Double A: Cox is at .328; Dietrich – who is playing second and – is at .281, three homers, 11 RBI. If Cox pans out, Dietrich could be challenge Donovan Solano at second.

### Besides newly-signed 17-year-old Belgian Emmanuel LeComte, UM’s other only natural point guard who will definitely be eligible next season is three-star Corn Elder, who is on football scholarship and will play either running back or receiver. Elder was recruited for basketball by Purdue but not by UM, but UM will allow him to play both sports. Considering LeComte needs time to adapt, Elder might end up being more of a factor in basketball than UM expected.


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Coral Gables'81

The talent pool at UM will continue to grow as Coach Golden becomes more familiar with this area.

Steve B

Elder led his team to football and basketball state championships. Tennessee wanted him but like Sony Michel he wanted a change in scenery .Sometimes that helps you sometimes it hurts.


Don't worry Gallo and cAlvin will be on here shortly to refute those NFL Scouts who say that the talent level is improving in Miami. They can't stand to read anything positive about Golden and will do their best (or in cAlvin's case...probably lie) to turn a positive into a negative.


2005... "UM talent will get better..."
2006... "UM talent will get better..."
2007... "UM talent will get better..."
2008... "UM talent will get better..."
2009... "UM talent will get better..."
2010... "UM talent will get better..."
2011... "UM talent will get better..."
2012... "UM talent will get better..."
2013... "UM talent will get better..."

Meanwhile, FIU went to having zero draft picks in 2009 to matching UM's allotment in this year's draft.



Hey Quijote while you're busy posting your NONSENSE, hwo about adding up ALL the draft picks we had during all those years you've posted you IDIOT, and yes none were 1st rounders, but we've pretty much SMOKED everyone with number of picks taken. Hell in 2011 we had no 1st rounders, but 13 drafted, not many schools can say that. Let me reiterate, you're an IDIOT!!!


Quijote...get back on your mule and ride off to "La Mancha." Why do you continue to worry about the Canes?...FI(Who)is a nice state program with. Plenty of table scraps for the kitties to get a talent or 2. Should not have fired Cristobal...set you back to the beginning. If you just read the post....your analysis is worthless. The Canes had 6 underclassmen leave last year. I'm betting every one of them except Vernon and Miller are sorry they left and would have been drafted this year.

Even The Akron Zipps have a star every so often. Let it go bro...you sound like a desperate little brother looking for attention. No one cares...go cry to Sancho Panzo....you loser!

Reality Bites

Quijote you are too hard on FIU, they did way way better than the canes, Cyprien was the first pick in the 2nd round. No cane was taken until way late in the 5th.
FIU had much better NFL talent this past season.
UM: has been, used to be, once upon a time but no more.
"wait til next year"
Maybe we'll have more talent, blah,blah,blah, same old same old. Pathetic.

Go Heat!



On a national level, where do you see UM in the 2013 season.. as a Top 25 team, a Top 10 team , a Top 5 team or not a Top 25 team?





Trollololol. I love it when UM leghumpers run their mouths. You ma'am, clearly suffer from a bad case of Pen is envy. Why are UFelon fans so arrogant? Is it because they won their Conference? Oh that's right, they didn't. Is it because they won their Division? Oh that's right, they didn't. Is it because they won their bowl game? Oh that's right, they didn't. UFrauds has been all dressed up with nowhere to go since Timothy The Great Panamanian Circumciser Graduated to NFL Benchwarmer now CFL reject.

Btw, you do know that 2008 was 5 years ago, right? All 3 of UF's glory years are over. So which one are you, the Pot or the Kettle?


Yo GREEN ... Gots []_[]r own ACC ESPN NETWORK ?
SEC Network To Broadcast 24/7

Posted by: Verde With SEC Envy ... | 05/02/2013 at 06:44 PM

The SEC network will be wholly owned by ESPN, source tells @WSJ
-- @Bachscore



Yo GREEN ... Gots []_[]r own ACC ESPN NETWORK ?
SEC Network To Broadcast 24/7

Posted by: Verde With SEC Envy ... | 05/02/2013 at 06:44 PM


First the SEC had their official release of their upcoming SEC Network. The most important part of the release for ACC fans?

The network will also feature studio shows and coverage of special events such as signing day and football pro days.

ACCDN already doing this… Just browse the videos and you’ll find several ACC draft relevant pieces and and some studio shows.

The digital network, which will launch nationally with AT&T U-verse, will show hundreds of additional events.

ACCDN already doing this, though its not in hundreds yet, but there are live events. Boston College vs Wake Forest baseball was a recent live event on the digital network.

Each SEC school will have the opportunity to produce and develop content for various platforms.

Sounds like to me some level of agreements of this nature again already exist. Read this link from sportsvideo.org concerning ESPN3 partnering with several ACC Schools for digital content.

My speculation is once the deal is ready, the ACC Network itself will be able to go up relatively quickly There won’t be years infrastructure development. Each time details are released on the SEC Network, we learn more about how the ACC has positioned itself ahead of time.
-- Jfann

good things come to those who wait ...



I'm an FIU grad but you are what your record says you are, what was FIU's record last year? Enough said about that.
I would suggest that we rename FIU as "T.Y. Hilton University". When TY left so did our offense.

But for all who can't stand it the Canes are clearly on the rise, you can't argue that. Canes also got some very explosive offensive players in Duke and P.D., it will be fun to watch.


Yo GREEN ... Gots []_[]r own ACC ESPN NETWORK ?
SEC Network To Broadcast 24/7

Posted by: Verde With SEC Envy ... | 05/02/2013 at 06:44 PM

Buried in the SEC’s Q&A sheet is this nugget: “The Network will televise the SEC Championships for all sports other than football.” If that’s correct, you’ll need the SEC Network if you want to watch the SEC men’s basketball tournament championship game in March of 2015. That’s a bit surprising.
-- mrsec.com

Oops, hoops: Nobody’s questioning the SEC’s prowess on a football field, yet the nation mocks that same conference come men’s basketball season.

The SEC earned just three NCAA Tournament bids this spring, and it could have been two if not for Ole Miss’ stunning run to the league tournament championship. The Rebels joined regular season champ Florida and league newcomer Missouri, while defending NCAA champion Kentucky lost in the first round of the NIT.

“Yes, it is a concern, and yes, it is something that the league office is thinking about and should be thinking about,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said.
-- ledger-enquirer.com



The new ACC/realignment

But how could someone not get excited about what's in store for the ACC, which adds Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse? Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Jim Boeheim all in the same league? Yowza. All three coaches have preseason top-10 teams. Pitt and Notre Dame have been staples in the NCAA tournament under Jamie Dixon and Mike Brey, respectively. Oh, and Louisville and Rick Pitino will join the conference in 2014. No conference will be able to match the ACC.
-- espn.com



Meanwhile, FIU went to having zero draft picks in 2009 to matching UM's allotment in this year's draft.


Posted by: Quijote | 05/03/2013 at 09:05 AM


The University of Miami's football program has set multiple records in producing players who go on to the National Football League.

The Hurricanes hold the record for most players selected in the first round in a single draft (6, in 2004), most first-round draft picks in a two-year period (11, from 2003 to 2004), most first-round draft picks in a three-year period (15, from 2002 through 2004), and most first-round picks in a four-year period (19, from 2001 through 2004).

For a 14-year period, from 1994 through 2008, Miami had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

The Miami Hurricanes are also 10th overall on the NFL's all-time number of draft picks with 315.

As of the start of the 2013 NFL season, UM has the most players active in the NFL of any university in the nation, with 50, including players on NFL Practice Squads and Injured Reserves and not including current Free Agents.

As of the 2013 NFL Draft, Miami now has had at least 1 NFL draft pick in every draft since 1974, each of the last 39 NFL drafts
-- wiki

with a 75-year head start ...
catch us if you can't ...



Breaking: More confirmation the stadium deal is dying: House speaker says they are out of bills (messages) to address. Takes a recess.
-- @SuttaCBSMiami

Don't count the Dolphins out. Unless we're talking about the playoffs.


See B[]_[]llSheet

CBS’ Rob Rang lists defensive end Anthony Chickillo as the 45th-best overall prospect in next year’s draft (should he turn pro early)

Well there goes all of Rob Rang's credability.

SEC Green With $

The SEC network will be wholly owned by ESPN, source tells @WSJ
-- @Bachscore


Posted by: green | 05/03/2013 at 01:36 PM



Right now the Southeastern Conference makes around $205 million a year from CBS and ESPN for television rights. Yesterday OKTC told you why the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri was worth over $100 million a year to the SEC when an eventual network emerges. Now let's talk about why an SEC Network could be worth billions for BOTH the SEC and ESPN.

[]_[] were saying ? Read the article then name names []_[] Dolt.


Breaking news:

"Area man wasting his life away in his basement reading about the Miami Hurricanes and trying to troll people on the internet finds some random writer's year-too-early prediction of Hurricanes players. Immediately goes to the Miami Herald blogs to try to get someone to talk to him. Friends and family are concerned about how little the man has going on in his life, but are hesitant to go down and check it out due to the smell".

U dumb dumb.....

Canes back soon......turds very scared of that fact......so scared they babysit us on our blogs......slurp, slurp, slurp.

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