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Saturday update: NCAA punts on UM case; Ross reacts to stadium setback;Fins, Heat

In a move that was disappointing but not surprising to UM, the NCAA this week ruled out Miami’s slim hopes of the case being dismissed before UM and former Hurricanes coaches have a full hearing in front of the infractions committee on June 14-16 in Indianapolis, according to multiple sources.

Temple law professor Eleanor Myers, a member of the NCAA’s infractions committee, informed UM and four former Hurricanes coaches that she does not believe she has the authority to dismiss the case pre-hearing. The infractions committee had given Myers the assignment of ruling on UM’s and the coaches’ motions to dismiss.

It always seemed unlikely to everyone involved that Myers would take the step of dismissing the case on her own – even though UM and the coaches presented compelling evidence for why the case has been tainted.

Myers told the parties they still have the option to present the motion to dismiss at the full hearing, and UM and the four coaches (Frank Haith, Jorge Fernandez, Jake Morton and Aubrey Hill) will again try to get the case dismissed then.

But it’s considered unlikely that the infraction committee would dismiss the case several hours into the hearing on June 14. What’s more likely is that the eight infractions committee members who are assigned to the case would hear all of the evidence from UM, the coaches, and the NCAA’s enforcement staff and then make a decision in the aftermath – a decision that could take weeks or a few months.

The hearing, at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, is expected to last two or three days.

### The Dolphins are still reeling this morning after the state House speaker refused to let the full House vote on changing a law that would permit Miami-Dade voters to vote on raising a tourist tax to help finance the Dolphins stadium.

Here is owner Steve Ross’ full statement reacting to the news: “Speaker [Will] Weatherford did far more than just deny the people of Miami Dade the right to vote on an issue critical to the future of our local economy.  The Speaker singlehandedly put the future of Super Bowls and other big events at risk for Miami Dade and for all of Florida.

“He put politics before the people and the 4,000 jobs this project would have created for Miami Dade, and that is just wrong. I am deeply disappointed by the Speaker's decision. He gave me and many others his word that this legislation would go to the floor of the House for a vote, where I know, and he knows, we had the votes to win by a margin as large as we did in the Senate. 

“It’s hard to understand why he would stop an election already in process and disenfranchise the 40,000 people who have already voted. I can only assume he felt it was in his political interest to do so. Time will tell if that is the case, but I am certain this decision will follow Speaker Weatherford for many years to come.  I want to thank Mayor Gimenez for his leadership. He was a tough negotiator whose persistence led to an agreement that offered taxpayers the strongest protections of any agreement of this kind in the country.

“I also want to thank our bill sponsors and supporters in Tallahassee, especially Senator Oscar Braynon, Representative Erik Fresen and Representative Eddy Gonzalez; our County Commission sponsors, Commissioners Jordan, Diaz and Barreiro, as well as all of our supporters on the County Commission;  HT Smith and Jorge Arrizurietta, the Co-Chairs of the Miami First Campaign; The University of Miami; The Orange Bowl Committee; The Greater Miami Hotel Association; the many volunteers who lent their support to our campaign, and the members of the Dolphins organization and our campaign team who worked so hard in the last several weeks. I believe without a doubt that the voters would have supported this project if given a chance to vote.

“In the weeks ahead, I will do all I can to convince my fellow owners to bring the Super Bowl back to Miami Dade. The Bid Committee has done a tremendous job to give us a great shot, and my only hope is that it is enough to overcome the terrible message Speaker Weatherford has sent to the NFL tonight. In addition, I will continue to do all I can to build a winning team for the people of Miami Dade. In the future, I will look to play an important role in fixing the dysfunction in Tallahassee and will continue to work to create good jobs in Miami Dade and throughout South Florida.”

### A few players who stood out to us at Friday’s Dolphins rookie minicamp, besides Mike Gillislee and Caleb Sturgis: third-round cornerback Will Davis (interception), undrafted Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs (interception; showed good instincts), undrafted Arkansas State receiver Taylor Stockemer (a couple nice catches). The final two days of the minicamp are closed to both the media and fans.

### Everyone practiced for the Heat today, including Dwyane Wade, who had missed some practice time this week because of a bone bruise in his knee. He should be ready to go for Game 1 Monday.

### You’ve got to love Chris Bosh’s honesty. Asked if he will watch Game 7 of the Bulls-Nets series tonight – with the winner advancing to play the Heat – he said probably not. “I’m tired of watching them play,” he said. “I can check the score and watch highlights. It’s even better than watching them play.” He said it’s his son’s birthday and he would rather play video games with him.   

### Check back later for the Sunday buzz, with a lot more UM news and Fins, Heat, Marlins.

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Cutlerridge Laz

Nice work Barry - in my honest opinion we should seek advice of Judge Judy as she seems to have a handle on everything. No matter what, I stand by my canes win, lose, or draw.

Also, do you know if Mark Light will get NCAA legislation to get approval the XXXXL size milkshakes?


The NCAA is doing everything it can to save face and act like it is in control. UM has already sustained most of the penalties it will receive. The Canes will definitely lose some more scholarships, but any further postseason bowl ban is unlikely. The NCAA knows it has lost a lot of leverage in this case and UM will remind them in a nice or not so nice way at the Hearing. The NCAA wants to put this debacle behind them as much as UM does. They just can't afford to admit it.


Miami can put the NCAA in such a bad light ,it would be in the NCAA's best interest,if they want to hear the case,hear it,then let it go.all the stuff Miami could bring up on the NCAA coziness with the ponzie schemer would be a major embarrassment.


After original owner Wayne Huizenga claimed he lost more than $30 million on the team, he sold the Marlins in early 1999 to John W. Henry. Thereafter, the Marlins began a concerted effort to get their own baseball-only venue. ... On March 23, 2009, Miami-Dade County Commission engaged in more than nine hours of debate over giving final approval to the multi-million dollar stadium-finance deal.
-- wiki

memo to stephen ross:

keep fighting the good fight ...



In a move that was disappointing but not surprising to UM, the NCAA this week ruled out Miami’s slim hopes of the case being dismissed.


Well... d[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][][]_[][]_[]hhhhhhhhh...



Now let's talk about why an SEC Network could be worth billions for BOTH the SEC and ESPN.

[]_[] were saying ? Read the article then name names []_[] Dolt.

Posted by: SEC Green With $ | 05/04/2013 at 12:47 AM

Most commentators focused on "markets." That's the wrong metric in a conference network era. You want to focus on footprints, new states mean many more subscriber dollars
-- outkickthecoverage's outdated article from January 24, 2012

When you look at our footprint now, we will have the most television households and highest population in our footprint of any conference in the country.


ACC..................93.62 million
Big Ten..............69.30
Pac 12...............62.00
Big XII...............36.65

You couple that with the technology going forward that’s available with the quality of the 15 institutions and our potential, I think it’s fair to say this is the strongest collection of basketball programs in one conference that’s ever been assembled, and our potential from a football standpoint is unlimited. I think our marketplace opportunities, along with the population numbers both current and projected moving forward, when you put all that together, it’s an enormous potential as a conference over the next 15 years and beyond.
-- ACC commissioner John Swofford



me cago en el ncaa

Reality Bites

Little green pea I give you the nod about the basketball angle. But football is king, I guess when you are at the bottom the "potential is unlimited". More likely you will stay at the bottom and the current relevant football conferences will only get better with the SEC as king.

Why is anyone surprised the UM cheating case was not dismissed? The same ignoramuses who now believe UM has the upper hand. The NCAA will hammer you in June, you delusional homers fail to grasp the simple truth that you are guilty of multiple and mayor violations over such a long period of time that you must pay and pay you will. Time served is not enough, since when does the criminal get to set his own punishment?

Too bad the Fins couldn't get the vote in Tally. Ross needs to find another way to upgrade his stadium. It is his property after all.

Wouldn't be surprised if both Sturgis and Gileslee end up being the starters at some point this season.

Let's go Heat!


Going forward we will see more attempts by Stephen Ross to attain public taxpayer $$ for his own personal enrichment. Good to see the taxpayers win Round 1. But for the rich and politically connected like Ross who thrive off of the crony capitalism cultivated by their political "donations", this is just a small setback. He will grease more politicians and come back next year asking for even more $$.

Ross and his people were huge donors to Mayor Giminez. Time to recall the mayor before he succeeds in repaying Ross for his political generosity. Its the only way to end this type of corporate welfare.


“He put politics before the people and the 4,000 jobs this project would have created for Miami Dade,"
Yeah, sure. Why not say 15,000. sounds more like people before politics.
And as far as the Ncaa, guaranteed if it was bused in NYC we wouldn't have these ol men in Indiana hiding their faces in the cornfield.


Temple law professor Eleanor Myers, a member of the NCAA’s infractions committee, informed UM and four former Hurricanes coaches that she does not believe she has the authority to dismiss the case pre-hearing.The infractions committee had given Myers the assignment of ruling on UM’s and the coaches’ motions to dismiss.

They gave her the assignment to rule and she says she's not sure. Take that law degree away.

A cop-out! Either she does or she doesn't. A law professor that doesn't know, hey, I'm from phila and dammxx if I'd be in her class


Hey "Reality Bites"', or I should I say Stinkin Gator. you are just a bitter nobody that envies the U tradition and knowing that your team will never approach the relevance that Miami has achieved. Reality does indeed bite!


Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/04/2013 at 03:47 PM

Whelp, Saturday afternoon, try to read up on the Miami Hurricanes and try to troll some fans into talking to me on the internet!

Barry's Shadow

Great job Barry, you are the best blogger in the world. Hopefully Al Golden will make out with you tonight. Keep cashing those UM checks.


the house guy should have at least let voters vote on this thing. shame on him.


Wouldn't be surprised if both Sturgis and Gileslee end up being the starters at some point this season.Let's go Heat!

Posted by: Reality Bites

Considering that they spent a 5th rd pick on a kicker who had a 7th rd/un drafted projection, it's pretty safe to say that Carpenter is getting cut. Only a total flop in training camp and preseason will keep Stugis from being our kicker. Jeff Ireland, like cAlvin, doesn't like to admit that he was wrong. Cutting a kicker that had he no business drafting where he took him would be admitting that he blew it. Heck, he carried Michael Egnew all year when he couldn't block, couldn't remember the plays, and his own teammates were calling him a p#$sy.

Gillislee is not even close to Lamar Miller in talent. He needs Miller to get hurt and Thomas to catch fumblitis again but given their histories, its very possible that Gillislee gets a start but it's highly unlikely that he ever starts over a healthly Lamar Miller.

TinSouth Miami

Hearing Ross whine because he didnt get his way brings a smile to my face

Miami Penguin

Dear Mr. Ross, IF you really think that the improvements to Sun Life Stadium are essential, then put all of the money where your mouth is. And don't be petulant when an elected body declines to force a vote simply because you have the money to hold a separate, public vote down here. A legislature that failed to pass a law to protect residents of assisted living facilities has no business passing a law to fund stadium upgrades. Just saying.

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