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Tuesday morning Heat-Pacers quick hits

A few quick hits while waiting for Game 4 of Heat-Pacers:

### Even if the Heat wins Tuesday and Thursday, an NBA spokesman said the league will not move up the start of the Finals before the scheduled start date on Thursday, June 6. Then there would be a short break before Game 2 on Sunday, June 9. So the Western Conference champion Spurs will end up playing one game in the next 12 days.

### The Heat is the first team to win five road playoff games in a row by double digits, and Chris Bosh has a theory why this group thrives away from home:

“There's a higher degree of difficulty. You're a lot more uncomfortable on the road. A lot more unsure of yourself and your team. That creates a sense of coming together and more of a sense of urgency, because you have to play your best on the road if you're going to win.

“That kind of atmosphere, we live for that, we stand up to it. We just have to do it again.”

### Much of the talk during Monday’s availability focused on how the Pacers will defend LeBron James if he ventures into the post again, as he did several times in Game 2.

Paul George, who has had the primary defensive assignment on James, said: “You can't give him five dribbles at the block. [If you do], you're giving him two points.” George expects more help from other defenders.

“When we say we don't double the post, that never means that we leave the guy guarding LeBron James on a complete island like we did last night,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said.  “It should never look like that. We've got to definitely be more active in our gaps and in our seams and making him see more than one defender.”

###  But can Roy Hibbert leave the player he’s guarding to help George when LeBron goes to the post?

“When guys are shooting like the way they did last night, no, you can't,” Hibbert said. “But somebody has to give something up. I would rather somebody take a 15, 17‑foot jump shot as opposed to a higher percentage shot in the paint.”

### Pacers guard George Hill had an odd answer when asked about the Heat scoring 70 points in the first half.

“I don't remember it now. I went to sleep. I had some Nyquil and stuff. I really don't remember the 70 points. That's not our defense. Everyone knows that.”

### Hibbert said Haslem was talking to him after hitting jump shots in Game 3. What did he say?

“I don't know,” Haslem said.  “I had my mouthpiece in. It probably sounded like a bunch of jibberish to him.”

### Dwyane Wade, on how much better he and LeBron James work together on the court than the early stages of the Big Three era:  “We've come a long, long way. The first year obviously we both were alphas, and we both played similar kind of games. 

“LeBron was out on the perimeter a lot more. And I think he took upon himself last year, especially in the playoffs, to really get in the post. And they gave us a different dynamic. Over the last three years I've been in the post more than I normally was as well.”

### Among Erik Spoelstra’s biggest concerns: “That front line is still pummeling us. It's big. They're powerful.  They don't let you off the hook. They put us in compromising positions where we're fouling right now or giving up second‑chance opportunities.”            

### Chris Andersen, who has shot 13 for 13 in this series, is the first player in NBA history to make all his shots in four consecutive playoff games (minimum two shots per game).