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June 18, 2013

2 p.m. Heat update: Bosh says no more open shots for Green; Green responds; Finals notes

Heat notes from Tuesday morning's shootaround, just hours away from Game 6 of the Finals: 

A warning issued hours before Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Chris Bosh declared Tuesday that Spurs guard Danny Green no longer should expect to be left alone around the three-point line.

“He won’t be open tonight,” Bosh assured Tuesday morning. “We’ll see how he shoots it with somebody always on him.”

Green’s response? “I’m sure they are going to have somebody making sure I don’t get the ball and make sure I don’t get open looks,” he said. “But I feel as if we have so many threats out there, they can’t just focus on one guy…. You have to give up something. You can’t take away everything.”

Green hopes if the Heat takes away his shooting, there will be more driving lanes for others, such as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

According to ESPN, 24 of Green’s 38 shots in this series have been open looks. Green has made 18 of those uncontested shots, and 7 of 14 when guarded closely.

“We’re got to be much better knowing where he is,” coach Erik Spoelstra said.

Shane Battier said “the puzzling part” of Green’s success is “he doesn’t have any plays run for him. It’s not like Ray Allen coming off a screen. Most of his threes have come off defensive breakdowns on our part.”

### Battier expects Chris Andersen to be reinserted in the lineup tonight. “I think Bird will have an impact tonight,” Battier said. “Got a feeling.”

### Spoelstra, predictably, wouldn’t say if he will change his lineup. His options include sticking with Mike Miller, going back to Udonis Haslem or possibly starting Battier.

### Several Heat players said Tuesday morning that it was never realistic for fans to expect the Heat to easily steamroll through these playoffs – despite the 27-game winning streak, despite last year’s championship breakthrough and despite several contenders being depleted by injuries.

“That’s not realistic at all – to think you’re going to breeze through the playoffs,” Bosh said. “It never happens like that. It’s not easy. Nothing worth gaining is easy. If people wanted a championship and think it was going to be easy -- tough to break it to them, but we’re in Game 6 right now and we’re behind.”

Said Battier:  “The Spurs are our equal, no question. Play the same way. Same level of experience.  Playoffs are never easy, no matter how good you are. We’ve played two teams, in Chicago and Indiana, that played us very well in the regular season. For anybody to think we would sweep those guys, they weren’t watching the regular season.”

But Battier said one concern is “we have not had the best mental fortitude when things aren’t going well. We have to handle that adversity a little better.”

### On Tuesday, Spoelstra deemed the Heat and Spurs “two equal opponents.”

### The Heat entered Game 6 believing this team was better equipped to handle a Finals elimination game than in the 2011 Finals.  We’ve been hardened. We’ve learned how to compartmentalize,” Spoelstra said.

### Several Heat people were grilled by an ESPN reporter wondering how – during the NBA Finals – the Heat can have issues with lack of attention to detail, leaving shooters open and arguing with referees.

“They argue with referees, too,” Bosh responded. “Don’t get it twisted!”

Said Spoelstra: “Look, they’re going through the same thing after their losses.”

### Battier said Heat players cannot worry about ramifications of losing the Finals because “if you get caught up in the consequences, you’re not able to stay in the moment.”

### Spoelstra said Tuesday that one of the reasons the Heat signed Udonis Haslem in 2003 was “the Spurs were about to sign him. We both like the same type of player. It’s not a coincidence. We’re defensive-structure, culture-based organizations.”

Battier considered signing with the Spurs before joining the Heat after the lockout in December 2011.

“Both organizations have a culture,” Battier said. “You can’t say that about most NBA teams. Both teams value professionalism, intelligence, players who play hard. Both play an unselfish brand of basketball.”

### Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said though winning a championship is a “big deal, a big deal for a while” that “it’s not the most important thing in the world….You go after it and then life goes on.”

### Though Popovich is known for connecting well with his players, he said because “our core group has been around for a while, I have the feeling by now when I start to speak, they either roll their eyes or they shut off their ears. Or, if it’s like Timmy [Duncan], he looks at me and says, ‘I got it.’ And then I don’t have to say anything.”