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2 p.m. update:Riley addresses many topics in news conference; Dolphins, UM news



Sixteen highlights from Pat Riley’s Heat news conference today:


### Riley said the Heat won’t be as active in free agency this year as the past two. He said he will be patient with his $3.1 million mid-level exception – it’s not even certain Miami will use it – and then he will “cannibalize the market” for a player or two in August and September. “We are not going to rush into anything.”

One free agent that already has visited: Center Greg Oden, who has had five knee procedures and hasn’t played since 2009. Riley said: “We will explore that. You have have to monitor that very closely.”

### Riley said the Heat will exercise its $4 million option on Mario Chalmers and he wants to keep free agent Chris Andersen.

He obviously wants to keep Ray Allen, but Allen hasn’t informed the Heat if he will opt out of his contract and Riley isn’t sure what he’s thinking. By opting out, Allen could make $3.7 million from Miami next season, as opposed to the $3.2 million he’s due.

### Riley said most of the improvement will come “from within.” He wants his players to come back “leaner, lighter, stronger, quicker and faster. Erik [Spoelstra] and I have already had two conversations about that.”

### Riley suggested he doesn’t want to use the amnesty clause on Mike Miller unless “there’s a mandate to.” He said it hasn’t been discussed. Miller will make $6.2 million next season, and keeping him could add another $14 million to Miami’s tax bill.

He called Miller a “great, great player” – “not just a great shooter” – and said he didn’t play enough this season. “Mike is as healthy as he’s ever been. He’s worked very hard on strengthening his back. We want to keep this team together.”

### On how much Micky Arison is willing to pay with regard to the luxury tax, Riley said: “That’s up to him. We talk about it a lot. Winning helps to some extent.”

### He compared his team to the old TV series, The Fugitive. “That’s sort of like I feel our team was. We have truly been the hunted. After 337 games [in three years] and being hunted and being characterized in a certain way, it’s very fatiguing, very tiring. But I still feel like we’re on the run. They’re still coming after us. That motivates the hell out of us. I don’t want to get caught. I don’t want the players to feel like they’re going to get caught.”

### More on the roster: “If we get everybody back that we want back, then we have 13 roster spots filled with contracts. One of [the other two] will be one of our younger players. It’s a good free agent market. We are going to be very fluid.

“We are not going to be that active in the way we were the last couple years with Shane Battier and Ray Allen.”

Though he wants "improvement from within, you just never know. We didn’t know Chris Andersen would be available in January. That’s where we will be patient.”

### Amid unsubstantiated Chris Bosh rumors printed in at least one out of town newspaper, Riley said “you don’t [change] your core that much” on a team that has won a championship. “I don’t think you should, unless something happened that knocks your socks off. We don’t like to change.”

Riley didn’t mention Bosh, but the Heat wants to keep him. Riley said Bosh "made five plays in the last 30 seconds [of Game 6] to help us win."

### The Heat doesn’t have a draft pick. “After the first 10 or 12 picks, I’m not sure there’s that player out there” that would make a big enough difference to trade for, Riley said.

### A day after LeBron James said the idea of riding it out longterm here with Bosh and Dwyane Wade would be “the ultimate,” Riley concurred.

“That would be my dream. I hope what he said yesterday is something that will come true. When we build these rings again, what I would like to put on inside is ‘I got no worries.’ They’re coming again and they’re going to come harder and harder.”

### Riley, on now being a part of nine championship teams: “I have been lucky, very fortunate. I say that with all humility. Two great organizations, two great owners and willing to do whatever it takes to win.”

### Asked about the problems Indiana's Roy Hibbert created for the Heat, and whether it will compel him to add another big man, Riley said: “We didn’t have any problems against Hibbert. We cornered the market on big guys three years ago.”

### On getting younger: “We’re not concerned about it as far as next year. One day, we’re going to have find another Dwyane Wade. . In order to do that, you have to lose. I’m not interested in getting into the lottery.”

### Riley has trademarked the term three-peat and he and his business partner “have made a considerable amount of money from that. Most goes to charity. I’m not using this as a platform to become a brand and make money off it.” He said he’s not sure the Heat will even use that term next year in its bid for a third title in a row.

### Riley, 68, has no plans to retire: “I don’t think about it – I love what I am doing right now. Why would anyone want to get off this train? I take it more personally than I’ve ever taken it. As long as Micky will have me, I will be here.”

### Would a loss in Game 6 (or 7) have changed the way he approached this offseason? “It probably would,” Riley said. “The absolutely dynamics would have been a negative flood of energy. We probably would have been thinking differently. But I don’t want to go back and think about it. You all know what it would have been like. The point is, we found a way. In this game, there are miracles.”       

### Couple other things: The Heat's Chet Kammerer expects UM's Shane Larkin to be picked between 12 and 20. He isn't sure if any other Canes will be drafted, though he likes Kenny Kadji.... Center Justin Hamilton -- last year's second-round pick out of LSU -- has an injured hamstring and his status for the Orlando and Las Vegas summer leagues is undetermined, Kammerer said.  


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Congrats coach, and we are just getting started.


Little green pea you forgot the most famous ACC and UM bowl of all: the Toilet bowl
Man besides the Orange all those are scrub bowls. pinstripe bowl? are you serious? Dude get a grip.
Remember the ACC is one of the worst, if not flat out the worst of all the major conferences. Pathetic.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/24/2013 at 04:36 PM


"Commissioner Swofford Throws Out First Pitch"

New York Yankees and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl today announced a multi-year partnership with the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The six-year affiliation between the two renowned brands includes the ACC's commitment to play in the annual New Era Pinstripe Bowl from 2014 to 2019. Additionally, for all New York Yankees regular season games beginning in 2014, the ACC will have a significant branding presence in Yankee Stadium, featuring a fixed sign along the third-base line and home plate rotating signage.
-- theacc.com



Interesting tidbit about UCLA (2013 CWS winner)

I use to live in LA and can attest to the fact that UCLA has among the worst baseball facilities in the country. Their stadium makes ours look like Yankee stadium.

Despite that, UCLA and its corresponding athletic department have SIZABLE advantages. Their new coach demanded new batting cages and a single alum donated $5 million to build them. You should see their new batting cages, they are 4-stories tall.
-- CaneProponent

it's time to reinvest in the house that Fraser built ...




Miami Heat star LeBron James says he is going to “bombard” Canes star @ShaneLarkin0_ with tweets during the 2013 NBA Draft.
-- @CanesHoops




Jim Larranaga's son in the running for the Celtics head coaching job
-- @gmuhoops


Reality Bites

OK little green pea there's gonna be a sign at Yankee Stadium saying "theacc.com"
Now how's that gonna make the canes better?
When the few people that care go to that site they will find the facts that the canes have never ever sniffed the ACC ship and struggle to compete in that very weak conference. Congrats!



ONLY AT THE U! View from our new student center!
-- Al Golden ‏@GoldenAl



Thanx for the updates. Great to hear Riley's commitment to Miller. Fingers crossed on Ray's return. There's no repeat without the D + heady play Mike, Ray & Chris delivered throughout the playoffs.


Too bad reality bites isn't a friend of that great Gator criminal and ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez since he shot 2 of his friends. With 50 arrests the last 7 years, that sure sounds like loss of institutional control to me. I'm sure looking forward to Sept. 7th. UM 30-UF 10 Go Canes!

Sad times

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/26/2013 at 03:59 PM

Great insight, thanks for contributing!



green, The U has 2 big problems with the baseball team, and neither of them involve batting cages. The first is the fact that the NCAA allow a total of 12 scholarships to baseball programs, so the partial scholarships are given to baseball players unless they are superstars. Players then must pay the portion of their tuition that is not covered by their scholarship. Miami as a private institution charges much more in tuition that state schools. So parents if of high school seniors that are offered baseball scholarships the UM must decide is they would prefer paying a modest amount of tuition at a state school, or pay a pretty hefty tuition at UM. Most, in recent times, opt to pay lower tuition at state schools. The other problem is the U's recruiting philosophy. They recruit superstar baseball player, they get early commitments, then the recruit is drafted high by mlb team, offer large bonuses, and sign with mlb. They never set foot on the U's campus. In a nutshell that's what's happen with the U's baseball team. Nothing to do with batting cages.


green, The U has 2 big problems with the baseball team, and neither of them involve batting cages.

Posted by: jmike | 06/27/2013 at 07:30 AM

@CanesBaseball records: 41 straight NCAA Tourneys, only ACC school w/ mutliple National Titles, only school in Florida w/ a National Title
-- chris freet

that's always been the case: partial schollies & major money ...
yet the allure of Miami compensated ...



green, The U has 2 big problems with the baseball team, and neither of them involve batting cages.

Posted by: jmike | 06/27/2013 at 07:30 AM

U deserve a 1st-class ballpark with indoor batting cages, chairback seating throughout the grandstand & a primo remodeling of the Fraser building ...



@Caneshoops is primed to have 2 players taken in #NBADraft. @durand_scott could be #3
-- ‏@ChrisFreet




"Will Syracuse add a baseball program? SU is the only ACC entry without a team"



jmike, don't forget the third problem...UM's PED supplier is under indictment so their drug supply has dried up.



Reading the transcripts of Tuesday’s bowl press conference, it was difficult to determine who was the most giddy: Swofford or the Yankees. The deal begins for the 2014 season, with an ACC team facing off against a Big Ten team on Saturday, Dec. 28.

Now, Swofford has the ACC in New York City. There are going to be ACC signs hanging up in Yankee Stadium. And, I’ll bet ol’ John isn’t done yet. There’s the little old thing called the ACC Basketball Tournament dangling there with the potential to be played in Madison Square Garden or the new arena over in Brooklyn. Hmm.

“This is truly a terrific opportunity,” Swofford said. “To play in this game (Pinstripe Bowl) on an annual basis, in the media capital of the world and partner with the most storied and iconic franchise, and stadium, in American sports. It’s a partnership that makes sense in every way.”

Swofford is getting every ounce of promotional value out of this trip to New York. Come Monday, in conjunction with the ACC’s growth to 15 members, Swofford will be at the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell ceremony. He will be joined by Boeheim, Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey, North Carolina’s Roy Williams, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer, Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher, and former Pitt All-American receiver Larry Fitzgerald.
-- The Daily Progress


Reality Bites

OK little green pea I understand what you are talking about now. The ACC will hang a sign @ yankee Stadium, maybe the ACC tourney will be played at MSG, media capital of the world, publicity, yada, yada, yada.
I guess when the product on the field sucks so much you have to come up with gimmicks and stunts to whip up some excitement about it. Good for you.
Meanwhile get those new batting cages and spruce up the student lounge . Then some moron can claim "hey, we got as good facilities as Bama", problem is Bama has a real football team.
The bit about the cane baseball PED supplier is too funny.


OK little green pea there's gonna be a sign at Yankee Stadium saying "theacc.com"
Now how's that gonna make the canes better?

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/26/2013 at 03:59 PM

The ACC's multi-year agreement with the New York Yankees and New Era to annually compete against the Big Ten in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl isn't just about creating a post-season agreement between two conferences in a unique venue; it's about brand exposure.

By agreeing to play a bowl game inside Yankee Stadium from 2014 to 2019, the ACC ensures itself a presence in one of the world's largest markets and with one of sport's most well-known names in the Yankees. Starting in 2014, there will also be ACC signage down the third-base line and in rotation behind home plate for all Yankees home games. More signage, more brand awareness.

The deterioration of the Big East and Syracuse and Pittsburgh's deflection to the ACC, coupled with Tuesday's news, means the league is in prime position to gain fans in the northeast that it never had before.

So, how does this relate to FSU? Simple: more notoriety for the ACC means more exposure and revenue-generating opportunities for its programs in the future. FSU already has a recruiting presence in the northeast as it recruits New Jersey frequently but an increased league presence in New York could also lead to additional recruiting chances and opportunities with prospects the 'Noles might not have had in the past.
-- seminoles.com



The University of Miami has confirmed that incoming freshman G Deandre Burnett sustained a broken collarbone. No timetable was given for his return.

Our Take: Most players who sustain a broken collarbone return to action in about 8 weeks. LA Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke did it just over a month. So there is no need to panic. It is disappointing that he will not get to work out in the summer, but he certainly should be ok for the start of the season. Miami, depending on whether or not KSU transfer Angel Rodriguez receives a waiver for immediate eligibility, may need Burnett to run some point. They certainly will need some of his scoring. Here's hoping he gets back to action sooner then later. Get well Deandre!!
-- stateoftheu.com


Reality Bites

Yep cane basketball gonna need all the help it can just to be a early exit NIT team. Same as it ever was, your one season wonder is over.

Like I said in a different post. Media exposure and notoriety, yada, yada, yada. When your on the field product sucks so much you need all these gimmicks and smoke and mirrors just to generate some excitement.
Bottom line, the ACC still sucks and the canes are a mediocre middle of the pack ACC team.
It sucks to suck, a cane thing.

Sad times

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/27/2013 at 01:52 PM

Hey bud, thanks for contributing, you seem like a very insightful and intelligent guy and not at all a mean-spirited douchebag.

Johngoode@johnnybfit.com sweet1968

Hey reality bites l am concerned by the Aaron Hernandez situation. It might make it harder for gator players and fans to make bail for the up coming season. Don't want any excuses when UM whips their collective ass.

Reality Bites

Hey Johnny too bad for Hernandez, hope he gets what he deserves whatever that is. To all you cane petty jealous cane haters just realize that his situation does not affect the Gators at all. It is however good news for the Fins.
Sept 7th will be an ass whipping for you and your #117 efense.
Sad cane, nothing is meant as mean spirited, you just can't handle the truth.
Go Heat!

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