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Heat update; UM changes schedule approach; Dolphins, Marlins chatter




The UM football and basketball programs have made and acted on significant and justified philosophical changes in non-conference scheduling.

The UM football coaches did not agree with playing as grueling a non-ACC slate as it did in 2012 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, USF, plus overmatched Bethune Cookman), and here’s the new preferred approach: one marquee game, two games in which Miami will typically be favored, and one versus a lower-division school.

For the 2014 season, UM will play at Nebraska and home against Florida A&M and is working to finalize home games against Southern Mississippi and Arkansas State, both part of a home-and-home series. Also booked:

For 2015: Nebraska, at FAU… 2016: at Notre Dame, FAU, and Florida A&M… 2017: Notre Dame… 2018 and 2019: home-and-home with Rutgers… Also, UM will play a home-and-home with Toledo between 2015 and ’18… 2020 and 2021: home-and-home with Michigan State. Many games will be added, with advanced talks progressing on a home-and-home with Penn State.

Meanwhile, UF athletic director Jeremy Foley indicated at the SEC meetings this week that any future UM-UF games beyond their Sept. 7 meeting in Miami is “really unlikely,… not high on the agenda.”

This coming season, UM plays host to FAU, UF and Savannah State and visits USF.

Conversely, UM hoops wisely has gone the other direction under this staff, booking a non-conference schedule that was ranked fourth-toughest last season and will be difficult again this winter, with home games against four teams well above .500 last season (LaSalle, Loyola of Maryland, Central Florida and Norfolk State) and road games at College of Charleston, Nebraska and three undetermined games in a loaded Anaheim Thanksgiving tournament featuring Marquette, San Diego State, Arizona State, among others.

"There’s a lot of evidence that if you don’t challenge yourself in non-conference and are around .500 in a BCS league, they don’t [invite] you” to the NCAA Tournament,” UM assistant coach Eric Konkol said.


Recovered from back surgery, Richard Marshall remains the Dolphins’ first team cornerback, opposite Brent Grimes. But his position looms as one of camp’s best battles, with challenges expected from Dimitri Patterson and potentially rookies Jamar Taylor (out until training camp/sports hernia) and Will Davis, who has impressed with several deflections and a pick.

“I wouldn’t say I’m 100 percent yet, but it feels good running around pain free,” said Marshall, who had ruptured disks in his back. “I was in so much pain [last season] I wasn’t eating. I couldn’t walk. I lost 30 pounds…. Starting is the least of my concerns. My concern is getting my feet back under me.”

The Dolphins hope Marshall, who regained the 30 pounds he lost, is the player that allowed a 64.9 quarterback rating and two touchdowns in his coverage area in 16 games (nine starts) for Arizona in 2011, not the one that allowed a 101 rating and two scores in four games (all starts) in 2012.

### The Dolphins are using receiver Brandon Gibson mostly in the slot (in Davone Bess’ old role), even though a Rams source said he is a better player lining up outside. Gibson said it’s not an issue because “I can run any route. I can separate. [And] I can get open.”

### A week after saying on air that Miami does not deserve an NBA team, Pacers radio announcer Mark Boyle hasn’t changed his mind.

Late in Game 2, Boyle said: “These losers are leaving. They’re flocking to the exits with their team down three. This city not only does not deserve this team, they don’t deserve any team.”

Boyle, addressing the comments for the final time, told WQAM’s Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder on Wednesday: “I stand behind the general sentiment. My feelings about the fan base were accurately depicted. I regret using the term losers.”

Memo to Boyle: The Heat has sold out 149 consecutive games (regular season and playoffs) and 76 playoff games in a row.

### Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon predicted Thursday the Marlins’ Jose Fernandez “could be the top pitcher in baseball in two or three years.”… Though shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria (.187) and catcher Rob Brantly (.228) have hit well below expectations and Brantly has had defensive miscues, manager Mike Redmond said Thursday “keeping them here [as opposed to sending them to the minors] is the best approach. I feel good about those guys and believe in them.”

### UM baseball has made two slight adjustments to try to boost a program that hasn’t made the College World Series since 2008.

UM is recruiting a few less players who are very likely to go pro because “it doesn’t do us any good if they sign and don’t show up on campus,” assistant coach Gino DiMare said. Also, UM is now recruiting more nationally --- it has commitments from the top players in Colorado (a hitter) and Illinois (a pitcher). “We probably focused too much on this area,” DiMare said.   

### Again, please see the post below this one for plenty of tidbits from the Heat's Game 5 win.




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Miami Penguin


I, that "moron" Miami Penguin, live in Miami and am a great fan of the Heat.

Respectfully, only a delusional idiot would pretend that we Miamians would stick around after our team lost a series.

But then, perhaps you don't get to many Heat games, because you live too far away, say, in LALA LAND.

Just saying.

seriously, what are you guys ?  like # 44 in 2013 ?

I hear Miami Country College Day School Waaaaay out in West Meeeami has an off week for a []_[] Scrimmage ... game ?

Cane 4 Life

SEC fans, and particularly SEC East fans, have no ground to stand on when talking about playing weak OOC schedules. Even their IC schedule isn't that difficult considering the real strength lies in the west, which teams like Florida only played LSU (Not a very good team this season either). I'm sure Bowling Green, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Jacksonville State are so tough.

I wish the Gators would man up, and face us every season. I'd take that game over any other OOC game every time. Just too sad that Florida has turned playing the U as a big no-no to their scheduling policy.

Steve B

The BCS strength of schedule factor is weak .Boise State is a clear example of that. They would play one better than average BCS team and stay in their weak conference and were ranked as high as 4th.
The SEC as a group usually schedules very weak OOC games with UF being generally the most cowardly of the group. It also does a pretty good job of reducing how many games the best teams in the east and west divisions play during the reg season.
I agree with toning down the OOC schedule for now . This team needs wins. Beat UF in Sep and keep winning and you will see a ranking higher than the past 9 years.
Then get to a BCS bowl and win and the U is off and running.

and []_[]r still p[]_[]sssies...


The UM football and basketball programs have made and acted on significant and justified philosophical changes in non-conference scheduling.


Beat UF in Sep and keep winning and you will see a ranking higher than the past 9 years.
Then get to a BCS bowl and win and the U is off and running.

Posted by: Steve B | 06/01/2013 at 02:54 AM


sweet dreams []_[] lil brother ...

Calm Down Son

Gators 3 Titles In A 100 Years

Hurricanes Have 5 In Less

Calm Down Son


To the people who complain about Miami's strength of schedule: Alabama's 2012 schedule included Western Kentucky, W 35-0, Florida Atlantic, W 40-7, and Western Carolina, W 49-0. Enough said.

LOL...The SEC (can't read or write) teams, schedule cupcakes which help give all its players playing time, plus avoids injuries before they play a big game.

If the voters, keep voting SEC teams high in the rankings, then why should any BCS conference teams schedule "good" OOC teams?

Anyplace, anytime, was when Miami was a bad team and needed to get national exposure, but it is no longer the case.

All I wish is for D corch to get the hell out of Miami..

Reality Bites

Cane fan are you really this stupid or is it the decade of losing has turned you into a blind delusional moron?
You keep posting how the SEC teams schedule 3 or so assorted cupcakes per year, typical cane lack of vision and comprehension. You see we are talking about the whole season, the 12 game slate, not the 3 games you choose to talk about. When you look at the whole picture the SEC teams continue to play the toughest schedules year in and out and continue to win.
You don't. You suck.

Get a life friend.

Reality Bites, give it a rest, you're just a sad hater who's obsessed with UM football for whatever reason.

No one cares what you think about UM's scheduling or anything to do with Miami for that matter.

Of course "it's a free country" and you can spend your life trashing a college football team on the internet and trying to troll their fans into arguing if you want to.

But it's sad.


Sweet, @CanesBaseball on espn2 at 5pm Gotta tune into that before the Heat game
-- @JustinFezz




Russel Athletic will be ACC v Big 12

I heard the plan to make the Russel ACC's #1 bowl kinda stalled a while back, still could happened, but I am hearing gator as our first bowl after playoffs and orange.
-- westmc9th

so ,orange,gator,russell athletic,pinstripe/belk/music city,sun,military,new bowl in Detroit after any playoff spots
-- Chris02M




The Big 12 hosted NCAA president Mark Emmert during Thursday's league spring meeting session, and Bowlsby said a prominent topic during the meeting was the five major football conferences -- SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 -- having “the wherewithal to separate themselves from the rest of college athletics.”

Bowlsby said he's not expecting the conferences to pick up their ball and play somewhere else, in part because he hasn't heard an equitable alternative to the current NCAA setup yet.

But talk of a subdivision -- staying within the NCAA framework but having a different set of rules than the rest -- isn't dissipating anytime soon.
-- jeremy fowler



If UM is ever good enough to win a national championship game, it cannot be playing three very difficult non-conference games, because you foil your chances of winning a title. That's why the approach is justified.

Posted by: Barry Jackson | 05/31/2013 at 09:47 AM

that approach may fly in one-horse towns like dullsville where there's nothing else to do but attend a football game ...
but not here ...
where competition for the entertainment dollar is fierce and no-name opponents historically have drawn flies ...


Reality Bites

Hey little green pea, that approach doesn't work anywhere, not in the current system or in a playoff system. What Barry is saying is that UM has fallen so low that in addition to playing the usual ACC pansies it must play OOC pansies as well just to have a shot at a good record.
Besides that, the "so many other things to do" excuse for poor attendance at UM games is just that, a poor excuse.
Miami is a bandwagon town and right now it is the Heat that is in vogue. UM needs to win consistently just to have a prayer, something it hasn't done in a decade.
Get a life friend, call me names all you want but you can't refute what I said, it is the truth.

Less Exasperated

Wade and Bosh are hurt. Not done. Battier and Allen both shooting poorly. Maybe older legs tired from too many minutes during win streak. Refs suffocating us most of the series. Chalmers and Haslem have stepped up huge. Would be nice to see Miller, Anthony and even Lewis get a chance to do the same. Go Heat--win game 6!

Get a life

Well I can certainly refute that point:

There's NOTHING UM football can do on the field to make Miami fans come watch their games, Miami is a bandwagon city, everyone knows that. In 2001 they had worse attendance for three crappy games in downtown Miami than they did at Joe Robbie last year for Bethune Cookman.

UM is doing what they need to do schedule-wise to give themselves the best shot at a championship. Why should you care?

And what you can't refute: you're just a miserable loser trying to make yourself feel better by constantly trolling fans of a team you claim is "fallen" and "irrelevant" on the internet.

Nothing you can say about UM football makes up for the sadness of the source.


Won't be going to watch those games, they will all be about noon or 1, sit there and bake for that????....what a joke.
Hope they get money from the ACC to pay the bills, they won't sell tickets with that schedule.


Again, they never have sold tickets, Miami fans are terrible.

Fewer fans for three games in the 2001 undefeated season downtown in the orange bowl than showed up for a game against Bethune Cookman in Joe Robbie last year.


Turds play Toledo and Georgia Southern this year...they should keep their mouth shut. They actually play Georgia Southen the 11 game of season....haha...a practice game at the end of season.....THAT ACTUALLY HILARIOUS...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA


There's NOTHING UM football can do on the field to make Miami fans come watch their games

Posted by: Get a life | 06/01/2013 at 05:12 PM

Again, they never have sold tickets, Miami fans are terrible.

Posted by: Cual? | 06/01/2013 at 08:35 PM


in 2002, U averaged 70,000 ...



There's NOTHING UM football can do on the field to make Miami fans come watch their games

Posted by: Get a life | 06/01/2013 at 05:12 PM

Again, they never have sold tickets, Miami fans are terrible.

Posted by: Cual? | 06/01/2013 at 08:35 PM

"A good Miami team is good for college football -- they've always put up good ratings," said Dave Brown, ESPN's vice president/programming and acquisitions.

"You have one of the most popular teams in the sport, and combine that with the great story of their four-game stretch to open the (2009) season. People will return in large numbers to watch them."

Consider that four of ESPN's six most-viewed college football games ever involved UM.
-- Miami Herald

you neglect to mention the untold millions out there in TV land ...
yearning for the inevitable return of Hurricane glory ...
one way or another ...
U never revel alone ...


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