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Heat-Pacers Game 6 notes, quotes, postscripts; Wade wants more involvement

We’ll post the Sunday buzz column, with Dolphins and more, later on Sunday.

First, postscripts from the Heat’s dreadful 91-77 Game 6 loss at Indiana, which sends this series back to Miami for a Game 7:

### What an offensive abomination. The numbers are nauseating:

Miami closed at a season-low 36.1 percent from the field. Its 77 points tied a season low. The Heat had more turnovers (13) than assists (10). And the combined 15 points and four field goals from Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were their lowest combined total as teammates.

So what the heck is going on with Bosh and Wade (aside from Wade’s injury)?

“We have to make shots,” Bosh said. “We just have to play better. I’m just really disappointed in myself.”

Of Wade and Bosh, Erik Spoelstra said: “If anything, it’s on me. I’ve got to find those guys ways to get them in places where they can be really aggressive. That will be my focus. I know those two men’s characters – they come in big in those moments. I’ve got to get both those guys in places where they can be aggressive and comfortable.”     

Wade and Bosh were kept on the bench for the first 8:05 of the fourth quarter, as Spoelstra stuck with a lineup that keyed a 17-4 fourth quarter rally.

Wade finished with just 10 --- his 12th consecutive game failing to reach 20 points. He missed eight of 11 shots, showing little confidence in his wayward jumper, and he had just one assist (to go with two turnovers).

“Early on, I had some shots I missed,” Wade said. “I thought in the third quarter I was starting to get my groove. Came out aggressive. Thought I had a pretty decent third quarter. Hopefully, I will try to have a better start in the next game.”

Asked if he and Bosh need to do more, Wade offered an interesting answer: “We have to do a good job of making sure me and Chris have opportunities to allow us to succeed throughout the game. That’s something we’ll have to look at…. We have to do a better job – all of us – of getting each other involved in the game.”

Asked by TNT’s Craig Sager what percentage his knee is, Wade said: “I don’t want to talk about it…. I’ve been talking about it for two months. Nothing more to say.”    

### Bosh’s night was perhaps even more disappointing. He followed two consecutive 7-point games with a five point, 1 for 8 clunker. Bosh’s five points, by the way, were a playoff career low. And it’s the first time since his rookie season that he has gone three straight games without scoring in double figures.

“We missed a lot of point blank shots,” Bosh said. “I missed 18 footers. I missed a turnaround jumper. I missed everything I threw up there. It’s the part where you have to be mentally tough. It really hasn’t been going my way this series. I will play better and I have to play better in Game 7. I feel my rhythm is off. I’ve been searching for it the whole series. I’ve got to find it. I’ve got less than 48 hours to do it. As much as this sucks, we have to put it behind us.”

Bosh had his ankle re-taped but said it wasn’t an issue.

### LeBron, on the struggles of Wade and Bosh: “They’re struggling right now, obviously. Chris is struggling with his shot, and him hurting his ankle didn’t help him. He will find it. It’s my job as a leader to keep him motivated, to let him know how important he is to our chances to go back to the Finals.

“They’re two great players. Those guys as champions will figure it out. When they don’t shoot well or play well, it’s more them [than Indiana]. It’s taking no credit away from Indiana’s defense. They’ve seen every kind of defense that has ever been applied to them in a 10-year career and they’ve always been able to figure it out. This one has just taken a little longer.

“Dwyane had one that rimmed out, and another that rimmed out. Those are rhythm plays. I know he wishes he had those back. I will look at the film and see ways we can help him get back on track.”

### As if the Heat’s shooting wasn’t enough of a problem, Miami was again pounded on the boards (53-33). The Pacers have now outrebounded the Heat by 105 in nine games this season.

### Spoelstra finally went to Mike Miller to start the fourth, and he hit two threes during that Heat comeback that ended with Miami down four.

Spoelstra stuck with the lineup of Miller, James, Joel Anthony, Norris Cole and Ray Allen until 3:55 remained in the game, by which time a 9-0 Pacers run had extended Indy’s lead to 81-68.

Spoelstra probably stuck with that lineup a minute too long, but it was understandable because Wade and Bosh were so ineffective. And though Chalmers played well in Games 4 and 5, Cole was having a good night.

Spoelstra said that when Miami closed to within four, “I figured we’d get some stops, but they made some big plays,”

### Anthony, replacing the suspended Chris Andersen, acquitted himself well, with eight rebounds and three blocks in 29 minutes, and Miami was outscored by only two points with The Warden on the floor.

But as usual, Anthony couldn’t finish around the basket – unlike Birdman. Anthony missed four of five shots. Andersen, by contrast, has missed only six of 43 shots this postseason.

### Allen’s 2 for 8 shooting tonight left him 13 for 46 in this series and 7 for 24 on threes.

### LeBron had 29 (10 for 21 shooting), plus seven rebounds and six assists, but he also had four turnovers and the Heat was outscored by 22 points in LeBron’s 42 minutes.

The enduring LeBron snapshot of Game 6? LeBron being called for an offensive foul, racing downcourt (stunned look on his face), and being called for a technical with the Heat down 77-68. Assistant coach David Fizdale also got a technical.

“I don’t have no idea why that was called an offensive foul,” LeBron said. “To stop me from being ejected, I just got away from the ref. I said absolutely nothing. I ran down court to get me away from the scene of the crime. I thought it was a pretty bad call.”

Charles Barkley cracked: “LeBron’s thinking – Damn I miss those Cleveland days.”

### Two offensive droughts ultimately doomed the Heat. Miami scored just two points in the first 6:29 of the third in falling behind by 17. Then, after a 17-4 run closed Indiana’s lead to 72-68,  Miami went 2:37 without scoring, as the Pacers built the lead back to 13.

### The Heat ended up being outscored 29-15 in the third, shooting just 4 for 16.  

“Total domination by the Pacers in the third and we missed some very easy shots,” LeBron said. “Dwyane had a chippie in transition. C.B. had a couple pretty good looks.”

### Spoelstra - in the fourth quarter - opted for Miller over Shane Battier, who played only four minutes and none in the second half. Battier didn’t attempt a shot on Saturday and is 15 for 66 (22.7 percent) this postseason.

### Spoelstra’s take: “Even though all of us were very disappointed about this game, and letting this opportunity slip through our hands, you have to move on immediately. Game 7s are a treasure in pro sports. Game 7s are the ones you’ll remember 20 years from now.”

### Looking ahead: LeBron is 1-2 in Game 7s but 1-0 as a member of the Heat (vs. Boston last season). He has averaged 34.3 points in those games. “I probably won’t be able to relax because of the excitement of a Game 7 in our building,” he said. “That’s what we had the best record in the league for. We can fall back [on homecourt]. We hate to be in this position. Just go out and have fun.”

### The home team is 89-23 (79.5 winning percentage) all time in NBA Game 7s.

### Barkley: “People say I picked Indiana because I don’t like the Heat. First of all, it’s stupid. What we’ve said from day one is the only way to beat the Heat is if you have big guys down low. Hibbert’s a good player, but he ain’t this damn good.”

### Paul George was terrific, with 28 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists.

### Hibbert, as usual in this series, was a force, with 24 points and 11 rebounds. But he showed horrible misjudgment in the postgame press conference, using a homophobic slur and an obscenity. (Hibbert apologized Sunday morning for his "insensitive remarks" but a fine is likely.)

He ended a response to a question with "no homo" when asked about his defense on James.

Asked why he finished only 10th in Defensive Player of the Year voting, Hibbert offered this response:

 "Y'all mother(expletive) don't watch us play throughout the year, to tell you the truth. That's fine. I'm going to be real with you. And I don't care if I get fined. You know what, we play, we're not on TV all the time. Reporters are the ones that are voting. And it is what it is. If I don't make it, that's fine. I'm still going to do what I have to do."


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Miami Penguin

Good luck, Heat! Monday is another day.


The Heat sucked tonite but to make it worse, Hibbert bought the refs or something. His charges on Haslem got him to the line, he is allowed to travel and had a bunch of 3 second violations.
I guess David Stern ordered a game 7 before tip off.


Pacers have the Heat number, so a game 7 is not surprising at all. And it's not like Indiana has been blown out in American Airlines, either, so I'm expecting a great and close game.


Time to move away from Bosh and Wade. They bring nothing offensively and are a liability defensively. Wade needs to realize that he has nothing to bring to the table. Bosh is playing scared. He has no fight in him in this series, not him being in a funk. And since Hibbert is pummeling everyone down low without getting called for fouls, Bosh is reduced to a European jump shooting big.

chip maxwell

except the european jump shooting bigs, usually make their shots. that's where the heat team has failed this series. they have no shots falling. whether inside, outside, or even tip ins, the heats shots aren't falling. i have no clue as to why. i mean between battier, allen, wade and bosh clanking rim shots all night, the team just has no rhythm at all.

i don't even want to talk about the refereeing, because others blame a lot of their failures on refs, instead of focusing on the team. but it sure seems the refs are biased against the heat, calling ticky-tacky fouls on the heat, while ignoring major fouls by the pacers.

oh well, one game to get it right or go home, at least the game is in miami. go heat!!!


yep everyone pretty said it in their comments-Wade and Bosh-has been and weak.


Despite the calls, only Anderson is bringing fight to the table. Even when Bosh misses shots there almost no rebounds for him & Wade is DONE!!!!!!! He does seem disinterested. The role players are burnt out, cooked & have nothing left. Spoelstra has no fire , he is like Bosh personality wise. A flat liner. This is very reminiscent of the finals with Dallas. Indiana knows what to do with Miami just like Dallas did. It's OVA!!!!!!!!

Coral Gables '81

Spoelstra has done a horrendous job coaching in this series. He has not given Anthony and Miller the ample opportunities that they deserve. These two guys bring hustle and grit, two things this team is desperately lacking. Oh and by the way, that Miller guy is pretty good shooting the ball.


Gary,first of all Gary, you probably never played any sport at a high level. Because if you had you would know how stupid the Spo has no fire comment is. Fiery coach don't win any more than coaches who are not, case in point ever heard of John Wooden, ever heard of Phil Jackson (zen), ever heard Rick Petino. not very fiery guys.

Coral Gables '81, no he just played the players who brought the team to the playoff. One thing about team sports, you have to have faith in the players that have played well all season for you. You just don't destroy a rotation. The reason the Heat are tied is because shots aren't falling period. Not coaching, not fire, not anything else. Learn a little basketball, it might make your post more intelligent.

Georgia Cane

What happened to attacking the basket? The Heat looked like a bunch of Puss_ _ 's. What are they afraid of ? When we become a outside shooting team, were not good. This is the Coach's fault. Having to go to 7 games against these punks is embarassing. I hope we did't peak too early, it's playoff time! no time to slack off. Where's Allen, Bosch? Wade, we know is playing hurt. This doesn't look good


I think we should all listen to jmike, clearly he has played 'basketball at a high level.' What were you mike, a starting guard for Kansas? A former NBA big man? Probably not. You're a lowly fan like the rest of us, so get off this 'I know basketball and you don't' crap. That's the absolute worst, when people try to make themselves more important than someone else. Proof number 1 that you don't know what the hell you're talking about: You said we're simply not knocking down shots, which is why we're tied. Then you advised not to 'destroy the rotation', the same rotation that, by your own admission, HAS NOT BEEN KNOCKING DOWN SHOTS!!! What are you talking about??? Why not go to Mike Miller or Rashard Lewis? Miller has been nothing but productive in the limited minutes he's gotten. He's been the only one who HAS consistently made his shots. There's a difference between destroying your rotation and simply seeing if someone can help you more. To not make such adjustments is stubborn. Proof number 2: fire does indeed win games, in the form of aggression. That's why you hear coach after coach after coach telling their team to be more aggressive. You've only heard Spo and Vogel say it in this series like a million times. Yes, part of the reason we're tied is because a lack of making shots. The other reason, the Pacers are just way more aggressive than we are, in terms of getting to the basket and in terms of getting rebounds and second-chance points. We may want it equally, but Indy is showing it more. Miami DOES need to be more aggressive, that's a fact. They will not win game 7 without it. So just sit back and watch the game like the rest the of us, unless you have some 'high level basketball' to play.


It's funny what little faith Heat fans have. How many times have we heard that Wade is done and that Bosh is soft. This Heat team is so good that they play down to the competition. Not that Indiana is not a good team but Miami feels they can just turn it on whenever they want against anybody. Every time their backs are against the wall, they respond. Just like they'll respond again in game 7. Bosh will knock down the shots next game. Wade is hurt more than he's letting on but he's a proven warrior and will get his 20+ in game 7. They will be more aggressive and clamp down defensively.

Cane For Life

I have a ton of faith in the players of the team, last night is just another example of why this rec league coach should not have ever been hired and should not still be employed. No adjustments in the 1st half, and apparently the game plan was iso spread offense and just let lebron dribble for 20 seconds and then heave up an 18 footer. No ball movement, no adjustments, no changes in the rotation until he actually put miller in the game and guess what he scored some points had a few boards and a couple of assists i think. The heat win this series just like they win the rest of their games in spite of their horrible coaching staff.

Better Hope We Don't Lose Game 7

Asked if he and Bosh need to do more, Wade offered an interesting answer: “We have to do a good job of making sure me and Chris have opportunities to allow us to succeed throughout the game. That’s something we’ll have to look at…. We have to do a better job – all of us –of getting each other involved in the game.”

Fire Spo!


Winning is the elixer of all sports....... Win tomorrow, win four more and all you bashing idiots will be in biscayne boulevard for the parade.

Worse part, begging Bosh and Wade for an autograph !!! You'll say how you knew the heat would win and you supported!!! C'MON Man.....

Be a real fan or get off the wagon.... NOW

Just win baby !!! So we can read this blog and see how teh tunes will change!!


duh, no stupid, baseball at the U. What you play idiot.


Now I know why they call you Dah. No matter what you still play who brought to this point and know they can shoot themselves out of their slump. So what rec league did you coach. Yell at many of the kids. Were you fiery, and showed the eye of the tiger hahaha.

Ray Quinn

The formula for success in basketball, has been, and always will be, the "CONSTANTS" :

Execution of the basic Fundamentals; Teamwork; Rebounding; Defence; and. Hustle.

"VARIABLES" : Shooting %; Crowd Noise; Sickness or Injuries; or Officiating, can affect a game negatively, or positively.

Concentration on the " VARIABLES" can win a Game; concentration on the "CONSTANTS"
can win Championships! Posted by QueTips

Keepin it real always

Baseball Canes eliminated today out in Louisville to Okla State....7-1.After yesterday s loss 6-4...they get to sleep in their own beds tonight in Miami.What else is new???Jimbo M. needs to retire.Recruiting days of olde are long gone and getting average players only seem the norm.Suarez was 3-6 this year.That s a starting pitcher???This baseball "slide" has been going on for 5 or 6 years now.When does the AD/Donna say finally........"enough is enough"?????


WAY past time to break glass. Bosh (235) gives up almost 50 lbs to Hibbert (280). Ditto UD (235), Andersen (228), even Anthony (245).

C'mon coach. PLAY GRANDPA. Gotta defend Hibbert base to base. Howard (even at 40) has the strongest base among Heat bigs. Even if it's spot minutes, Hibbert WILL FEEL JUWAN when Howard's on the floor.

Cane For Life

I've been saying he's been a horrible coach for 5 years now. The team has always won in spite of him. Winning is an elixir to be sure but if we actually had a head coach who was halfway decent this team would hardly ever lose a game, more or less be pushed to seven games by a severely overmatched indiana team.

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